tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Neighbor Girl

The Neighbor Girl


Charlie slowly pulled on his thickening penis, paying special attention to the spot just beneath the crown of the head, the male equivalent to the 'g' spot. Gazing out his kitchen window he could just make out the naked form of his neighbor's wife. He loved it when she pranced around naked like this; it was a source of sexual stimulation in an otherwise dreary existence.

After getting laid off at the fertilizer plant last month he had applied for job after job with no luck. Nobody wanted an over weight, over aged, and under skilled laborer. But then he discovered the neighbor lady's penchant for doing all manner of housework in the nude. Things began to look up for old Charlie.

He continued to stroke himself, harder now, watching her every move. He had moved his computer to the kitchen so he could surf the net for porn sites while awaiting her daily routine to begin. God she was beautiful, he thought.

Charlie felt that tell tale sign of impending orgasm build in his loins. Still faster he stroked, hunching over from the involuntary response to his physical exertion. Finally, his semen burst forth spewing into the air landing on the computer keyboard. "Shit," he gasped. Reaching over and grabbing a dish towel he began to wipe the pathetically small amount of semen from the keyboard, then wiping his hands and penis, before returning it to the counter.

"Damn, I'm going to have to start lunch soon it's getting late." He mused. "That fat old cow I'm married to will have a coronary if lunch is late." He continued muttering to himself.

Sarah and her husband Peter had moved to the city from a farm out in the country. They thoroughly loved the new neighborhood in the suburbs. Pete was an accountant for an audit company and got to travel around to different businesses all day long. Often, he made 'pit stops' at the house for a quickie before returning to the office. Today was one of those days. Pete had an hour to kill and swung by the house to find Sarah prancing around in a French maid apron and nothing else.

"Good god, Sarah, you're incorrigible. Do you ever put clothes on?" He asked, laughing.

Sarah ran and jumped into his arms, almost knocking over. "Oh, baby, I'm so glad to see you. Do you have time for a little lovey-dovey?" She queried.

"That's what I'm here for Sugar," Using his pet name for her.

Dropping to her knees, she unzips his pants and pries his penis from beneath the folds of underclothes. Bringing it to her lips she first kisses, then licks the head from bottom to top, then circling it with her tongue in slow, methodical spirals.

"No time for all that," He says, "We're going to have to cut straight to the chase Sugar."

"OK by me." She chirped.

Pete then picks her up and carries her into the bedroom, placing her onto the bed, then turns to strip his clothes. Turning back to Sarah, he finds her propped against the head board, motioning come-to-me-baby with her finger, and a wink of the eye. Pete wastes no time and joins her on the bed.

Charlie's wife, Deidre works as waitress at a greasy spoon near the interstate. She's had a hard life. Never accused of being attractive, she had to scrape along as best she could, that is until she met Charlie. Charlie wasn't good looking, kind or rich, but he had been a good provider, until recently. When he got laid off he just went to shit. He wouldn't help around the house and never seemed to care about her needs anymore. At two hundred fifty pounds she was obese and it caused all sorts of problems with her legs. Vericose veins and flat feet caused chronic pain and it worsened as the week progressed. Charlie just didn't find her attractive anymore.

Deidre walked into the house and smelled lunch cooking. "Smells great Charlie, what's for lunch?" She asked.

"Microwave Lasagna." He replied.

"Good god, Charlie, look at that. The neighbors are at it again." She gasped.

"I'll be darned, so they are." Charlie said matter-of-factly. "Let's eat."

Sarah lay on the bed for several minutes after Pete left just so she could enjoy the glow of her after sex euphoria. This isn't getting the house cleaned, she thought, and slowly rose to finish the daily chores. She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and returned to her housework.

By the time Pete got home from work, Sarah was pretty well on her way to being drunk. She was always a happy drunk, though. Pete charged into the living room and shouted, "Where is my queen?"

"Here sire. If you desire my services pray I have the energy to respond." She quipped.

Pete laughed and asked, "What's for dinner?"

"Why,,, 'me' sire." Sarah said with a pout.

Pete couldn't resist, dinner could wait.

