tagFetishThe Organisation Ch. 1

The Organisation Ch. 1

byTafod Arian©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'The Organisation Ch. I' contains graphic sexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility.

All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property of the author.

* * * * *

- Prologue -

I opened the door of my office on a bright Monday morning at about eight-forty five and crossed to my desk, putting my brief-case on a chair and placing my lap-top on my desk. I went to the large picture window and stood looking out from my vantage point on the twenty-fifth floor at the Dockland vista now undergoing such rapid commercial development. I mused briefly over the last six weeks following my successful take-over of the large Financial Services and Public Relations company of which I was now sole owner and Company Chairman. Although I was interested in business and making money had it's own attractions, the structure of my business afforded me absolute power over the lives of so many people that it gave me great scope for the exercise of my particular talents and interests.

One of my first actions had been to personalise the office changing the previous rather utilitarian fittings. I had replaced the original desk with my own desk and changed all the furniture. Along one wall I now had a large settee in leather with small onyx tables conveniently placed at each end. In front of the settee was a large low onyx coffee-table and on the other side of this, two large leather armchairs. In the corner behind the office door, beside the door to my small en-suite bathroom I had a well stocked cocktail cabinet. Perhaps the biggest change I had made was that beyond the en-suite bathroom I had had a door opened through to what had been the Vice-Chairman's office.

This office I had now converted into a luxurious bedroom with a large water bed next to a floor-to-ceiling picture window which occupied the full length of one long wall. The wall opposite to the door was fitted with concealed wardrobes the doors of which were mirrors made from slightly smoky glass. The ceiling was covered by a large mirror but this could be concealed by a cover remotely operated from a console in the head of the bed which also allowed me to change the room lighting, close curtains, select music etc.

On the other side of my office was an office which had been occupied by the Finance Director under the previous administration. I had the building fabric modified so that the external door to the corridor was closed off permanently and a new door put in from my office. This was to be the office for my P.A. and the only entrance to it was now through my large office.

In addition to alterations to the fabric of the office-space as soon as I had taken over the Company I began to restructure the Head Office staff choosing very carefully the personnel. The basis for my choices were not always obvious to outsiders although they were to me as I was putting in place actors and actresses to play out a great drama as I controlled their lives more and more closely with or without their consent. I had taken six weeks to get to know the company without making any changes in key personnel but now I felt that I knew enough about the set-up to begin making my key appointments.

My first appointment was, of course, my Personal Assistant. I checked through several applications before I came upon the right combination of qualities for my purposes and worth interviewing and thus I begin the first chapter in my Diary.

* * * * * *

Chapter 1: Suzanne's Story

Now that my first series of crucial Board meetings were behind me I had one or two pressing pieces of business to take care of. Firstly I had to appoint a P.A. to keep my affairs in order during my inevitable absences from the office. My second priority once I was confident that I could leave my Head Office for a few days was to visit my two Associate Companies and to set up two more, one in Edinburgh and one in Cardiff.

Also after the extreme pressure of the last six weeks I needed a holiday which I intended to spilt between my cottage in Wales and the chalet that I maintained in Grindelwald Switzerland, as I was a keen climber. But my first priority was to appoint a P.A. I had not interfered with the secretarial structure of the Company since assuming control so my current secretary was the one who had served the previous Chairman who my coup had ousted. She made no secret of her resentment to me and by mutual consent , even if unexpressed, she was looking for another position.

I sat down at my desk and looked over the C.V.'s of the three candidates that I was planning to interview that morning. All looked very promising and I was sure that I would find places for all of them in my Organisation. However one was outstanding and I felt that, even before interview, unless I was very much surprised, that I had found my new P.A. It was quite important to have her installed and operating as soon as possible as before the end of the week I needed to leave the office for a couple of days for the first of my visits to my other companies.

Suzanne Price was twenty-four and a very pretty blonde. I only had a head and shoulders photograph, pass-port style, attached to her C.V. and application form but it looked very promising. She had high Slavic cheek-bones setting off a generally very fine bone structure with wide blue eyes admirably complementing her long blonde hair which hung deceptively casually to her shoulders although a lot of attention had clearly been given to attaining just the right effect. Her lips made a perfect bow and I smiled to myself with anticipation. I could not, of course see her figure. I looked forward very much to the interviews as a beginning to my real use for this Company. I already had more money than I could ever spend. What interested me now was not making money but the use, and abuse, of power over the lives of others, both men and women. I had provided myself with a unique opportunity to exercise this power and I intended to indulge myself to the fullest.

I saw the light go on in the communication centre on my desk informing me that my secretary had arrived and was ready when I needed her. I glanced at my watch. It was now a quarter past nine and I was expecting Suzanne at nine-thirty. I buzzed for my secretary and asked her to bring me some coffee. She hardly bothered to conceal the animosity in her eyes and clearly we would both be happier when she had moved on. When she returned she was carrying a tray on which there was a silver pot of coffee and two delicate porcelain cups. I motioned for her to put it on the small onyx table beside my settee. She left the room.

