tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Luckiest Night of My Life Ch. 01

The Luckiest Night of My Life Ch. 01


Friday, 11:45 a.m.

One Friday during my lunch break, I was strolling through the hippie market area near my college, when an old crone approached me selling hand made jewelry or something.

'Listen, lady; I don't wear jewelry and I don't wanna buy any.'

'D'ese aint jewelry, sir; d'ese is Pagan talismans from Eire. I've got talismans f'r d'protection from evil, talismans f'r good luck in love, talismans f'r masculine virility, talismans f'r d'healin' o' sorrows...'

'How much for 'virility'?' I interrupted, more amused than intrigued.

'A better bargain you never seen, sir! You could be a Don Juan! Beautiful women'll be drawn t'y'r seed like bees t'honey f'r d'merest fee o' just five dollars, sir.'

'Alright, alright!' I laughed, thinking, 'just don't say 'seed' any more already, you creepy old hag!!' and handed her a five note in exchange for the charm.

I examined the funny little thing: it was no bigger than a penny, a golden circle of wire, intricately and decoratively wound, with a pearly white stone of some kind in its center. It was pretty, and strange. I normally would never even have given any interest to such a thing let alone money, but for a funny compelling feeling that it had been the right thing to do.

I popped the tiny trinket deep into my jeans pocket and headed off to my afternoon classes.


Friday, 3:45 p.m.

I got a text from Rebecca after class that afternoon: 'Party @ Melissa's 2nite'

I'd had a crush on Melissa for several months prior to that, and since we were both between relationships at the time, I figured tonight's party would be a good opportunity to maybe ask her out. I texted Rebecca back telling her that I'd see her there.


Friday, 7:00 p.m.

I showed up around seven, showered, shaved, heavily cologned, and wearing loose-fitting, casual funky clothes that I knew I looked pretty good in.

Melissa met me at the door, and I could tell right away that she was already a bit tipsy.

'Travis! Well heloooo! Come inside! We've got wine coolers and B52s in the kitchen, I think there's some of Julia's Franjelico left but you have to ask her, and Sam's got hash, weed, coke, shrooms and acid!'

'Thanks; good to know! Nice looking house; is it your parents'?'

'Yeah, but they're in California for the next two weeks, so it's 'party time'!'

I smiled and she gave me a peck on my cheek as I stepped over the threshold and entered the party.

It was a really more just a few friends getting together than an actual party, with only maybe a dozen or so people there, all of whom I knew and was friends with from school. I looked around and it turns out that Sam and I were the only guys there. But he was busy making out with his girlfriend Jill on a loveseat in the corner amidst a cloud of smoke. Good music was playing pretty loudly and the vibe was nice. I noticed a couple girls were watching a movie in one of the bedrooms as I stopped in to say hi. Others were hanging out here and there around the house or just outside it.

Weed, hash, and alcohol to relax and unshackle the inhibitions abounded (as well as some coke and acid to drive you crazy, like poor wasted Desiree who just sat trembling in a closet insisting that she was Lady Macbeth's hair stylist and singing the theme to the 1967 George of the Jungle cartoon over and over.) I decided to stick with the beer I'd brought for starters. I opened a bottle and put the rest in the fridge in the kitchen, stopping to say 'hi' to a bunch of giggly wasted hotties.

An hour or so went by in fun, drinking and hanging out in the living room with Sam and the other girls. It was then that Sam and his belle announced that they had to go (home to fuck) so I called them a cab rather than let the completely inebriated young man pilot his motorcar and risk causing an accident.

After they'd gone, I was left alone with the houseful of lovely young honeys. I felt completely outnumbered by vagina (which I was) but the situation still felt totally balanced, relaxed and easygoing for everyone since they were all my friends from college. I just had fun, lived in the moment, and waited patiently and hopefully for my chance to talk to Melissa.

I wondered skeptically for a moment about the little Irish amulet in my pocket...