It had become quite apparent to Charlie, as he watched his neighbor that she liked to drink wine early in the afternoon. Some times she would begin just after noon, other times it was later. But she definitely enjoyed the nectar of the grape. Today she had started drinking early. Charlie took his usual place in the kitchen, and pulled his pathetic penis from his pants. Massaging his hairy nut sack with one had while stroking his penis with the other; he smiled a dirty little smile, and contemplated what it would be like to have a woman like his neighbor.

But today she wasn't prancing about. She poured another glass of wine and gulped it down in one shot. This isn't hot, Charlie thought. What the hell is wrong with her? Why isn't she dancing? It slowly dawned on Charlie, she was dejected about something.

"Ahh, shit," He muttered. "This sucks."

Turning on his computer, he pulls up a porno site and finds a full page display of a young girl with purple hair and big tits and begins the ministrations to his wrinkled sack of penile flesh. Just as he manages to produce an erection he notices a movement from the neighbor's house. Barely visible he discerns a still female form lying on the floor just inside the large sliding glass door. Shock freezes his motions. He wonders, momentarily, what he should do. Does he call for help? That would expose his voyeuristic activities. But he has to do something. Doesn't he? Then it comes to him, a scheme of epic depravity.

Charlie rushes to the kitchen's side door, lurches the few steps to the neighbor's door and slowly peers back, towards the street, ensuring that no one is observing, and slides the door open. Once inside, he hovers over the naked form of the beautiful young woman lying there. He begins to tremble. His palms are clammy. His stomach turns from the bile building up from the anxiety of the moment. He shakes his head to clear the fog that has seized his mind.

Slowly he reaches down and places a hand on her bare shoulder, the contact sends a pulse through his body, his penis is rigid and pointing directly outward from the opened front of his robe. He sees the pallid flesh of his penis protruding and is emboldened by its presence. Slowly at first, then with some haste he spreads her legs and moves into position between them.

A sinister smile forms on Charlie's face, a dribble of saliva escapes from the corner of his mouth and traces a path down his lip, over the stubble of his chin, finally dripping to the downy soft hair of the beauty lying beneath him. Pressing forward, his penis trembling with excitement, Charlie places the head of his male organ at the opening of the woman's vagina. Anticipating the warmth of the penetration, he paused, and then proceeded to press against the opening, meeting a slight resistance, and then he froze.

Hearing a sound from the front of the house, terror struck his heart rendering him immobile. But he had to move, escape, run. Lurching to a standing position, he hears someone putting keys into the door lock at the front of the house. In a bound he makes for the door, quickly passes through and races back to the safety of his own kitchen.

Halting, he begins to breathe again in gasps. Clutching his chest, morbid fear alternating with relief that he had escaped, he looks tentatively over his shoulder and sees the neighbor kneeling down to his wife's spread-eagle form on the floor.

It had been several days since Charlie had seen the neighbor woman, it seemed like an eternity. He found himself drawn to the empty window next door, waiting, and wishing for a glimpse that she was alright. Not for her sake but for his. He so wanted another opportunity to have the young woman. He was obsessed, no, consumed by his desire for her. Surfing the net for porn just didn't measure up as it once had. He needed more. He needed, her, his neighbor, and soon.

Sarah woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by flowers sent by loving family and friends. Pete was there too. He was relieved by the doctor's pronouncement that she would be well in a few day's, but astounded when he was told that the cause of the episode was that Sarah was pregnant! Pride made his chest swell. His emotions got the better of him and a tear of joy escaped from the corner of his eye.

"God! I love you Sugar." Pete cried as he finally broke down.

"Oh, honey, I love you too." She returned crying, and consoling him with a kiss and a hug.

Charlie was sitting in the kitchen having a second cup of coffee when he saw her, just a shadow at first, then; there she was dressed in a full length bath robe. Never had anything been so desired as she was by Charlie. Where had she been? Was she OK? Questions unanswered made the intrigue more sublime.

It wasn't enough that she was back, he needed more. The gladness he felt when she appeared was quickly replaced by a profound desire to have her, to have his way with her, possess her completely. And so his twisted mind began to derive a plan to complete what had so abruptly ended on their first encounter. This time would be different he promised.

With eyes closed, savoring the vision in his mind of her lying there helpless beneath him, he became aroused. Her scent, her warmth, her aura, came back to him in a jumble of disconnected emotions. He fondled himself, to ejaculation.

