tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Making of Harley Quinn Ch. 01

The Making of Harley Quinn Ch. 01


This is a very dark story that includes forced feminization and non-consent. It involves Jason Todd, the second Robin after Dick Grayson. Jason Todd was killed in the "Death in the Family" storyline by the Joker. Here I'm presenting an alternative to that where the Joker had a different fate in mind for Robin.

Also, just to avoid any unneeded complications, Robin is 18 and just out of high school.


Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane tried its best to maintain containment of the inmates it housed, but that proved to be very difficult for some of the most devious and maniacal of its denizens. Sirens blared and cops swarmed the streets as once again the population was alerted that Gotham's most insane criminal, the Joker, had once again escaped the confines of the Asylum.

The city buzzed with a thin panic and Batman, self-appointed guardian of Gotham, took to the roof tops to begin the search for the clown prince of crime. He brought his sidekick and ward Jason Todd who had taken the mantel of Robin after Dick Grayson had left to become Nightwing. Over the years Jason had been difficult to manage, a head strong lad with a highly stubborn streak. Luckily he'd graduated high school and was accepted to Gotham University, where Bruce hoped the young man would cool off a little. In fact he didn't want to disturb Jason from his studies, but a code green meant all hands on deck.

"Are we going to run a standard search pattern? Check out all chemical and toy factories?" Robin asked as rain started to fall on the roof of the building they perched on as they monitored the city.

"Best to start with those locations, since that's' where he prefers to set up shop. But we need to expand to other locations. He's been getting trickier, more devious with his recent machinations. Something has popped in his brain and I don't like how determined he appears." Batman mused, not taking his eyes off the street.

"Well there's that old warehouse full of boards games." Robin suggested.

"That's not Joker's MO." Batman said curtly.

"I know, but they make playing cards there. It's a stretch, but if he's getting more devious he might be working outside his normal routine." Robin countered.

"Fine, go investigate it. It sounds like a remote enough possibility you should be safe going solo, just be careful." Batman conceded.

"Where are you going?" Robin asked, excited he'd get to do the search independently, even if only because Batman thought there wasn't a chance Joker would be there.

"Someone has to investigate the more fruitful leads. There was a raid on one of the chemical plants just before Joker escaped, so I'll start there and work my way out. Keep your radio handy and alert me if you see anything suspicious at all." Batman warned just before we shot his grappling line and took off into the night sky.

Robin was left along on the roof top feeling like he'd won a small victory, and he shot his own grappling hook and headed off towards the game warehouse.

The entrance had a single light swinging in the wind casting wicked shadows against the rusted wall. A batarang later and the warehouse was cast in safe darkness, a place Bruce had taught him to feel at ease in.

Robin slowly opened the door to the warehouse office, avoiding the large shipping doors for fear it would be too loud and attract too much attention. Normally he'd go for a window instead, but unfortunately the warehouse didn't have any. Stepping into the warehouse office he saw that is was covered in the normal fare of paperwork and coffee mugs, nothing out of the ordinary. The door leading from the office to the warehouse floor was slightly ajar, making Robin's heart skip a beat, but then he smiled and shook his head.

'Letting shadows and boogie men scare you, wouldn't Bruce be proud.' He thought.

Keeping crouched, he slowly opened the second door, and his pulse spiked when he heard a trip wire snap on the other side of the door. He looked up and just above the door frame on the other side was a spray nozzle that coated him in thick deep green gas.

Robin coughed sharply as his vision went hazy and reached for his utility belt, but his hand felt numb and heavy, falling to his side. He fell to the ground with a heavy thud and looked up to see the Joker standing above him, grinning ear to ear.

"Well I was hoping to catch a bat with my trap, but I'll take a bird boi any day! AHAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed insanely. It was the last thing Robin heard before falling unconscious.


Consciousness returned to Robin slowly and the first thing he sensed was cold surrounding him. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself no longer in the warehouse. Instead it looked more like a hospital or some kind of medical examination room. He felt air blow across his body and he realized his was stark naked and shaved smooth from the neck down. Even his balls and ass were shaved, leaving his skin exposed and stark.

A chuckle snapped Robin's attention to his right side and he saw the Joker looking at him with insane eyes. The Joker was dressed in deep purple doctor scrubs with a surgical mask hiding his face. He pulled the mask off and took Robin's chin in his fist.

