tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 10

The New Slave Ch. 10


Chapter 10: The Trainer

Rachel and Allison took Ross from the private area and led him handcuffed, to the main facility. He was cleaned up to the point that it wasn't obvious that he and Allison had just had a private training session. He looked a little bit worn, but there was a definite happy expression on his face. They led him into the main facility still nude. Having just left the private session with Allison, his cock was still quite thick and hanging down long, like a heavy bell rope. His arousal being somewhat diminished, his balls hung down low and heavy. He made quite a spectacle as he was led through the different groups of women, on his way to the training facility.

The training facility was located in the main building, where he had been brought on his first day. The doctor's private lab and clinic were located there, as well as the main milking center. The building was somewhat large, housing all of the training and milking stations. Inside the building was a large contingent of training personnel. The doctor personally trained all of the training personnel. Each one had gone through a long course in the male anatomy, as well as the doctor's personal courses on the multitude of techniques on milking the male. Their entire training consisted of the most productive methods of extracting the most milk from any male slave that was possible. The area used by the trainers was small, compared to the area that was used exclusively for milking. Milking was a loose term, used to sum up any method that could result in the most milk, taken from any male at any time. The majority of milking methods consisted of pleasurable extractions, but a large amount of them consisted of painful extractions. Whatever worked to gain the largest amount of produce was what would be employed on a slave.

All of the female personnel assigned to the main facility, trainers and milking technicians, watched closely as the new slave was led through the hallways. They were always interested in new slaves. After awhile, each of the females became somewhat bored in the day-to-day contact with the slaves. Sex on a daily basis, with the same males, became so routine that both the trainers and the milking technicians looked for new ways to keep their jobs more interesting. Playing with a new slave was always interesting, for a little while at least. Each of them tried new methods or variations on old methods, in order to extract more and more of the male milk.

Now, being led through the facility was a new slave. All of the females were interested in something new. This one was definitely something new. He had an asset that they had never seen before: unbelievably large balls. Each of the females was trying to imagine just how much they could extract from him. And his soft, but very thick cock would present an entire new variety to their routines. And they were all looking forward to a new variety.

The new slave was led to a rear area of the building and placed in a high security room. All new slaves were put in high security till their personalities were discovered. The common rule was that no new slave could be trusted for a least a few months. During that time, the security on them was heavy. Full restraints were common during the slaves' first few months. Inside the room, Rachel and Allison secured Ross to a special chair, capable of various angles and positions. He was locked into the chair with both wrist and ankle restraints. A special soft restraint was placed around his neck, immobilizing his head and neck. Chest restraints would also hold him in place. The chair was built in such a way that each section, whether it be an arm, leg, or both could be independently moved in a variety of directions. The chair also had the ability to be swiveled or moved in such configurations that the slave could be bent over, bent back, legs spread or any of a variety of settings, depending on what the trainer wanted to do.

The trainers were a lot higher up the facilities hierarchy than the prep girls. Trainers would answer to security, but due to their 'specialized' training, they pretty much did what they wanted. Their job was to 'train' the new slave, showing him what was expected of him. Both the doctor and the facilities administration considered the majority of trainers somewhat sadistic. No one argued this point, as long as the slaves weren't damaged or injured too badly. And as said before, there was hardly any damage or injury that the doctor couldn't fix. The trainers were very rough. Their job was mainly to get the slave in line to function at a higher level sexually. As one trainer was fond of saying, "I'll teach your balls new ways to cum that you've never even imagined." Most of them were capable of keeping this promise.

Ross was taken into a training room for new slaves. This room was fully equipped with more than the other rooms. Since new slaves weren't known to the facility, they had to be watched and restrained more than a 'known' slave. The room was almost overcrowded with implements of sexual torture, electrical devices, medical equipment, various and different restraint systems. An actual specially modified milking machine was in the center of the room, there as if to 'warn' or impress the new slave with what his function at the facility was to be. It served as a constant reminder of why he was there. It also could serve as a tool of punishment if the need arose. As said before, there were pleasurable ways to extract the milk, and there were painful way to do the job. Either way, production was the main rule and strictly adhered to. The milking machine was used both pleasurably and painfully, depending on the trainer's specific use of the machine.

