tagMind ControlThe Power of Touch Ch. 02

The Power of Touch Ch. 02


Upon realizing Faye's situation, I did feel bad. I felt guilty sleeping with a woman, whose husband was serving in the military overseas. Seeing what was in her fridge, made me want to help. So I was going to use my new found powers for good (this time). Faye was still mine, I just wanted to make things right, for my own conscience.

I wanted Faye again before I left. So, I guided her to the master bedroom. There, I stripped Faye of her clothes, starting with the sweatshirt she was wearing, next went her jeans. Her jeans were tight against her hips and thighs, and accentuated her curves very nicely. I peeled her jeans off, and worked them down her legs. She was standing there in a white lace bra and matching thong panties, I could see her areolas and pubic hair through the flimsy lace. She was a specimen of beauty, standing there awaiting further orders. I had her stand there for a minute as I took it all in, my eyes roving over every curve of her body.

"Take off your bra Faye." I ordered calmly.

"Yes master." She complied.

Her breasts gave a little bounce as they were freed from their cups. I moved towards her and cupped her left breast in my hand. I could feel its weight as I hefted it.

"You really do have beautiful tits Faye." I said, caressing her breast.

"Thank you, master." Faye replied with a pleased smile.

"Who's seen these beautiful breasts?" I asked.

"Just you, Rick, and two boys from when I was in high school." She replied truthfully.

So I was a member of a select few.

"Now take off your panties, and kneel in the chair facing the wall." I ordered softly.

Faye obeyed.

When she was kneeling in the chair, she looked back at me. I came in behind her large round ass and inserted two fingers into her waiting vagina. I moved my fingers inside vagina, while my thumb played with her labia. As her vagina got wetter, I started masturbating her faster. Moving my fingers in and out of her, her vagina started making wet sucking noises. The scent of Faye's arousal reached my nose. I removed my fingers from her wet orifice and smelled them. Fuck I love the smell of pussy, especially Faye's musky scent.

The mere sight of her on her knees, her vagina glistening, ready for me to penetrate, was almost too much. I looked appreciatively at her nice round ass. I placed my hands on her soft hips. My hands caressed both of her smooth, round ass cheeks, as I took in the sight of the crack of her ass and vagina. I played with Faye's smooth taint, and she giggled and moved her hips to get me to stop. The fact that I was seeing only what her husband see's, touching only what is reserved for her husband, was too much for me. I invaded her from behind, and as I penetrated her vagina, she gave out an appreciative moan. My penis looked like a well oiled piston, slick with her juices as I entered her repeatedly. Damn, this woman got wet. That made me harder. I entered her more forcefully now. Every forceful thrust making her ass cheeks ripple. The sounds of skin slapping skin, and Faye's wet vagina, permeated the air. Faye was getting louder now.

"Oh fuck! Jeff, don't stop!" She begged.

She threw her head back, her breasts moving wildly now. I grabbed one of Faye's breasts and squeezed a little too hard. Faye let out a pained gasp, so I released her breast. Now I gently cupped her beautiful breast, and felt it move in my hand with each thrust. Faye was moving her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. A surge of wetness escaped her vagina, and I felt a twinge of contraction as she shuddered. I knew she had just had a good orgasm. Her wetness now mixed with my pubic hair. Faye dropped her head, and pushed her hips deep into mine, so that my penis was fully inside of her, her ass pressed against my abdomen. Faye held that position for a while, breathing heavily. The feel of her moist vaginal heat on my penis was exquisite. I had yet to come, so I made Faye sit in front of me.

Faye, you worship my penis and you crave my cum. I want you to swallow it. Do you understand?

She sat between my legs, and stroked my penis softly with her finger tips. Faye's soft brown eyes looked up at me affectionately as her finger tips slowly caressed my shaft.

"Yes master." She purred.

Faye took my penis and moved its head around her smooth areola. She closed her eyes and moaned as my penis stimulated her hardening nipple. Faye leaned forward, lifted my penis, and licked the shaft. Her warm, wet tongue worked its way from my scrotum to the tip.

"Do you like the way you taste?" I asked her quietly.

"Yes." She whispered.

Then Faye started on my balls. Her tongue tickled my

scrotum, and then moved up the shaft again. Her mouth moved back down to my balls, I could feel her hot breath on them. She took my left testicle in her mouth. I inhaled with nervous anticipation, and I could feel her lips curve into a smile around my nut. She started to softly suck on it. I felt Faye's hand move up to fondle her breast as she ever so gently played with my testicle. I could feel her tongue playfully lapping at my scrotum. Faye pulled back a little, and I heard a pop as my testicle left her mouth. Faye giggled at the sound and took the other testicle in her mouth.

