tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 09

The Master Ch. 09


The past few weeks had been rough on you. The rough hands, the constant eyes on you, so many different cocks. You had come a long way since I first watched you. You were mine now. My toy, my slut, my whore. You weren't exactly where I wanted you but you were worthy to be fucked by me. You have earned the right to feel my cock, in your mouth, your ass, your pussy. And tonight would be the night you would have it.

I was waiting for you to get home from work. You walk into the door and spot me, your eyes go to the ground and wait for me to speak.

"Come to me pet." I tell you

You start to take a step but hesitate, you go to your hands and knees and crawl to me. Long fluid movements, like a cat walking across the room. You reach me on the couch and nuzzle your head to my leg and lounge at my feet. I run my fingers through your hair and touch your face gently. I can hear you sigh as you feel my touch. You have come such a long way.

"Pet, you have done very well lately and I feel as if you deserve a reward" I tell you

"Thank you Master" you say still leaning against my leg.

"You may suck my cock Pet, that will be your reward" I say

You immediately kneel between my legs and look from my crotch to my eyes and back again. You have a look of total lust, I can see your mouth opening and closing and you licking your lips. Your eyes fixate on my face and wait for the go ahead. You are biting your lower lip and your hands are opening and closing as if you are a child receiving a gift at Christmas.

"You may have it Pet" I finally tell you.

You hands immediatly go to my slacks, unzipping my fly and undoing my belt. You pull down my slacks and remove them entirely. My cock is laying semi-erect on one of my legs and you lean down without your hands and suck it into your mouth. You hands rest on my legs and I can feel them running up and down as you suck my cock deep into your mouth. You tongue is massaging the bottom of my cock as I slide in and out of your mouth. I can feel you moaning against my cock as you take me deep into your mouth almost choking yourself then releasing it back.

You are stripping your clothes off as you continue to suck my cock, rubbing it all over your face, then down to your tits and all over your nipples once you have your breasts free. You are massaging my balls and your free hand has dropped to your pussy and I can see you rubbing and fingering your pussy. You get some of your pussy juice on your hand and stroke my cock with it as you lick and suck and tease my balls. My cock is throbbing in your mouth as you suck it deep, feeling my balls tighten as I near orgasm. You can hear my moans increase and my hands fall to your head to grab your hair and fuck your face as I get closer and closer to coming. I hold your hair tight and pump you up and down on my cock feeling your nails dig into my legs and your moans all over my cock. I start to come and hold my cock in your mouth, you swallow what you can but I see some of it spill out of your mouth and running down my cock. Once my orgasm subsides I release your hair and you begin licking up the excess cum that is on my cock and balls, you lick me totally clean and when I stand you bring me my pants.

"well done Pet, next time don't let any escape your mouth." I tell you sternly.

"Yes Master" you tell me not looking up at me.

"Now go have a shower and get cleaned. There is a box on your bed wear everything that is in it"

"yes Master" you say and turn to go have a shower.

"We are going out tonight Pet, if you disappoint me I will punish you in public"

You continue back into your bedroom and see a box on your bed. You open the box and find a silk black dress with matching sheer bra and thong panties. After you lift up the dress to look at it a small clit vibrator with straps falls to the bed. Your eyes go wide as you remember what I said.

You go and have your shower. You enjoy the hot water running down your body and wash yourself slowly. Letting your hands touch your skin and feel the excitement of what the night might bring. You are still a little confused at how aroused you got from sucking my cock, you cannot believe the things I make you feel. You shave and lotion up your body, stopping to check yourself in the mirror to see if you are presentable to go out with me. You slide on the toy and make sure it stays in place with the straps. It is snug to your sensitive clit, you didn't get to come while sucking my cock and you ache for release. You finish getting dressed and walk out to the living room.

"Beautiful Pet, absolutely beautiful" I tell you as I circle you, occasionally letting my fingers touch your bare skin. You turn red at the compliment, "thank you Master".

"Did you put EVERYTHING on?" I ask in a stern voice.

"Yes I did Master"

"Good girl. "

I walk over to the couch and sit down, I reach into my pocket and pull out a small device.

"Do you know what this is?"

"No sir."

"It is the remote to your little toy"

Your eyes go wide as I turn it on low and watch you. Your legs shake, you were playing a little in the shower. Touching and teasing your pussy, you got close to coming but didn't want to without permission. I increase the vibration and watch your eyes close and your hands go under your dress to rub your tummy and tease your breasts. Your orgasm comes fast and shakes your body so hard you need to lean against the wall. You let out a moan and I can see your knees shaking. I turn off the toy and let you finish your orgasm. You let out a sigh and look at me.

"It's going to be an interesting evening isn't it Pet?" I state with a smile.

We leave your place and head over to a nightclub that is within walking distance. I find us a table and tell you to get us some drinks. As you get ready to order I turn the toy on high and you let out a yelp, your hands grip the bar and your eyes close. You try to place our order but cannot concentrate. I leave it turned up and watch you as you walk back to the table and sit our drinks down. You slide neck to me and I give you a long hard deep kiss. You orgasm again and moan against my mouth. I smile and turn the toy off.

"You are doing well tonight Pet, I want you to go ask that gentleman over there to dance" I tell you pointing to a young man sitting with his friends.

"What? But sir"

I stand and grab your hand and take you to a back part of the club, I push you against the wall and lift your skirt. I bring my hand across your ass over and over. You are whimpering and tears are starting to form.

"You WILL do as I say when I say it. Do I need to have you trained some more?" I growl at you.

"No, NO, NO Sir, i'm very sorry, I will obey. I apologize Master" you say trying to keep your composure.

"Good, now do as I ask, except now I want you to seduce him"

I watch you try to regain your composure and walk over to his table. You ask him to dance and he follows you to the floor. Your hands roam over his body and he pulls you close, he hands run from your hips to your ass as the two of you dance to the music. I watch you sway with him and turn the remote one and put your vibrator on low, I see you miss a step as you feel it vibrate your clit. I watch your lips quiver and he pulls you close to him and grinds against you as you dance.

A slow song starts and you step close to his body. The dance floor is crowded and I see him give your ass a hard squeeze and kiss your neck. I take this opportunity to turn up the toy and you start to moan. He can hear you and continues to touch and kiss and tease you. I see him lift your dress so he can feel the flesh of your ass, he gives it a slow rub and a squeeze. I see you look at him then kiss him, I turn up your toy and the two of you begin to make out on the dance floor. You are close to coming again and you have forgotten where you are, your hands reach down to rub the mans cock through his pants and feel how hard he is. You begin to orgasm and fall against him as you kiss again. After your orgasm I turn the toy back off.

The man senses what happened and looks at you. You grab his hand and pull him hard to the back of the club. You lift your skirt and face the wall.

"FUCK ME!" you tell him

He doesn't need another invitation. He quickly undoes his zipper and pulls out a thick cock. He moves your panties to the side and shoves his hard on deep into you. You close your eyes and feel his thick cock sliding in and out of your pussy rough and fast. He is grabbing your hips and fucking you deep and fast, you can barely hear him grunting over the music. Your pussy taking him easily and you can feel your orgasm running down your leg. He lets out a loud grunt and comes all over your ass. He tucks away his cock and gives you a kiss and walks back to his friends.

You go to the bathroom and get cleaned up. You walk back to me waiting for you at the table. You are flushed, you see me looking at my digital camera, and I had been taking pics of you two. You look over to where the man went and see him talking to his friends and pointing to you.

I look at you and lean over and give you a soft gentle kiss.

"Well done Pet. You have pleased me. But the night is still young."

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