The Literotica Olympics Day 23


Her sight, taste and smell were all filled with the intoxicating universe of a heavenly pussy descended from above. Honey licked and sucked at it as if her life, or worse, her status as a welcome guest in that strange and wonderful dimension, depended on it.

She remembered moaning, but that seemed like ages ago. She remembered shouting a name, some name, but names had lost all meaning to her now. She remembered screaming from waves of erotic ecstasy and controlled pain, but that was also eons ago, or maybe just an hour? Time had no foothold anymore. She didn't scream anymore. Her throat had decided to save itself the torture, and wouldn't comply. She was an orgasm, a never ending eternal climax at the mercy of some enigmatic divinity on top of her.

Destinie was perhaps still a little more in the real world, but not by much. Honey ate her pussy with a geist and intensity that made her balance swirl and made her forget to breathe now and again. And the bound slender woman was an absolutely breathtaking subject for Destinies ambitions too, so receptive to stimulation that the dominatrix in Des almost came just by watching Honey squirm. And now, with Honey's tongue trying to reach her ovaries, Destinie had a hard time keeping her otherwise callous cool. She felt another orgasm start to build, one exceeding the countless ones that two hours with Honey had already provided. And when it hit her with full speed, her mouth momentarily went out of control, and she bit down on Honey's clit a little too hard.

Honey, already approaching another peak, felt the pain shoot up from her clit, and it triggered a massive detonation of lust unlike any other. A supernova of cumming that made her scream out a last long wail, before losing her grip on the world, and slid into the welcoming darkness of unconsciousness.

When she finally came to it, her arms were uncuffed. She was lying on her side in Destinie's bed. She felt naked skin against her back and the back of her thighs, and two brown arms encircled her pale waist in a soft embrace. She tuned her head to look over her shoulder, and her stirring was rewarded by a kiss on the neck.

"You sure took your time to come around," Destinies warm voice said, her breath tickling the hair on Honey's neck. "You almost had me worried."

"That was...really something," Honey said. "Do you have any idea how fucking incredibly, just plain good you are?"

Destinie chuckled. "I practice a lot. And you know...some of those moves come in pretty handy in the matches."

"Yeah well, I don't think cuffs and dildos are allowed. You caught me off guard."

"Yeah...I know. I must admit that your technique has me a bit worried. I'd say you'll be the best opposition I've ever faced. The finale could go either way."

"Well then." Honey said, and turned around to face the champion. "Let the best and boldest girl win."

"Sounds good to me," Destinie said with a sexy, but tired smile. And then, with a new gleam in her eye, "Hey, I just got an idea. How about if we up the stakes a bit for this final game?"

"I like the sound of that," Honey answered. "What, more exactly, did you have in mind?"


SnoopDog could barely walk. His legs felt like over cooked linguini and he must have left the better part of his balance somewhere on that locker room floor. Damn those incredible, insatiable women! It had been wonderful. The hump-fest of a life-time, but now all Snoopy really wanted was to get to his own room and to see if he still had the right number of fingers and toes, and all internal organs in the right place.

So now he staggered down the hall. Shirt torn, hair a sweaty mess, shoes in hand, and with a silly, happy smile on his face. Someone was approaching from the other end of the corridor. His bleary sight didn't identify the half dressed individual at first, but then he saw who it was.

From the direction of Destinie's quarter, Honey came staggering. Shirt torn, hair a sweaty mess, shoes in hand, and with a silly, happy smile on her face. The two met half way, and exchanged a glance, a fatigued wink, a "Call me" and a "Will do", before stumbling on to different destinations.

Honey made a mental note to seek up the young German after all of this was over. They could have some fun together. She smiled to herself as she recalled the bet that she and Destinie had agreed on before she collected herself and her limited amount of clothes and went to see if Dirtylover still lived.

One week. The winner gets it all. The gold medal, the honour, and the loser - at her full disposal for one week. Anything goes. No holds. No regrets. Seven days where only the imagination sets the limits.

Honey would either have the silk ribbon of a gold medal or the silky thighs of a gold medalist around her neck by this time tomorrow. There was, she concluded, no matter how the final went, no way for her to lose.


There you have it, folks. Hugs to Honey, Lucky and Lauren for cheering, editing and feedback. :)

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