In another hour or so I was basically completely wasted, and the girls were wasted even worse than me, having begun partying earlier than I had.

It was a hot night, and one or two shirts came off in innocence, leaving Jessica in just a bra and jeans, and Melissa in just a pink thong bikini.

The bong came out of somewhere. It got passed round, and not one of us did not get completely fucking stoned.

I looked around through the haze: Melissa, was a gorgeous brunette with a killer fit body, huge tits and perfect medium-sized ass who seemed to just get hotter and hotter as the night wore on; Rebecca was a natural blonde with a petite body and a gorgeous face; Sophie was another brunette, a slightly larger girl with a gorgeous face, big boobs and an amazing butt; Jessica was a bombshell bleached-platinum-blonde-haired slut with huge firm round fake titties and a little, wonderful perfect ass, and Lisa, another brunette, was a beautiful short cutie with big tits and a nice big ass.

The rest of the girls were elsewhere for the time being; some were outside smoking, a few were swimming in the pool out back, some were hanging out in bedrooms or on the stairs.


Friday, 9:30 p.m.

Jessica (not surprisingly) was the first one to make a move on me (that she made a move was a little surprising (and couldn't have been more welcomed!) but that it was her who made it wasn't, given her reputation as being a bit of a slut.) We'd fucked once before nearly a year ago, but we'd just been good friends ever since. Still, the shock of it happening, though not at all unwelcome, was somewhat overwhelming, especially in front of all the other girls.

Her hand trailed audaciously over the crotch of my jeans, eliciting an immediate reaction from my eager young dick therein. She parked herself on the couch next to me and proceeded to remove her bra, her massive hard fake tits blasting out into the smoky young babe-filled living room like bazookas. She licked my mouth as she undid my jeans, then pulled them down to my ankles, got down onto the carpet in front of me and started sucking my cock, right there in front of all the other girls!

The gorgeous babe's mouth (obviously) felt fucking amazing sucking my dick, and it made me extra horny being in the presence of the other four babes, all of whom I'd never (apart from Rebecca two or three times) fucked or fooled around with before.

I reached down and cupped her big hard-nippled firm fake tits as she sucked me off, glancing around to see what reaction I might have been getting from the other girls.

Soon Sophie rather shyly sat down next to me on the couch and immediately started French-kissing me while Jessica continued giving me expert head. I cupped one of Sophie's massive, soft natural tits, keeping my other hand on one of Jessica's firm fake ones.

First I groped Sophie's boob over her dress, then I pulled her dress down over her tits exposing them to the room full of girls, kneading her soft wonderful flesh and hardening nipple with my fingers as my raging dick was being sucked by the platinum-blonde bombshell below. I was wasted and my heart was racing with horny excitement. My cock, mouth and hands were in sheer heaven!

After a few minutes, Sophie handed Jessica a packaged condom. Jessica took it out and rolled it onto my hard dick with her mouth. Then, as if it were choreographed, Sophie lifted up her tight black tube-dress and straddled my waist, smoothly guiding my hard be-condomed dick beside her lemon-yellow thong and up into her smooth-shaved hot wet pussy with her hand. She lowered her weight onto my lap, my cock sinking up her hot wet womanhood to its base, and Jessica (bless her soul) took my shaved balls into her mouth and began to gently suck on them. Needless to say, it felt beyond fucking amazing!

I reached around and squeezed Sophie's awesome big soft bum as she fucked my cock, yanking her massive ass-cheeks wide apart and teasing her asshole with a finger or two. Meanwhile, Jessica vigilantly licked and sucked my balls as I fucked the hot brunette astride my lap. I could hear shocked gasps and bubbly giggling from the other girls in the room, and the taking of many pictures with cell phones, but my concentration lay primarily up Sophie's vagina and on my balls being licked by Jessica.

After a few minutes I was slightly out of breath, and I told Sophie, '...About six months ago I got my nuts tied... We don't really need that condom.'

