The Morrisons Ch. 05


"Does anyone have any questions so far?" Terri asked.

Debbie smiled and asked, "Are you saying I can take care of Joe sexually so he isn't walking around with a hard on and not be reprimanded or fired?"

Terri smiled back at Debbie and said, "As long as Joe agrees to allow you to take care of him sexually, then yes, you may do that for him."

Ashley looked at Paul and said, "Did you hear that brother dear? We are going to be exposed to each other if we get this position so someone can take care of you, if you agree."

Terri said, "Let me get down to business. Gus, Ashley do you have your completed applications and references? Please give both of them to me. While I am looking them over I'm starting this clip board around the room and I want everyone to list their name, address and phone number on the sheet."

Terri reviewed both applications while everyone was signing or waiting to sign the sheet. She glanced at both reference sheets and each one had at least three references listed on them. As she was finishing looking at the pages of paper in her hand the clip board was handed back to her with all six names listed on it.

For the next half-hour Terri explained the duties of the cleaning staff. She made sure to tell them that during parties the staff would be expected to work and clean up both inside and outside. Terri explained that since both companies were small she explained that neither company was in competition with the other and that she really hoped everyone would work well together. She reminded all of them the most important part of their job was to make sure the residence and the immediate surrounding area was clean and safe for the Morrisons and their guests. Terri reminded all of them they would not have to bring any of their company's cleaning equipment with them and if there was anything they needed she would get it for them. As Terri was finishing up she told everyone the Morrisons were having a security gate installed at the end of the driveway and if they were chosen, she would provide them with a code to open the gate.

When Terri finished she stopped and asked, "Does anyone have any questions?"

Sarah asked, "Will you give us a tour of the estate and show us what we will be responsible to keep clean?"

Terri said, "Normally I would do that in a second part of an interview after I have checked references but since all of you seem to be more or less what I'm looking for, I guess it won't hurt to show you. The reason I said more or less is because I haven't called your references yet."

Ashley said with a big smile, "We understand we have to go through the process just like everyone else but if I'm not mistaken you are also seeking people who are comfortable with their bodies enough that they can work nude with others. I think if you look around the room you will see six naked people and no one is covering any of their parts so I would like to suggest I think we have what you are looking for."

Terri said, "Yes you're absolutely right and in all honesty I'm really swaying towards hiring both of your companies and the only thing that is holding me up from saying you can have the position is I need to call your references."

"If you all would like to take a tour, please follow me. I will tell you some of our staff is working out in the garden by the deck so you will see them and they will see all of you. I can tell you their company is made up of a brother two sister and the brother's wife. Also the lady who will be putting up the video monitors for the security gate is here today." Terri said

Terri led everyone through the rooms down the hall from the living room before leading everyone up the stairs to show them those rooms. Terri started with her bedroom and bathroom and after the tour most everyone complimented her on her living quarters. They moved from one room to the other until everyone had seen all the rooms. Terri explained that she would like to have someone come every day to go through the rooms to clean and looking at Gus and Ashley she said, "If your companies are hired, would it be a problem for you to set up a schedule between yourselves so you rotate between each company on a daily basis so each company has equal time? I will want at least two people daily in any combination to clean in the mornings. They should arrive approximately eight o'clock each weekday morning and approximately eleven o'clock on weekend mornings unless I ask for them to come earlier because of an event."

"I can tell you that we are going to have a small party this coming Saturday so whoever I hire will have to come early and get things cleaned up and the towels washed, dried and restocked between all the towel cupboards." Terri said.

Ashley said, "Gus can we work it out where each of us send out one person per day?"

Gus replied, "Ashley if we're hired I know our group will be willing to sit down with your group and we can come up with a viable plan that will benefit both of us."

Terri went on to ask, "Would each of you have additional people who will work with you if we have a large party requiring more people for the cleaning staff?"

Debbie spoke up saying, "Dad, we can always get Joe's brother and sister or my cousin Abby if we needed to get more."

