The Neighbor's Brat


"What? Lauren asked.

"This suit has to go!" I said pulling at the tie strings on each hip.

She dropped both hands down to her crotch.

"Come on, Chicken!" shouted Suzy.

Lauren glared at her and pulled her hands away and let me untie her suit bottom and pull it off.

"So how long have you been shaving?" asked Gretchen after spying her former college roommate's clean-shaven pussy.

"Hey, I just got carried away with the razor, okay. It'll grow back."

"Trust me, once you come clean, you'll want to keep it clean," said Cindy as she sat back on her lounge.

"You mean you shave your, ... uh, yourself too?" asked Beth innocently.

"For years," Cindy replied, rubbing herself lightly with her fingertips.

I rubbed the lotion lightly over Lauren's clean-shaven pussy and spread more down onto her thighs and calves. She began to relax as my hands gently wandered over her trim flesh. When I got brave enough to slip a finger up along the slit of her cunt, she didn't flinch although I did feel her quiver beneath my touch as my fingertip grazed her clit.

"I think these two should get a room!" Gretchen said with a deep dramatic sigh.

"That can be arranged," Suzy said with a laugh.

"All right you guys!" Lauren said, not amused at all.

"Man, I am exhausted from all of this excitement," I remarked as I reclined onto the lounge chair and adjusted my position. "I don't suppose some one could get me another beer."

"I'll go," said Gretchen hopping up.

As she uncapped it and brought it over to me, she leaned over my lounge and placed the opening of the bottle on my lips. I couldn't help but notice her round pale breasts hanging in my face.

"Why don't you drink it for him while you're at it?" said Lauren.

"Sorry, but he looked like he was all tuckered out from servicing you," Gretchen replied.

"You know, I kind of like this feeling," Lauren remarked. "This feels so cool. Nasty, but cool."

"Really?" said Beth. "I don't think I could do that."

"You know, Lauren's right," said Suzy pulling her own suit bottom down to expose her redheaded twat.

"You guys!" Beth cried out "That's gross!"

Cindy was next to go naked and show off her clean little twat, but she went so far as to toss her suit bottom at Beth.

"Now that's gross!" Cindy said.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Gretchen toying with her suit. She finally pulled at the string that was holding her suit together and slipped it off completely.

"Ooh, man!" she called out. "This feels so cool!"

"Come on, Bethany!" Suzy called over to the last holdout. "Let's see that virgin pussy. Come on!"

"I am not a virgin," Beth protested.

"Kissing your brother through the screen door doesn't mean you've popped your cherry," Suzy cracked.

"I am not a virgin," Beth repeated.

"Bethany!" Lauren said, pulling her sunglasses down her nose and looking over to her friend.

"Well, almost not!" Beth said. "Greg came real close last month."

"So what stopped him?" Cindy asked.

"I said 'no'," Beth replied.

"Whatever," Suzy said.

Chapter 4

Several minutes passed before anyone spoke up. You could almost hear the sound of us toasting in the full sun of the afternoon. Soon, once the girls began to chatter again, I felt as if I had disappeared. They began to speak of finally being out of college, the changes in their home life, the jobs some had taken, and of the boys in their lives. There wasn't much I could add to their conversations. In fact I enjoyed listening to them talk since it gave me chance to know them better.

Beth was certainly the least experienced one, still very naïve and innocent and trusting. Suzy was the jaded, been-there, done-that one, having traveled to Europe and Asia, the previous summers and seeming to know it all. Cindy was less traveled but more experienced socially and very down-to-earth. Gretchen seemed to be sheltered and easily talked into anything at least once. And Lauren, my dear little neighbor, she had the most self-confidence, and yet seemed so young and innocent. And here we were all sitting naked-except for Beth-on the sun deck of this glorious yacht on a sparkling Lake Huron this fine summer afternoon. When the sound of a bell rang out, Suzy sat up.

"Lunch must be served," she said. "Come on if you're hungry."

"So what do we wear to lunch on this rig?" Cindy asked.

"It's usually come as you are, but whatever you feel comfortable with," Suzy replied slipping her mesh cover-up on over her head. "I'll worn you, Mike probably has the air-conditioning turned way up in there."

"Thanks for the hint," Lauren replied.

