tagBDSMThe Match Takes a Twist

The Match Takes a Twist


One Saturday Afternoon, my mate and me decided to meet up around my gaff, to watch the big game. We were poised and ready, with the beers flowing, it was hot outside but we were in my air-conditioned apartment.

I was currently single and looking to hit the town after this, as He was awaiting the return of his Mrs. from shopping with her sister that afternoon.

Now I’ve always had a big thing for his Mrs. and he knows this, and he has openly been open and honest about his submissiveness to his new GF to me for some unknown reason.

So towards the middle of the second half, she turns up at my place, and she sits down and joins us, and she immediately cracks open a beer (now that’s my kind of girl eh lads!), and starts to distract us with what she had bought that day. But the game was really intensifying but being constantly distracted by this fit honey was making my concentration very difficult!

As usual my team won, and my mates team lost (HA!) We carry on drinking late into the afternoon, into the early evening, and because Caz was now catching up in the drinking stakes and seem to be taking over us!

As usual, the conversation started to get a little dull, so my mate brought up, me and any current women, and I may have been meeting that particular evening. I was like nah, I was going to take it easy this weekend, and I then fired the question to Caz, and asked if she had anyone lined up for that evening! (My mate fired me a look of disbelief that I asked that knowing I knew they were together). And I said I’m only Joking to him! And she piped up, and said hopefully! From this, the conversation carried on about sex, about each others favourite positions etc. Mine being doggy, my mate was missionary (what does this fitty see in him! Lucky he is my mate) and she said, as long as I get fucked hard, getting hot and sweaty and I don’t generally care she went on, the dirtier the better she said, and my mate was really taken aback by her Honesty!

We carried on, and then the conversation turned to fantasies! So my mate told us his kind of vanilla fantasy about being submissive and thought not much of it, Caz told us hers which was to be raped (and then we all looked to floor) I broke the ice quickly and said wow that’s hot, honest and absolutely filthy! She was like I want to be just taken used and abused!

They then asked about mine, and tried to not say anything suddenly feeling shy , etc., against her erotic fantasy! And she was going on and on! And then my mate was come on tell us! So I said to them both do you really want to know, they were like yes in unison. So I got up and walked straight towards Caz and planted the biggest wettest kiss possible on her sexy lips, and she responded by forcing her soft wet tongue into my mouth hard!

I pulled away, and we both looked at my mate (me knowing his secret deep dark fantasy) and he smiled and said carry on. So I did! I kissed her hungrily, and she responded with harder kisses! I held her soft full rounded sexy face, and she held mine! And we were like two kids making out for the first time ever!

I then said we should stop, (but now knowing both their fantasies that was never going to happen, but I had to ask), and he said no its fine, so I picked up Caz and carried her to my bedroom, and told my mate Dave to walk on his hands and knees behind us.

When we got to the bedroom, we both turned to Dave, and told him to strip naked, and he was already hard, the dirty git after me watching him kiss his sexy slutty Mrs. I then told him to sit on the seat in the corner, I then followed it up by tying him to the chair, his legs tied to the legs of the chair, and his arms around the back of the chair, knowing full well he cant move or touch himself, while I go on to violate his girlfriends tight wet snatch!

I then grabbed Caz and we leaned over Dave’s’ legs, as he sat there tied up, we leaned right across him and we kissed hard, our tongues poking out from our mouths right above his straining hard cock, poor Dave could see us, and he just tried to push his little tongue out to join us but he was too far away, and we both laughed at him! We carried on like this for a while, as I then got up I flicked the tip of his straining cock, and he winced, I turned around going to pick up Caz off her knees as well, but I caught her sucking Dave's straining cock, with a slight dribble of pre cum on her sexy lips, and I pulled her away hard and slapped her hard, and I could tell that she actually enjoyed it the dirty slut! I then grabbed her face hard with my hand, and kissed her pre-cummed slivered sexy lips, which actually tasted good! I then proceeded to tear her clothes off, and then I looked at her absolutely naked body to die for, and I picked her up and tossed her on to my four-poster bed.

I then also proceeded to tie this little naughty slut up, and she was there, naked, legs akimbo, ready for me basically to rape till my hearts content!