Ashley said, "Terri I can get at least three more people if not more in case of a big party. I think between those that Debbie just mentioned and the people I know about, I'm sure we can handle cleaning up for a large party."

Terri asked, "Of the people you know or just mentioned it is important for you to know if they will work nude with everyone else being nude."

Debbie spoke up saying, "All I would have to do to get Joe's brother naked is to take off my clothes and let him see me. He would be naked in a heartbeat. Joe's sister and Abby will take off their clothes if I do."

Ashley said, "I can get the people I'm thinking of to take off their clothes without much difficulty."

The group moved back downstairs and through the kitchen onto the deck. No one was on the deck so Terri led everyone over to the railing and when they looked, they saw four naked people working in the garden wearing only their sneakers. Terri asked, "Can you guys take a break, I'd like to introduce you to some people who may fill the house cleaning position."

All four of them stopped working and walked up on the deck before Terri said as she pointed to each person, "I'd like to introduce you to Tony, his wife Patty, his sister Barbie and last but not least Tony's sister Beth." Turning back to the group Terri pointed to each person and said, "This is Ashley, then we have Joe who is Debbie's boyfriend, then there's Paul and he is Ashley's brother, over there is Gus and he is Debbie's father, now please meet Debbie you heard so much about and finally but certainly no less important that is Sarah standing over there."

Terri went on to explain to the new group that Tony takes care of the lawns and Patty and his sisters are the landscapers. Then she said with a huge smile, "As you can see we already have a family working side by side while they are naked so if we hire you guys, you'll just join other families."

After everyone had a chance to talk briefly Terri showed the new group the pool, hot tub and sauna. Terri said, "We have someone who cleans the pool and hot tub but the area around both will need to be cleaned along with the sauna. Over in the back we have the shower area which will need to be cleaned daily and there is a cupboard with towels that will need replenishing each day. I'll show you the laundry room where you will wash whatever dirty clothes there are, though there won't be many, but there will be plenty of towels daily."

Terri was still standing around talking with the group in the kitchen when Marion walked through the sliding glass doors and went to the refrigerator to get something to drink. Everyone looked at her and after getting her drink Marion turned and looked at all the naked people. When they had been out on the deck, Marion had been floating in the pool and hadn't really paid any attention to everyone. Now she was confronted with three cocks of various sizes.

Terri was quick to say, "Marion I'd like to introduce you to some wonderful people who are applying for the position of house cleaner. Right here in the front is Gus, next to him is his daughter Debbie, Joe is over there and he's Debbie's boyfriend, next to Debbie is Sarah, finally over there standing side by side is Ashley and her brother Paul."

Marion shyly said, "I'm very happy to meet all of you."

Terri turned to the group and said, "I don't know what all of you have planned for today and I don't want to hold you up if you have other places to clean today but if all of you would like to go out on the deck and give me about a half-hour, I'll make some calls then make a decision."

Ashley said, "May I have a couple of minutes to talk to Paul and Sarah?"

Gus said, "I'd like to talk to Debbie and Joe to."

Terri said, "I will step out on the deck, let me know when you're ready."

Marion and Terri walked out on the deck and Marion turned and whispered, "Did you see the size of Joe's cock and Gus's cock, wow they look great. The other guy has way too much hair down there to see much of him."

Terri giggled and said with mock shock, "Marion! I'm surprised at you talking like that so soon after becoming a nudist."

"Terri to tell you the truth, I've never felt more alive than I do at this moment. I've never been exposed to all this nudity with both sexes and I'm confused which one I want to look at more." Marion continued saying.

"I'm so turned on right now my pussy is soaking wet from allowing all four of these guys seeing my pussy. I could start dripping at any time." Terri said to Marion with more giggles.

"Terri, can you come in here for a second?" Ashley asked.