Leaving their suits on the lounges, they slipped their wraps or t-shirts on and scampered into the dining room. I tugged on my suit and followed them inside. Mike and Tim had laid out a nice little buffet of cold cuts and salads. I fixed a plate and went back outside to enjoy the view from the deck. I was surprised when Beth followed me out with her simple plate of salad.

"Johnny, I hope you don't think of me as weird or anything," she said looking kind of flushed, and not just from the sun.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm not like the others, you see. They all have had boyfriends, lots more than me. I mean, I've had boyfriends, but not 'had' boyfriends, if you know what I mean."

"Everybody has their own code of behavior to live up to, Bethany. Just be true to myself and you can't go wrong."

"But I feel so left out, like I'm last one to do everything. I mean I couldn't even sunbathe naked."

"You're right not to do something you're not comfortable with."

"But I want to do it. I'm just scared."

"Life is scary, kid. You'll be fine."

"Thanks," she said meekly. "There's one other thing."

"What's that?"

"Well, when you need another rubdown, can I do it?"

"Well, I don't know, Beth. That was kind of a joke between Lauren and me."

"Yeah, I know, but I really want to touch it, I mean, you, or your thing."

I began to laugh and tried to stop saying, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh." I set my plate down on the seat cushion and placed my hands on her shoulders. I could feel her shoulders quiver from nervousness. "I promise you'll get first crack."

"And if I get brave enough, will you do me like you did Lauren?"

"You bet!" I replied.

"Thanks," she said taking a bite from her salad as I picked up my sandwich and began to eat. "I feel real comfortable talking to you, a lot more than my Dad or brother. You're a good man."

"Sure, any time."

The other girls began returning to the sun deck.

"Hey, look out, Lauren," said Cindy. "Looks like you've got some competition."

The girls stripped back down and began another session of sun bathing. Suzy soon came out bearing another bottle of wine and served it up for her friends.

"This is really great Suze!" said Lauren.

"Yeah, this is sweet!" replied Cindy.

"Yeah, thanks for all of this," I echoed. "It's terrific!"

Beth disappeared inside to use the bathroom and returned wearing her little wraparound robe. When she slipped it off, she stood for a moment fully naked and looking quite regal and statuesque, before settling back into her lounge.

"This feels so strange!" she remarked. "I feel so, so, so ..."

"So naked?" said Suzy. "So do we all."

"Hey, check it out, Johnny!" called out Cindy. "Fresh meat!"

"Well, let me get my uniform on and grab my tools," I said getting to my feet. "Wait a minute, that didn't come out right."

The girls laughed and handed me some lotion on my way over to Beth's lounge chair. I took a good long up-and-down look at her body. She was truly beautiful with her full, rounded figure and pale skin that was picking up some nice pink color from the exposure to the sun.

"Don't forget the uniform part," Cindy said gesturing at my swim trunks.

I very slowly and teasingly put on a show for Beth, and could tell that she was enjoying by the smile on her face and the way her nipples became erect as I eased my trunks down past my hips and let them fall to my feet. My cock was stiffening a bit as I stripped down for her and sat beside her.

Just as I had for Lauren earlier, I drew a smiley face on her body and took my time working the lotion into her creamy skin. When I spent a little too much time on her nipples, I noticed she began to bite her lower lip and remembered the virgin business. But then, after I had done most of the rest of her and brought my hand back up to graze over her trimmed dark bush, I thought she would leap off of the lounge chair. She let out a cry as if she had just experienced an orgasm.

"I want what she's having," said Cindy. "Can you do me next?"

"I think I just sprained my finger with that one," I remarked as I stood up to move away.

"Not so fast," said Beth in her husky voice, reaching for the lotion. "You need some protection too."

The other girls laughed nervously but all watched as Beth turned a deeper shade of red and began to work the lotion onto my growing manhood.

"So this is what it feels like," she whispered as her hand curled around my cock and moved gently up and down.

Beth moved her hands softly and nervously about my lap; giving me the impression that it was truly the first time she had touched a man before. She made sure that every part of me between waist and thighs was well covered with lotion and her face glowed with self-satisfaction. When finished with me, she rubbed her hands together and ran over her breasts to remove the excess.

"Okay," she remarked proudly. "All set!"

"If you don't mind," I said softly looking down at my erection wagging in the sun. "I think I'd like to sit here for just a moment to sort o let things cool down."

