tagIllustratedThe Panty Thief

The Panty Thief


Three years ago my husband found a much younger woman and subjected me to the humiliating experience of being replaced by the proverbial trophy wife.

We had married very early in life and I was sure that we would spend our golden years together.

Although I am in my early 40's and in very good shape, it seems that his desire for a 20 something year old bottle blonde with fake boobs was too much to resist.

I felt so betrayed and humiliated that I swore I would never trust a man again.

My ex is a very successful businessman, so our divorce settlement only requires me to work part time. Although the time to myself was not exactly a blessing as I find myself obsessed with thinking about him and vowing to never let anything like this happen to me again.

Around the same time as my divorce I had new neighbors move into the neighborhood. They are transplants from India, who came to the U.S. as it provided them better opportunities than their homeland.

They stayed to themselves pretty much for the two years, however I would keep bumping into Mrs. Sahira at the local grocery store so I finally introduced myself. It became the start of a wonderful friendship.

I have become quite fond of Mrs. Sahira (Idha) and thoroughly enjoy her visits to my house as we can easily spend an entire afternoon talking about life, love, and other things.

My newfound relationship with Idha has been a godsend.

Lately however her son, Badri, has been accompanying her on her visits.

Badri uses his American name Dave as a way to better simulate into our society.

Dave is 22 years old and a recent college graduate with plans to work in the computer industry.

He still lives at home hoping to find a job that will allow him to get his own place.

He has dark skin with very thick jet-black hair and almond eyes that make him quite attractive. He is of slight build standing almost 6 feet tall.

Dave is quite intelligent and soft-spoken preferring to observe rather than to share in a conversation.

He always gives me a sense of sexual repression when I am around him.

Since I am home a lot, I have had a tendency to notice Dave as he helps with yard work and other things. He doesn't seem to have many friends keeping pretty much to himself.

I have also noticed how he always notices me whenever I am outside.

It is funny to have such a young man almost ogling me across the driveways.

Whenever he joins his mother for a visit, he will sit quietly listening to our conversation watching me with an intensity that is almost sexual.

I have noticed that whenever I am wearing a skirt, he will discreetly look at my legs, which I will admit has been a bit of an ego boost for me considering my age and circumstances.

I find that I wear shorter skirts when I know that they are coming over and will purposely cross and uncross my legs as I am aware that Dave is watching them, which is pretty much all of the time. His very subtle facial reactions have been a joy for me to observe as I can tell immediately when I have shown him a little more than my legs.

His reaction occasionally leaves a telltale sign, as his pants will stick up in front while he is sitting opposite me, providing me another little lift to my wounded ego.

Lately Dave has had a tendency to disappear for 20 minutes into the bathroom, whenever they are visiting. Other than "duty calls" I suspected nothing until recently, when I noticed the panties in my laundry hamper had been gone through with a pair missing.

I reacted quite negatively to the thought that he was stealing my panties to do God knows what with and decided that I would lay a little trap the next time that he accompanied his mother to my house.

I placed my sexiest little panties into the hamper towards the bottom so they were hard to find without a thorough search.

As usual about half way through our conversation, Dave excused himself to use the bathroom.

When he finally came back into the living room, I noticed a change in his demeanor. He seemed much more nervous then I had ever seen and anxious to be on his way.

After they had gone, I quickly went into the bathroom and explored the laundry hamper. Sure enough my panties had been sorted through. As I pulled each pair out of the hamper, I found my leopard print string bikini ones had been used to masturbate into as they now had a thick creamy deposit of man juice in the crotch where only my own personal secretions should have been.

I was outraged, feeling both violated and abused by this little pervert. How could he even think of masturbating into my panties and then sneaking off with his tail between his legs or was it his penis.

My repressed feelings regarding my husband came out in full force as I raged at the abuse that men perpetrate upon women and how we just meekly stand by and take it.

I am ashamed to say that all of my anger was being displaced onto Dave as I longed to make an example of him in my desire for vengeance.

Thank goodness as the time passed a somewhat cooler head prevailed, so I decided to leave him with his male member intact, but I still was not going to let his vile act go unpunished.

I threw my undies into the washer after a thorough rinsing and removed his DNA sample from the crotch.

At the same time I realized that I had never noticed any unexpected deposits before until I put my leopard print panties into the hamper.

This might be worth a little test as well as satisfy my need for revenge.

I again placed all of my worn panties in the bottom of the hamper making sure to not wash them prior to Dave returning to the scene of his crime.

By the end of the week Idha and Dave again appeared on my doorstep.

I wore a very short denim mini skirt that easily would show my panties off.