Terri and Marion walked back into the kitchen and saw everyone gathered around in a half circle. Gus was the first to speak when he said, "We have all discussed what we would do if both our companies were chosen to fill the position of house cleaner. We want to tell you that we as this group standing before you would like to say, we are very interested in joining forces and working together for you. We have talked it over and we can cover anything you have for us to do and we can cover with additional help in case you are hosting a large party. What I am saying is we would like you to seriously consider our two companies as your new house cleaning service."

Ashley smiled as she looked at each member of the group before looking back at Terri adding, "We can start tomorrow morning and have a representative from each company here to clean and do whatever needs doing. All of us are comfortable with being nude as you can tell and we are asking you for a chance to prove we can do the job for you."

Terri said, "If all of you will step out on the deck and wait for me to make some phone calls to your references, I will make a decision immediately after. Would each of you like a cold bottle of water before you go out there?"

All accepted a bottle of water then filed through the sliding glass doors and out onto the deck. Terri picked up the reference lists and went into the den and sat down at the desk and started making phone calls. For the next twenty minutes Terri talked to a number of people before she had enough information to make a decision.

Terri walked out on the deck and everyone looked at her. Terri smiled saying, "What I'm about to say wasn't in my plans for today. However, when I am faced with a situation where I have qualified people willing to do the job that needs to be done and those people seem to blend in perfectly with our lifestyle, I have to say I am willing to give both companies a chance to prove they can do the job. That being said, I want to congratulate our new house cleaning staff."

Cheers rose from the group as they hugged and joyously congratulated each other. One by one they took turns walking over to Terri and asking for permission to give her a hug. Unbeknown to each of them Terri loved the closeness of a hug from each of them no matter if they were male or female. Of course having three hard cocks poking her stomach served to make her pussy over flowing. When the hugs finished Terri excused herself for a moment and in parting she said, "Please decide who will be here tomorrow morning and I will be right back."

Terri went up to her bathroom and did her best to dry her pussy but as she did she noticed her clit was protruding slightly and when the wet wash cloth touched it, mini shock waved jolted her system enough to make her knees buckle and her legs shake. She cleaned herself up the best she could and then when back downstairs.

When Terri rejoined everyone on the deck, she noticed immediately that Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth had stopped working and had joined the others on the deck while all of them talked causally. Smiling she walked over to the group which included Marion and Terri said, "I am glad to see everyone getting used to being nude in front of each other. When Kim first told me she wanted a complete nude staff I had visions of people getting pissed off and walking out of the house and slamming the door. Now that I'm seeing all of you standing around completely nude and socializing as if all of you were clothed is heartwarming and re-affirms that I made the right decision in hiring the right cleaning staff."

Terri asked, "Have you made up your mind who will be coming out here tomorrow morning?"

Ashley spoke up saying, "We've decided that Debbie and I will start out cleaning every day unless we find we need muscles to move something and in that case we all have cell phones and we can call one of the guys to come help us for the length of time we need him, then he can go do another job."

Ok, I'm glad you have enough flexibility to stay on top of everything. Also I've reviewed the rates listed in each of your application packages. Both rates were within a dollar from each other so I took the higher rate and applied it to both companies. I'm very happy to tell you the Morrisons have authorized me the ability to add a premium to the rates if I feel the cleaning staff meets our expectations. Therefore I've added the premium and will have a contract ready for your signatures tomorrow morning reflecting the higher rate. Ashley I know you will be here tomorrow to sign your contract but Gus can Debbie sign the contract for your company?"

Gus smiled broadly saying, "Yes Debbie is authorized to sign our contract."

Terri said with a smile, "Well that concludes the business of your interview and I have to say I am very happy to have all of you on the staff. I look forward to working with all of you. Please remember if you need anything, let me know and I will get it for you."

Everyone mingled and talked for another half an hour or so and no one seemed to be embarrassed with their body being on display for the others to see. Marion stood talking to Joe and it was obvious she looked down at his cock more than she was looking at his face. Debbie eventually strolled over to Joe's side and talked a little with Marion before she saw Marion look down. Debbie smiled and said, "Joe has a nice long cock doesn't he?"