"Okay," she replied, bringing her fingertips to brush lightly against my rigid cock.

"And that's not helping!" I remarked.

I laughed and the girls tittered and in a couple of minutes I was settled back into my lounge. The remainder of the afternoon went smoothly with the sun and wine relaxing the girls and the fridge full of Heineken keeping me mellow. At one point, completely unaware of my nakedness, I moved over to the railing just for the breeze and a good look around the lake. I became aware of someone moving up beside me and looked over to see Lauren staring out at the lake. Whether conscious or not, her hand slipped on top of mine and she let it remain. Standing so close to this naked young woman, her trim young body glistening with sweat and lotion, her light brown ponytail trailing in the breeze, I tried to think of something to say but couldn't think of a thing. She pulled her hair tie from her ponytail with her other hand and let her hair tumble about her shoulders.

"What was that business with Beth?" she asked after several minutes had passed with just the two of us standing there enjoying the breeze and the sights and each other's presence.

"Nothing really," I said. "I think it was curiosity and peer pressure coming together. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know," she said turning around to lean back and rest her ass against the railing. "I guess this sounds stupid, but I had started to think of you as mine. It's not like you're my boyfriend or anything. I mean, you're just my neighbor and a married man and all that. But our flirty little business this summer has woken something up in me. When I mow the lawn and show off for you, it gives me a feeling that I've never had before. I get feelings I've never experienced before with any of my boyfriends or lovers. Does that sound strange?"

"No, because I've felt sort of the same," I replied. "There I am, getting away from the pressures of the work week by doing my gardening and yard work, and along comes this pretty young woman who captures my imagination. I've never been a peeper or anything and here I am watching you put on this little show for me and I can't pull myself away."

"Does it turn you on at all?" she asked, looking directly up at me at my eyes.

"Frankly, yeah. It does."

"Me too. And I just don't want to stop. In fact I want to do more, go farther each time," she said with a laugh. "Last week I was going to strip naked for you before that car came along. I mean, there I was in my front yard ready to go naked where anyone could see. Just how risky and stupid is that?"

"I know," I said. "Maybe it's better that we talk about it and get out in the open and get a handle on it before we do something really dumb."

"But that's just it. Doing my little dance for you has built up this passion in me that just won't go away. I want you, Johnny. I want you to make love to me."

"Whoa," I said taking a deep breath. "Man, I don't know. I mean, it's not like I haven't thought about that."

"So you have thought about it."

"Yeah, but I'm always able to dismiss it, though lately it's become harder to do."

"So do you like jack off or something?"

"Is that what you think?" I replied sort of shocked by her words.

"You always disappear inside right afterwards," she said. "I figure that you go inside and jack off or grab the old lady and bang her or something."

"Well, or something is more likely. Although a cold shower is often the best cure."

"So I do turn you on," she said looking very serious and intent.


"You get all hard and bothered?"

"Yes, very much so," I said watching a big smile grow across her face.

"Cool!" she turning back around to look off the stern of the yacht.

I turned back as well and leaned over to rest my elbows on the railing. She leaned her head over to rest her cheek on my bare shoulder. I thought the heat from her face would burn right through me. Almost as if by reflex, my arm reached around her waist and pulled her to my side.

"Okay, you love birds!" said Suzy as she approached us at the railing. "Break it up."

Lauren and I broke off our brief embrace and stood up straight at the railing.

"I guess that was pretty obvious," I said.

"I really don't care," Suzy said laconically. "I don't judge people and ask them not to judge me either. We're going to be pulling up in Harbor Beach tonight. I thought I'd treat you all to dinner at the Wharf."

"Tonight?" I replied. "I thought we'd be back home tonight."

"Didn't I tell you?" said Lauren. "We're staying overnight and heading home in the morning. You don't have something going on, do you?"

"No, no. I'm cool with that."

"Well there's plenty of room aboard. Captain Mike and the boys have their own quarters below. I'm taking the main stateroom. There's three other cabins and everyone else can pair off however they want."

"There's some odd numbers in that calculation," I said with a smile.

"Hey, calculus isn't my long suit, all right?" Suzy said. "Anyway, we'd better get down and cleaned up for dinner. We'll be putting in soon."

"Sure enough," I said.