Carrying Suzanne's C.V. I went and sat down in an armchair and poured myself some coffee. I sat studying her photograph and reading over the details that she had provided while I waited for her arrival to be announced. I noted that she was not married and that she lived in North London within reasonable travelling distance. She had a good degree in Media Studies and some but not a lot of experience. She had not had a position as a P.A. to a Board member before and as P.A. to the Chairman this would be a very big step-up for her. I checked the salary that she required and smiled to myself. Suzanne had a big surprise coming to her this morning, in more ways than one!

There was a discreet buzz from my communication centre and I arose and crossed to my desk. I flicked a switch and my secretary announced Suzanne's arrival. I glanced at my watch and smiled to myself, right on time and clearly very keen.

"Please show her in," I said quietly, and stood behind my desk expectantly.

The door opened and my rather sour-faced secretary ushered in an absolutely stunning blonde.

"This is Miss Price, Mr Evans," she said.

I nodded to her and waited until she had left the room, closing the door behind herself with rather unnecessary emphasis before I turned my attention to my visitor who stood, rather uncertainly, just inside the door. I looked her over from head to foot slowly, not concealing my interest. She was about five feet ten inches in heels that were about four inches high. She certainly was not a disappointment after her photograph. She was stunningly pretty, carefully made-up with rather pale lip-gloss and her blonde hair was put up emphasising a lovely long slender neck. She was wearing a rather formal dark-blue business suit over a crisp white blouse open at the neck to just about the start of her cleavage. After a first initial glance I scrutinised her more carefully and slowly. I had already noted her neck and my eyes fell to and focussed on her breasts. Although they were somewhat concealed by the formal cut of the business suit it was clear that she was very well made indeed, at least a 36C I judged and probably a 38C. Her figure tapered to a narrow thin waist before broadening to rather full but not overfull hips. Her skirt was surprisingly short, about four inches off her knee revealing athletic shapely slender legs with very neat knees and ankles concealed by sheer dark either stockings or tights. She was becoming a little uncomfortable under my long inspection and blushed slightly but did not fidget.

I was pleased to see that in what was a rather embarrassing moment for her composure and self-possession began to crack and the dark shadow of anxiety appeared in her clear eyes. I was used to looking for the signs and this indication of a lack of self-confidence and however well Suzanne tried to conceal it was all I needed to detect her underlying insecurity - and insecurity is the first stage on the road to submission.

I came from behind my desk, took her hand briefly and showed her to a seat on the settee appreciating her delicate perfume as she passed me. I did not want her to feel threatened at this early stage so I took an armchair opposite her. She sat back on the settee and her thighs parted slightly affording a tantalising view of the curve of her inner thigh and the briefest glimpse of the lacy hem of a white slip. I poured her coffee and held it out, deliberately far from her so that she would need to lean forward. She moved forward on the settee and I looked appreciatively as, in spite of her efforts to prevent it her thighs parted a little further and I had another tantalising flash of her lacy slip as her short skirt rode up her slender thighs. I noted how, as her thighs were flattened by her weight against the leather of the settee the muscles of her thighs and calves had become more clearly defined under the dark nylon. She leaned forward to take her coffee and her blouse gaped a little at the neck allowing a glimpse of the treasures within.

Her cleavage deepened and her breasts strained against the fabric of her jacket as she took the coffee cup from me. I looked down deeply into the open neckline of her crisp white blouse as she bent forward. I kept hold of the coffee cup a moment longer compelling her to stay in the revealing position I had engineered. I inspected her cleavage and the upper surface of her full creamy breasts and let her see, so that she was in no doubt, that I was looking down into her bosom. I released the cup and she sat back with relief, her cheeks stained a little more with a delicate flush. I smiled at her.

She smiled back nervously and I rapidly took her through her application form and C.V. It immediately became apparent that if anything Suzanne had understated her talents and I could see great possibilities in her. I excused myself for a moment and went to the outer office where I told my secretary to postpone the interviews for the other two applicants for the position but to keep them on stand-by. I re-entered my large office still carrying her application form and sat down again opposite Suzanne, placing it on the table in front of me. My coffee cup was empty and I glanced at it and then at Suzanne.

She immediately got the message and moved forward on the settee allowing me anther glimpse into the mysterious darkness of the juncture of her thighs under her short skirt before leaning forward to pour my coffee and unavoidably displaying her cleavage and the promise of her lush curves to my appreciative eye again. I smiled at her and let her lean further forward to hand me the cup. As I took it I looked from her eyes deliberately into the depths of her cleavage again. She blushed more deeply as she relinquished the cup and sat back with evident relief against the upholstered back of the settee.

