tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Prince Ch. 03

The Prince Ch. 03


No love is self-sustaining. If you love something you must fight for it. Love is something that can only come from you and it is demanding. Love demands that you would stake nothing less than your life to defend it. Love demands that you do not give up and that you do not give in. The demands of love are so great because of the rewards it holds. Do not ever give up on love. Love may be a cruel mistress at times, but she does not lie about her promise. This story would never have existed otherwise. Enjoy...

The Prince lay awake next to her as he felt her body relax and release the tension stored within it. He had originally planned on leaving her writhing on the floor and telling her she needed to get back to work, but something had happened that he had not expected. He had never experienced sex with such an intense and violent fervor. He was reminded of that violence with every beat of his heart providing a dull aching pain to the small wounds she had given him.

The entire episode had gone far beyond his control. It worried him that he had lost such control of himself and that he had let the moment rule his actions rather than his predetermined thoughts. He knew that there was something very special and very nearly frightening about the woman holding onto him. She held some power over him that could cause him to lose his reason and rob him of his better sense.

He had not wanted to provide her any comfort. He had wanted her to know her place. He had wanted to show her that she was to be nothing more than a plaything to him. But, when he had collapsed atop her, he became worried. He had felt how quickly her heart was racing, how much her body was shaking, and heard the struggle for her to breathe. He knew that she needed a reprieve; that she could not be left alone in such a state.

That was when he had found himself carrying her up the stairs and into his bedroom. He had wrapped blankets over her and had laid down next to her himself. At once, she had grabbed onto him as though her life depended on it. He knew she needed to calm down so he began lightly stroking his hand over her in a soothing gesture.

He had not thought about the situation when it was happening; he had simply acted. He was thinking now. He did not notice that his hand continued to gently run over her even though she had calmed down and fallen asleep. He knew that something was taking place that had never happened before and he knew that there must be some exceptional cause behind it. He could not determine what that cause was.

The Prince knew he was making an extreme reversal of his previous actions as he looked at her lying there; he had never allowed a woman to sleep in his bed. He had bedded a great number of women, but he had refused to allow any one of them to sleep next to him. He had felt that none of them were worthy of being close to him in that way. He found it somewhat amusing that the first woman to be allowed to sleep here was the one who had done so without permission.

He began to peer at Amber's face, searching for an answer. She looked quite peaceful, as though nothing was wrong with the world. She was beautiful in an unassuming and honest way. There was nothing in her appearance that was meant to deceive anyone looking at her; her face and her body came forward with no declarations, only statements of fact. Her long slender limbs did not try to hide their length or to exaggerate it. Her face was free of guilt and pain, without having a mask of forced happiness to cover them up. Her hair was unadorned and luxurious. Each part of her body spoke some truth about her without having to scream or to whisper.

While he was looking at her he felt a peace slowly washing over him that was akin to something he hadn't felt in a great number of years. He was nearly thirty and had been bitter for a large portion of his life. He hated looking around and seeing the incompetency that seemed to surround him. He could not believe how rare it was to find someone that could actually be trusted to do something correctly, even if what they were asked to do was a task that he had mastered during childhood.

He snapped back to the reality of the moment and was amazed at how far his thoughts had wandered from the task at hand. He needed to know why she could affect him so strongly, not reminisce on days long since passed.

The Prince looked for differences between her and the other women that he had been with for clues. Wealth was certainly a discrepancy, but it had never been a major factor in his mind. Beauty would have been a possibility for his weakness, if there had existed an incongruous difference between her and the other women, but there wasn't. He did not know her well enough in order for personality to play a large role in how she affected him.

He looked at her again and realized that without a doubt that the answer must lie there. From the first time he had seen her face his thoughts had been influenced. Unfortunately, there was not much information to be had by looking at her. She appeared peaceful and contented, but no special features rose out. Nothing about her face could explain its power, but he knew that it was there. The strength to overwhelm him was lying just beneath the surface, hiding just beneath his scrutinizing gaze.

