tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 01

The New Slave Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Doctor Goes to Auction

Dr. Caren Sherry was on her way to the auction when she received an urgent phone call from one of her personal assistants. The assistant informed her that she had just gotten a call from a contact at the auction, informing her that there was a slave she needed to see and pay special attention to. "It was one that she would definitely want," the caller reported.

Since the Women's Sovereign Laws had been passed, males could be rounded up and herded into special designated areas where they were examined and put up for sale to the highest bidder. This had been going on for years, but most of it was on the black market. With the positions of power in women's hands, they had slowly taken over almost the entire world in a web of agreements and deals, assisting each other in their endeavors and agendas. Because of this, males had become a hunted species. The male slave trade had become a thriving business, with the number of personal slaves dictating a woman's position in the money arena.

The male slave trade had grown in leaps in bounds since the advent of the new women's laws. What was once black market trading and extremely expensive to get into was now an affordable and prosperous business. There were male markets popping up everywhere and women that were in moneymaking positions could afford to buy what use to be out of their means. Only the richest of women could afford the luxury of slave holdings. But now, any woman that made decent money could afford at least something in the male market. Not a lot, but something. Dr. Sherry, with her medical practice, skin care line, and large properties, could afford almost any slave that she wanted, or desired, whichever her mood dictated.

With the slave trade booming, there was a huge variety of slaves to be bought. The slave trade had even re-invented the concept of rentals with males being used temporarily for whatever you needed them for. There were worker slaves to be used in business, the home, the kitchen or whatever line of work they were needed. Whether you needed landscaping or lifting, entertainment or reproduction, they were on the market, somewhere. There were educational slaves, used mainly to teach or educate children. Then there were the entertainment slaves, used primarily for a vast array of sexual reasons. And there were the reproductive slaves, used only because their looks, intelligence, or aptitude could be passed on to offspring through their genetic makeup.

Because of the ever-growing slave trade, the industry was approaching an out-of-control situation. Prices had dropped and almost every female in an area would visit the local slave shows and pick over and examine all the slaves. The industry had become a male prostitution arena. At one point, anyone could examine or do whatever they were bold enough to do, close up, with any slave of their choice, for any amount of time they chose whether it be in public or in one of the ever popular private rooms. Slaves were being abused and used on a more than regular basis, but purchases were not being made. The slave traders were lobbying for laws that would protect their interests. There were vast amounts of money to be made.

As the laws were slowly passed, the industry began to take on a more professional and businesslike approach. It had come to the point that the slaves were no longer being used prior to purchase unless the buyer knew the right people. They had even gone so far as to force the slaves to remain clothed, with a law requiring that the slave be modestly covered at all times. This law was enacted after it was found that the slave traders were getting stuck with older, less endowed or less attractive slaves.

The vast majority of slaves that were purchased had been sold because of their looks or endowments. This was especially true in the entertainment slave category. Young slaves with thick or long members were sold outright for unbelievably high prices. The price even went up more if that slave was blonde haired, muscled, or had that particular look. Now, with the slaves being covered the women had no chance to examine them and were forced to buy the slaves sight unseen.

Most of the traders had learned that modestly covered translated to having just enough material that the cock and balls were covered, but this did not diminish their bulging attributes, of if the slave was required to bend over or move about. As always, there were ways to get around the laws, if you just knew how to bend them. It was not uncommon for women to attend the slave show and make the slaves perform just to be able to see what was beneath the skimpy covering. Touching was almost out of the question, but looking was still allowed.

All of this was unimportant to Dr. Sherry. Caren had contacts in the industry who would call her ahead of the scheduled auction times and tell her if a slave was something special for her to look at. The auction would be more like a cattle call, with all of the slaves paraded around and bids placed on them in an arena. The law permitted for private viewing, which strictly meant VIEWING only. A clause in the law did not permit what was called Use Prior to Sale of a Slave, meaning sexual demonstrations. But more than viewing was very common in some auctions, if you knew the right people or had the right amount of money. Caren had both.

