tagLoving WivesThe Landlord's Son

The Landlord's Son


They were nervous, so very nervous, from the moment they'd accepted this was all they could do, but the final few moments before the guy Adriano came round to their little run-down apartment were almost horrific.

It probably didn't help neither of them had really eaten that day. Even if their kitchen cabinets had held anything particularly appetizing, they probably would not have kept it down.

David had felt a little nauseous since he'd woken up that morning, and he felt certain Evie was of similar mind.

"We could just go live with my parents," she had been saying on and off for days, weeks.

"It still wouldn't get either of us a job - and no prospects for one, either. We need to be in the city."

Now, as they went through the same routine again, there was an added urgency, an underlying terror.

"But this is crazy. There must be some other way," Evie was saying as they sat around their tiny little kitchen table, a lucky find retrieved from the garbage on a cold afternoon the previous fall.

"This is real life. There's no one going to help us for nothing."

David looked at his young bride's wide blue eyes, and sighed, saying gently: "You don't have to do this if you really can't face it, sweetie."

She looked at him and nodded, and he could see her chest rising and falling with anxious breaths. She seemed to him like a frightened little rabbit, caught in the middle of a highway, unsure which way to turn.

But she sighed, and said: "There's no alternative."

David took a deep breath. He said: "You know this won't change anything - between us, I mean."

"I know."

"I love you, honey, nothing's ever going to change that."

"I know."

The doorbell sounded, and it felt like someone exploding a grenade inside David's chest. He looked across at Evie, saw her swallow, but then she fixed her eyes on his, and dipped her head slightly but decisively.

He heaved another sigh and got up to go answer the door.

Adriano, the big dumb brute. David shook his hand, smiles all round like they were best buddies, and as he stepped back to admit their landlord's son into their pokey little hallway, Evie was there behind, almost hiding behind the kitchen doorway.

She smiled at her husband, demonstrating that she could put on the required veneer.

Adriano closed the front door, forcing it shut, saying: "We not got that fixed yet, that door?" Locking it firmly, seeing firsthand how crappy the lock was, that his father hadn't looked at for months of asking.

"You remember Evie," David said, with a strange air of formality. Evie kept back, waiting behind her husband as their visitor removed his shoes.

Then they were walking through to the tiny room that was both a bedroom and a living room, Evie slipping her arm around David, Adriano following them, no doubt checking out her butt as they went.

The three of them perched on the edge of the crappy sofa-bed, which was set in its bed formation, though still really only the size of a single bed. Evie sat close beside David, Adriano a couple of feet away. They could smell his overly-strong cologne, and it riled David a little.

"So, a month's rent, huh?" Adriano said, breaking the ice in a brutal way.

Evie covered her face with a hand, as though trying to stifle laughter, but it wasn't amusement she felt.

"You said three months when we talked," David said coldly.

Adriano sighed, as though he was really under pressure to keep the terms of this deal on the small side. He said: "The economy is not so good, you know? I think... maybe... I can give you two. I don't think I can manage more."

"Two will do for now," Evie said now, firmly, barely concealing her anger.

David put his arm around her shoulders, squeezed her tight to him.

Adriano broke out into broad grin, and apparently trying to lighten the mood, said: "It's nothing, huh? We're just going to have a little fun, that's all. We can forget about all of it after we are done, no?"

Evie looked at her husband and shrugged. They had no choice. She tried to relax. Tried to smile, even though she was filled with revulsion. If they offended Adriano now, if they made it clear he was unwanted, he could simply walk out of there, and then they would be left with nothing.

"You can stay," Adriano said to David. "You can watch. See that it's okay."

David remembered what the guy had said when they'd first talked, remembered that he'd said this, that he had first thought he wasn't quite understanding Adriano's Eastern European accent so well. He wanted David to watch.

It wasn't enough that he wanted to take what did not belong to him, he wanted David around to see it.

"So," Adriano reached over to put a hand on Evie's forearm, and she flinched away from him, pressing herself to her husband's side.

Their landlord's son now pulled a handful of green bills from his back pocket, and suddenly it was real. David felt sick.

He kissed her, and took the money from Adriano. Then he hauled himself up from the bed, seeing his young bride's eyes widen in sudden fear as he pulled himself away from her. The butterflies were raging inside his chest, but David vacated the sofa-bed, taking a seat in one of the two wooden chairs they had no room for in the kitchen.

Adriano shifted over, and David's stomach turned over as he saw the guy running a hand over his wife's slender thigh, and then push up her little white t-shirt to reveal her pink lace bra.

"You are beautiful, Evie," he said quietly.

She didn't reply, but as the guy fondled her breasts, David saw her now running her hand down his leg, beginning to accept her fate and comply.

David turned away, breathing deeply as red-hot pain filled his chest. He heard, rather than saw, the two of them pulling Evie's t-shirt up over her head. Turned, startled, to see Adriano tossing her bra aside, leaning down to stroke and now kiss her bare breasts.

She was breathing deeply, stroking Adriano's thigh. She didn't look David's way. Was she blaming him for this? Did she hate that he would let this happen?

