tagNovels and NovellasThe Manor House Ch. 19

The Manor House Ch. 19


The flowers were magnificent and the chapel was beautiful, considering that this was the first funeral ever held at The Manor House. Lisa and her staff prepared the brunch while Milo and Rob took care of making sure that the others were ready. She knew it would be hard but she wanted to make sure that if anyone harbored any wishes of returning to their violent spouses, those wishes would be dashed with the harsh reality of death. The girls filed in, some solemn, some inquisitive, some sobbing and took their seats. The service was mercifully short with Rob saying a few words and Milo offering a prayer.

Exhausted beyond belief, Rob made her way back to her house, leaning heavily as she trudged up the stairs but managing a smile when she saw Shandi sleeping peacefully in her bed. She sat lightly on the side of the bed and let her fingertips run over her cheek, gently awakening her. Shandi's eyes blinked several times before they focused on Rob, then a smile curved her lips and Rob bent to press a kiss to them.

"How are you feeling?"

"Sore but happy." Shandi curled around Rob's leg, wrapping her arms around it and giving her a soft squeeze. Her shoulder ached from where the bullet had gouged it but the wound was clean and would heal well. "How was the service?"

"Very nice. Melba's father will be here this afternoon to pick up her body."

"That's good." Shandi sighed, recalling the girl's heroic actions. Her last minute grab had turned the gun almost completely away from Shandi and Rob, causing Shandi to be grazed and an enraged Donnie turned the gun on her, shooting her in the head. Milo had arrived a second later, pointing his shotgun at the attorney and threatening to blow his entire head off unless he dropped the weapon. Donnie turned the gun on himself but there were no more bullets so he couldn't take the coward's way out. He was arrested on murder and attempted murder charges and now sat in jail.

"You have some choices to make."

Shandi nodded. George had called earlier in the day, telling her that Donnie was now interested in a larger settlement, which she would receive before his trial began and he agreed to sign the house over to her in the uncontested divorce.

"I already know what I want." Rob's heart lurched in her chest, waiting to hear Shandi's words. "I want to live here. With you. We can use the money to build a dorm and a studio and repair the stables for Hannah."

"Are you sure?" Rob peered into Shandi's face, searching her eyes. "You want to stay with me?"

Shandi pulled her down, covering her mouth with her own and giving her a deep, thorough kiss. "I thought I'd cleared those doubts away."

"Then pinch me. I'm dreaming."

Shandi did as she asked, cupping one of Rob's breasts and gently pinching the nipple as she kissed her again. Rob's moan rumbled through her and she sucked on her bottom lip as she pulled back. "Make love to me, Rob."

"But your shoulder ... "

"Fuck my shoulder." The urgency in Shandi's voice made Rob's heart leap a second time and she shivered as the black woman pulled her down, attacking her mouth while her hands stroked Rob's aching body. She shivered, feeling the want in the younger woman and gladly gave herself over to the passion, letting it feed her own fires.

She always wanted Shandi, sometimes so badly that she would have to duck into an empty stall or bathroom and satisfy her needs. She'd watch Shandi interact with the others, envying the time she spent with them but when their eyes met, she knew that the envy belonged to others. The fierce love in Shandi's eyes always sent shockwaves through her, tying her stomach into knots and now was no different. Rob pushed the sheets aside, uncovering Shandi's chocolate body and heading straight for her weeping pink gash.

Such pleasure burst through her that she moaned loud enough for everyone to hear. She couldn't help it. Rob knew exactly what she liked, shoving her tongue deeply into Shandi's hole and sucking the surrounding sensitive skin softly. Her orgasm erupted immediately and she ground her pussy against Rob's mouth, gasping over and over as her tongue stabbed and flexed inside her.

Rob moved up, sharing a deep kiss with her and trembling as Shandi's hands moved over her naked body. "Convinced?"

Shandi smiled. "Mmm, maybe, but I need to make sure that there's no doubt."

Rob closed her eyes, dreaming of all the times to come and smiled when Shandi's mouth covered her creamy cunt. "Oh, there's no doubt. No doubt at all."

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