Over the past several years in her search for slaves to do her business and personal work, Caren had learned all the tricks of the slave traders. There were countless fakes being shown in the arena. With the advent of the No Use laws, the common buyer was forced to look but not touch. Because of this, a lot of buyers purchased slaves only to find out that they were non-functional or had been altered in a variety of ways. A good-looking body alone didn't mean that the slave would be good for anything, other than just a good-looking body. He could be damaged, injured, or a fake.

Fakes were created by means of everything from using pumping cylinders for quick enlargement, all the way through surgical modifications. The most common surgical mod was that of placing two large rubberized balls into the slave's scrotum, making him seem to be more than virile, hugely productive, and just plain hugely endowed. The buyers that lost fortunes in this regard were mostly those involved in the reproduction or entertainment businesses.

Purchasing entertainment slaves for the entertainment of lady customers could bankrupt a business if it turned out that the slave was modified, meaning that he was in essence a eunuch, with no desire to please anyone or possibly equipment that did not work.

Dr. Sherry relied heavily on finding the best, whether for pleasure or one of her business ventures in which she extensively used males—ones she referred to as her reproducing slaves. These she used in the manufacturing of her skin care products. These slaves were literally milked on a regular basis for their own version of milk that Dr. Sherry referred to laughingly as Cream. She had found that slaves with large testicular endowments made the best producers for her line of products. These types of slaves were very few and far between. It was not uncommon for her to pull her house slaves and even her property slaves for the purpose of making up a batch of Cream when the supply was running short. Her Cream factory ran for several hours a day, with the male slaves restrained and hooked up to modified milking machines, running continuously to make up for the demand when orders for the product became too large to fill. Dr. Sherry always took care of her customers.

The machines used were standard milking machines like the ones used on cows, but with teat cups modified to adapt to the male anatomy. The machines were also modified to make the milking process more pleasurable for the slave. A content slave was easier to control than a hostile slave. The doctor had learned that a slow and deliberate milking produced much larger amounts than the quick jack-off methods, employed earlier throughout the industry. Plus, a slow and gradual release of the male produced a much larger and potent supply of Cream, rather than a few quick spurts.

As the doctor neared the arena, she sat back in the luxury of her GMC Denali, a modest vehicle for a well-to-do business and landowner. Lorin, her personal assistant was giving her information on appointments later in the day, but Dr. Sherry was thinking about what the assistant had told her earlier. The exact phrase that the contact had used was "a must see" slave. Based on the numbers the contact had given her, Dr. Sherry was doubtful about the quality of the slave. She knew from experience that the worst selling slaves would be shown first, then in successive groups, with each group getting better. As in advertising, the traders were saving the best for last. The auctions usually went for about 10 showings, with anywhere from seven to 15 slaves, per showing. Each slave was marked with his number written on his chest and back in large letters.

The contact had given her the numbers three, two, and seven. With this information, Dr. Sherry would know to go to arena number two, for the third showing and look for the slave with the number seven marked on him. Easy enough. But the third showing meant that he was not considered special, endowed, good looking, or anything that would boost his price. But Dr. Sherry had long ago learned to trust her contacts, which she tipped very well. They had always given her valuable information. And this contact had said that this slave was "a must see," meaning that there was something that would make the doctor definitely want him. She would have to wait and see.

When she arrived at the auction arenas, Dr. Sherry, along with Lorin, went straight to the second arena and met with the sale master. The auction was already into the first group which gave Dr. Sherry plenty of time to find out more information. She arranged for a private viewing of the third group to show, finding out that there were 15 slaves in that group, and that several other buyers had already arranged for private viewings. This was good, since it meant that there would be more people there to distract the auction personnel if she decided to do a closer examination of this number seven. Again, the doctor thought back of what the contact had told her. A must see slave. Interesting…

The normal procedure was for slaves to be held in a closed area prior to their showing with only auction personnel around. Unless there was someone willing to pay for a private showing, the slaves would be held till the bidding time, when they would be lead into the arena. There they would be made to stand and be observed with the buyers at a distance. According to what the buyers wanted, the slaves were to do what they were told, with the exception of showing any covered flesh. The basic rule was that if it's covered, it stays covered. Because of this, women buyers would have the slaves stand, walk and move around, hoping that they could catch a glimpse of what was covered, or the slave's looks, in general.

