The Locket


Riley flashed her too-big grin, her big green eyes twinkling. "Were you a tomboy?" She reclaimed her spot on the seat next to me. Her tits bobbed in the water.

I couldn't help but smile at how cute and sexy she was, all wrapped up into one perfect Riley. "I guess you could say that."

"Me, too! I used to insist on wearing my brother's hand-me-downs. I always say that my body rebelled against womanhood because I didn't fill out until the tenth grade. As you can see, I've covered a lot of ground since." She teasingly shook her breasts at me.

I chuckled and downed the remainder of my glass of champagne. "I wish I could say the same." Even though her shaking, complete with a frontal view of her now free breasts, would very likely have prompted a mild orgasm from my long ignored pussy, my eyes were unfocused. Riley must have responded, but my mind was far away. I was thinking back on the years of disappointed looks that were all my mom could give me. She had always wanted me to be what she had been. A cheerleader; instead I was captain of the soccer team. A dancer; instead I was into making music, usually on my used acoustic guitar. A straight A student; instead I was only average. A social butterfly; instead I was painfully shy and blushed a lot. Above all, a knockout with the guys. She was always trying to give me advice on how to attract a boy. Instead I never brought home a boyfriend. Instead I shut myself away in the closet for life, only able to make short-lived and extremely awkward friendships with girls I had feelings for, and nothing more. My eyes were suddenly stinging and my chest felt like it was about to cave in. After all these years of pretending I didn't notice, pretending it didn't bother me, the weight of it all suddenly bore down on me. Hard. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Riley pressed up against me and I melted into her embrace. The sound of my sobs sounded far away as they broke the silence of the night.

"Chloe? What's wrong? Shh, baby, it's ok," she murmured into my ear. "Chloe, what's the matter? Did I say something?" I thought I felt her lips brush against my forehead.

"No, no, you didn't do anything. Don't think that." I buried my face into the damp skin on her shoulder, wishing I didn't have to look her in the eye, uncomfortable and embarrassed that I had broken down in front of her.

"What is it, Chlo? You can tell me."

"I... I..." The words wouldn't come

"Chloe... you can tell me anything."

I peered up into her round eyes, she still had her taut arms wrapped around me. If two eyes could hold all the compassion in the world, they'd be hers. She was such a good friend. I couldn't tell her the truth. I can't tell her what I am. I opened my mouth with the intent of making an excuse, but all that came out was, "I'm a lesbian." My eyes widened and my stomach dropped as the unintended words left my lips. I awkwardly buried my face back into her neck so I didn't have to see her reaction. She held me there in silence for what felt like hours when I finally added, "I've never told anyone."

She gently pushed me back enough to study my face with her sparkling green eyes.

"I wasn't trying to lure you out here or anything," I quickly thought of how stupid that sounded, and how creepy I must seem. I tried to look anywhere but her face, not wanting to see the disapproval that was almost certainly there. Then I thought about her naked, wet tits pressed against me and blushed.

A look of sharp disappointment suddenly took over her face. She let go of me in order to cover herself and said, "Am I not your type?"

My jaw dropped. Not my type? My head spun.

"I can go if you want. I shouldn't have assumed, but I thought... in the dressing room..." She moved to the other side of tub and started to climb out. I stood as well, the alcohol going immediately to my head.

"What are you talking about? Riley, you're perfect! You're gorgeous!" I desperately tried to scan my mental list of all the most wonderful things about Riley. There were too many to blurt out coherently. She turned to look at me, with her head tilted to the side, confusion all over her face. "You're the most adorable, interesting, lovely and hilarious woman I've ever met!" She looked down as if somehow she didn't believe me.

It was too much for me. She managed to look cute even when she was sad. I took her hand and gently pulled her back to me. I lifted her chin with my finger then ran that same finger across her cheekbone. Her lips were curved into an irresistible pout. Her dark hair was curling in the steam. Her long lashes fluttered from my face, to the bubbles and back again. Her breasts stood dripping and naked in the December air.