As we turned back around, I noticed that the other girls had started to get dressed and clean up the deck area. When I went to do the same, Lauren leaned up and licked my ear and nibbled on my ear lobe.

"I meant what I said," she whispered.

As I paused to look at her, she just smiled sweetly and moved away to get dressed and go inside. Once inside, we began to sort out arrangements. True to her word, Suzy took the large stateroom; Cindy and Beth took one berth; Gretchen and Lauren checked out another and I took the remaining spot. It was a small space, with just enough room for a twin-sized bed, a built in locker and a nice window looking out starboard. The girls took turns showering and finally I heard Beth call out, "Johnny, you're up!"

I found my way to the shower and found a pile of fluffy towels waiting. It felt good to strip down and wash the lotion and sweat from my body. Just as I finished rinsing off and getting ready to soap myself down. I heard a giggle and a lovely naked Lauren slipped into the shower with me.

"Come on, soap me up, neighbor!" she said slipping into an embrace with her arms up around my shoulders and her slender little body pressed up against me.

I turned her around and got her directly under the showerhead. She leaned her head back and let the water flow over her. She tilted her head forward, bringing us face to face, her mouth a breath away from mine. I leaned forward to kiss her as she pulled her naked wet body as close to mine as possible. What started as a light brushing of two pairs of lips, turned into a hard wet passionate kiss with plenty of tongue and nibbles and heavy breathing. As she clung to me, my hands reached around to cup her ass and she brought her legs up to wrap around me, rubbing her shaven little pussy on my stiffening cock.

"I want you to fuck me, Johnny," she said hoarsely into my ear. "Right here, right now."

"Hey, wait," I said trying to peel her off from me. "If we're going to do this let's do this right."

She glanced up at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"Let's get cleaned up and go out and have a nice dinner. If we go the next step, I want it to be making love more than just fucking, okay?"

"You want to make love to me, not just fuck me?" she said with a look of wonder now spreading across her face.

"That's the only way I know," I said.

"Okay. Fair enough," she said breaking away. "But you're still going to soap me up, right?"

"You can bet on that little missy," I said grabbing the bottle of liquid soap and squirting it onto her.

We probably spent a little too much time in the shower making sure each curve and crack and crevice was thoroughly clean.

"I never knew a shower could be so sexy without actually having sex," she said as I watched her towel herself off.

Everyone else was dressed and waiting for us on the sundeck by the time we joined the party. We were so caught up in our little tryst that we hadn't noticed that Captain Ron and the boys had pulled us into Harbor Beach and tied the Cormorant up. The Wharf was a short walk from the marina and we all had a great time. The girls and I were all sporting a glorious glow from our afternoon of sunbathing. For some reason, Lauren ended up sitting across from me at the large round table that accommodated our party. I had Beth on one side and Cindy on the other. During dinner, I noticed that Suzy and Captain Ron were getting pretty chummy with each other. Mike was trying to hit on Cindy at first, then Gretchen with better luck. Tim was working on Lauren and Beth with less success.

After dinner, I sponsored a round of cognac for everyone. Right after that, I felt Cindy's hand creep onto my left thigh and Beth's work it's way on my right. It was hard to keep a straight face and they each rubbed the warm flesh of my sunburned legs and eased their way up toward my crotch. Their intentions were interrupted when I felt Lauren's naked foot ease its way up to chase the others' hands away. Cindy turned almost immediately back to Mike and soon was hanging loosely on his shoulder.

You can imagine the sight we made as our party stumbled back out to the yacht that evening. The sun had set though there was still some color in the sky, mostly dark reds and oranges. We gathered one last time on the sun deck and watched as the colors slowly faded to purple, the darkest blue then black. Suzy poured one more round of cognac. Not surprisingly, Beth was the first one to retire.

"I'm just tired out. This has been a fun day," she said giving Suzy a polite girlfriend hug and waving at the group.

Gretchen was the next to go. After she had given every one of her friends a little hug she paused in front of me and leaned down to give me a little peck on the cheek.

I decided to head off myself. It had been a strange unexpected day and I was ready for some shuteye. I thanked Captain Ron and the boys and gave each of the ladies a kiss on the cheek, saving Lauren for last. She was quick and turned her cheek to intercept my lips with hers. Looping her hand behind my neck she made sure that everyone saw this wasn't just a goodnight kiss.

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