I got up and kissed her hard again, to re-assure her though, and I left the room for a few minutes, and went to the kitchen. I retuned with a few things, as I was going to milk every moment of fucking this slut I thought. I returned with the following items, Squirty cream, Strawberries and Champagne.

I then, got naked myself, and sat the far side of Caz, so I could see Dave watching us, and he could see me with his girlfriend, which I knew he would secretly love. I started to feed her very, very slowly the strawberries from my mouth into hers. She was already squirming at this point, as it had been at least 30 minutes since we were in living room, from our first snog! Once I was bored with the strawberries, I kissed her, all over her face, and moved down to neck, and over her ears, and down to her large breasts, and smothered them also in licks and kisses, but making sure not to touch her perfectly erect nipples, and moved on down her torso, right down to her snatch, but moving around to it, and looking at her beautiful, yet dripping wet pussy (and I haven't even touched it yet), I could tell she had also been out all-day shopping in the heat, I could clearly smell the aroma of her musky pussy starting to build. I blew on it, and she squirmed and I saw it quiver but making sure to not to touch it and to heighten the pleasure, and I bit both sides of the insides of her thighs, and carried on downwards again still going very, very slowly. I got down her legs, and down her perfectly manicured toes, and licked and sucked them each individually, for a very long time! By now caz was beginning to scream to be touched, and so I went back up quickly to her face, and thrust my cock down her throat to shut her up, and she hungrily swallowed most of it!

I then pulled out, and then kissed her hard again, and could taste my cock on her breath and tongue! I then got the Squirty cream and literally covered her body from head to toe, and all over her pretty face, and even deep in to her pussy I squirted it! Once again, I started to lick it off very, very slowly once again! I again worked my way down to her neck, making sure not miss a drop of cream from her beautiful skin, and then I worked my way down, to her large breasts again, but again missing out her nipples to really intensify the pleasure, I carried my down, just like last time to her pussy, and licking up all the cream, but making sure not to touch her pussy still, her aromatic smell now even more pungent! I was loving this, and I bit the inside of her thighs and blew on her pussy again, and she was literally screaming at this point, and I moved on downwards!

By this point, it had been going on for at least 2 hours of teasing now! I worked my way back and kissed her, and she was talking to me absolutely filthy saying she would do anything to get off! Use anything she just wanted to cum! And be filled! And she carried on with this filth which I was shocked was coming from her pretty little lips and mouth! I kissed her again, and we looked at her hubby, and he was still tied up, but he was so turned on, but he managed to cum all over his chest, and he was still hard! And we both laughed at him and she called him her little gimp wimp!

She asked again to be fucked, and so I grabbed the champagne and I asked her, does she know what I’m going to with this and she said no! I manoeuvred myself between her legs, and shuffled so I had angle at her pussy entrance, still filled and covered in cream I may ad, and I pop the top open, and I shoved my thumb over it, so it didn’t spurt every where! She was distracting me now, by screaming and begging to be fucked. I then shoved the bottle straight into her wet cream filled pussy, and removed my thumb, and let the rush of bubbles fill her deep into her pussy, and this completely sent her over the edge, and she bucked and screamed and squirted in response, and this wave of multiple orgasms took her at least five minutes to calm down, while I left her tied up. By this time both of these guys had cum, and I hadn’t! I finally released her, and she pushed me down and basically ended up raping me, and rode me hard and fast till I (properly) cream pied her and cum deep inside her pussy!

Once we both recovered her, I told her not to move, and I got up, and released Dave and told him to lie on the bed next to Caz, and I told her to 69 him, and she was like yeah, lick my cream pie filled pussy clean, so I can fuck her again! But this was to much for me, and I got astride of Dave's face and rammed my dick right back into Caz’s pussy, and I felt his tongue move across my mixed juice cock and balls, and he proceeded to lick her clit, occasionally still catching my cock and balls as I smashed her girlfriends pussy! At one point I slammed it so hard into her, my cock fell out, not only with a plop of my previous cum out of her pussy right into his mouth but my cock also fell into his mouth which he sucked quickly before pushing it back into her, and then I cum, and as I withdrew he replaced my cock with his tongue, to lick up my cum from her soggy depths! I moved around to her front and kissed Caz hard, and thanked her for a wonderful time, and she said we weren’t done yet! And she kissed me hard, and she kissed my pussy-covered cock clean! I rolled over and watched them to fuck, knowing things would never be the same again.

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