My attraction finally consumed me and I closed the remaining distance between us and kissed her pouty, perfect lips. A thousand tiny lightning bolts ran from my lips to every nerve ending in my body. I sighed and leaned into her lips, cupping her heart shaped face with my hands. I knew at that moment that if I had my way, I'd want nothing more than to remain attached to those lips, her lips, for the rest of my life. As suddenly as the kiss began, I jerked back. What am I doing? My cheeks were more red than I thought possible. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Riley, I... "

She shocked me by putting a slender finger to my lips, and then replacing it with her mouth. I hardly remembered to kiss back in my surprise. Her warm lips moved slowly and deliberately over mine before she parted them with her tongue and gently slipped it inside my mouth. My entire body screamed for the same attention, no part as loudly as my pussy. She gently broke the kiss off and opened her eyes, "I know you're a lesbian. I've seen the way you look at girls, and for that matter guys, silly."

I fleetingly wondered if I had always been so transparent in all my paranoia over emerging from the closet. "Scott...? I thought you and him...."

"Chlo, Scott and I are just really flirty people... all of that between us was just entertaining. I was more interested in... someone else. Besides, he has a girlfriend, you know." My confusion over the night amplified. She smoothed a strand of hair off of my forehead, "He didn't want me to tell you because he kind of had a thing for you and he and his girlfriend had been fighting. He wanted to see how it would play out before he made a move. I tried to tell him you're lesbian but he didn't believe me. He thought I was just trying to scare him away. In any case, they ended up working things out and he told me he was going to ask her to move in with him tonight."

Scott liked me? How could anyone be interested in anything when Riley was in the same room? That can't be true. I shook my head. And why would Riley want to scare Scott away from me? I looked at her quizzically, "But, what about Jack? You told me a guy named Jack was your sweetheart."

"I also told you I dated Jack before Taylor." She tilted her head to suggest my confusion should have been cleared at the statement. When my brow remained raised she giggled and clarified, "Taylor is a girl. Chloe, I'm bisexual!"

Her words took a minute to hit me. Then I registered all the tiny caresses, her playful nature with me, the big grins, the almost kiss in the dressing room. Hell, the girl had taken her top off for me trying to get my attention! Hadn't she? I felt her lips on mine only a moment ago, hadn't I? I was still incredulous. Could it be? Could this perfect woman possibly be interested in me? I tried to find the answer in her eyes.

She smiled her big grin and pulled my face to hers for another kiss. This time, I didn't flinch away. My insides felt like a pinball machine, happiness flying from one end to the other, bouncing off my organs and lighting up my heart. I was so intent on her soft lips openly rubbing against mine, I forgot about my hands resting on her hips. She, however, did not forget hers and shortly began untying the knots on my bikini. I followed her lead and undid the ties that secured her bottoms at the sides. She fished the remainder of our suits out of the tub, moved to the edge and plopped them down onto the cement.

When she turned back her head was lowered sensually. "Sit, Chloe."

As if I could do anything but comply, I sat. Then she stood. Water cascaded down her enormous breasts, beaded down her taut stomach, and disappeared back into the tub. The water barely came up to her hip bones. My mouth was agape as she moved slowly toward me. She seemed to know what part of her I had been staring at all night because she proceeded to press her erect pink nipple into my open mouth. I eagerly took it. I grabbed her other soft breast and teased her nipple between my thumb and finger. A gasp followed by a low, sexy moan escaped her throat as I pressed her tits together to feel them both in my mouth simultaneously. Heat radiated from my swollen pussy out to the rest of my body. I grabbed her hips and forcefully propped her on the edge of the tub, too eager from a month of denial to bother with going slow and being gentle. The sight of Riley naked with her legs parted and her shaved slit angling toward my mouth dissolved any hesitation I might have had. In hesitation's place was the desperately hungry animal I had shut away not only since I met Riley, but for nearly my entire life. I buried my face between her legs and devoured her. Moans of encouragement found my ears. I pressed two fingers into her now considerably wet hole and began wildly jacking them in and out. Her breathing picked up, moans turned into screams. It was not long before her first orgasm pulled at my fingers, as if begging for the promise of more to come. I was enjoying myself so thoroughly that it took me a second to realize that she had gotten goose bumps.

"Let's go inside."

She insisted we shower off the water from the tub so our skin wouldn't be itchy later. I happily complied. Showering with someone for the first time was a thrill. Showering with Riley for my first time was a dream come true.