"Glad you finally woke up bird boi. I was afraid you'd sleep through all the fun!" Joker teased.

"What have you done to me!?" Robin almost shrieked.

"Oh that?" Joker pointed out as he rubbed Robin's silky smooth thigh. "That's phase one of my plan."

"You know he'll stop you!" Robin threatened, hoping to stall the mad criminal.

"Oh you're right, he might find you using that GPS in your utility belt, or your radio, or the hand full of other tracking devices he left on you. It's enough to make someone paranoid if you ask me." Joker mused.

"Good thing I dumped all of your belongings on the other side of the city. So unless you swallowed a Garman before going out tonight, it's going to be a while before he finds you. AHAHAHAHAHA." Joker laughed, feeling totally in control.

Robin felt true panic start to surge through him, but he used his training to push it down. Batman had prepared him for this type of situation. He just needed to control the conversation. Bruce once told him that if you kept the Joker talking long enough, you should have enough time to think your way out of the problem.

"What's this plan you're talking about?" Robin asked, trying to keep the Joker engaged. In the meantime he took stock of his surroundings. He was spread eagle on an examination table, his hands and feet cuffed to the corner poles. The room was fairly empty save a table near the joker with syringes and a bag underneath.

"I'm glad you asked. You see, I finally figured out why the Batman has kept beating me all these years. It's because of you!" Joker announced, poking Robin in the ribs.

"He's got you as a bothersome sidekick, watching his back and saving the day just when I'm about to put a mallet through his head. So I figure I'd kill two birds with one stone, AHAHAHAHA!" Joker laughed at his own pun.

"You're going to kill me?" Robin asked, his terror spiking again.

"Oh heavens no, I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to make you my sidekick!" Joker announced with a sense of victory.

Despite being prone and naked, Robin couldn't help but grin at this. "Now I know you're joking, there's no way I'd be your sidekick." Robin spat.

The Joker turned away for a second and returned with a giant syringe full of a deep green liquid. He jabbed Robin's arm with the needle and plunged all of the contents into him. Robin instantly felt funny as his body went very hot despite the temperature of the room.

"What the hell was that?" Robin weakly screamed.

"Oh it's my very own invention. Diluted Joker venom combined with highly concentrated estrogen and something that makes Viagra feel like vitamins." Joker revealed.

Robin felt sweat roll down his back and his nipples became very erect, almost painfully so. His cock began to stir, becoming hard in moments like tempered steel.

"Estrogen and Viagra? Why give those to me?" He asked, not feeling as panicked anymore as the heat worked its way through his body. He began to squirm his ass against the metal, feeling an itch he couldn't describe.

"Because I don't need a boy wonder, but I've always wanted my very own best gal pal. Someone loyal to me and willing to do pretty much anything I tell her to. So you're going to get one of these injections a day from now on, and a new outfit!" Joker exclaimed proudly.

Robin felt the Joker venom course through his body and his fear began to melt away. His face began to contort into a crooked grin as his eyes were glued to the green haired clown. The idea of the Joker making Robin a girl sent a thrill through him. He knew he should be worried, deathly afraid even, but whenever he started to feel fear he started to laugh softly.

The Joker opened his bag and revealed a red and black skin tight costume with matching black lace bra and panties. The costume looked like some kind of sexy court jester and was meant to accentuate curves without revealing any skin. "See, doesn't this look great!" Joker asked as he showed Robin the outfit.

"How am I supposed to fit in that?" Robin asked, his skin tingling at the thought.

The Joker brought out a jar of thick white cream and started covering Robin's body. He realized it must have been some kind of moisturizer but it left his skin pale, almost unnaturally white.

"What's this?" Robin asked, knowing he should feel repulsed at how softly the Joker was rubbing the cream on his skin. The clown's hands lingered on Robin's softer more exposed locations, making his skin feel like it was on fire as he was groped by the villain. He couldn't explain it, but the tenderness made him feel sexy. The Joker's hands brushed over Robin's throbbing cock and gave it a squeeze, rubbing the cream into his hard on. Robin tried to muffle the moan, but couldn't stop it from escaping his lips.