Inside the room, Rachel placed Ross into the restraint chair and immediately locked in his wrists and ankles. She then placed the head & neck strap, as well as the chest and stomach restraints on him. Buckled in, he was almost completely immobilized with the exception of his fingers. In essence, he could only move his fingers. As was the normal setting, she opened the chairs legs to a point where the slave's legs were splayed wide open. This afforded the trainer plenty of room to move in between his thighs, in order to begin her training of the new slave.

"Will they hurt him?" Allison asked, a sick look on her face as she looked around the room at the different implements. Most of the tools on the wall and laid out on counters were unfamiliar to her.

"Hopefully, not too much. A lot of that depends on him. If he is cooperative, they'll just play with him a lot, coaxing more and more out him. They'll train him to cum more than he is use to cumming. Sort of like re-conditioning his balls to produce more and more amounts." The tone in Rachel's voice didn't convince Allison that her pet was going to be safe with the trainers.

"What are all of these things?" Allison asked, her innocence and naivety obvious.

"They're tools that the trainers use to 'help' the new slave. All of these things are used in some form or fashion." Even Rachel was looking around the room; at some things even she didn't know what they were used for.

The door opened and a very young, athletic looking woman entered. She was very attractive, darkly tanned, short blonde hair, and very petite. She was wearing a pair of very short, cut off jeans, and a hooded sweatshirt. It wasn't the image that Allison had in mind when it came to a trainer. Rachel and the trainer spoke privately for a minute as the trainer moved about the room, readying her tools and toys. She seemed friendly enough, but very business like. She spoke only briefly to Allison, introducing herself as Heather. She was friendly enough, welcoming Allison to the facility and seeming genuinely sincere. She even went so far as to invite Allison to come back in the future and get a first hand look at what training was all about. Allison silently wondered if she would really want to see what actually happened in the training rooms.

"My, he is a big boy," Heather commented, walking over to the new slave and examining his spread open legs. She quickly bent down and looked him over closer, seeming to give her approval. "I heard that we had something new to play with. I think that this one has more than enough meat to play with. I'm going to enjoy training this one," she said, reaching down and giving the thick cock a hard squeeze. Ross jerked suddenly as she applied pressure to the soft cock.

"Gag him. I don't want to listen to him while I work on him," Heather commented nonchalantly. Rachel immediately went to a cabinet and pulled out a small ball gag. Nodding at Allison, Rachel fastened the leather restraint around his head, fitting the ball into his mouth. Rachel wanted Allison to see the procedure in order to be able to do it herself, in the future.

"The big ones are easier to train. There is so much there to work with, it makes my job a lot easier. The meatier they are, the easier they are to control. But this one has something unique. He's got huge balls, and they are meaty," she said, squatting down for a closer look between his legs. She reached out and hefted the huge sack up and down, as if weighting his balls. "I found out a long time ago that the bigger the balls, the better they can be trained. This one is going to be fun."

"He's already proven to be overly productive," Rachel added.

"I can see that," Heather quickly replied. "Was he examined yesterday? Did the doctor do her normal tests on him?"

"Yes, she did the standard tests and then some. I was there and saw almost all of it." Rachel wasn't sure what the trainer was getting at.

"Did you do the 'morning after' test on him?" Heather wanted to know, still examining the huge balls.

"We did it about 3 hours ago. A sample was taken and it showed him to be an over producer. Why do you ask?" Rachel wasn't sure what Heather was asking about.

"He looks more like a 14 year old teen on his first date with a woman. He looks like he's ready to pop, right now. Judging by his cock and those balls, he looks like he's more than ready to fuck." Heather was grinning back at Rachel and Allison. "Usually, by the time the doctor and her staff are through with a new slave, they're about spent. That's why you guys do the morning after test. It lets the doctor know if he goes back into production or if his reproductive system is lazy," she said, laughing. "Some males are heavy producers, others make only enough sperm to get by in the evolutionary chain."

