tagFetishThe Party Ch. 06

The Party Ch. 06



After Annie and I had said our "thank-yous" to the departing driver, our host dug into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and produced a black magic marker not unlike a Sharpie pen. He instructed Annie to stand before him with her hands clasped behind her neck and her legs slightly spread. As she complied, he proceeded to draw the number three in four locations on Annie's perfect skin: her right shoulder, her left hip, her right ass cheek and, finally, just above the nipple of her left breast. His hand rested comfortably for an extended moment on her left breast as he drew the number and Annie's nipples responded instantly. I could tell that she was already excited to near orgasmic fervor from her previous maltreatment by the taxi driver and we hadn't, as of yet, even entered the main part of the house.

Having finished making Annie look like she was ready to partake in a nude triathlon, the Black man turned his attention and that of his magic marker to me. I was ordered to stand with my hands clasped behind my back in the same manner as Annie had and I nervously complied with the order. He drew on me without regard to style or grace and, when his drawing was done, he had inscribed the number three in the same four places on me as he had on Annie. We were commanded to keep our hands behind our backs and to spread our legs to about shoulder width.

The black man surveyed his handiwork with apparent satisfaction. From that moment on, he said, "You are now Mr. Three and Ms. Three, no longer worthy even of a name."

After the numbers had been inscribed on our naked skin, for the first time a black woman, also quite tall, lithe, attractive and nicely dressed, appeared.

The black gentleman instructed me, "Go with this woman and to follow her directions."

Annie was to follow him and do as he initiated. We were going to be

separated for the first time in the Strangers' house and I was instantly apprehensive. I had always considered myself Annie's protector and now I was seeing her led off in the grasp and control of a man I'd barely met and didn't know. While I remained concerned, I resigned myself to trust and not to look at Annie as she followed the man down a hallway to a fate unknown to me.

I was embarrassed by the appraising look that this woman gave me, up, down and all in between, but I did as I was told and fell in line behind her. She produced another eye covering and told me she was going to cover my eyes so that I could not see; I was to keep the blindfold in place until I was allowed to remove it by either her or her husband. I closed my eyes as I had in the taxi and the blindfold was put back in place. Before leaving the foyer the woman startled me by firmly grasping my cock and balls, gently stroking my cock to a partial erection and then snickering as she instructed me to follow her to meet the others whom she called "the rest of the white entertainment." We walked a short distance, her hand tightly around my shaft and scrotum, before the woman instructed me to stop. She opened a door and thrust me, without ceremony, inside with a push on my shoulder and with the further direction, "You are not to utter a word under any circumstance and I will know if you do."

I found myself in a small room in which I was quite sure there were other persons present. I could feel that I was not alone; despite my not being able to see them, I could sense others being near. I stood still for a moment and decided that it was foolish not to at least try to find out where I was and who was in the room with me. I moved about slowly trying to feel my way around the small enclosure I was in without hurting myself by bumping into hard, immovable objects. I immediately felt a sink and determined that I was in a bathroom or other small utility room. As I cautiously explored around the small enclosure, I soon encountered flesh, hairy flesh. Another naked man was in the bathroom with me. I felt carefully to see if his eyes were also covered and he simultaneously did the same to me. We were both blindfolded and knew we did not dare speak or otherwise communicate except by feeling. I continued my exploration of the small room and soon encountered another man in the same condition as my companion and me, naked and blindfolded. The second man was standing in the bathtub or shower probably in his best effort to keep distance between himself, the other man and me. There were a total of three of us in the small bathroom at present, all naked, sightless, silent and apprehensive.

We withdrew into ourselves, separated only by the narrow distance between each of us but wanting to maintain separation from each other. I stood still and waited, silently for what seemed like perhaps half an hour. . It was much less, of course, but I had no way of knowing I noticed a bead of sweat starting at my chest and gently rolling down and across my belly. I was nervous and I presume so were the others though none of us was brave enough to discuss our situation. Eventually three more men entered the tiny bathroom, each as naked and blindfolded as we were and each as curious. Each time another man entered the room, he did as I had done when I had arrived until he became aware of our common condition at which time the new arrival would resignedly find a narrow private spot of his own and slink within his own sequestered world to await the further instructions of our hosts. In the dark and limited space, each of us simply stood still and waited. It seemed that there was nothing else to do. We could only guess about the conditions under which the women were being kept.

As the other men arrived and were ushered in, the space became so small that we were no longer able to stand completely apart and so, though we tried not to, we stood touching each other, each within our own silent, darkened space. With the arrival of the sixth man, I presumed that all of the "entertainment" was in place, remembering the original advertisement. It turned out that I was correct and we would soon learn more of our fate.

Maybe five minutes after the sixth white male arrived, our ebony female host returned to the bathroom and instructed us to form a single line facing away from the door, with each man having his hand upon the right shoulder of the man in front of him. This is an easy task if one can see and has space to maneuver, but it is somewhat more difficult when performed in cramped quarters, naked, blindfolded and trying to maintain some reasonable distance between yourself and another unclothed male. The resulting commotion and our inability to easily perform the desired function seemed to provide her with some measure of amusement. Several of the men had to climb out of the tub and all of us were cramped in the limited space of the bathroom. Eventually we were able to comply with her command and stood six in a row, each with his hand on the right shoulder of the man in front of him. I wondered if Annie was going through the same type of "fun". I later found out that her experience was identical except for the fact that her "roommates" each had breasts and pussies while mine just had dicks.