Marion was a little shocked at being caught staring but finally in a quiet voice she said, "Yes, he does."

Debbie reached out and stroked it a few times then asked Marion, "Would you like to stroke him, he loves it when I do it and I'm sure he will be in seventh heaven if you stroke his cock."

Marion recoiled in shock saying, "I'm a married woman, I can't touch another man's cock!"

Debbie said, "It's ok, you don't have to but if you ever want to see how it feels in your hand, Joe won't stop you. Will you honey?"

Joe smiled at Marion and said, "Anytime you want to pet my pony, you're welcome to do it."

Ashley finally said, "Hey I don't want to be a party pooper but we have some houses scheduled for this afternoon so we have to get going."

Gus said, "Yeah, we do too. As much as I hate to leave here, we'd better get going as well."

Terri had made copies of everyone's confidentiality statement so while they were walking past here she handed each one a copy of their statement for their records.

Everyone walked back into the house and straight to the living room where they'd left their clothes and started dressing. Marion followed along because she was still talking to Sarah and Paul and she watched everyone get dressed. When Marion saw Debbie only put on her bra and boyshort panties she asked, "Debbie where are your other clothes?

Debbie smiled as she replied, "I didn't wear anything else today. These cover more than my bikini does so people will just have to think I'm wearing my swim wear."

Marion said, "But I can see the outline of your pussy through the material, aren't you worried about being arrested?"

Debbie said, "No, I'm covered."

When everyone was finished dressing they started walking towards the front door saying their goodbyes. Terri opened up the door for them and walked out on the porch along with Marion and the others. One last goodbye and everyone walked toward their cars and drove off.

Terri and Marion were still standing on the porch when they saw Ted's truck drive up the driveway. Ted parked in front of the garage and walked over to the porch and after greeting both Terri and his wife he stepped over to Marion and pulled her body into his and kissed her passionately. After exchanging I love you with each other Ted stepped back and said, "Honey I am so glad to see you adjusting to this new lifestyle so quickly. I called home but when you didn't answer I thought you went shopping or something. I'm very glad to see your lovely naked body standing here in the day light."

Marion smiled looking at Terri before asking, "Should I tell him the rest of the story?"

Ted immediately asked, "What story?"

Terri giggled and said, "Slow down there big boy, your lovely wife accomplished a lot more than just standing here on the porch naked."

Ted looked at Marion saying, "Ok baby, spill the beans, what did you do?"

Marion giggled like a school girl while she replied, "Oh nothing really. I just came over to visit Terri and I only wore my button up the front sun dress, you know the one you like me to wear. After I got in my car I unbuttoned it all the way and slipped my arms out of the sleeves and drove over here basically naked. When I got here I left my dress off and carried it on my arm so I was naked when Terri opened the door for me. I thought I would come out here and hang out with Terri and get used to being nude with only her being here, but to my surprise I met Tony, his wife Patty and both Tony's sisters Barbie and Beth who are working in the garden today. Then to top it all off, Terri held an interview with six people for the house cleaning position she's filling. So what I'm telling you honey, I've been here completely naked as you see me now with eleven other people, counting Terri."

Ted stood looking wide eyed at Marion with his mouth open before he finally responded, "Are you joking with me or are you serious?"

Terri spoke up saying, "When Marion arrived this morning she arrived naked with her dress on her arm. She told me she wanted to hang out with me and get used to being nude before being around anyone else. So we sat down for coffee and we have a few moments together before Barbie and Beth needed to use the bathroom and came into the house. I knew they were outside working but I didn't tell Marion until after they came in and then I took her out to meet Tony and Patty. Afterwards I told her I had some people coming for an interview so she stayed out on the deck and talked to Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth. Before the interview was over we ended up on the deck and I introduced everyone. So Marion is correct when she said she's been naked with eleven people and four of them were males."

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