Adriano rose to his feet and urged Evie up as well, and he was unfastening the fly button on her little denim shorts, Evie just letting him. Smiling, even. Did it excite her? The prospect of being with another man?

She helped him drag her shorts down over her thighs, revealing her pink lace panties to him. She'd worn her best underwear set for this guy.

Evie looked so stunning, David realized his own cock was hard between his thighs to see her slender figure, those stiff little nipples on her small but perky breasts, her flat stomach and coltish thighs. Even though she was helping another man to remove his shirt, and now it was off, he had his hands all over her body, it was an arousing sight.

She turned away to let him feel up her ass, his hands swarming over her smooth, soft skin. Her long golden hair flowed all over her back as she waited on all fours for Adriano, his servant to direct as he wished.

David just breathed deeply, trying to focus on the arousal part of his confused feelings, since it seemed to keep the nausea at bay.

Adriano pulled aside her panties now, to reveal her little pink pussy, all clean and smooth and hairless, prepared especially for her buyer.

"Mmm..." their landlord's son moaned as he ran his hands over her most personal flesh, and then he was slipping her panties off over her hips, and Evie was allowing him to feed them past her knees and ankles.

She was naked as the buff Eastern European stood to unfasten his belt, and pull down his pants. He wasn't even wearing underwear.

David caught his breath as Adriano threw his jeans over on the floor with the other clothes. Jesus - there was a naked man in his apartment, a naked cock that was not his own, and Evie was just sitting on the bed now, naked as well.

She made space for him to lie down on the bed now, and her hands were sprawling over his body.

David stifled a gasp as he watched his wife kiss the man's stomach, her hand now closing around his bare cock. Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus. She shuffled forward, her butt facing her husband, but another man's hand now curling around to touch her there as she took up Adriano's modest erection in her clutches.

The guy groaned as she dipped her head and took his cock inside her mouth.

Then she was slowly bobbing her head down and up and down again on his shaft.

"Oh God that is good..." he was moaning as she sucked on his manhood, his hand sweeping over her back and her butt.

Adriano glanced over toward David, but his expression was blank, just checking they were being watched. David tried to keep his face neutral as well, though his was filled with an unruly mixture of confused feelings.

How could he be so turned on watching his wife filling her mouth with another man's cock, while he was also so horrified?

The guy's fingers were now fumbling with her bare pussy. The two did look like a beautiful couple, their trim bodies, gently tanned skin. Evie's from all the time they spent in the park while they peered through the papers for jobs adverts, Adriano from all his vacations on the golden beaches of wherever.

He heard his wife moaning gently as she blew this stranger right in front of her husband. He began to detect the dark scent of her arousal in the air.

She was enjoying this.

David kept his sighs to himself, repressing the pain. He told himself she had to enjoy it, or she wouldn't be sufficiently wet to take the guy's penis inside her. Jesus. Was he going to let his wife do that?

"Oh, Evie..."

Oh God, it seemed to go on forever. Maybe she was trying to make him come in her mouth, so it would be all over.

But then Adriano urged her up, and she was complying, presenting her rear to him again, only this time facing along the bed towards her husband.

She looked up at him now, eyes connecting with his for a brief moment, and he saw the fear in her. She reached out a hand, and was so close David could take it in his, even as their landlord's son lined up between her calves, pointing his hard cock to Evie's waiting pussy.

This was it. No turning back now.

Adriano pulled Evie back, lifting her petite frame at the hips to now pull her into the right position - and she helped him. David continued to hold her hand as the other man pushed his fingers into her pussy and drew her moisture out over her pussy lips.

Then he was guiding the tip of his cock to her snatch, his other hand on her lower back holding her firm.

David and Evie seemed to gasp in unison as their visitor eased forward and penetrated her. He felt his wife's little hand quiver in his as the man filled her, and he squeezed her gently, trying to be reassuring.

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus.

Another man was fucking his wife. One hand holding her neck of all places, he rocked his hips back and forth as his hard cock plunged into her like a piston. David could hear the wet sounds of his defiling her, along with the brute grunts from Adriano and the quiet, almost mournful moans from Evie.

"Oh yes..." Adriano said as he now put two hands either side of her waist to support hiss pounding.

David just watched, holding his wife's hand, slightly embarrassed at his own erection, hoping she wouldn't see it.

How could he not be aroused? Even though it was his wife, an exquisitely beautiful girl was on his bed, right in front of him, naked, being screwed by a naked guy.

Evie was squeezing his hand back, trying to express her love for him even while she was violated by this other man. She didn't look at her husband, though. Just demurely gazed downward.

Adriano slapped her on the butt and withdrew, and David found himself hoping it was all over. That was long enough, wasn't it? It hadn't really sounded as though he'd come, but perhaps he was the silent type.

But he wasn't done.

He nudged Evie aside and now lay down on the bed, on his back. Evie looked suddenly panicked, but she complied with him as he reached for her hips, urging her to straddle him, to impale herself on his cock.

