tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Mermaid and Her Men Ch. 02

The Mermaid and Her Men Ch. 02


Mana slipped off the ledge into the churning water of the cave, her tail firmly attached. She greeted her sister Quinara with a head bump and swam around her making a high keening noise that conveyed happiness to be back in the water.

Quinara motioned towards the land man who was treading water, his limbs moving in panic. Quinara smiled in anticipation and Mana nodded.

Mana broke the surface of the water as her sister reached the man's legs, feeling her way up them.

"Jesus!" she heard him yell. He was the sandy haired man, the worried one who came looking for his friend. She looked around the cave for Danny, the dark soldier. He was standing on the ledge, fear pulsing off him with a sweet tang.

"Get away from us," Danny said. Mana admired his nakedness and the long organ between his legs that had used her so well.

"You don't mean that," she said, using the full power of her yellow-green eyes on him. Her breasts bounced above the waves under her silky coral hair. "Come in and play with us."

She glanced back to where Quinara's dark head was below the water, stripping the man's pants off. She used her hands to grip his erect penis with the little suction cups on her fingers. He moaned. She began kissing and sucking his balls and licking around and around the tip of his cock.

"Your friend is playing," Mana said. "We won't hurt you." It was a blatant lie.

Danny clenched his fists, his cock starting to swell of its own accord. He watched Mana's breasts peek out of the water and Quinara's dark head as she sucked on Sam's cock below the surface.

"Viens ici... Come, please," Mana said, her voice a little unsteady. Her languages were slipping up again. She wanted this one badly.

Mana began to pump her tail in circles and she wriggled her upper body, unconsciously performing a mating ritual. She stopped in shock. She could not allow herself to mate in bond until her 100th tidespan. She definitely couldn't bond with a land man without risking death from her people or his.

She wanted to take this one home with her and keep him in the depths of the ocean. Instead, she and her sisters would lavish him with his heart's desires before he gifted them with his life.

"I.." Danny was wavering, his desire for her warring with his need to get him and Sam to safety.

Mana hummed a mersong in their high-pitched language, blending the call of the sparkling water, the sun reflecting off the glistening sea, and seagulls drifting on the wind. It was a song for sailors to come exploring and it had lured much stronger men than this soldier. Sam's moans punctuated the air as Quinara worked on him.

Danny shuddered and took three steps towards the water until his toes were on the edge. Mana's nipples sharpened to points and her sex tingled in anticipation of making him hers.

To her shock, the man clenched his fists and stopped.

"No." he gasped, "Stay away from me, you... " His eyes were glazed with a mix of desire and horror. He couldn't bring himself to say what she was.

"Mer?" She reached out to touch his naked toes, singing in her language about what she would do to him if she had him in her bed. She sucked on the tip of his big toe then licked the space between his toes.

Impatient, Mana used her tail to jump above the water, grab Danny's knees and pull him in. The water muffled his yell.

Deep below, she could see him struggling to swim up and tutted in annoyance that humans panicked when it would serve them to conserve their energy and air. She reached out to him. He gripped her arms, his eyes falling to her naked chest then widening as they dropped to her tail.

Mana cupped his strong jaw and sang to him of waters so deep the pressure felt like a massage as you moved, of places with no light where you used your ears and mouth to taste the water.

When she bent to kiss his pursed lips, she opened them and breathed air into his mouth. Her tongue tangled in his. She wove an air spell, something that Merpeople had very little power over, but it would last the night.

He smiled in wonder as he took a deep gulp of water and it formed into air in his lunges. He laughed. He looked wonderful with a smile. He was too serious above ground, she could tell.

She felt a momentary pang that he was to be their sacrifice for her younger sister's Eventail where they would dance under mother moon and he would make love to a virgin. Then they would kill him, the blood of the earth mingling with the blood of the sea.

"Come," she whispered. She had faith he would follow her as they swam to the surface.

Quinara and the golden man were not in the water any longer. When she and Danny broke the surface, they saw that Quinara's tail was off and she was bent over a rock on the ledge of the cave. The man's face was deep in her pussy from behind, and he was alternating licking her tight asshole and deep into her pink slit. His hands spread her buttocks wide as she knelt on shaky legs. Her heavy breasts were pressed hard against the rock. She held the edges and closed her eyes in rapture.

"Si! Oh yes! Please!" she was screaming and switching from land talk to Mer, gasping in high keening sounds that meant pain and pleasure found only on the earth. The man was so engrossed in his lover that he didn't notice Mana and Danny, but Danny's cock had sprung up upon watching her sister and his hands, seemingly of their own accord, felt Mana's tits, squeezing them and brushing across her nipple.

Mana whispered in his ear as she felt for his hard length, stroking it.

"You like watching your friend fuck my sister," she said, hoping she used the word fuck correctly like she had heard it from him. "You can have her and me both if you come with us." Danny gasped as Mana lowered herself, kissing along his body and taking his hard cock in her mouth.

On the rock, the land man had licked Quinara's asshole one last time, stabbing his tongue deep in the crevice between her cheeks. He leaned back to position his cock at her tight asshole and began to push his way inside. Quinara gasped in surprise and swore as he violated her tight, untried hole, pushing forward as he held her hips steady.

"Come on baby, that's right, open for me" he said, groaning as his head popped through her opening. He waited, inching forward slowly. He was very large and Quinara whimpered then moaned as he reached around her to tickle the sweet sensitive spot at the tip of her pussy.

He groaned as he pushed further in her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, and spanking one with a sharp crack.

"Yes, oh yesss."

Quinara was moaning, whimpering and shuddering. He began to move a little faster and harder, eyes closed in ecstasy as he forced her tight asshole wide open with his thick length. He pushed his whole cock into her ass and lifted her torso so he could play with her large, fleshy tits. He began pumping harder, grinding, feeling her tits bounce with one hand as he made her cum with the other.

Quinara screamed as he lost all control and rammed her hard, pulling fully out of her ass and then back in. She came with a sob, loving the pain and the sharp warmth of his hand on her clit. He pumped a few more heavy thrusts, then yelled out, convulsing as he poured his cum into her ass, claiming it as his.

He fell on top of her on the hard floor, his cock still jerking in her spread hole, his head buried in her black hair. He turned his head towards the ocean where Danny's face was screwed up in ecstasy as Mana worked his turgid cock in her mouth under the water. She sucked and pulled and he gripped her head, her hair spilling upwards under his hand. He groaned and pushed deep in her throat as he came.

Mana smiled in satisfaction as she swallowed his salty semen down her throat. He'd follow them anywhere they wanted now. He was hers.

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