The Naughty Family Ch. 04


I quickly reversed direction. "Scotty? How long have you been up? Why aren't you still in Momma's bed."

He looked at me nervously, his hands wandering a bit in distress. When I approached, he remained in the doorway, blocking my entrance and I had a moment of deja-vu as I recalled his panicked appearance at his dorm room door just two days ago. "Mom...Mom..."

I reached out and placed a hand on his chest and gently pushed him back into his room. "Scotty, what's wrong?" When he didn't answer, I slowly put my arms around his neck and guided his head down so that we could press our foreheads together. "Son, why don't you tell me what's on your mind?"

We locked eyes for a moment and finally, Scotty opened his mouth and replied, "Mom...last night was -- wow -- wonderful and I wanted to know if we could um...Mom, can I fuck you again."

I grinned and answered, "Scotty, you can fuck me whenever you like. I told you. In this family, things have changed for good!" I reached out and took his hand and added, "C'mon, we'll go back to bed and..." I paused as my son stiffened his hand and didn't allow himself to be moved. "Son?" I said. "What's wrong."

He pulled me back to him and again rested his forehead against mine, surprising me as that was always my move to calm or center him. "Mom...can we...Mom, I want to fuck you here in my room. Just you and me, Mom."

"Oh, baby," I cooed -- feeling moved by his request. I knew full well that part of this was based on his psychological needs -- too much sensory input with his father and especially his sister in the room, but more than that...this was deeper and more personal. My new lover wanted alone time with his mother. I felt pussy juice drip down my thighs at the realization of my son's passion for me."

I began working the sash to Scotty's robe, saying, "Honey, are you wearing anything underneath this robe?"

My son replied, "Mom...nope, I'm naked, Mom," just as I parted his robe, his very erect and very thick cock standing upright against his belly.

"Mmmmm, nice, Scotty. I love your cock." I stood on tiptoe and kissed him, pleased that he immediately parted his lips and greeted my tongue with his own. After a long kiss during which I slowly stroked his erection, I whispered, "Son, guess what Mom has on underneath this towel."

Scotty giggled and replied, " you're naked, Mom."

I nodded and then after kissing my way from his lips to his ear, I licked his earlobe with my tongue and replied, "Yes, Momma's naked and she's wet for you, Scotty!" I nibbled on his ear for a moment and then whispered, "Why don't you find out?"

I barely got the words out before my son lashed out with a hand and ripped my towel away! I gasped at his forcefulness, both surprised and aroused by his directness. Scotty reached out and with a little bit of possessive roughness, cupped my right breast, squeezing and kneading my meaty tit before his fingertips closed around my swollen nipple and pinched it hard.

I let out a loud and passionate moan and then slammed my lips against his, kissing my son while I ground my naked body against his. As Scotty's tongue danced with mine, I used my arms encircled around his neck to leverage me up slightly against him so that my freshly washed and still damp bush scratched and tickled his throbbing cock.

My son let out a pleased groan and I felt his hands cup my butt cheeks and lift me up and against him for firmly. We both let out sighs of pleasure as I felt my labia slide up the length of his thick shaft. I suddenly had renewed appreciation for his wiry, yet muscular body. I wasn't exactly a lightweight with my zaftig figure, but between his recently muscled up form and maybe the excitement of getting to fuck me again, Scotty seemed to have no problem picking me up.

I spread my legs around his waist and as the bulbous head of his cock pressed between my pussy lips, I rolled my hips and squirmed anxiously until I felt his thick cock head slip into the opening of my cunt. "Oh yes, Scotty, love," I panted hungrily, "Fuck Momma now!"

My head spun as I felt us begin to move backwards. We tilted for a brief second and then I heard the bedroom door slam and I realized that Scotty had kicked it closed just as we crashed into it, my breath being driven from me from the impact and from the incredible sensation of my son's cock sliding deep into my wet pussy!

It felt incredible feeling Scotty's pussy so deep in me, driven there by his thrusting efforts and by the sheer force of gravity. With his fingers digging into the fleshy cheeks of my ass, my son rammed his cock into me again and again even as his tongue wrestled with mine, taking me closer to orgasm stroke by sweet stroke. Scotty wasn't smooth about it -- he was shaking with desire and anxiousness, his body speaking of his eagerness to both please me and to simply be with me.

Anyone who's ever fucked standing up will tell you it's not something you can do for long, no matter what shape you're in and finally, realizing he was close to the limits of his endurance, my son grunted with effort and carried me, still impaled on his cock to his bed which I noticed for the first time, had the covers drawn and a couple of my candles sitting on his bedside table, lit in a sweet effort to add to the ambiance.

Gently, as if I was the most precious thing alive, Scotty sat me down on the bed, it's high sitting mattress leaving us perfectly positioned as I kept my legs wrapped around his buttocks while he remained standing and gasping, " fucking your pussy, Mom!" as he began to fuck me hard and fast.

I was helpless to do anything but lay back and take his thick cock -- not that I'd have changed a thing as I was drowning happily in an ocean of incestuous pleasure, enraptured by the sweet, hungry smile on my son's face as well as the sensation of his hands now caressing and mauling my breasts and the feeling of his cock filling me up again and again.