Knowing that this could get chaotic, the owners and traders would quietly and moderately sedate the slave to keep his movements to a minimum. Further, with some of the slaves there was always the possibility that they could resist or start trouble. The sedation of slaves was not permitted, but had become a more than common thing to do. At times it became comical, with some slaves barely able to walk, and others falling asleep while being shown. But normally, the sedation kept the slaves quiet, slower moving, and a lot less aroused.

Caren and her assistant were lead to a quiet and surprisingly dark room for the private showing. Dr. Sherry even commented to her assistant on the darkness, finding it to be a lucky twist of fate. There were about 15 other women already in the room, each appearing to be very well off, a few of them even known to Dr. Sherry. After talking among themselves for several minutes, auction personnel lead the third showing group into the room. Dr. Sherry immediately saw number seven and was surprised. He didn't appear to be as bad as those that were normally in the first through seventh round showings. Normally, the eighth, ninth, and thenth rounds were the better to best slaves; the ones most sought after, and most expensive.

Number seven was in his middle 40's, around 6 feet tall, probably in the area of around 170 pounds. He was clean-shaven and had short brown hair with grey mixed in at the temples. He was broad chested but not exceptionally muscled. His arms were thin and bound behind his back. Dr. Sherry immediately noticed his legs, which were long and muscled. They were very nice legs for a male slave. Another thing she immediately noticed, and thought was very odd, was the fact that he was darkly tanned. Usually, only entertainment slaves had tans.

Each of the slaves was dressed in a short loincloth, and number seven's loincloth did not cover one hip, where the tan lines were more than obvious. In fact, he was freshly tanned and very dark. And one thing Dr. Sherry definitely noticed was how huge the slave bulged outward from under the short loincloth. He was more than obvious. He had been either just played with by an over sexed auction person, or he was huge. Watching him, Dr. Sherry decided that he must be huge, because he was getting neither harder nor softer. That bulge just stayed there, sticking out.

Most of the slaves appeared to be dirty and some were even bruised. Bruising normally indicated that the slave was resistant or had been in some type of altercation, usually a bad indication if you were interested in purchasing that one.

Caren moved immediately toward number seven, placing a large ring on her right hand middle finger as she moved through the crowd. Glancing around, she saw that there were only two auction personnel in the room, and both were wearing bright red vests, to make them clearly visible to buyers. The bright red vests would also make it easier for the doctor to keep an eye on them. She walked straight up to number seven and started visually examining him.

He appeared to be in good shape, clean, and his skin appeared to have a slight sheen to it as if he had been recently oiled. The vast majority of slaves were never oiled, a preparation used mainly only those in entertainment. Being only about a foot from him, she could see that the bulge had not gone down, nor had it grown any. He definitely was large. She also noticed that the sedative had taken a pretty good effect on him and had left a dreamy look on his face and his eyes about half closed. That alone confirmed that the bulge was just that, a very large bulge, because sedatives for the slaves usually knocked down their arousal level to about zero.

Caren gave Lorin a quick look. The look let her know that Caren was about to test the slave. Caren quietly whispered, "half way," as the assistant reached into a shoulder bag. The assistant discretely turned on an electronic power unit similar to a medical TENS unit, up to half power. The actual power switch was not on, but the unit was ready to send a remote signal to a receiver built into Caren's ring. The ring had a small metal nub on the bottom of it that would send an electric charge into whatever it touched.