The doctor had told Sarah that it was not uncommon for pregnant women to become faint from time to time and that rest was what she needed most. Pete had called to check on her earlier, and now she set about cleaning the house. It was a wreck since she had missed several days and the mess had just accumulated. She was half-done with the laundry and starting on the dishes when she saw the bottle of merlot wine on the counter. Yum, she thought, that looks good. But then she remembered what the doctor said about drinking and pregnancy.

"Alcohol and babies don't mix." He said.

"A little glass won't hurt," She muttered to herself, and proceeded to pour a glass. The first sip was truly ambrosia. Back to work she went. The laundry done, she concentrated on the kitchen. Scrubbing the counters was hard work and she became uncomfortable in the robe she was wearing. Casting it aside she returned, fully naked, to her work. A second glass of wine and the kitchen was clean.

Leaning over to place the cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the sink Sarah arranged them to her liking, then stood up and became faint, then blacked out. She fell unceremoniously to the floor in a heap, striking her head on the cabinet as she landed.

Charlie watched attentively as the woman worked the morning away in her kitchen. He had found a porn site that specialized in bondage and torture and from time to time he would peruse the pages imagining his neighbor in some of these situations. She had taken her robe off earlier making Charlie much happier for the loss.

But now nature called. Charlie went to relive himself, and on his return noticed that she had disappeared from view. Several minutes passed and she still didn't appear. Charlie became concerned, not for her safety, but for his lost opportunity should it arise.

Making his way to the neighbor's house, he moved carefully toward the sliding glass door, pausing briefly to look around outside, then peering through the glass surveying the spotless kitchen. From his position he could only see about two thirds of the room, so he very slowly and quietly opened the door, poking his head through just enough to look around. Then he saw her, in a heap on the floor. Looking once more over his shoulder he stole into the house and hovered over the object of his desire.

She was even more beautiful than he remembered. He saw a small gash above one eye and surmised she had fallen and struck her head. Charlie reached out with one hand and gently shook her, then more forcefully. Satisfied that she was unconscious he grabbed her legs and pulled her to middle of the floor. Quickly he pulled his robe off his shoulders and stood naked, but for his moccasin house shoes. He reached down and grasped his genitals, massaging them, feeling the fluids building up as he gazed on the prize before him.

Charlie quickly moved into position on top of her, taking a brutish thumb and inserting it into her vagina and twisting it back and forth. With the other hand he squeezes first one then the other breast. Leaning over he extends his swollen tongue to a nipple and licks the areole. His mind is reeling, his prick is hard and poised to strike, and he lowers himself to her and settles into the V formed by her soft tanned thighs.

Probing forward he makes contact, then presses slowly ahead, a slight resistance, then he slides into her moist warm tunnel. Shaking uncontrollably from the excitement, he begins to make small strokes in and out. Humping harder, he looks at the angelic features of her face, the gentle curve of the chin, her lips, and nose. Using his tongue he parts her lips, grunting with the exertion of his thrusts, he kisses her over and over again.

Charlie has a rhythm now; he is thrusting unmercifully into her vagina. Grabbing her hair he pulls as he thrusts into her, harder and harder. His orgasm nears, and he is drooling uncontrollably, his eyes are small slits as his face contorts hideously from the involuntary surges of physical exertion. Pounding furiously into her sex, he erupts, violently expending his vile seed into her abused womb.

Charlie collapses on top of her, twitching from spasms shooting through his body. Sweat glistening on his back matting the thick hair on his buttocks and back.

"Oh, god." He gasps, "That was wonderful!"

Slowly realizing he must beat a hasty retreat, he rises, takes a dish towel and cleans himself and then her of most of the exposed traces of semen. He moves her back into the position by the counter, then leaves and returns to his own house showers and dresses. While dressing he smiles a sinister little smile and congratulates himself for a masterful performance.

Later in the night, while his wife complained of his inattentiveness, Charlie mulled over the day's adventure with great satisfaction, and anticipation of future encounters.

Pete held Sarah closely as the doctor explained that the fall had precipitated a miscarriage, a tragic but common occurrence with pregnant women.

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