tagLesbian SexThe Lingerie Boutique

The Lingerie Boutique


I was in town for business but I was hoping to get a little down time. On the way back to my hotel I noticed a small boutique across the street. It was lingerie shop-not a tacky one but tasteful displays of beautiful silk lingerie adorned the window. I crossed the street in hopes of doing a little shopping. Lingerie is the kind of thing you only think of buying when you're starting a relationship or hoping to revive one. I had been feeling as if my marriage needed a little spicing up but I found that whenever we made love, my mind wandered to images of making love to a woman. She was always a faceless woman with beautiful body; fit but not too fit, nice full breasts and a beautifully waxed mound.

Anyway, when I approached the door, I noticed the "Appointment Only" sign. The woman inside came to the door and opened it slightly. She was beautiful. Her lips were full and her eyes warm. Although her smile was gentle, her dark eyes had a devious twinkle. She asked me if I'd like to make an appointment. As she spoke I watched her lips move exposing her white teeth. She had a slight accent. I believe it was Eastern European but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

She was so beautiful that for a moment, I was stunned. There was an awkward silence.

"Oh. . . um. . . yes, I would like to make an appointment. Do you have anything available for tomorrow at this time?"

"Come in and I will check the books."

As she looked down at her appointment book, I looked around the small boutique. The room was dimly lit. Strategically placed around the room were beautiful gowns of silk, sheer robes, and tables with neatly folded thongs and such.

"Yes, we do have an opening tomorrow. Since you are coming in tomorrow, why don't I take your measurements now so that I can pick out of few things that I think will work for you."

"Well okay." I noticed that I felt nervous. A little warmth welled up inside of me.

Facing me with a tape measure in one hand, she wrapped her arms around me and began taking my measurements.

"Hmmm.. . a 36 C, 28, 38. You are a classic size. Come back tomorrow afternoon.

At this point, a cold business-like manner came over her. She quickly escorted me to the door.

As I crossed the street, I wanted to turn around and look at her again but I didn't. I felt as if she was watching me but I didn't want to find out.

The next day, as I went from meeting to meeting, I couldn't stop thinking about my afternoon appointment. I felt as if I was wet all day. I spent half the time crossing my legs and squeezing them together in an effort to stop the wetness and throbbing.

As soon as my last meeting let out, I quickly packed up my brief case and laptop and headed towards the boutique.

As I opened the door the sound of the door chime broke the sound of my own footsteps. . As I walked in, the boutique smelled like an old Parisian perfumery, Dimly lit lamps with beaded shades were scattered throughout the room. Tea light candles burned with the scent of musk and vanilla.

There she was again. This time I got a better look. She was a beautiful brunette. She stood about 5'7". She wore a knee length black skirt, black nylons, high heels and a white button down blouse. It was unbuttoned just enough to catch a glimpse of a little cleavage and the black lace bra. There she stood, warmly smiling. Looking quite business like but less cold than the day before.

She motioned towards the dressing room.

"Get undressed, while I draw the blinds to the front window. You can wear this robe." She handed me a sheer black robe.

"My assistant is in back just putting together a few last items for you. She will be here in a moment." Once again I detected a slight Eastern European accent. It somehow complimented her underlying coldness.

I felt disappointed that we weren't alone. I went behind the curtain and began to undress. In the room, there was an old fashioned day bed covered in a deep red velvet fabric. I took off my clothes and neatly draped them over one end of the couch. I slipped the robe on and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see my nipples through the fabric. I opened the front slightly and cupped my breasts in my hands.

Suddenly, the curtain pulled back. I quickly moved my hands from my breasts and blushed with embarrassment. I turned and there stood the Brunette, dressed in a black leather corset, a leather thong and a pair of black leather boots that went past her knees. Her assistant was a beautiful blond who wore a sheer white teddy and a white-laced thong. Her pink nipples, stood erect, showed through her teddy. In some way, she looked so sweet and innocent even angelic. The Brunette introduced me to her. The sweet girl didn't say much. She smiled at me shyly and nodded her head.

"We've picked out something for you."

I tried not to giggle as she held up a black bustier. It was a satin bustier that laced up the back. I've always wondered what I would look like in one but I had never actually dare try one on. I held my arms up as they placed it around my torso and laced it up in the back.