"We wouldn't want this one to feel left out." She pouted.

Again Faye softly sucked and licked my testicle, stimulating it with her tongue. I looked down at her, her eyes were closed, and she was thoroughly enjoying the moment. I ran my fingers through her hair, and brushed her hair behind her ear. Faye opened her eyes and looked up at me, and her attention moved to my penis. I felt her lips wrap around my shaft as Faye took me in her mouth. Her tongue played upon the underside of my shaft as she sucked my cock. Soft little moans escaped her as she slowly and methodically sucked and licked. I could stand it no more. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into my pelvis as I exploded in her mouth. Most of my cum, mixed with her saliva, dribbled out of the sides of her mouth, and fell onto her exposed breasts, but she swallowed what was left. I let Faye continue licking my semi-erect penis. Then when she figured she had it clean she stopped. My cum had started to ooze down into her ample cleavage, some was even dripping off of one of her erect nipples. Faye rubbed my cum over her breasts, until they were slick and shiny. I cupped my hand under Faye's chin and gently lifted her head until her eyes met mine.

"Why did you rub my cum all over your breasts?" I asked.

Faye looked a little surprised and hurt.

"Didn't you like that master?" She asked, concerned.

"Oh no, quite the contrary. I loved it." I said appreciatively.

Faye smiled, relieved that she hadn't displeased her new master.

"I've got plans for you," I said gently, "good plans."

"Yes master." She smiled.

"You're quite the obedient woman." I observed.

"I wonder though, are you this obedient for your husband?" I asked.

"Do you do whatever he asks?" I prodded.

"No master, not everything." Faye replied.

"Hmm, interesting." I said.

"And what does he ask you do, that you won't?" I prodded deeper.

"Well, he wanted to cum in my mouth the last time he was home." She recalled.

"You let me cum in your mouth Faye," I said teasingly, "why is that?"

"Because master, you own me and my body belongs to you. I will do whatever you want of me." She replied.

"Good answer." I said approvingly.

"Now, come on Faye, get dressed. I've got to go to the mall." I ordered.

I watched appreciatively as Faye got up, and bent over to retrieve all her clothes. Her breasts swayed as she moved, they were a beautiful sight. The area around her vagina was still glistening from her juices. Curiosity over came me.

"Tell me Faye, do you masturbate?"

"Yes master." She answered truthfully.

"What do you use?" I asked.

"I, um, use my fingers." Came the honest reply.

I nodded silently, digesting this information. That would explain the tightness of her vagina the first time I fucked her. I'll have to remember that for later.

"May I shower and clean up for you, master?" She asked.

"No, we don't have time Faye. Oh, and Faye, leave your bra off."

"Yes, master." She obeyed.

About twenty minutes later we loaded ourselves into Faye's van.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

There was a high end mall on the other side of the city, Massic Shopping Centre, I wanted to hit there first.

"Let's go to Massic." I told her.

"Ooh, high end stuff." She joked.

It took us about forty five minutes to get there. As we made our way there, I kept looking at Faye's breasts. They jostled whenever we hit a pothole or crack in the road. I sighed contentedly; I couldn't believe they belonged to me now. Faye dropped me off at an entrance. Before I got out of the van, I leaned over and kissed Faye, copping a feel of her luxurious breasts as I did.

"Faye, set up an appointment with the bank on your behalf for me. I will call you for the details."

"Yes master." She obeyed.

Caressing my cheek Faye said, "I love you Jeff. Thank you."

Her profession of her love to me sent a jolt rippling through my crotch. This power was real; she was totally and completely under my control.

I dismissed Faye for the day, and walked in at about ten thirty. The mall was busy for a Thursday morning.

Seeing as this was a high end mall, I was assuming that the people frequenting here were well to do types. I made my way to the banking area, where I targeted my first mark. She was walking out of the customer service area, as I approached.

"Hi there," I said, hand extended.

Smiling, she shook my hand.

Muriel Bancroft, aged sixty seven. She lived at 908 Old Summit Road, a very well to do area. Her husband, Brian, worked as a broker for Wealth Management Investment Brokers.

Muriel, go to the ATM and withdrawal your maximum daily limit. Then bring it to me. You will have no memory of giving me money.

