tagFirst TimeThe Panty Girls Society

The Panty Girls Society


Jazzie had been having some kind of confab with her friends over at their own lunch table. That was OK with me - I’d never been a really social type of girl. I was eating alone, trying to get caught up on my advanced sociology paper. Our assignment was to write about ‘The Influence of Walt Disney on American Values.’ I was trying to draw a line between Donald Duck going around pantsless and promiscuous teenagers when Jazzie came over and sat down with me.

Jazzie was the closest thing I had to a friend who was one of the cool girls. You know the ones; the class leaders, the cheerleaders, the bimbos. Jazzie wasn’t one of in crowd, but you always got the feeling that she could have been if only she’d wanted to. She belonged instead to the cooler-than-cool bunch.

Jazzie usually hung out with her own little clique, a group of girls too cool to hang with the in crowd. Like her closest friends, Cheryl, Ashley, and Jill, Jazzie exuded an attitude that said, ‘take me or leave me.’ They were all friendly enough, and had even been known to accept dates with some of the popular boys who were always after them. All four were smart and pretty, and the mysterious thing to me was how often they all wore a similar little smile, just a hint of some shared secret.

Jazzie was really cute, even though she always dressed like she was some kind of goth wannabe. Her clothes were mostly black, and if she had worn all kinds of body piercings you wouldn’t have been surprised. But she didn’t go for that stuff. Her one big affectation was her hair. It was short and black and always looked just a little wild. But she had dyed alternating sections of it bright red. This one splash of color in her otherwise somber look made her way hot.

As she sat down at my table, Jazzie smiled and without preamble said, “Did you ever hear of the PGS?”

I giggled. “Is that old story floating around again? Supposedly it’s just some secret girls club. I’ve just heard rumors and whispers. Missy Tillson told me that the ‘P’ stands for panties, and that these grils go on panty raids or something. Personally, I think the whole thing’s just the product of some horny boy’s wet dream.”

Jazzie waited for me to look straight at her and make eye contact. She smiled at me and shook her head slowly. “Nope,” she said grinning. Jazzie looked around to see if anybody was listening, and then leaned in closer and whispered to me.

“I’m a card carrying member, and I just nominated you for membership.”

“What?” I said, my voice dripping with a combination of disdain and disbelief.

“I’m not kidding. The girls and I want you to be a member of our little club.” Jazzie nodded over at the table where her friends were sitting. They all smiled and gave me a little wave. “Of course, we don’t let just anybody in, and there is an initiation.”

“Ewwww! I don’t think I want to be part of any panty club. What is it? I mean, what is it exactly that you do?”

“Well, it’s pretty much a secret. We can’t tell you until you join. Those are the rules. But its way cool, and you’d be perfect.” That wasn’t exactly the answer I wanted. All the same, I found myself a little enticed. Panty Club? There were definitely some possibilities there. I was still a virgin, but I had discovered my pussy some years before and I enjoyed a very close relationship with it. Maybe it was time to move it out into the real world. Besides, she didn’t actually say anything about sex, just panties.

Jazzie broke my reverie. “We don’t ask just anybody, you know. You should be kind of flattered.”

I was, I guess. I mean what girl doesn’t want to be part of a secret club? Besides, Jazzie and her friends were the coolest girls in school. The ones that the popular girls just wished they could be. Though we weren’t really close, Jazzie and I had been out on a few double dates and even gone shopping once. She was really friendly, and that smile of hers had broken more than one boys heart. Maybe I was going to find out just what she was smiling about.

Jazzie put her hand on mine. “Come on! I wouldn’t have nominated you if I didn’t think you had the right stuff. It’s lots of fun, I promise. I really want you there. Please?” She waited expectantly.

“Yeah, OK.”

“Great! You won’t regret it. It’ll be a lot of fun, I promise. Remember, this is a secret club, so no blabbing to anybody. We’re meeting at Cheryl’s house at five o’clock. Her mom has to work late and won’t be home until seven.” I was about to ask her why that mattered when the passing bell rang and Jazzie stood to go. “One more thing,” she said, smiling over her shoulder as she left for class, “Wear clean panties.”