'Are you for real??'

'Yeah, seriously; I promise. I'll even show you where the vas were cut and tied if you like...'

'Alright,' she said smiling with wasted bedroom eyes.

She lifted her hot wet pink-flower up off my cock, and Jessica ripped the flimsy little rubber sheath off of my dick and tossed it away. Sophie sat back down on my lap completely enveloping my now naked rock-hard cock-shaft with her hot wet pussy; the bliss as the slippery velvety walls of her cunt slid down over my now completely naked dick was almost too much to bear! Her pussy-walls felt so fucking amazing on my naked cock as she fucked me, I could hardly stand it.

I fucked her desperately to orgasm, Jessica's tongue ever lapping at my sweaty shaved nut-sack.

'Fuuuuuuuuuck!' Sophie wailed as her pussy gushed juice all over me and came hard.

'Travis! I want some of that dick too, before you cum, mister!' it was Jessica, who'd pulled her jeans and thong down her thighs and was now on the carpet on all fours with her back arched low.

I kissed Sophie off to the side, squatted behind Jessica and inserted my lucky raging cock up her wet shaved girlhood from behind. We both let out a moan of pleasure as my rod sank up her slutty pussy to the balls.

I caught sight of Melissa smiling and staring lustfully through the haze at me and the horny spectacle Jessica and I were now providing. I could tell it was making her horny to see us, and actually I think the same was true of Lisa and Rebecca.

I started fucking the gorgeous platinum-blonde. Her sexy shaved asshole stared up at me as harder and harder, faster and faster I fucked her tight cunt, my dick steadily pistoning deep in and out of her hot wet pink-flower, my hips ramming into her sexy little ass as my cock slid up her girlhood to its base with each thrust, until she crested over into orgasm and gushed onto the carpet underneath, wailing as she came, 'Fuck yeaaaaaah!'

It was too much, and I suddenly pumped cum into the young libertine's womb, emphatically announcing to all that I was cumming as I did so. I fucked Jessica's shaved twat hard as my load blasted up through my dick and deep up into the sexy young girl. I smacked her sweet little ass and gave her premium custom-model titties a good squeeze as the last of my cum pumped out of my cock and filled her cunt.

'Oooh shit!!' I exclaimed out of breath as my cum subsided, then looked around and added, '...Where's Melissa?'

'Your dick still inside me after you just cummed in my pussy and you're asking, 'Where's Melissa'???' Jessica complained teasingly.

'Quiet or you'll get this up your ass!' It was Mel standing in the doorway through the haze and holding the biggest fucking dildo I'd ever seen outside of pornography in my life! It was rubber, double-ended, bright hot-pink, veiny, about twenty inches long and as thick as my forearm. The girls all gasped and laughed, especially Jessica.

'Is that thing fucking yours??' Lisa asked incredulously and giggling.

'Yep. It's m'pussy stretcher,' Mel answered.

'What a monster!' chimed in Jess.

'No way can you fit that thing all the way in your pussy!' added a giggling Rebecca.

'You should be able to get it up your ass, though,' Sophie reasoned. 'The lower intestines are like twenty feet long.'

'Oh my god, up your ass!??' gasped a giggling Lisa and Rebecca in unison.

Just then the front door opened and in came a tall beautiful brunette.

'Hey Naomi! Everyone, this is my sister Naomi. Naomi, everyone,' said Melissa, indicating the room full of wasted youth to her sister.

'Oh my god, what is this shit??' Naomi said soberly seeing us all, 'and what the shit are you doing with that!?' she said waving her hand at the massive rubber cock.

Mel giggled and told her sister to relax as the two sisters hugged briefly to greet each other.

'Ok, well it's Friday night and I wanna party too, so I'm making a trip into town to get something to drink; who wants a ride?' Naomi offered the group in general.