Heather stood up and stepped back away from the slave. She immediately kicked off her tennis shoes and then slipped off her sweatshirt. Under it, she was wearing a very thin halter that barely covered her ample endowment. Her nipples were already erect, pushing through the soft fabric. It was obvious that seeing the new slave had started her arousal level to go up. It was a recognized fact at the facility that the trainers more than enjoyed their work. On a daily basis they orchestrated the sexual behavior of male slaves. They were in complete control of the sexual release, gratification, sexual modification, or just plain punishment of the males. If anyone knew how to enjoy the male body to the maximum, it was the trainers.

"It's time for the fun to begin. Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you two ladies to leave. I have a lot of work to do," she said, emphasizing the word LOT. Heather escorted Rachel and Allison to the door, now seeming to be in a hurry to get started. "You can always come back later, to check on your new boy here. We'll be here," she said, smiling as she closed and locked the door.

"I'm worried," Allison quickly told Rachel.

"Don't be. She knows what she's doing," Rachel replied, not sounding too convinced herself. "Heather has been here a long time and is probably one of the best at training a new slave."

"What exactly is the training?" Allison asked, a worried tone to her voice. It was obvious that Allison didn't understand all of the details of the facility. "I mean, I know that it's a milking facility, but can't they just 'do them' and get it over with?" Allison understood the concept of the milking, but not the how or the why.

"Do them? Get it over with? I can see that we're going to have to spend a lot of time with you on what goes on here. The trainers don't exactly 'do them'. They spend a lot of time getting the males to produce larger amounts of their milk. And believe me, an increase in amount equals an increase in intensity for them. It's not just pumping out their milk, it's about more quality and quantity. Hell, anyone can milk a male. They are so easy. And besides, the slaves don't exactly want to get it over with. Most of them enjoy this immensely." Rachel silently hoped that she could explain the whole idea to Allison.

"Well big boy, how should I start with you?" Heather stood at the door, just watching the slave. She then walked over to a counter and picked up a clipboard, studying the doctor's notes.

"According to these notes, you should be pretty well spent right about now. The doctor says that you have overly firm nuts that are heavy producers. I bet that she liked that part of you." Heather was still reading over the notes. "It says overly productive. Well, let's just see about that." Heather walked back over to the slave, standing in front of him. She reached up and pulled her halter-top over her head, showing off her perfectly formed breasts. Even her breasts were as tan as the rest of her body. She had small areolas with already hardened erect nipples.

"I know how the 'initiation' goes for the new slaves. Since you arrived yesterday, the doctor probably took you into the clinic, along with some of her staff. There, you probably enjoyed yourself a lot. Knowing what the doctor likes, I would say that you enjoyed yourself more than a lot, probably to the point that you were empty. That is the main point of so much sex at one time. They like to extract as much as they can, to see what your threshold is. They can get a pretty good idea of how much you produce, on the first day."

She stood in front of him, wearing only the short shorts. It was obvious to Heather that the slave was interested in her. His eyes were glued on her breasts. Just his attention and the size of his genitals gave the slave more than something to look at. Her nipples were painfully erect. She wasn't use to seeing such thickness in a new slave. She also wasn't use to seeing balls that looked like they were constantly full.

"Then there's the morning after test. I bet that you enjoyed that one, first thing in the morning. Are they still doing it the same way, using your orgasm as a wake-up call? After all of the sexual activity of the day before, the vast majority of males are somewhat empty. So, how did you do? Did you give them something to talk about? I have a feeling that you did."

"Do you like these?" She asked, demurely. She glanced down at her own breasts, her fingers tracing small circles around the engorged nipples. She stood over him, watching his reactions. She didn't have to look too close to see that his cock was beginning to swell. He should have been spent sexually, after the orgasms on the preceding day and earlier that morning. She wasn't even aware of the private training session between the new slave and Allison only moments before. Standing only inches from his face, she stood watching him, bare breasted and barefooted. She smiled at him, and then reaching down, unzipped the short cut-offs that barely covered her. Slightly wiggling, she slid the shorts off of her hips and let them drop to the floor. She now stood in front of him totally nude, enjoying his reaction. He was getting thicker as he watched her from his restrained position. His cock was not yet hard but was already thicker than most of the slaves that she had been training. She still couldn't believe the size of his balls.