Full of curiosity and not a little trepidation I appeared at Cheryl’s at the appointed hour. I had dutifully scooted home after swimming practice and changed into clean underwear. I had the tiniest pleasurable tingle in my pussy, but it was pretty much offset by anxiety about my initiation. Panty club? What in heaven’s name were they going to ask me to do?

All four girls greeted me at the door. They had all kicked off their shoes stood there in their stocking feet. They had me do the same, and I left my shoes in the pile by the door. There was some kidding me about joining the club, and Ashley said that they’d been wanting to ask me for weeks. When I asked her why, they all just giggled at me, and Cheryl said that it was because I was perfect for them.

It soon became apparent that Cheryl was the leader of the group. The others deferred to her in a quiet way, and she did most of the talking as we walked towards the living room.

Cheryl was the one of the bunch who almost passed for being “in.” She actually was a cheerleader, and even had her cheerleader outfit on today. Those of us who knew her knew that she could have been the head cheerleader instead of Silvy Watkins, if only she’d wanted to. Cheryl had the cheerleader blonde mane, but she didn’t have the anorexic figure of the other girls. She was a little heavier, a little curvier. But she could kick as high as any of them, and I knew for a fact that lots of the boys had hit on her unsuccessfully.

I followed her and Jazzie into the living room, wondering what I had let myself in for. Ashley and Jill followed, all whispers and giggles. They had moved some of the living room furniture around so that they could all sit in a row. They all smiled at me and bade me to sit down in the chair facing them. Cheryl called the meeting to order, and then began speaking in a somber tone as if quoting from some unwritten rule book.

“As you know,” Cheryl said, “You have been invited to join the Panty Girls Society. It’s a very secret club, and because of that you will have to pass a two stage initiation in order to prove your worthiness. If you pass, you will become a card-carrying, full fledged, boon receiving official member of the Panty Girls Society, with all of the attendant rights and privileges pertaining thereto.”

Obviously rehearsed, the other three girls chanted in a monotone, “Pan-ty. Pan-ty. Pan-ty.” They all broke out laughing, knowing just how ridiculous their mantra was. I can’t say that I relaxed any, but I began to think that maybe I wasn’t going to have to eat worms or steal underwear or anything like that in order to pass the initiation.

Jill spoke up next. She was a really quiet girl, and the one of the bunch most likely to be a model. Short dark hair, skinny figure, high cheekbones. She dressed the part of a rich yuppie, in plaid skirts and sweaters. But she kept her classic good looks tucked away in the library, where she seemed to spend all of her time. “We just have to get a promise first. You see, one of our candidates a while ago bailed out on us.”

“Yeah,” said Jazzie. “She didn’t finish her initiation, and then she went and blabbed around school. That’s where most of those rumors came from.”

“And we don’t want you to say that you’ll try out for the club and then bail on us.” This from Cheryl. “We’ll want your most sincere promise that you won’t back down, and you’ll try your best to pass our initiation.”

Ashley spoke up. She’s a petite skinny girl with big eyes. Some of the boys say she looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Don’t worry. It’s not hard. It’s even fun”. They all chuckled at that. “You may get a little embarrassed, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Definitely,” said Jill.

Then Cheryl said, “So, do we have your best promise? “Cause if you don’t want to, you can just get up and leave now.”

Jazzie was mouthing ‘please’ at me, with a hopeful look on her face.

A secret club with the four coolest girls in the school as members was asking me to join. I may have paused to look like I was thinking about it, but I don’t think that I really ever had a real choice in the matter. “OK,” I said, trying not to sound as enthusiastic as I felt.

“You promise,” asked Cheryl.

“I promise.” Apparently that sealed my fate. All four of them looked at each other, and then stood up. I can’t say that I was totally surprised, but I was definitely totally embarrassed when they all began to unfasten their clothes. Jill unsnapped her green plaid skirt, Cheryl unzipped the back of her cheerleader outfit. Jazzie was wearing a short skirt over a pair of black tights, and she began to shimmy the skirt and then the tights down. Ashley unfastened her jeans and slid them down.

In a moment all four girls were standing before me wearing nothing below the waist but socks and matching bright red satin panties. I was so embarrassed I covered my blushing face with my hands. As they stood there before me, obviously waiting, I finally took my hands down.

“Well,” I said, not knowing what to say.