I had worn my bright red string bikini panties as I thought the color was sure to catch his eye providing a guarantee that he would want to repeat his bathroom performance.

Dave had every opportunity to see my red silk covered crotch as I opened my legs with every gesture and movement.

It wasn't long before Dave excused himself to use my bathroom.

I could tell that the poor boy was in distress. His single horn had resurfaced quite prominently to my devious satisfaction and I knew that he was leaving to seek some relief.

He reappeared about 20 minutes later with a sheepish grin on his face. It was quite obvious to me that he had again left his mark in the bathroom.

Sure enough my leopard print had been splashed with his thick and gooey excretion.

This is probably a funny thing to admit, but I was rather impressed by the amount of fluid he had left. It seemed like a sticky verification of my sexiness.

My emotions were all over the place, as I was alternately flattered and disgusted.

He must suspect that I know, as he hadn't tried to hide the evidence or does he want me to see it?

I realized that this must be what a fetish is.

I searched "fetish" on line and read that this very probably was a demonstration of his attraction to me despite our significant age difference.

Again I found myself somewhat amused and flattered.

But it still irked me that he could act in such a deviant manner despoiling my undergarments so to speak.

I once again felt the now familiar emotions of being abased by men and wanted my revenge.

Surprisingly my chance came along sooner than expected.

A few days later Dave and Idha were again in my house for a visit and this time after Dave excused himself to use the bathroom, I waited about 5 minutes and excused myself to Idha.

I snuck down the hallway to the bathroom reaching for the doorknob to find it unlocked. As I slowly opened it I could see Dave sitting on the toilet seat with his pants and underwear bunched around his ankles.

He had a pair of my black nylon bikini panties in his right hand and was using it to stroke his blood infused erection.

If I hadn't been so upset I would have considered it quite erotic to see such a young man pleasuring himself with a pair of my panties.

But my mind and mood were definitely elsewhere as I silently stormed into the bathroom grabbing my panties with one hand and applying a good slap on his quivering erection with the other.

Droplets of opaque sexual arousal splattered onto my shower curtain as I slapped his fleshy protrusion again.

He bit his lip in a concerted effort to not make a sound that would alert his mother.

The feel of his warm skin against my hand send an unexpected shiver through my body as I realized how long it had been since I had seen or touched a man's personal place.

I ignored the feeling and grabbed him by his helmet-wearing monster pulling him up from his sitting position.

He moaned from the sensation caused by my firm grip as I whispered to him, that I expected him to be at my front door tomorrow morning precisely at 10:00.

I tucked the pair of panties into the pocket of my skirt and returned to Dave's mother who was oblivious to what had just occurred between her son and myself.

Shortly thereafter Dave came back into the room and sat there looking shocked and dejected.

When it was time for them to leave, I pulled the black panties from my pocket so only Dave could see them and whispered to him, "Tomorrow at 10:00," as they left my house.

After they left I stripped down putting on my leopard print panties and lay on the bed reaching into the side table drawer to extract my "little helper" from the nightstand.

As I applied the vibrator between my legs I made sure to get my panties nice and sticky as they had a key role to play in my plans for Dave.

My orgasm(s) were incredibly intense leaving me breathless and yearning for the real thing.

It was difficult for me to discern whether my excitement was from seeing Dave stroking his member or my plans for revenge.

All night I tossed and turned as I remembered the feel of his stiff but pliable flesh in my hand arousing some long repressed desires.

I tried to stay focused on the next day and my plans to teach Dave a lesson, but parts of my anatomy seemed to have other needs.

I awoke early and anxiously looking forward to the scheduled time, although my need for revenge was transforming into a more basic animal need for passion.

Precisely at 10:00, I answered a knock on my door and Dave stood their sheep eyed and remorseful as I let him into the house.

I ordered him to go into the bathroom and undress completely.

I went into my bedroom and retrieved my very moist and fragrant leopard print panties from the plastic zip lock where I had stored them from the night before and at the last moment placed a large dollop of hand lotion in the palm of my hand before I walked to the bathroom.

I had purposely put on a cream colored silk dress that was almost transparent in any artificial or natural light wearing my sexiest white bra and string bikini set underneath.

Dave was standing almost cowering next to the bathtub, however when he saw me in the bathroom light his physical response was quite incredible.

He tried to hide the sudden appearance of his male pole by placing his hands over it causing me to laugh over the inadequacy of his effort.

I told him to lower his hands to his side and face the mirror above the sink. I moved behind him placing my very aromatic leopard print over his nose and mouth like an old time anesthesia mask.

He took a long breath inhaling my sexual aroma as I rubbed my soaked panties over his face.