There was no holding onto her hand now, as she crouched over their landlord's son. Adriano was actually holding her butt, his hands forming a seat for her, where she actually sat still, and underneath Adriano was the one doing all the work in order to continue fucking her.

David thought it clear the guy spent a fair amount of time in the gym.

He turned away again, and now absently thumbed through the bills, feeling like Judas handling his thirty pieces of silver. 20... 40... 60... 80...

Surprise grew through him, intensifying the underlying horror that had become just a constant throbbing inside him, and now turned white-hot once again. The money was not enough. Adriano had given them just one month's rent.

He turned, but it was too late to say anything.

Evie and Adriano were now lying on their sides, Adriano lying behind her sliding his glistening cock into her pussy while holding up her right leg, apparently so that David could see everything.

Evie reached over to give him her hand again, and she actually smiled. David returned her smile, trying to keep her upbeat.

Then she closed her eyes and moaned as Adriano began to pound her again, rocking her entire body with the force of his penetration. David was unable to turn away from the sight of that obscene phallus plunging into his wife's pussy - staring like a motorist driving by a shocking accident on the road.

Evie kept her eyes closed, appearing to focus on breathing.

After an age, Adriano knelt up, holding her leg over his shoulder as he continued to pump his cock into her little pink pussy. Was it never going to end?

Then, at last, he was pulling his cock out of her, pulling her leg over so her thighs parted over his, and he was groaning as his come spurted over her chest, hitting her face, her breasts, dribbling over her stomach.

Evie was grinning, laughing even. It wasn't something she did with David. Messy, dirty, smeared all over her. She just giggled.

Perhaps it was shock.

David stroked her hand, reassuring her, but she just lay where she was, not moving, perhaps unsure what to do now Adriano pulled himself away, so casual, reaching for his clothes.

David said: "There's only one month's rent here."

Evie suddenly looked at her husband, afraid.

Perhaps it just stressed the point that what had just happened had happened for money, but David felt there was never going to be a good time to bring it up. He had to bring it up now.

Doing up the belt on his jeans, Adriano beamed: "And it was worth every penny, my friend."

"We agreed two months."

Adriano chuckled, "I could give you two months - but you'd only have to give it back to pay the rent, no?"

It was a harsh truth.

"This way, you have another month, and maybe some spending money too, right?" said their landlord's son with a wicked grin. "Maybe you'll invite me back next month, huh? We'll have some more good times."

David groaned inwardly. God, and what did happen if it came to next month, and neither of them still had jobs? The President wasn't going to turn the economy round in just four weeks, that was for sure.

"Here," Adriano said once he'd pulled his t-shirt back on, and retrieved another bill, passing it over to a horrified Evie.

A hundred.

"Call it a tip - you are certainly worth it," Adriano smiled magnanimously.

Their lord and master.

Evie looked so awkward, uncomfortable as she took it from him, but a hundred was a hundred. She stood, and David stood, but they left Adriano to find his own way out.

On their own once again once the front door slammed, Evie stepped back to show him the other man's come smeared all over her, like he needed reminding.

"That wasn't so bad, sweetie," she said quietly. "For 20 minutes in bed."

"For 20 minutes - "

David looked at his watch - it was true. God, it felt as though at least an hour or two had passed since he'd opened the door for Adriano. But the guy had come and gone in substantially less than half an hour.

David sighed, "How was it for you?"

She shrugged, flicking some of her hair out of her sticky face, "It was okay. He's not as big as you... where it counts. It felt okay. I closed my eyes and thought of you."

Her hands came down to his pants now, and she gasped as she felt his massive hardness.

"You liked watching me?" she asked.

David blushed, but he found a sudden overwhelming urge to keep his pain to himself, to avoid any suggestion that her actions and his own consent may have made him feel so terrible.

He said simply: "You're a sexy girl, Evie, even with another man."

She laughed, "You're a strange one, David, you know that?"

And she reached to pull off his shirt, and then was fumbling with his belt.

"You want me to join you in the shower?" he asked, as she now forced his pants down to the floor.

"I want you to finish me off - in the shower or wherever," she said, her voice husky with desire.

David felt a little tickle of unbridled lust flicker through him at the sudden thought of fucking his wife right now, perhaps even there where she'd just been with another man, sliding his chest over hers, while she was still sticky with the filthy emissions of their landlord's son.

He picked her up bodily, making her squeal in delight as he carried her two steps, laid her out on the bed.

"Oh David..."

He felt her stretching around his cock as he fed it inside her hot, soaking pussy, as though she'd become accustomed to having a smaller man within her. It made it feel slightly different from normal, but good.

Was he truly revolting to be so aroused now at the thought his beautiful bride had just slept with another man?

"What if we don't get jobs before next month, David?"

He kissed her mouth as he pressed his body to hers, thrusting his charged manhood into her. He said: "Don't worry, we'll be okay. I love you, right?"

"And I love you."

He smiled, trying to ignore the feeling of pure chaos inside him, and added: "It just might be a good idea for us to try and, at least, be friends with Adriano for a while."

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