"If you lean forward a bit, you can give yourself the appearance of having more cleavage."

As I followed her suggestion, the Brunette adjusted my breasts and the Blond tightened the lace- ups in the back. As stood there and faced the mirror, I was surprised by how sexy I looked.

"Now slip these on," the brunette demanded.

Her tone was strong. I felt a little annoyed at her cold aggressive manner but I did as I was told.

I slid the black silk nylons up my calves. The Brunette knelt down in front of me, and began to slide the nylons up one leg, while the Blonde stood behind me and slid the nylons up the other. The Brunette's hands were slightly cool while the Blonde's were warm, almost hot. Enjoying the contrast of the two, I closed my eyes. The excitement of their touch began to overtake me. I could feel my face grow flushed. As I stood there the Brunette nudged my legs further apart. Their hands moved simultaneously, making their way up my inner thighs. I could feel myself starting to moisten.

"Oh my god" I thought to myself. What if they notice I am getting wet?

Then from behind, I could feel the Blonde's fingers brush up my inner thighs moving closer and closer toward my pussy. She began to kiss the back of my thighs as the Brunette ran her tongue along my inner thighs. I stood still, not believing that this was happening.

The Brunette whispered, "Do you like this? Is this what you came here for?"

"Oh yes", I murmured

The Brunette in a stern voice ordered, "tease her."

The Blonde obeyed and began running her finger through the folds of my labia. Teasing me, my clit grew hard and sensitive.

"Now, get your finger wet."

The Blonde, once again, obeyed and slid her finger through my wetness.

My knees grew weak.

The Brunette stood up and reached around and tugged on my hair, pulling my head back. She moved her mouth closer to mine. I could feel her breath as she brushed her lips up against mine.

Putting her mouth close to my ear, she whispered, "Kiss me."

I parted my lips slightly as she firmly placed her lips against mine. She had a sweet taste to her. Her tongue reached for mine. It was steamy. Every time her tongue wrapped around mine, she'd tug on my hair.

As we kissed, the Blond probed my wet pussy with her talented fingers. My hips began to move with the rhythm of the Brunette's tongue. She flicked her tongue over the tip of mine as if she was licking a clit. As she did this, I felt the warm liquid of my pussy flow from me. The Blonde, dipped her finger in it, and circled my clit lightly with the tip of her finger, through the folds of my pussy, up toward my ass and back around my clit. She repeated this over and over.

The Brunette led me to the daybed and laid me down on my back.

The Blonde moved with me and positioned herself between my legs, spreading them. I bent my knees and let my legs fall open.

The Brunette stood over us. Watching.

"Lick her!" the Brunette commanded.

She then climbed onto the day bed and straddled herself over my face watching the Blonde position herself between my legs.

The Brunette's pussy was now over my face. The leather thong barely covered her pussy. I could She was waxed bare. Her pussy lips slightly puffy, shiny with juices, peeked out from the sides of the thong. I could smell her sex. She leaned down and pulled my hood back, exposing my clit to the blond.

"I said lick it" demanded the Brunette.

The Blonde began flicking my clit with her tongue."

My breath quickened. I had been wet all day and I could smell my scent-musky, earthy-it was the smell of lust.

I began to tease the Brunette by pulling on the leather thong. I pulled it up, grinding it against her pussy, through the folds of her labia. She moved her hips in a circular motion indicating she wanted more. I pulled her thong against her clit. Her wetness moistened the leather thong. I pulled it aside to get a better glimpse of her.

She moaned, "Oh yes baby, do you like my clit. Tell me it's beautiful. Do you want to taste it?"

I wanted it. "Oh yes baby, your pussy is hot. I want it. Give it to me," I whispered.

With that said, she lowered her pussy closer to my mouth. My tongue reached for it but she pulled it away. She repeated this until I began to beg and pull her hips downward.

"Give me your pussy. Let me taste it."

She resisted.

I thrust my finger into her, moving it in and out slowly. I pulled my finger out and she moaned, "give me more" in her Eastern European accent.

I began to play her game, teasing her over and over.

While I tortured her by giving her only a little of the pleasure she longed for, she grew wetter and hotter.

She leaned over and grabbed the blonde's hair and said, "Fuck her, fuck her now."

