tagBDSMThe Perfect Slave

The Perfect Slave


The wait was over as Master Jim relaxed in his easy chair and sipped coffee in front of the fireplace as it heated the room. Months of preparation has come to and end, as he was very pleased with his slave. She was very beautiful sitting next to him at his feet. A woman young but very able and capable of being the perfect slave. They had met on the internet and gone through many trying times together before she consented to become his property.

At first she could not understand the changes he wished to make with her. She had given herself fully to him in every way possible and being a lady she had known herself and how to be happy doing what she wanted to do with her life. She was now fully owned and loved by her master and sitting there at his feet she knew that this was her calling.

To bring pleasure to her man, to feel the pleasure of his passion even in torment and torture of her body she would gladly give in to every little pleasure he desired. A very changed woman from the day they had met. She was a strong lady that could take punishment and turn it into pleasure. But the changes she had gone through to make her master proud and happy were life long changes that would stay with her forever.

She was a lady of sexual pleasure even before the changes were made to her body. She could enjoy sex of any kind and the more pain she endured the more she enjoyed herself. Even before The tongue rings and the nipple rings and ever the three rings on her pussy and the hood of her clitoris she could sustain a great amount of pleasure. Her master had even thought about having her teeth pulled and replaced with beautiful new teeth that were white as the driven snow, only to be taken out at the proper time for even greater pleasure as she sucked his cock.

Except for the leather straps that adorned her body she was naked and waiting to serve him. Only a week ago she had taken a tattoo upon her back that was her true identity, a beautiful picture of a slave in her true position in life, on her knees and ready to give pleasure in any way possible.

She was always to wear the wrists bands and ankle bands around her wrists ankles so that Master Jim could bind her wrists feet in any position he desired at any time. And the color that she so loved earning and keeping on at all times was one of pride and devotion. She was truly now the perfect slave to her man and master.

She had gone through so much strife and punishment to get to this point and had so deserved and yearned her right to be there. Just feeling the caress of her master as she stayed kneeling at his feet made her smile with love and pride. She had endured the changes and the training only to realize that she would give herself to this man, this gentle master for the rest of her life.

To truly be at this point in her life was amazing, nothing matter other than the pleasure and happiness of her master. She had done well with the training and instructions given her over the past few months and she knew her master would treat her with love and respect as long as he lived.

Each day and each week that went by her master had shown his love and passion in many different ways, she knew of his love for her even as the he abused her body for his pleasure, even as he brought man after man to her to train her and develop her skills of pleasure, she was never alone in the training and usage of her body. Her master would direct the desired outcome and she would learn each and everyday in the pleasures of her master.

She was dreaming of the times he had brought several men at a time to use her openings, they would have many different sized cocks, some thick and short and some very long and thin, even at times she would have to endure cocks that were of 12 inches or greater and so thick they would make her bleed as they raped each of her pleasure holes, and the times that she would cum for her master as they ripped her open.

She even recalled the times she would pass out from deep throating these large cocks only to know that her master was there to watch as they continued to use her to cum deep in her throat. Each day and each man was a learning experience for her. She was there to learn to bring pleasure every way possible and to keep giving pleasure with each breath she took.

Often during the days her master would leave her hanging on the St Andrews Cross with dildo's in her ass and pussy until he returned home from work, only o be whipped and flogged for his entertainment. At times he would whip her until she could take no more only to know her limits and how much endurance she would handle. Her master would be so proud of her to know the power he possessed over her. Often she would even beg for more and ask to be used hard so he would know that she enjoyed being his pride and joy.

She got so used to cumming often and always alerted her master of her cumming only to be rewarded by even more abuse and even longer times she could cum hard for him. She would cum so hard at times she would not be able to stand it and pass out from the joys of being the perfect slave. She even remembered the times she took the complete Champagne bottles in her pussy knowing that she was as she held the tip of the bottle outside her pussy she would soon feel her master fucking her with them only to cum hard and long until he pulled it away from her.

He would teach her to cum from the pain he gave her and to continue to beg him for more and more until she was completely exhausted. She knew the Champagne bottles were training for things to cum and the first time she took her master huge hand she knew she was giving him pleasure as he fist fucked her until the pleasure was so great she again passed out.

Even as she kneeled before him at this moment it would be only a matter of time before her reached for her, to use one of her pleasure holes to dump his cum in. She loves his cum, it was so tasty and so thick and she knew that she was now trained to continue to bring pleasure to him long after he had cum, and to keep him not only hard but also at his multiple climax point, for she knew he loves to keep cumming time after time with the passion of a stallion and the stamina of a bull. Her tongue rings would do the trick soon and she knew this was his favorite way of using her.