His erection stiffened further quivering in anticipation.

I grabbed it just below its smooth mushroom head applying the hand lotion down along its pliable shaft and heard him moan in delectation as I pressed my silk-covered mound into his bare cheeks.

Once his axle was thoroughly greased I took my hand and slapped him quite soundly across his bottom, causing him to release a loud plaint of protest.

I responded with another sound smack to his bare cheeks watching him squeeze his gluteus together to lessen the pain and at the same time push his pelvis forward to avoid any further spanking.

As I pulled my hand back to apply another swat to his exposed bottom I was able to see that his penis was now pointing almost vertical in response to my physical admonitions.

I applied more pressure to his face with my pungent panties and again took a hold of his rod as I started to stroke it from stem to stern.

Within a short time Dave was moving his pelvis in the same rhythmic motion as my stroking.

I dropped my leopard print panties into Dave's hand and resumed spanking and stroking him thus controlling his pelvic thrusts as he pushed forward to avoid the smacks on his rear and at the same time experience the maximum effect of my lotioned hand along his manhood.

What began as yelps mixed with cries for me to stop soon were replaced by deep moans of ecstasy.

I was so excited that I could feel my lower lips swelling in reaction to the activity as my sexual juices started flowing freely into my panties.

His eyes opened wide as he sucked in a mouthful of air in unexpected surprise as a most glorious stream of hot creamy excretion spurted onto my bathroom mirror slowly oozing down its long expanse only to be joined by another and another and another spew of liquid sex until my private pervert was completely spent crouching limp and languid on my bathroom floor.

My sink and mirror looked like a scene from an out of control porno as they were splashed with his milky ejaculate.

I threw him a washcloth and told him to clean up his mess before I returned, as I wasn't finished with him just yet.

I then went into my bedroom stripping down to just my sheer white demicup bra, matching white sheer front string bikini panties, and white high heels.

This was not anything like my original plan as I was being taken over by a longing for confirmation of my sexuality and an overwhelming need for release.

When I returned to the bathroom everything was back to its original state although Dave was again holding my leopard print panties in his hand and I noticed his organ was again getting ready to play.

I pushed him back down onto the toilet lid and commanded him to start stroking himself with my panties.

His recovery was quite astounding as within a minute or less he was fully reformed and breathing like a freight train.

After watching him for a while, which had a profound effect on my own arousal, I grabbed two good handfuls of his thick black hair and pushed my sheer front panties full into his face making sure that my crotch was lined up precisely with his chin.

I purposely covered his mouth with my soaked crotch forcing him to open his mouth wide for air.

Each time he took in a lungful, I pushed his jutting chin firmly against my oversensitive nub rolling it back and forth across the bone.

The feeling was exquisite as I used him like my own personal massager.

As I pushed my pelvis forward for the fifth or sixth time, his mouth opened emitting that same loud groan from earlier and he filled my leopard print undies with another load of sexual cream.

I smothered his groans of ecstasy with my now soaked mound.

Much to my surprise and embarrassment, I found myself further aroused by his orgasmic groans and started to vigorously and uncontrollably rub my lower lips on his face.

His face became slick with my own sexual emissions.

I am not sure if this is a proper form of tit for tat, but it sure felt good as my body rocked and rolled across his face until I was emanating my own jungle moans of raw ecstasy.

I felt every muscle in my body tighten and my back arch as the orgasmic train came into the station.

I pulled hard on his hair forcing his face deeper into the white nylon and convulsed and spasmed luxuriating in a long overdue release of my sexual tension.

The feeling was incredible as my ah's and oh's reverberated off the tile. I am not sure how he was able to breathe with my pelvis clamped firmly onto his face and truthfully didn't care.

My breasts were heaving as I gasped for more air and my legs were shaking from my physical efforts.

As the spasms slowly left my body, I released my two fisted grip of his hair and stepped away from his seated body.

My legs were like liquid as I struggled to remain standing.

I told Dave to thoroughly rinse out my leopard print panties as I returned to my bedroom to get dressed.

After he had completed his task and got dressed, I walked him to the door stuffing my white sheer front string bikini panties into his mouth and telling him that I expected his presence at my back door every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. or his parents would find out what a little deviant he was.

And he was to be wearing my panties.

I am happy to say that not only has he been quite prompt in his weekly panty appearances, but also quite enthusiastic.

Although my faith in mankind has still been sorely tested I have my own little 22-year-old pervert boy toy to keep the fires burning.

I hope that my nightstand "Little helper" doesn't feel neglected, as I haven't had to use it for quite some time.

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remove the panties

forget the censored pictures show some skin

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