The woman then took on the commanding voice of a female drill instructor and told us to perform our best impression of an about face. We quietly complied, reversing our order. Then she told us to remove the hand from the right shoulder of the man in front of us and to, instead, reach that hand behind each of us and between the legs of the man next in line, grabbing and holding that man's scrotum or cock, as the case might be, using the reluctant right hand to accomplish the task. In my mind, I could see the elephants of a Disney movie "tightening up the line" as each of us did as commanded, uncomfortable but resigned to our fates and hoping that they were of a temporary nature. Thus bent in a strange position, each of us readied for our next detail. It was horribly humiliating to be forced by this woman to fondle another man and the blindfold now became a source of comfort to me and probably to the other men as well. That thought was short lived. She now instructed us to remove the eye covering with our free left hand.

"This", she said, "is the manner in which you will travel about together whenever you are required to do so as a group. If any of you lets go of the balls or cock of the man behind you, all of you will suffer an appropriate punishment. Do I make myself clear? You may answer."

Each of us meekly replied, "Yes, Ma'am." None of us understood what would be an appropriate punishment for letting go the balls or cock of another man and none of us inquired.

We were then allowed to remove our hands from the private areas of the other men. I noticed immediately that no one was able to look any other man who had been in that bathroom in the eye from that moment forward. We were all too embarrassed at being required to do such an act. Our embarrassment was to be quickly overcome by the next activity.

Her next order came without explanation: "Number one, front and center! Replace your blindfold." The man with the number one written on his shoulder, ass cheek, chest, and thigh was instructed to replace his blindfold over his eyes and was escorted outside the bathroom to a fate again unknown to the rest of us. I don't know about any of the others but I was struggling not to discuss the situations with which we had been presented. Only the fear of bringing down the wrath of our hosts kept me from nervously chattering at this point.

The tall, well-dressed man who had originally met Annie and me at the taxi in the driveway of the party-house, appeared and finally told us what we felt we needed to know, announcing, "Gentlemen, in the absence of Mr. One, you will, I'm sure, enjoy the company of Ms. One."

At that moment an attractive, blindfolded, naked woman with the number one written in the now familiar places was escorted into the bathroom to suffer at the hands of we five remaining perverted, and by now somewhat horny, white men.

Our host continued, "Let me introduce Ms. One. She is the better half of Mr. One who was just sent to meet your wives and significant others. You may use Ms. One sexually, but only in the mouth or in the pussy. You are not to violate her anally. You may touch her in any way that you wish. She will be with you for exactly fifteen minutes and in that time, whatever else you do with her, she must be bathed with the bath gel that she has brought with her and all of her body hair below her neck must be cleanly removed. Do I make myself clear? You may answer."

Each of us happily answered in the affirmative. Not only were we relieved of a male presence, the hosts had presented us with a gift, albeit for a short duration. We now had a toy for the next quarter of an hour and she was blindfolded and wouldn't even know who had heaped whatever disrespect upon her. The Party director left the room and Ms. One to her fate.

Quickly, our hands were all over Ms. One in a most familiar and disrespectful way. She was pretty, with long dark hair and maybe five feet six inches in height. She had a nice round bottom and decent legs, was just a bit overweight, pleasingly plump, I would have described her, with just a hint of belly and slight love handles. Her breasts were of a medium size and stood proudly from her chest as she waited for us to perform our worst. Brownish areolae, defined tan lines and a moderately heavy pubic bush completed the picture as I recall it now.

Without delay, she was probed, fondled and otherwise abused by each of us in our due time. We pinched her nipples, making them respond to our entreaties, until she gasped. We noted with glee that she was very wet between her legs. Her distended clitoris and erect nipples gave an indication that the situation was as exciting to her as it was to us.

About five minutes into our fun with Ms. One, one of the other bad boys reminded the rest of us, silently of course, that we also had duties to perform on this poor woman for which there was an imminent time constraint and for the violation of which we had been told we would suffer if those duties had not been completed when her time with us was ended. Reluctantly we stopped our play and escorted Ms. One into the shower area where we all generously wetted her down with a warm shower spray, helped her lather and rinse her entire torso.

Shaving apparatus that had also been brought along in a travel bag by Ms. One was employed by each of us and her body hair was sensuously but thoroughly removed. She was already quite smooth except in the pubic area and even that had previously been trimmed into a small triangle of light brown color. When we were done, much to our delight, she looked like a prepubescent teen, what with her naked cleft and mound. We douched her with water and a strawberry solution that had also been provided for and with her.