"It's to help you into your new outfit. And besides, how do you think I keep my healthy looking skin so young, AHAHAHAHAHA." Joker laughed.

The Joker finished rubbing the cream all over Robin's body then lifted his ass up to work the cream into his back and buttocks. The Joker's hands ran down Robin's crack and took pause to tease his asshole with a moisturized finger, dipping into his rosebud just a little. Robin tried to keep himself under control, but the violation forced a high pitched moan to escape his lips as he subconsciously pressed against Joker's finger.

"Excellent, I think we're just about ready to begin your training in phase 2!" The Joke exclaimed as he un-cuffed Robin's legs and pulled up the panties over Robin's crotch. He knew he should have tried to kick the Joker or struggled to make it harder for him, but instead he lifted his ass up to make easier for the panties to slip on.

"What training?" Robin asked weakly.

"Training to be loyal cock slut of course!" Joker proclaimed after he had fastened the bra on Robin. His nipples brushed against the material, feeling like they could cut diamonds, and he wished his breasts were large enough to properly fill the lace material.

Joker's comment snapped Robin's attention back and panic surged through him again, making him realize what was happening. "You're turning me into a girl!?" he screamed.

"Not just any girl. My girl, AHAHAHAHAHA!" Joker roared. The Joker slipped heels onto Robin's feet, completing his slutty lingerie attire, then he un-cuffed Robin's hands from the table. Robin made an attempt to swing at the Joker, but he was too drugged to do anything and the clothes were making his body feel alive for the first time. His cock strained against the panties and his nipples stood obviously erect through the bra. The joker had an adjustable chain on the floor and re-cuffed Robin there, forcing him to his knees.

"Let's start with lesson one, an introduction to your new best friend." Joker declared. He untied the front of his scrubs and let the pants fall loosely to the floor. His cock stood out large and proud, measuring several inches larger than Robin's, somewhere around 9 inches. It was pale just like the rest of the Joker's body, and had thick green veins with a large purple spongy head. The musk of it was driving Robin crazy, smelling better than anything else he could remember.

"Go on, give uncle Joker's cock a kiss." The clown commanded with a twisted smile.

"N..no." Robin managed to mutter with very little conviction.

The Jokers eyes turned soft and he cupped Robin's chin in his hand. "Oh come on. You know you want to. By now my modified venom is coursing through your entire body driving you crazy, and all you want is to suck on some cock. I promise the Batman won't find you, so where's the harm." The Joker reassured him.

Robin licked his lips and squirmed against his sexy clothes, desire burning hot through his feminized body.

"You promise he won't find out." Robin asked weakly, his resolve diminishing.

"Don't' worry about the Bat wimp anymore. You belong to me now." The Joker reaffirmed.

Robin's eyes went wide as realization and acceptance solidified in his mind. 'Of course I belong to Mr. J. He's my puddin.' Robin thought as his mouth opened wide.

With a maniacal laugh the Joker slide his cock into Robin's open mouth and he grabbed the back of his head. Robin bobbed on the thick cock slowly at first, trying to get adjusted to the size. He coughed as it hit the back of his throat, gagging on its girth.

"No time like the present to work on those deep throating skills my dear!" Joker declared. He shoved his cock deeper into Robin's mouth, pushing past his tonsils and down his throat. Robin gagged a few more times till he figured out how to relax enough not to let it bother him. It wasn't long till he could take the Joker so far in that his balls rested against Robin's mouth.

Robin's lips and face were soon smeared with saliva and spit as the Joker fucked his face, taking advantage of his newly learned deep throating skills. Finally the Joker pulled his cock out of Robin's mouth, letting it rest on his lips. Robin licked it lovingly, enjoying the feel of the purple headed mushroom against his skin.

"My my, you're better than I thought you'd be. Excellent, I've always wanted my very own harlequin harlot...in fact that'll be your new name, Harley Quinn! AHAHAHAHAHA." Joker declared with insane joy.

Robin looked down to the floor, realizing he was leaving his previous life behind as he was finally ready to accept his new life at the Joker's side. Harley then looked up with a beaming smile, her face still covered in spit.

"Does Mr. J want to fuck my pretty face some more, or would he prefer my ass?" Harley asked with a demure smile.

"Why Harley, I've been remiss haven't I." Joker declared with shock.