I took a sip of coffee and began to outline to Suzanne the responsibilities of the position for which she had applied and for which I was beginning to think that she was supremely qualified in all aspects. She showed an engaging eagerness and I was beginning to feel very pleased. I put my cup down and got up from my chair and went to stand at the window looking out over London. I considered all aspects and realised that all things being equal I had found my P.A. However, there was still one large component to the interview that Suzanne would not have predicted and could not have prepared for. First however, she needed a carrot. I discussed the salary that she had specified and told her that I considered this to be an executive position for which the rewards should be commensurate with the responsibility of the post and that the successful applicant would receive a salary twenty-five per cent higher than she could ever have expected and considerably higher than that which she had specified. She gave a little gasp of shock and blushed more deeply. I smiled at her confusion and said,

"Now Miss Price, I think it is appropriate for me to call you 'Suzanne', don't you?"

She smiled back and nodded gaining control of herself again. Now was the time to begin to exert some gentle pressure. I looked into her blue eyes and said quietly,

"Suzanne, this is a very responsible position and we are going to have get to know one another very well indeed as we shall be working very closely and depending on one another. I like to know the families of my employees and to try to understand the pressures of their lives outside the office. I see that you are unmarried. Do you live alone?"

Suzanne smiled at me, clearly relaxing and told me that since she had come down from University she had been living with her parents as she was saving up for a flat. I thought about this for a moment and decided that I should enjoy seeing her in her home setting before I finally made up my mind.

"It would be rather nice if you were to invite me to dinner at your home tonight if this causes you and your parents no difficulty because of the short notice. I have to go away tomorrow. This will be the second interview. If all goes well I will be happy to offer you the position on a six month trial period. I understand from your application form that you are available immediately"

She flushed with childish pleasure, nodded and thanked me in her rather well modulated voice but looked rather stunned at my sudden demand. I gave her no chance to think about it but stood and waited for her to follow suit. She rose elegantly to her feet and smoothed down her skirt over her hips. I offered her my hand taking her small cool fingers in mine and smiled into her eyes. I let her telephone her mother from my desk and the arrangements were quickly concluded. I smiled into her eyes.

"I will be at your house at eight o'clock for dinner Suzanne, I will see you again then." I said and released her hand.

She smiled uncertainly, wished me 'good-bye' and turned and walked to the door. For the first time I saw her back view and it was not a disappointment. Her womanly curves were even more evident from behind and her bottom looked full and promising under the tight short skirt. Just as she was about to close the door she took a last quick glance at me and saw me steadily watching her. She gave a last nervous smile and closed the door gently. I smiled with satisfaction. I felt that I had found my P.A. and I looked forward to finally assessing her over dinner. I did not think that I had made a mistake but in these matters I always like to be as certain as possible.

I sat at my desk making a few notes. I was still coming to grips with the organisation and clearly several key changes were necessary. I had arranged for ten o'clock a meeting with the Director of Human Resources for the Group and I had my notes ready either in my head or on paper. The discreet tone from my communication centre told me that he was in my outer office. I pressed a key and my secretary showed him in. I spent the rest of the morning with him going over the company structure and pointing out where I felt there were weaknesses. Just before lunch I came to my personal appointments. I told him that I was in the process of appointing my P.A. and that she would need an secretary. I left it to him to provide me with three short-listed names to be interviewed by Suzanne and himself while I was away.

I also told him that I was unhappy with my secretary and that I wanted an immediate change. I rode over his misgivings and stated that whatever the cost of her separation package I wanted her out and a new secretary, more to my taste, in post by the beginning of the next week, when I returned to the office. His mouth dropped open as he considered what this would cost in compensation. I waved his concerns away and told to set up interviews for the following morning but that I would select my secretary. He looked a little shell-shocked as he gathered his papers and left the room.

I stood for a moment looking out of the window over London and considered the morning's events with satisfaction. It could hardly have gone better. I went to my bathroom and freshened up before going out for a quick light lunch. I had a Board Meeting at two o'clock which would fully occupy my afternoon. The afternoon went very smoothly as I introduced the Board to my plans for my new Company and wound the meeting up without allowing time for discussion. They would soon learn that there was only one man in charge. I looked around at the five Board members. There were all in the late thirties or early forties and Simon, the Director of Human Resources and the oldest, looked about fifty. I wondered about their wives and families and plans and possibilities began to develop in my mind for them all. This Company was going to become my private playground and hunting preserve and their lives and the lives of their families would be irrevocably changed by their contact with me. I wound the meeting up rather peremptorily at four o'clock, returned to my office and ordered a limousine.

I was quickly chauffeured to Harrod's where I visited one of two departments and made some purchases that I would need for the evening before having myself driven back to my office.

I glanced at my watch as I entered the building and saw that it was now just after five o'clock. I went to my office and passed straight through to my bedroom where I changed into a tracksuit and went to the basement of the building where I spent about three quarters of an hour in the gym undergoing a vigorous work-out. I left the gym and went next door to the small but luxurious swimming pool and after a brisk swim I opened the door of the well-appointed sauna. I was alone and I stripped and had a long energy-giving sauna as I planned the future.

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