tagMatureThe Laundry Room

The Laundry Room


I've been having an on again, off again affair with my married next door neighbor for several years now. He is of Chilean decent and has the sexiest accent. We had just started up again a little while ago. Though I would like to see more of him, he has been trying to see me as often as possible.

I love him and I have been missing him like crazy, but unlike me, he's just in this for the sex. He usually only works till the middle of the afternoon so we can get together before his wife gets home from work. His wife wasn't working this day so I knew he wouldn't call to hook up.

It is now 4:00 PM, I'm trying to figure out what to make for supper. The phone rings, and when I answer, it's him.

"Do you want it?" he asks.

"Your wife's home today isn't she?" I ask him.

"She went out for a while, we'll make it quick, come in the back of the basement," he tells me.

"Aren't you afraid she'll come home soon?" I ask.

"We'll watch out the front basement window for her car. Come on, I want you," he says.

I decide to risk it and go through my basement, out the back door and into his house next door. We go to the front of the basement where the laundry room is and the windows to watch for her.

We start kissing passionately, our tongues entwined together in a sensual dance. He runs his hands over my breasts and he unzips my shirt. I'm not wearing a bra so he can immediately begin gently squeezing my nipples. He lightly runs his tongue around the nipples before sucking them into his mouth. As he is doing this,I undo his pants and pull his hard throbbing cock out, wrap my hand around it and stroke it. It has been several days and I was more than ready for a good fuck, but I'll settle for a quickie as long as I can be with him.

I lower myself onto my knees and start thoroughly enjoying the taste of him. Licking up one side and down the other. Running my tongue over his balls, I suck them softly. I run my tongue back up the shaft,kissing the head softly, licking the pre cum oozing out, before taking it into my hot moist mouth. I suck lightly at first than harder, taking him as deep into my throat as I can. All I am thinking about is wanting him inside me, pounding the hell out of me.

"Mmmmmm, you taste so good," I tell him.

I'm just about to stand up and beg him to do me when I freeze. Did I hear something? The floor above creaks again! Fuck, she's home! "Oh, shit!" I whisper.

I jump to my feet and start running the length of his basement toward the back door. All the while trying to get my shirt zipped without catching one of my nipples in the zipper. He follows, while getting his pants closed, so he can lock up the door after I leave. I give him a quick kiss good-bye and I go out the door. I run tightly along the houses in case she's near a window, and into my basement. I lock the door and try to catch my breath. I'm in my mid forties and didn't think I had it in me to run that fast. I start laughing to myself when it occurs to me that if she would have been five minutes later, she would have caught us in the act. That's definitely not something I ever want to experience.

I go upstairs to start supper and the phone rings. I answer and it's his wife. She starts bitching me out, using every profanity she can think of, ending with calling me a whore. I let her get it out of her system and hang up. This was something I've gotten well used to by now.

He calls me the next day and tells me that his wife thought she caught him coming back from my place. She already knows we've been seeing each other for years, but chooses to ignore it until it's thrown in her face. We both had a real good laugh and swore never again to take the risk if she's home from work. Now we just have to be even more careful until she lets her guard down again.

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