"Indeed. I mean, you teased it earlier with your naughty finger. Now my virgin rump is just dying to get little Mr. J in there." Harley taunted, shaking her ass.

Joker beamed at the girl and positioned himself behind her, but then thought better of it for a second. "Let's get those cuffs off you. I don't think we'll need them anymore."

Harley pouted cutely. "But I like them, they sparkle on my wrists!"

"Oh okay, you can keep them on you gorgeous whore." Joker relented. Harley smiled at being called a whore.

The insane clown got behind her and forced her to bend over, pressing roughly against her back and exposing her rear. She dropped her face to the ground with a grunt, enjoying the feeling of being dominated. Then the Joker tore off her panties, causing her to gasp sharply. He spread her ass cheeks wide, exposing her hole to the world.

Suddenly the Joker's face was squeezed in her ass, his tongue burying deep inside her anus, rimming her deeply. Harley moaned loudly, pressing her ass against her puddin's face as he licked her insides. She felt his hand grip her cock at the base and start to stroke her as he licked her asshole clean, getting it wet and ready for his raging cock.

Harley panted like a bitch in heat, enjoying the feeling of her restraints keeping her down. Her nipples flared with a desire to be pinched, but her hands were stretched out in front of her, held together by the handcuffs. It felt like the Joker had been eating her ass for hours, and when he finally removed his face from her ass, she whimpered longingly.

He spit on her asshole a few times and rubbed it in with the crown of his green veined cock head, making her bite her lower lip in eager anticipation. The Joker then pressed into her, splitting open Harley's wet asshole and popping her cherry with his thick meat. Harley could feel every inch of the Joker slide into her till his balls rested against hers.

Harley felt delicious full with her puddin's cock stuffed fully in her asshole and she started humping her ass against his cock, trying to get him to fuck her. The Joker needed very little encouragement and he grabbed Harley's hips and began pounding her, causing wet slapping sounds to ring through the room. The feeling of his engorged head rubbing against her prostate was driving Harley insane as she moaned loudly, begging for more of his cock to be shoved inside her.

"Oh baby, your cock feels so good in my naughty ass!" Harley screamed.

"I bet that Bat wimp never fucked you this good." Joker said, giving Harley's ass a smack, leaving a red mark on her newly paled skin.

"Never. And I always knew he wanted a crack at my crack, he's just too repressed!" Harley revealed through high pitched moans.

The Joker started laughing again, but didn't stop this time. His twisted and humorous roar dominated the room and suddenly Harley screamed as her cock exploded in orgasm, spraying the floor with her love juice. The spasms in her cock oscillated through her anus, squeezing the Joker's cock and forcing his own orgasm to peek which made him laugh even louder and more insanely.

After a few tense moments the Joker popped his shrinking cock out of Harley's ass, which caused her to pout cutely. He strode to her front and presented his cum covered cock to Harley.

"I could use a cleaning buttercup." Joker suggested.

Harley grinned ear to ear and gladly took Joker's cock back into her mouth, rolling her tongue around its head and enjoying the taste of his seed on her lips. The faint taste of her own juices made the act even that much more depraved and enjoyable for her. After spending more time than was necessary, the Joker pulled her cock out of her mouth, making her pout once again.

"Oh, but pudding, I was using that." Harley begged.

"I know I know, but there's another mess you haven't cleaned up yet." Joker said quizzically.

Harley looked confused a moment then almost shrieked when she realized what Mr. J was talking about. She leaned her face down to the floor and started licking up the mess she made when her cock poured her seed on the ground, loving the taste of her own love juice.

Joker stood tall and proud, watching his new Harley Quinn eat her own cum off the cement floor. He laughed again, softly this time, as he knew that after a few more injections Robin would be lost forever and only his Harley would be left. A gorgeous cock slut he could use and abuse however he wished. And if Batman ever figured it out, it would be the greatest joke the clown prince ever played on the Dark Knight.

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by Anonymous04/08/18

what a twist

i love your joker/hq story, cant wait for the next installment of this titillating twisted tale


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Can't wait for the 2nd installment!!!

I can't wait to read the 2nd installment of this wonderful fan fiction. Thank you for this delectably twisted tale, Please keep writing. Joker and Harley Quinn are among my top favorite villains frommore...

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