Afterwards, she lovingly patted every inch of my body down with a big fluffy towel. It was a wonderful tease having her hands all over my body. I tried to make her toweling off an equally good time, but halfway through she interrupted me.

"Chloe, I just figured out how I can pay you back for all of those neck rubs!" Her too-big grin took over her face. I imagined all the positions she could be thinking of when she grabbed the bottle of sesame seed massage oil off of my bathroom counter. "Full. Body. Massage."

I chuckled as she pulled me toward my queen sized bed. She pulled back my fluffy down comforter and I lay down on my stomach on top of my purple sheets. She warmed the oil in her hands before she went to work. She rubbed small, delicious circles from the base of my skull to the bottoms of my feet. Every touch sent sparkles to my tummy and my heart never stopped doing flip flops. By the end, my entire body was Jello in her hands. "Mmmmphmmm," I moaned in satisfaction after she sat on the bed beside me. I smiled happily at her and prepared to pull her close to me to cuddle.

"Hold on there cowgirl, I'm not finished yet. Flip over."

My smile widened and heat rushed to my pussy. I was thankful it wasn't my face for once. She started rubbing my feet and up my legs, focusing on my thighs, but always skimming lightly over my shaved pussy. It was agony. It was bliss. She made her way to my hands, all the way up my arms. Squeezing and pulling, her strong oiled hands rubbed all the stress out of me. She rubbed oil into my tight abs and over my hips; it tickled when she skimmed over my hipbones. Finally, happily, she took each of my boobs in her hands. Gently she rubbed them in circular motions while simultaneously working from the base to the tip of my nipple. She then tugged teasingly at both of my nipples. I gasped. My nipples were so sensitive that, if I was diligent enough, I could make myself come just from stimulating them. She seemed to pick up on this and knelt to take my left nipple in her rose colored lips. Her tight ass was high in the air behind her. A shudder ran down my spine. I couldn't decide if it was more appealing to watch Riley sucking gently on my nipples, or if it was the gentle but steady sucking itself that made desire blossom in my pussy. She took her time, marveling at my tits, sucking, kissing and nibbling on each in turn, as if she were at a party sampling the hors d'oeuvres. She ran trails of wet kisses from my nipples to my neck and ears and back again. She rubbed her big tits against mine, the visual of the four of them oiled down and rubbing together had definitely been a fantasy. My pussy clutched, longing to be filled.

Before she traced a path of kisses down my stomach, she crawled on top of me and laid her face next to mine, her mouth on my ear, and murmured, "You have the most gorgeous body, baby." Her kisses found their way down to tickle my hipbones and light fires on my inner thighs. She pushed my legs apart and lay on her stomach between them. My heart was racing. My pussy lips engorged with longing, inviting her in. The accumulation of the wetness building over the course of the night began oozing out of my slit, like a slowly erupting volcano. The wetness attracted her curious tongue. It fluttered between my opening and my exposed clit, never sating my mounting craving. She massaged my inner thighs and worked her way to my labia, admiring my leaking cunt. She teased my hole with the tip of her index finger. My pussy clutched at her feinting finger. I had been horny almost the entire night; I didn't know if I could take any further teasing. I moaned, unconsciously lowering my hips, trying to get her fingers inside me. She giggled at my eagerness and inserted her first finger into my hot cunt. I gasped, and my pussy clamped down on her finger. She easily found my G-spot and began rubbing it while stroking my pearl with her warm tongue. She reached her pinky down and gently brushed it across my brown pucker. I was panting.

"You taste so good," she purred, tickling my clit with the vibrations, and removed her index finger to reach up so I could lick it clean. I had never tasted my own juice before, nor had the pleasure of Riley's finger in my mouth. Both were pleasant. I moaned, arching my hips toward her mouth

She returned to my opening and rewarded me by burying her first finger back in me. I moaned, "More, please, more."

She gently pressed her second finger in my tight pussy, "Does that feel okay, baby?"