"I take it that you like me. Is that what you're trying to say?" She smiled down at him, watching as his cock fully elongated between his splayed thighs. "Well let's just see what you've got in there," she laughed as she reached down and began to massage one of the huge balls. "Or maybe I should say, let's see what I can get out of them."

Heather stepped around behind Ross and adjusted the chair, forcing it upright. In this position, the slave was almost standing upright; his legs still spread apart, his pelvis and hips thrust outward. Heather was still standing behind him. She softly reached around in front of him, her fingertips trailing across his bare hip and thigh.

"The first thing I need to know is just how much you've still got in those nuts. Even after yesterday, I suspect that there's plenty in there." Her fingers trailed around to his front, finding their way to his pubic bone. Her fingers played lightly across his pubic hair, making his cock throb for her touch. After only a few moments, her fingers slid downward, bypassing his cock completely, and sliding in between the smooth skinned sack and his thigh. Her fingers gently probed into the sack, causing him to jerk slightly. She pushed farther into him, feeling the outside of one ball. She could immediately tell that he had huge inner tubes, which could handle the increased amounts of milk. Normally, a males' vas deferens or the epididymus was about the size of a Q-tip shaft, but these were more the size of a large straw. Her fingers continued to probe and feel him, his cock now sticking out straight, pre cum beginning to drip from the tip.

"Babe, those toys are huge. I bet you do pump out the milk. With bags like these, I bet you need milked on a regular basis, don't you?" She was almost whispering, her face just under his neck. He could feel her warm breath on his neck. Her fingers continued their examination on the soft ball sack.

"Well don't you worry; I'm going to help you with that. First I need to know just how much you can put out." From behind him, she pressed her body up against his bare side, moving around so that she would watch her work in the front. She pulled her fingers gently from the sack and immediately moved her hand to his cock. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she began to firmly rub it. Immediately his body went stiff.

"Just relax, this shouldn't take but a few moments. Just enjoy it, it's one of the few ones that you'll get, just for the fun of it." Her hand was grasping the shaft firmly, rubbing quickly. Her hand was making short strokes, getting a feel of what this new slave might like. Standing as she was, she could watch his cock and could feel and see his body movements, suggesting what was affecting him and what was not. As fast as he grew hard and as quick as he was approaching orgasm, she wasn't getting much time to study him. She tightened her grip on the thick shaft and began making her hand strokes longer, pulling the thick foreskin over head of his cock. Immediately, he sucked in a deep breath and thrust his pelvis outward.

"That's it baby, show me your cream. Just relax and let it pump out. I'm going to pop those nuts hard so that you can show me what you've got. Come on and show me. Let me see just how much is left inside them." By this point her hand was jerking his cock hard, pre-cum splattering on his thighs. He was obviously very wet. She could hear the squishy sounds coming from between his thighs.

"There shouldn't be a lot after all they took out of you yesterday and this morning. And I know Rachel, she can pull a lot out." Ross was now panting, his hips pumping in and out as if to help expel the creamy bulk still inside of him. Even with the ball gag in place, he was making a lot of noise from behind it. His moans and gasps were still quite audible even muffled.

"Ummmm, aggghhhhhhhhhh," Ross moaned loudly, one last time as his hips pushed outward. His cock head had flared huge as the first huge gush shot out of the tip of the overly reddened cock head. She kept up the furious rubbing, watching closely his cock and his body reactions at the same time. She was studying him, learning more about what produced his large loads. Her hand kept pumping him, gushes of the thick cream shooting out. Heather continued the pumping, gradually lessening her strokes till the last drops splattered on the floor. Only then did her hand motions become gentle, her fingertips stroking and squeezing the tender and swollen head. Her hand was gooey, covered in his thick milk. She continued the gentle rubbing, gradually letting him grow soft in her hand. He was still panting, his breath coming in gasps as his body slumped forward.

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