Once they were sure that I was watching again, Cheryl, Jazzie, Ashley and Jill all looked at each other wearing big smiles. Then they all hooked their thumbs under the red panties and slowly peeled them off.

If I thought I was embarrassed before, it was nothing compared to what I was now. Four girls had just taken off their panties so that I could see their naked slits. And that wasn’t all - all four of them had perfectly shaved pussies! There wasn’t a hint of fuzz to be seen. They all struck different poses with their hips shot out and their legs spread just enough that I could get a good look. They all giggled as they enjoyed my speechless embarrassment. I was still blushing furiously, but I was determined to try and stay as cool as these girls. They might not want me for a member if I couldn’t keep my composure.

“Well,” I said.

Cheryl reached down and gave her pussy a languid caress, drawing my eyes toward her puffy slit, which was bare as a baby’s bottom. “Can you guess what the first part of your initiation is?”

Suddenly I had a big lump in my throat, and try as I might, I just couldn’t say anything. Not that my conversation had been exactly scintillating lately anyhow. I finally swallowed and regained enough voice to say “You want me to…….” I kind of waved my hand towards the four bare pussies.

They all giggled. “Not exactly,” Jazzie said. She and Cheryl turned to walk to the other chairs by the fireplace. As they walked away from me I jealously noticed that Jazzie had a truly taut and well-shaped ass.

Meanwhile Ashley and Jill came over and helped me up by holding my arms. With a girl wearing nothing but a sweater on my left and a girl naked except for a blouse on my right we followed Cheryl and Jazzie. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was being paraded around by two half naked girls following two other half naked girls! I couldn’t stop blushing, and I guessed that maybe they were going to want to watch me shave myself.

Ashley and Jill walked me over to the fireplace, and we stood there in a little row. They didn’t let go of my arms, though.

Cheryl took a step over and stood in front of me wearing nothing but her sports bra and socks. She stepped close enough to kiss me, which to my everlasting surprise was not an entirely terrible notion. But with a wicked smile Cheryl reached out and began to unsnap my jeans. I impulsively drew my hips away, but I was being held tightly and I couldn’t go far. She pretended to pout by sticking out her lower lip and said, “Remember? You promised.” She had me there. So I stood up straight, and Cheryl smiled at me as she looked in my eyes and for the first time in my life, I let a girl undress me.

Cheryl skinned my jeans down, and then bent over and helped me step out of them. While she was on her knees she reached up and slowly pulled my panties down and off. Then she reached up between my legs and tickled my golden pussy hair. “This has got to go.”

They all giggled, and Cheryl got up and went to a table and picked up a shaving brush and mug which had obviously already been put there. She started twirling the brush and working up a lather. “Hope you trust me,” she giggled.

Jazzie came up behind me and wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. She whispered in on ear, “Part of the initiation, baby.” And Ashley whispered in the other, “It makes it easier. Now come this way.”

Jill and Ashley positioned me laying down on the floor, one of them kneeling on either side of me. They made soft cooing noises, interspersed with involuntary giggles. They all seemed to be talking at once, mostly complimentary chitchat about my body and reassuring me about Cheryl’s shaving technique. Ohmigod! They didn’t want me to do it - Cheryl was going to shave me! Jill said, “Look! Her whole body is blushing!” and they all giggled.

I realized that Jazzie must have sat on the floor too, because she lifted my head and put it in her lap. I’d never had my head on a girl’s bare leg before, and I was kind of surprised when I realized that I liked it. She began stroking my forehead, calming my nervousness as Jill and Ashley held my hands.

I could hear the wet sound of Cheryl whipping up some lather in the shaving mug. When the sound stopped, Ashley and Jill put their hands under my knees and lifted them towards my chest. Suddenly I was in the missionary position, looking for all the world as if I was waiting for some boy to jump on for a ride. Thanks to the blindfold I couldn’t see, and all of my attention was suddenly riveted on my bare pussy awaiting its fate. I never felt so exposed in all my life.

Jill and Ashley slid their hands around, tucking my knees under their arms and holding my legs wide. The electric shock of them touching my inner thigh so close to my pussy jolted my whole body, and I realized with a start that I was actually becoming wet. God, I hoped I wasn’t going to cum or anything.