When she had been showered and shaved, each of us, in turn, made her suck our cock before we would allow her to leave the shower area. She was bent over the sink and all five of us used her smooth shaven cunt quickly. There wasn't time to enjoy the sexual interlude but we all wanted to feel as much of Ms. One as we could. Each of us, also anticipating that there were probably five more women coming to visit our little domain, made sure to save his orgasm for a later time. There was no use being unable to further perform so early in the day, as pitiful as our performances might be compared to those of our Superiors.

If nothing else, this part of the day-long adventure surely reinforced the old adage about variety being the spice of life. As our time with Ms. One wound down, we were sure to use a washcloth, soap and water to clean her soaking cunt and pouting, somewhat abused, pussy lips. She sparkled when we were finished with her and we were sure that our efforts would be appreciated by our hosts and their as yet unseen guests.

Too soon, the Lady Hostess returned to bring Mr. One back to our little room and to make room for the male host to remove our play toy. We had enjoyed her brief stay and looked forward to her replacement. Mr. Two was blindfolded and removed from our presence at the same time that Mr. One returned. We were shocked to notice, somewhat naively we then realized, that his entire body below the neck had been rendered hairless just as had that of his significant other. Like the mythical Sampson, his strength seemed somewhat sapped but, without the ability to discuss what had happened, we were left to our individual imaginations to wonder silently of his mistreatment and the reason for his condition. None of us told Mr. One about our time and activities with his wife, of course, or was she merely a girlfriend. In time, I suspected all of us and all of our significant others would be likewise used and abused by the other whites who had been invited to this party for similar use and abuse by the blacks.

I have since wondered often about our willingness to take advantage of the other white guests' spouses while simultaneously espousing a protective attitude toward our own significant others. The depth of our depravity on that day had only begun and its infinite possibilities were only potentials as we each awaited our turn as recipients of that abuse.

Ms. Two was then brought into our tiny hospitality suite. She was an interesting contrast to Ms. One. She was a younger woman with a full figure and magnificent, round tits with large areolae of an almost reddish hue. Because she was blindfolded, we again took advantage of the situation and pinched, stimulated and poked her to our hearts' content. We bathed and shaved her removing her more luxuriant black hair from her forearms and pubis.

Not wanting to miss any such opportunity, we also made her suck our dicks and, like Ms. One, fucked her to the extent that we wished without spoiling our appetites for the courses yet to come.

It dawned on me, brilliantly then, that the number three came after the number two, genius that I am, and I was suddenly beginning to become a bit nervous about my being given over next to the white women for preparation but I figured that the others had survived so I probably would too.

As Mr. Two returned, the hostess was ready for me and the blindfold was applied to my reluctant eyes. On our short trip to the ladies' bathroom, I was reminded to do as I was told, to keep quiet and to obey the white women while I was in their company. Last, I was handed a bag that contained, though I couldn't see them, razors, scented bath gel, and a packaged enema for my cleansing. I could feel movement in the hallway in which we were walking but didn't realize until later that Annie and I had passed within a foot or so of each other as we were exchanged for the parties with the numbers two inked onto their bodies.

Like the others, I was pushed unceremoniously into the bathroom and the women took hold of my arms and legs and spread them and told me to stand in that position. An electric shaver was immediately applied to my back, chest, arms, underarms, legs and finally my groin area. The women pinched my nipples just as we had pinched those of the women who had visited us in the men's room, weighed and played with my balls and cock and generally treated me with the same disrespect that we men had employed with the women in our control. I thought about Annie being subjected to a similar ordeal and knew that she would enjoy the attention and the treatment even as she experienced the same apprehensions I was feeling.

It was an exciting thought, thinking of my Annie being used in that manner, and I was unable to keep my penis from becoming erect or perhaps it was simply the many hands roaming over me in real time that educed that reaction. In any event, the women didn't seem very impressed with my efforts.

I was placed in the shower and soaped until a good lather was present. Then three or four of the women with razors proceeded to remove the remainder of my body hair. I again became aroused when they shaved my balls and pubic area and the women continually commented about the puniness of my male organ, indicating, without saying it, that I would certainly not make anyone but myself happy with something so small and letting me know that white dicks like mine were the reason we were all here today so that the women could see what getting fucked by a full sized cock was like. As an aside, I need to comment here that I am not small at all; average perhaps, but not small, and have a wonderful mushroom shaped head on my penis. I have pleased many women in my day, but that is for another discourse, I would guess. As it was, I was beginning to doubt myself, despite finding their conversation and their attentions invigorating.

I could feel the red flush rise from my abdomen to my chest and into my face as they continued the disparaging gestures (the reader can imagine the finger to thumb indication they made to each other in reference to my flaccid size), much to my humiliation. I was rinsed and made to lie on the floor. Each of the women took a turn placing her private parts over my face where my tongue and lips could service them as they so obviously desired. I had always convinced myself that no man was better at orally pleasing a woman than I and I did my best to perform in an incomparable manner. Several of the ladies made sure that I tasted not only their pussies but also their anal passages and I was thrilled at the opportunity to be so used though I had the impression that they felt they were taking rude advantage of my compromised situation. I was enjoying myself up until this time. It was truly a sensual experience to be so in the control of these women, exhibited naked as I was, and I was sure that my oral skills were incomparable.

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