The Blonde pulled out a dildo (I don't know where she had it stored but suddenly, in her hand was a dildo). She stepped out of her thong and strapped on the dildo. She climbed up between my legs. I placed my feet upon her shoulder and whispered, "give it to me, oh god, give it to me."

As she shoved it deep inside with one big thrust, I pulled the Brunette's pussy down on my face and rubbed her juices on my lips, my cheeks, and my nose. I wanted to taste, smell, lick and touch her. The smell of her juices and the leather drove me wild. I wanted her to writhe in ecstasy.

As I sucked on her clit and fingered her faster and faster she moved her hips to and fro in circles as if she didn't quite know which direction to move.

Suddenly, the Brunette handed me a dildo (where did all the dildos come from?) I plunged it deep into her pussy as I licked her clit. As she thrust up and I down, I pushed my finger into her ass. She screamed, "fuck me, oh yes, fuck me hard." My finger and the dildo pushed deeper. Her body bucked backed and forth.

The Blonde got on her knees, facing her ass towards the Brunette as she straddled my torso. I could feel the strap on rubbing against my belly like a big erect cock. I pulled the dildo out of the Brunette and took the Blonde from behind as she licked my clit.

I kept licking the Brunette's clit and thrusting my finger deeper into her ass. While I fucked the Blonde from behind with the dildo she licked my clit and fingered me fast and hard as she rocked back and forth taking the dildo deeper into her sex.

The Brunette began to growl and jerk uncontrollably, the Blonde pushed hard against the dildo and began rubbing her own clit while licking mine.

You could hear the juices of our pussies and the moans fill the room.

The Brunette rubbed her pussy all over my face while I rhythmically plunged the dildo deep into the Blonde.

Suddenly, the Brunette let out a scream as the juices gushed from her beautiful pussy. My face wet with the smell of sex.

The Blonde began to shake. She let out a moan that seemed to come from deep within her.

I reached down to my own pussy and rubbed my clit. My fingers moved faster, my body began to jerk uncontrollably; a hot current ran through me as I ascended to the top of my orgasm.

I let out a primal moan that I had never heard before. In one final moment my body jerked uncontrollably.

I lay there on the day bed in a daze. The Brunette and Blond gathered themselves, their toys and drifted out of the room. I slowly rose and looked for my clothes. I removed the bustier and nylons and got dressed into my own clothes.

Draping the bustier and nylons across my arm, I walked to the counter where the register was.

The Brunette appeared, dressed as she was when I first walked through the door. She looked at me in a business like manner.

How did that outfit work out of you?

"Ummm, fine thank-you, I think I'll take it." I replied.

As she rang up my purchase, the room was silent with the exception of rustling tissue paper as the Blonde wrapped my new bustier in pink scented paper.

She handed me a bag and winked.

The next thing I remember was a voice saying "Hello, hello. ... Are you okay?"

The Brunette's face came into focus. She was standing over me. I shook my head and asked, "What am I doing down here on the floor. What happened?

"Miss, you looked pale and then suddenly you fell over."

"I did?" I looked around for the Blonde and she wasn't in sight. I asked, "Where is your assistant?

The Brunette looked bewildered, "Who?"

"You know, your assistant."

She looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

In my hand were my purse, my laptop and the bag with the pink tissue paper. I got up and straightened out my skirt.

"I think you fainted, can I get you some water? Can I call anyone for you?"

No, No, I think I am fine. I just feel a little light-headed."

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yes. I'll be fine." I softly replied.

As I caught my balance, she placed her hand on my back and steadied me as I slowly walked toward the door. She reached for the door and opened it, the door chime jingled melodically. The crisp cool evening air helped me regain my balance.

I turned to the Brunette. "Thank you so much."

Still looking concerned she asked, "Are you sure you are okay?"

I nodded.

She helped me to the door and said, "Be careful as you cross the street. Take Care."

As I crossed the street, I looked back. She stood in the doorway watching me

I turned and for moment I wanted to walk back and ask her what just happened, but I couldn't. I wondered just how long I had been lying on the floor. Did I dream the whole thing up? Instead, I kept walking. As I entered the lobby of my hotel, I looked inside my bag, there was my bustier wrapped in the pink tissue paper and a card. I pulled the card out.

In beautiful cursive it read, "Thank you for coming. We hope your appointment was a pleasurable experience. We hope you'll come again. With Affection, B and B."

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