I heard the sound of Cheryl’s voice from between my legs. “Now this won’t hurt a bit.” The anticipation just about drove me crazy until I felt the soft bristles of the warm lathered brush touch my pubes. God, it felt so good. Cheryl began swirling it around, wider and wider, slowly stirring the soft brush around my slit and stopping occasionally to get more lather from the cup. She made sure that she got each and every hair of my pussy thoroughly covered in lather. Every time the brush flicked over my flaming clit it drove me crazy. Each stroke was driving me closer and closer to an orgasm. Was this what they wanted? Was I supposed to cum in front of the Panty Club? Surely it didn’t take this much brushing just to get me ready for shaving?

I had actually begun panting a little and wiggling against the two girls who were holding me when Cheryl took pity on me and stopped brushing. “Now hold still,” she said. I waited for one long and eternal moment, and then I felt the razor’s first stroke. Then another. And another. A chill went down my spine as I realized just where I was - held spread eagled by three half naked girls while another shave my naked pussy and all of them acting like this was an everyday occurrence!

Of course Cheryl had to caress my bare skin after each razor stroke to be sure that she hadn’t missed any stray fuzz. I have to admit she was very thorough, slowly checking every millimeter of my puffy red lips. She sure was taking a lot of time, wasn’t she? The wetness from my pussy had to be mixing with the lather, but she didn’t let that stop her. Her constant stroking kept me on the edge, and I kept thinking that just one more slippery rub was going to make me cum for sure, but somehow it never did. In only a very short time my pussy was as naked as the day I was born.

“All done!” she suddenly said. I felt a soft warm towel wipe my pussy and thighs. The cool air on my newly naked pussy felt delicious, and I could feel tiny beads of cum dripping down from my slit towards my asshole.

The girls helped me to sit up, and Jazzie took off the blindfold. I didn’t know if I was glad it was over or not. Part of me was actually hoping for the orgasm, even in front of a bunch of girls. I was definitely going to have to whack myself off when I got home. I do know that I was still blushing uncontrollably. All the girls started clapping as if I had actually done something instead of just lay there with my legs spread.

Jazzie, who was sitting there in like an Indian, unconcerned that her pussy was totally exposed, reached under one of the pillows and brought out a small flat box. “For having passed the first part of your initiation, you are awarded the order of the red panty,” she intoned. She leaned forward and handed me the box and everybody cheered and clapped.

I took the box and opened it up, and (no surprise here) inside was a pair of red silk panties.

“Your size, I believe,” said Ashley.

“You can put ‘em on, now,” said Jill. “We’ve discovered that if you’re going to go around clean shaven, then silk is the only way to go.” They all murmured their agreement, but I noticed that none of them reached for their panties.

Obviously I was still way more embarrassed sitting there than any of them were, and I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to cover myself back up. I stood up and shimmied them on. The cool silk against my naked pussy did indeed feel heavenly, and I made a mental note - buy lots more silk panties. I almost reached down and gave my poor pussy a caress through the silk, but I stopped just in time. Noticing them all looking at me expectantly, I struck a pose, even though it caused me to blush from head to toe. They all clapped and I got a wolf whistle or two, and then they pulled me down to sit next to them.

“Well,” Cheryl said, speaking slowly to drag out the moment. “You’ve passed the first part of your initiation. Now comes the fun part.” Clearly enjoying herself, Cheryl looked at the other girls before she dropped the other shoe. “You have to bring us back a sample.”

“Sample what?” I said.

They all looked at each other. This was clearly the make or break part of the initiation, and there was a pause as they decided how to proceed.

“Who’s your favorite boy?” asked Jill.

“What?” I asked. They wanted me to bring back my favorite boy?

“Who’s your favorite boy?” asked Jazzie. “Who would you most like to go out on a date with. Who would you most like to kiss? Who do you dream about at night?”

“And we’re not talking about Matt Damon, either. It has to be somebody from school,” said Cheryl.

“Yeah,” said Ashley.

Most of my masturbatory fantasies lately had revolved around Tommy Preston. He was one of the boys on the swim team. Unlike the other teens, he had a body more like an older guy. You know, not so gangly, and a little more muscled. He was pretty sharp, and we’d had our first date the week before. He’d kissed me when he dropped me off, and the thought of going further with him had kept my fingers busy and my pussy cumming ever since.

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