I slid my spent dick out of the gorgeous Jessica's pussy and we both pulled up our pants. It seems that we all wanted to go.

'I've only got room for five people in my car!' Naomi said.

It ended up being Jasmine and Julia (who'd been elsewhere when Naomi came in) Melissa, Jessica and me.

During the car ride into town, just as I was remembering and wondering again about the talisman in my pocket, Jessica said: 'Man, who else wants to stop at the sex shop?'

The girls giggled, but no one argued. So before we hit the liquor store, we made a stop at 'Paris XXX,' the local sex and porn boutique.

Inside, the girls and I browsed the porn, dildos, outfits and sex toys.

'Look at this fucking one!!' Julia said giggling, holding aloft a dildo about the size of my leg.

'I like it!' said Jessica, going over to touch it for herself.

'Travis, how bout this for you, eh?' said Jasmine checking out a life-sized anatomically correct rubber female ass, complete with second and third inputs. ''Alexis Texas' Ass!' it's called. Wow! Now that's a big ass!' she added.

'Made apparently form a mold of the real Alexis Texas,' put in Julia.

'Oh man, I fucking love Alexis Texas! I've gotta have that thing! Lemme see it; how much is it?' I said, rushing over to inspect it.

'It's 300 fucking dollars!' answered Jasmine giggling. 'I'd almost let you fuck my ass for that much money!' I looked up at her horny with hope.

'How bout this; it's much more affordable,' offered Melissa holding a 'pocket pussy' with a picture of an anime girl with enormous tits and a shaved pussy on the front of the package. 'It's called 'Sailor Moon!' Ha ha! Yeah, the X-rated version.'

'I've got a 15% discount here, guys,' put in Jessica, 'and you can use my mom's credit card; she'll never notice; she never does.'

'Uh... why do you have a 15% discount here Jessica, may I ask??' said Julia, as if the implied answer were something slightly shameful.

'Cuz. I shop for clothes here sometimes, and I got a member's card,' answered Jessica proudly. 'C'mon guys, load up! I'm buying! Or rather, my mom is.'

We left the shop with: 3 porn dvds (Shaved Teen Angels # 43, Tropical Fake Tit Blondes # 6, and Anal Supermodels # 15) 3 sex outfits (Alice in Wonderland, Girl Guide, and cheerleader) 1 pocket pussy ('Sailor Moon!') 1 rubber female ass ('Alexis Texas' Ass!') 1 life-sized poster of Jesse Jane completely naked, 4 dildoes (sparkly-silver, light violet, neon-green, and lemon-yellow) 3 Pocket Rocket vibrators, 5 tubes of lube, 1 pussy-pump, 2 strap-on dildo harnesses, and a pair of squeezable rubber boobie stress-balls.

We hauled our treasures into Naomi's rusting ugly faded beige Acadian Scooter and took off for the liquor store.

When we got there, Julia and Jasmine decided to take off and hit a club, but said they'd probably go back to Mel and Naomi's in a couple hours. Naomi and Jessica went in to buy booze, leaving me and Melissa alone in the car. I was thrilled to finally be alone with her.

'I'm having such a good night, Melissa. Thanks for having this party and everything .'

'Yeah, I'll bet you are! I was there in the living room before, you know! When the 'lone stag' mounted the two females tabbies in heat. I feel like a pimp running a whorehouse!'

'Hey, they offered!'

'I know, I was just teasing! They were just nearer to you, that's all...' she said and turned to face me directly, smiling sultrily.

'You looked so fucking good in that bikini before...'

'Yeah... Maybe we can go swimming together later...'

'I'd like that...'

We were about to kiss when the other two girls suddenly returned with several bags full o' booze sort of ruining our moment, but Melissa smiled and winked at me with bedroom eyes and I knew that I'd just have to be patient. Naomi drove us all back to the house.

I hadn't kissed Melissa yet, but the fuse had been lit. My dick and balls tingled in anticipation at the very prospect...

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