With the addition of her three tongue rings she knew this was a simple task for her to do. Even as an experienced woman he never knew that the changes he had made with her that she could be even more of a pleasure whore. The nipple rings and the pussy lip rings were very nice to feel as her master use them to torture her with and the first time he tugged and her new clit ring she would not stop cumming for hours it was so sensitive and so wonderful. And the feelings continued to this day as she wished she had them installed long ago. If she would have only known the pleasure she could give and receive.

She was pleased that she did not have to endure clothes but every so often for the solid gold rings would add so much pressure that she could not stand her openings being covered. And the times her master would pull so hard on her rings that she thought he would rip them from her body she enjoyed these feelings her never could have known would be beautiful.

Now sitting there naked and ready she felt her master pull her arms back and attach them together behind her again. She knew that from this position she would be giving her master one of her hands free blow jobs that she has been trained to do so well. She would start from the cut out below her master's chair by tonguing his ass and working his balls into warm jello conditions until he pulled her up from below to use her throat for cumming.

She just loved the way he held her head with his strong hands and forced his cock to bottom out deep in her throat and she was still learning the way to use her tongue to lick his balls as he crushed his cock to her lips. She would in time be able to reach under with her tongue and lick his balls as he came down her loving slave throat she had hoped. She just loved his beautiful 9 ½ inch thick cock and to feel the thick helmet of it's head open her throat would make her cum often, even before she could manage to drain his cock and when she felt her master pulling on her nipple rings she knew as he came he would almost rip her nipples off of her breasts if he climaxed over and over again, or maybe hold onto her hair with his finger entwined in it and pull so hard that he would almost rip her hair out by the roots.

In the few months she had been training she had taken her master from 3 climax's in a row to over 6 now with her goal of making her master scream as he came and pushed her away from the pure exotic pleasure that one could only take so much of.

Oh, the scent of her master's cock was overwhelming and she knew that even as they slept as night she would continue sucking his cock all night long.

This perfect slave knows that she must suck like no other woman and drink from her master's cock until he could stand no more. She knows the weekend is coming up and that her master will have something new form her to learn or experience and whatever it was she would gladly take what was given her knowing the pleasure her master received.

Just as she got settled into a deep throat sucking she felt her master use his foot to spread her wide open and knew that maybe this afternoon it would not only be the warm firs from the fireplace warming her ass but she knew hat he would soon pull his long thick cock back and slide it deep into her hot ass. He was already feeling the need to rip into her as his cock started to throb hard, and he pushed her back off of it so cool down before the long deep journey deep in her tight ass.

He looked into her passionate eyes and told her that there was no hurry and that she could suck cock after he had finished filling her ass with his seed. She knew it would hurt as he moved up behind her for he was reaching for her clit ring the same time he pushed his cock deep inside her. She would take the pain, she was trained to do so but something you cannot train is the desire to bring pleasure to her master. As he had done often he was trying to rip the clit ring from her body knowing that in only a matter of seconds she would be cumming and he would fill her ass with his big thick cock and cum with her.

Oh the pleasure she thought as the first of many orgasms ripped through her body. Please she begged her master; please give me your juices, over and over again until you could hardly even make out the words as she screamed in orgasm. He was filling her ass with cum and knowing her juices would be running down to the floor soon for her to lick up before continuing to suck his cock once again and with one final pull of her clit ring he flooded her ass with cum.

Oh this perfect slave knew the weekend was approaching quickly and would love pleasing her master in any way he wished. She knew nothing, for her master loved surprises and loved to make her wait to find out if they will be using all of their slave equipment or just simple fucking and sucking of her master or maybe many.

The only time she ever objected to any of his wished was in the beginning when he had several men over to their house and the first time he told her she would bring pleasure to each and very one of them. She tried to object only to feel the cold steel of his mini stun gum touch each nipple for two seconds before he body went into convolutions as his response was bring her to pain very quickly and without passion.

She remembered the times he would draw this weapon to her nipples or clit and kiss her as he pulled the evil trigger causing sudden pain and contortions of her body. He had once even held it to her clit as she came sending her into instant insanity for hours afterwards never quite knowing how long it was held in place as she fainted from the sudden burst of energy it put into her.

Rarely would he just a sadist but in those times she knew it was training and the need to learn endurance that was the point and not her health. For he had taken great pains to make sure his perfect slave would live to provide pleasure to him for the rest of his life.

To be continued...

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