"Fuck me, Scotty!" I whimpered as an incestuous orgasm crashed down on me. "Fuck your Mom hard...she loves you so much, son!" Then I was gone, lost in the storm of utter pleasure, aware of only my body, writhing with ecstatic torment and of my first born, bringer of such incredible carnal joy who was fucking me so earnestly and lovingly.

When the madness of orgasm had receded, I discovered that my son had literally fucked me across the bed -- bedspread and sheets in a tangle and my head more or less pointing towards the brass filigree of his head board. My legs were draped over his shoulders and I was curled up below his thrusting body enough so that he could alternate between licking and sucking at my throbbing nipples and giving me wet, sloppy kisses. Through it all, was his never ceasing cock, driving into me with the vigor that only a young man could muster. Whenever his lips were free of my body, he was moaning, " to fuck you, you, Mom!"

I reached up with my hands and ran my fingers through Scotty's sweat soaked hair, guiding his face to my lips and then to my breasts, reveling in the touch of my son's tongue and lips. "I. Love. You. Too. Scotty!" I gasped, near breathless from his forceful and wonderful thrusts, his throbbing cock opening me up and yet making me feel so damn full.

Tears began streaming down my face again as they had last night as the sheer power of how my son made me feel overwhelmed me even as another orgasm overwhelmed me, reducing me to a babbling blob of human flesh being torn asunder by unimaginable pleasure!

All the love that I had for my son seemed to well up from inside me -- flashes of his birth and holding him for the first time, hearing his first word as he looked up at me from his crib, smiling and cooing, "Ma-ma," fixing his inevitable scrapes and scratches as a youngster, struggling to help him cope with his disabilities, being so proud of his teenage triumphs and so amused at his endless conflicts with his sister -- all those memories building up to the new plateau he and I were now on and turning the powerful and ever growing maternal love that I had for my firstborn into something infinitely greater -- something that coupled familial love with sexual passion that took us to a world of sheer carnal bliss!

"Mom...oh, oh, Mom!" Scotty stammered and I felt him thrust hard and deep, his wonderful cock burying itself inside my pussy and then he exploded, his cock head swelling without warning and then my son was filling me with his hot semen, thick jets of his creamy and fiery seed that for a sweet slice of eternity seemed like it would never stop, making me feel utterly complete, both as a woman and a mother.

"YESSSSSSssssssss," I cried out, my voice withering away in the throes of my orgasm. "Oh, yes, son, Mommy loves you too!" Together as mother and son, we clung together, riding out our incestuous orgasm, merging for all too brief a time as one being of purest love -- two hearts beating as one, two minds joined as one in the name of absolute love and adoration.

Finally, our ecstasy began to recede, leaving us still joined and still loving each other, happy in our joy. I lay spent, but exhausted under my son, feeling his semen hot and warm in me, triggering for the first time in a long time the urge to give my lover a child for all the pleasure I had been given. I giggled through my gasps and tears at the thought of being a mother again and by my own son at that.

"Mom...are you okay, Mom?" Scotty, gasped, his body still trembling at the intensity of our shared climax.

I nodded and kissed him long and hard before answering, "I'm fine, son. Mom's just been having some naughty thoughts."

My son smiled down at me, his weight feeling good on me, especially as he discovered he could give me sweet aftershocks of pleasure by gently thrusting forward with his still mostly hard cock buried in my cum filled cunt. "Mom...this isn't ever going to end, is it. You and I are going to fuck and love each other forever, aren't we, Mom?"

He said it with such love and eagerness, it kept me teary-eyed with all the powerful love I was feeling for him. "Yes, Scotty. You and I are going to be naughty lovers forever and ever."

Scotty smiled and buried his face between my still heaving breasts, sighing happily as I considered the truth of my words. After a few minutes, my son's breath became more even and I realized he'd fallen asleep, his still semi-erect cock still inside me. He moaned softly as I flexed my pussy muscles around his wonderful penis.

I could feel sleep creeping up on me, but it came slow as my mind was filled with such naughty thoughts. I heard a cry from elsewhere in the house, recognizing it immediately as the sound of Jilly being pleasured by her father. I smiled at the image of John, my beloved husband, between our daughter's widespread legs, making love to her for the first time of many today. My thoughts drifted to all the naughty things our family might do before day's end and all the naughty things our family would discover in the days, months and years ahead. Images of Sindy, Diana -- our daughter's best friend and even the motel clerk, Madiya, entered my thoughts and the naughty ways they might interact with us.

I went to sleep with my arms and legs wrapped tightly around my son, thinking and dreaming of our naughty family and the new, deep reservoirs of love that we had discovered and the naughty adventures that awaited us.

To be continued?

Post promises, mind you, but maybe we'll come back to visit this story again. I certainly left enough loose threads to tease you with!

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Ahabscribe really was one of the great incest authors on Literotica. It's a tragedy that, for whatever reason, he stopped contributing to this site.

There are so many great stories of his to choose from,more...

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by argeelog03/12/18

Very good

You are a good writer. Please continue in this vein.

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by Anonymous02/11/18

Great Story

I hope you continue this story line. A little of sister and brother.

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by Anonymous01/27/18

One of the best on literotica

Great job! I would love a continuation, maybe with everyone being oral bi.!

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by Anonymous12/14/17

I thought it was weird how much lesbian action you had in these stories, but then father and son didn't even hug, let alone get sexual at all with each other. Why did you let lesbian love happen so organicallymore...

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