The feeling of being full was almost too much to handle. I moaned in response. She giggled. When her mouth returned to my pussy and she began humming happily against it my back arched in ecstasy. My nipples were suddenly rock hard. The buzzing shot tingly goodness from my clit up to my nipples. She let me grind away on her face and matched my thrusts with her caresses within me, and her anal teasing transformed into a mind-blowing outer massage. I wrapped my legs around her body, grabbed at pillows, sheets, anything. She had only been at it for a few minutes when I lost it. My orgasm wracked my entire body, forcing me to cry out her name. I could feel thick wetness flooding my channel, the push of hot cum caused my juice to flow out down my cheeks and pool around my asshole. My cunt rapidly grasped at Riley's fingers. My heart was thudding hard in my chest. Small sounds escaped my throat as I came down from the high. Riley gently removed her fingers and licked me clean, mmmm-ing randomly throughout the process.

Her big tits rubbed against my spent pussy as she pushed herself back toward my face. She gave me a wet kiss when she reached my lips and. I licked my juice off of her chin. She collapsed next to me, but made the mistake of doing so with her ass slightly raised to compensate for my thigh under her. I took advantage of it and slid from beneath her and repositioned her hips into a modified doggy style. Her pink pussy looked even better, glistening in the light of my room. I briefly wondered if I would be any good, considering I had only had that one night with Amber. I had watched enough porn over the years to make up for my complete lack of sexual life, however, and decided I would just try to recreate what I had watched. With one hand I held her hips, with the other I inserted two fingers into her pouty cunt and gently rocked them back and forth. She moaned into the pillows. I reached my thumb down to massage her clit and she rewarded me by squeezing the fingers inside of her. When she was nice and wet I knelt to trail kisses over both of her wonderfully curvy ass cheeks. I gave her a loving smack and got up to fetch some toys. She looked amazing with her tight ass up in the air, begging for a dildo. I returned with just that: a thick green dildo. It had been a favorite of mine. I knelt to get another taste of her sweet juice before I leaned over her ass to enjoy a handful of tit.

"You're such a bad girl Riley. I think Santa's going to put coal in your stocking tonight," I called up to her in a teasing voice.

"Well, on the bright side, I was hoping for SOMETHING in my 'stocking'," she said as she rubbed her wet slit against me.

"Well if you're a good girl for the rest of the night maybe you will get what you want," I teased, "and part of being a good girl is doing what you're told. I want to hear you scream my name, Riley."

She giggled as a shudder ran down her spine. I leaned back to begin, and for a moment the view was literally unbelievable. Riley was actually in my bed, ass offered up to me, waiting to be fucked. I was almost giddy with excitement. I lightly traced the curve of her labia with my fingertip. She moaned into my pillows and spread her legs wider, enticingly wagging her hips side to side. I enjoyed several long licks her from her clit to her taint before grabbing the dildo to fuck her slick cunt. She was more than wet enough to take the entirety of it. I held her hip with my free hand and very deliberately fucked her with the dildo, prompting a grunt at the high point of each thrust. Her labia grew fat with longing. The slow pace was too much for her. Small cries of satisfaction were muffled by the pillow her face was planted in. She reached down to massage her clit herself. In order to drag out her satisfaction, I didn't increase the pace. Soon she was eagerly grinding against the dildo and made it to her climax.

"Oh Chloe!" she cried out, as promised, as her orgasm hit her and rolled like waves throughout her body. I let her ride it out before I slowly removed dildo, pulling a long rope of come cum out with it. I let it drizzle off of the dildo and onto her perfect ass. More come cum was already dripping down her inner thighs when stood to set the dildo on the nightstand. She collapsed on the bed, but rolled over to accept me into her arms. I pressed up next to her warm body and gently ran my fingertips over her incredibly soft skin. She made soft sounds of approval. She ran her fingers through my blond hair. Wonderful, tingly sensations drifted from my scalp and down my spine. I sighed and pulled her closer, tangling my legs in hers, wrapping my arms around her waist, pressing my face into her neck and taking in her wonderful, sweet smell. I couldn't get enough of her. Before long I was drifting off. She didn't let me rest long before her pleading caresses, kisses, and licks brought me back.

We proceeded to fuck each other senseless for the rest of the night.

The brightness in the room woke me the next morning. Damn, it must have snowed hard last night! Memories of what else happened last night hit me and prompted a big goofy grin. I rolled over to take Riley in my arms, but found an empty bed. I leaned up to look at the open spot next to me, and then around the room. The glare from the snow outside made me squint.

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