Glancing around, Caren could see that the two auction employees were busy and paying no attention to her. She immediately reached down, under the slave's loincloth and felt his cock. Looking at the assistant, she smiled and whispered, "thick". Moving her hand around, Dr. Sherry cupped the soft fleshy cock, with the bottom nub of the ring pressed into the underside of the cock shaft. She then watched closely as she whispered, "Lorin". Lorin immediately flipped the power switch to ON. There was an immediate slight jerk in the slave's body as he let out a soft moan.

The doctor watched his face as his eyes flickered open, as if he were trying to wake up. She could also feel the immediate and obvious swelling as the electric current surged through his now thickening cock. Since only the nub of the ring was electrically conductive, she avoided being shocked. The current was mild enough to not shock her if she did touch his skin, but strong enough to tender sensitive skin that the slave would definitely feel it. Caren continued to watch his reaction and quietly said again, "Lorin". Lorin immediately turned the remote unit to OFF.

Stepping back away from the slave, Caren looked at her assistant in surprise and said, "He is definitely an entertainment slave. His cock is more than functional since the effect of the current was immediate."

Lorin just smiled as she prepared for her next instruction. Dr. Sherry looked at Lorin and told her to turn to to just under full power. Stepping back in close to the slave, she glanced around. It was obvious that the other buyers were keeping the auction personnel busy with questions. Caren knew that the slave's cock was functional since the electricity brought his arousal level up, indicated by the thickening. She didn't want to stimulate him too much, which would have made him erect and more than noticeable to the other buyers and auction personnel. Being sedated, his swelling immediately started going down with the electric stimulation turned off.

Caren waited a moment, watching around the room. She then reached under the loincloth and felt around, finding the sac hanging below his cock. Gripping it, she was shocked to find that her fingers would not fit around the soft sack. It was huge. She immediately probed some more, and then wrapped her fingers around one ball. She watched the slave intently as she again spoke, "Lorin."

The power in the remote was immediately switched on as she pressed the ring's nub hard into the bloated ball. The slave's body jerked slightly and this time, a longer moan came from his lips. The doctor also noticed that his stomach muscles immediately went hard and his thighs tensed up. Caren kept her grip on the ball, squeezing it in her tight grip. This time she could feel the hard tingling sensation coursing through her hand as her skin touched the slave's sack. She was attempting to find out whether the slave had been given testicular implants, which was common. The problem was that entertainment slaves were sometimes modified for better looks, or in some cases, bigger looks. In some cases, this ruined the slave's ability to have sex. In essence, it became a case of castration just for cosmetic attraction. She had no need for good looking slaves that were non functional.

Caren held onto the ball tightly, allowing the current to surge through the fleshy muscled orb. The slave leaned backward, his hips beginning to thrust out slowly. He was becoming too obvious and she could also see the loincloth beginning to push outward. She squeezed harder, standing almost face to face with him, watching his face intently as her hand administered the test. After several seconds, she suddenly let go of him, a shocked look on her face. Lorin immediately turned the power to off not knowing what had happened. Caren quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Besides the slow outward thrust of his hips, the slave had begun to pant. It seemed that no one had noticed, or if they had, they were keeping it to themselves. A few of the nearby ladies were smiling. Lorin quickly asked, "did it get you?" referring to the electric shock.

"No," Caren quietly replied, looking up smiling. "I think I just confirmed that he is totally functional." She pulled her hand out from under the loincloth and both of them looked down. The doctor's wrist was covered in what appeared to be several tablespoons of thick white cream.

"Did he cum?" Lorin asked. "No, the one ball couldn't take the manipulation or the electric shock and it just released, pumping out a small amount." There was no doubt that the slave was fully functional. Lorin quickly dug through the bag and handed the doctor several tissues. Caren quickly cleaned up, and then wiped the slave's cock head off, getting rid of all visible evidence. Had she been discovered, she would have been banned from the auction circuit for an extended period of time. Testing slaves was highly prohibited.

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