Then I remembered Faye calling me master, and how much I liked it.

And you will refer to me as master. Do you understand?

"Yes, master." She responded.

Muriel walked toward the ATM's. A gentleman was walking by as I touched his hand.

Dr. Neil Larmon, a fifty two year old pediatrician, with a successful practice. He lived at 1062 Kings Drive. His wife Darla, aged fifty, stayed at home as a housewife. They had no kids.

I transmitted the exact same orders to him as I did to Muriel. Off he went to the ATM's. Next, a very well dressed woman passed by as I touched her hand.

Sofia Ruley, age fifty four. She was divorced, but had a boyfriend. Lance Redman, aged forty nine. Sofia was Vice President of Marketing for an international company, Ritunne International. Once again, I transmitted my orders.

I figured just the three should do for now. I walked a short distance away and waited.

After about five minutes, Muriel returned with my cash.

"Master, here is your money."

"Thank you, you may leave now." I ordered.

"Yes master, thank you very much master." With that she retreated into the crowd.

Twelve hundred dollars, not a bad haul. Next the good doctor returned with my money.

"Here you go, master." He said, as he handed over the wad.

Fifteen hundred, nice.

"Thank you." I released him.

Sofia arrived two minutes after him, and handed over her withdrawal.

"Master, here is one thousand, five hundred." She said as she forked it over.

Another fifteen hundred.

Wow. Forty two hundred dollars for ten minutes work, if you can call it that. I decided to keep going, if I kept this up for a little longer, I wouldn't have to worry about money for a while. An extremely well dressed young woman, maybe in her early twenties walked by with two of her girlfriends. I reached out to touch her hand but only got her sleeve. It was enough for her to notice though. She turned around and looked at me.

"Watch where you're going loser!" She said all snobby.

"I'm sorry," I said. Then I moved closer.

"Whatever." She said. Then moved off with her two friends.

They looked back and giggled.

What a spoiled, little rich bitch I thought to myself. So I let her go, and followed. I stalked them much like a predator stalks its prey for fifteen minutes. Then I had enough and went to pass her, and as I did I brushed her hand with mine.

Shannon Sones, living at 213 Blue Pine Bay. She was nineteen, weighed a hundred and twenty pounds. She stood 5'4", and her bra size was 34B. She has a boyfriend, Erik Neibuhr, age twenty.

Stop walking, and look at me Shannon. You will suddenly recognize me, and introduce me to your two friends.

She stopped in her tracks, and turned to look at me.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" She apologized profusely.

Put your arm around my waist Shannon.

Her two friends were confused.

"Becky, Mallory. This is Jeff! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you!" She practically gushed. She walked over and put her slender arm around me, and led me to her two friends.

"Hi, I'm Jeff. Pleased to meet you two."

"Hi Jeff, " they said in unison.

I shook the first ones hand. Becky Chadburn, living at 57 Cotton Blossom Trail. Age eighteen, weighed a hundred and fifteen pounds. She stood 5' 1", and her bra size was 32 B. She has a boyfriend named Cody Deblois, age eighteen.

Then I shook the last ones hand. Mallory Gaertner, living at 66 Cotton Blossom Trail. Age eighteen, weighed a hundred and thirty pounds. She stood 5"9" and had a bra size of 34 pC. She has a boyfriend Allan Ownbey, age nineteen.

I was going to try something different. I was going to order all three of these girls at once.

You will go to the ATM and withdrawal your maximum daily limit. Then bring it to me. You will have no memory of giving me money. You will refer to me as master. Do you understand?

Three little "yes masters" followed. I couldn't help myself, so I issued the following order as well.

Good, the one with the most money will be allowed to suck my cock. Whenever I find it convenient, of course, and all three of you will have the insatiable urge to satisfy me.

I watched as they walked off to the ATM's to do my bidding. All giggling, looking back at me. Five minutes later they all returned.

"Ok, who's first? Shannon, how much money did you bring me?"

"Seven hundred and fifty." The brunette answered.


"Seven Hundred." The short blonde said.


"Six hundred and fifty." The brunette replied.

"You guys can go now." I ordered, "Don't worry though, I'll be in touch."

They all giggled and ran away, turning around to give little waves. I had such a hard on right now. But, I was a man on a mission. I strolled through the mall, looking for a tailor shop.

I found a store that sold suits and stepped in. I picked out three suits all about seven hundred dollars apiece. The tailor told me that they would be ready tomorrow. I told him that this will not do, and I need them within two hours. He protested, so I "gave in" and shook his hand. Two hours later I had my suits. I spent four hundred dollars on a pair of good dress shoes, and fifty dollars on a haircut. I went back to the suit shop, and asked the agent if I could use his dressing room. Of course, it was not a problem. I got dressed in one of my new suits. I walked out of the store a new man. Not bad, I thought. I look good, and I still have three thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars left. I went to a jewellery store in the mall, and bought an eight hundred dollar watch.

With just shy of three thousand left, I hailed a cab and had one more stop before I headed home. I instructed the cab driver to take me to "Discreet Affairs" an adult shop that specialized in sex toys, movies, and books. I wanted to get Faye a little something special. When we pulled into the parking lot, I instructed the cab to wait for me, and went in. I had no idea about sex toys, so I thought I would ask. The sales lady was extremely helpful, and I picked up a silver, slim vibrator. The sales lady talked me into something I have never heard of before. It was kind of an egg thing; at least it was shaped like a small egg that was inserted into the vagina. It was like a vibrator but better. This was remote control. How could I not buy something like this? I could not wait to try it on my Faye, and I almost blew my load thinking about it. Thinking of Shannon and her girlfriends, I decided to buy four of the egg vibrators. I paid for my merchandise and got back in the cab. It was about four o'clock when I walked in the door, and my mom was home.

"Jeff?" She looked perplexed.

"Where did you get those suits?" She asked suspiciously.

I took her hand, and thought.

Don't worry about it. All you know, and care about is that I have a well paying job, and you are extremely proud of me. Do you understand?

And that was that. There were no more questions from my mom on that issue.

"Where were you last night, sweetie?" She asked.

"I spent the night at a woman's house." I responded.

"Oh, ok. Your dad and I were just worried. That's all." She said.

"So who is this woman?" She asked happily.

She was brewing a pot of coffee, and setting out two cups.

"Faye... look it's not important right now," I replied testily, "are you expecting company, mom?"

"Yes! Allyson is coming over for a quick cup of coffee." She replied.

"You remember Allyson and Hugh Dulac don't you?"

Of course I remember her. I always liked her. She was pretty, a little over weight, but still pretty. She had rusty, red hair. I am not ashamed to admit that I have beat off to her on numerous occasions. I had her in so many different positions it wasn't even funny.

A few minutes later the door bell rang. I heard the front door creak open, followed by a "hello?"

I went to the front door. There was Mrs. Dulac. She was wearing a grey sweater that accentuated her large breasts, a knee length black skirt, black pantyhose, and calf high leather boots. She was bent over taking off her boots, making her large breasts sway a little. When she stood up, I shook her hand.

She was forty seven years old, weighed two hundred and two pounds, and stood 5'9". She had an impressive 40D bra size. She and her husband of twenty two years, Hugh, had never had kids. Hugh worked at a local hardware store.

"Hello, Mrs. Dulac. How are you?" I asked pleasantly.

"Oh, hi Jeff! Wow, you're looking good in that suit." She said appreciatively.

"Thank you Mrs. Dulac. And you look as absolutely beautiful as ever." She blushed at the compliment.

"Well, thank you Jeff." She said quietly.

You want me, you always have wanted me. You will let me do whatever I want to you. Understand?

"Please, Jeff. It's Allyson." She said coyly.

"Allyson?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"Coming Eve. See you later, Jeff" she winked seductively.

Mom, you will let me touch Allyson in any way I deem appropriate. You will not think anything of it.

I went down to my room. I hung up my two other suits. Then changed into something more comfortable. I went back upstairs and watched TV for a bit. I fell asleep in front of the TV, and woke up when my dad came home. I got up and brushed his hand with mine.

You will not question anything I do, and we will treat each other as adults. All you know is that I have an extremely well paying job, and you are extremely proud of me. Do you understand?

"Hey son, how was your day?" He asked happily.

"We missed you last night. With a girl eh?" he chuckled at his own joke.

"Actually, yeah dad, I was."

"Well, good for you. Look, I gotta go get changed, bud. See ya in a few." He replied.

Wow. What a change from yesterday.

I walked groggily into the kitchen. Allyson was still seated at the table talking to mom. Before I got my coffee, I walked behind Allyson's chair and started massaging her soft shoulders. I could feel her bra strap beneath her sweater.

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