He let himself fall onto his back. He was frustrated; it had been a long time since a solution to a question had eluded him. He felt his own fatigue as well and allowed his body to relax. He looked her over once again, searching for an answer, before allowing his eyes to close as well.


He awoke an hour or two later feeling her still clinging tightly to him. He looked down at her, she was resting as peacefully as before. He had no intention of allowing this reprieve to last much longer. His cock was already erect as it always seemed to be upon first opening his eyes. He wanted her again, even though so little time had passed.

He allowed his hand to start lightly running over her shoulder and down her arm. He then shifted his body down on the bed so her face was level with his. He leaned in and lightly kissed her on the cheek and then below her jaw and along her neck. Her body began to rouse as he did this. She released his arm.

He rolled her onto her back as her eyes just barely began to open. He continued kissing her as he moved his body on top of hers. A moan escaped her lips as she felt his hand begin to move over her breast.

She kept her eyes shut because it felt as though she were still dreaming and she did not want to be jerked back to reality. Every caress and kiss that he left upon her felt wonderful and she was wriggling with delight. She had been aroused before his first touch and she felt herself dripping in anticipation of what she knew was to come.

She had never guessed that sex could be something this good. She had hardly thought of it, but she was beginning to understand why it could drive a man or a woman wild, chasing after it. She thought that she should not have given in so easily earlier and that she shouldn't be giving in so easily now, but he could tease her body and bring her to such an intense arousal that she dared not tell him to stop.

She knew that she should be exhausted. She knew that her body should not be able to function in the way that it was. She knew that she should try to resist him. None of that mattered. She was grabbing onto him as he sucked on her erect nipple. She was thrusting her hips against the hand that was rubbing her drenched pussy.

Her body acted independently from her thoughts. Her body followed his will and obeyed his every command. She remembered that she had agreed to be his slave, his whore, and that only served to further her arousal. She felt his every movement and cried out at his every touch.

As he placed the head of his cock at her waiting entrance, her eyes flew open and she looked at him. She grabbed onto his powerful back and found his lips above her. She kissed him with an intensity she didn't know she was capable of.

He rammed himself inside of her in one fluid stroke as she kissed him. He felt more in control this time than last, but he knew he was on the edge of that control. He moved her body to meet each of his long powerful thrusts. He was going to establish his dominance over every fiber in her being. He was going to make sure that she knew that her place in the world was beneath him, in every sense.

She reveled in the feeling of having him inside of her. She placed her feet on the bed and started thrusting with him. She kept moving up to meet him with a greater and greater tempo. He could not keep pace, but she did not notice. She could not stop. She felt his body shudder and a convulsion ripping through her as he came.

He slowly moved his body off hers. He sat next to her staring at her naked body. His cock was still somewhat erect. She could not take her eyes off of it.

"Clean it," he said after he noticed where she was staring.

She hesitated. She was not sure what he meant or how he expected her to clean it. She looked around helplessly trying to find something that she could use to wipe it off. She knew it needed to be close by as she did not want to stand. She felt his cum slowly running out of her and felt it slipping down her leg. She would not allow him to see something so embarrassing.

As she frantically was looking about the room the Prince said, "I command you to clean my cock using your mouth."

Surely she misheard him. She had already tasted his cum, but surely he could not want her to taste her own. She was worried because she knew that she had understood him correctly and she knew she would have to obey him. She knew that she would have to lick both of their juices from his cock.

"Do it, now."

She moved her closer to his lap. She gingerly grabbed onto his cock. She tried not to think of what she was about to taste as she moved her mouth closer to him. She began with a spot that appeared to have hardly any cum on it of any kind. She licked him lightly and felt him start to stiffen.

She liked the feel of him hardening in her hand. She shifted her thoughts from what she was being forced to do, to what she was forcing his cock to do. She licked the along the length of him. She felt him continue to harden and hardly noticed the taste in her mouth. She sucked down all of the stray cum lingering along the length of his cock. Only when she had gotten every other place clean did she take his head into her mouth. She felt him continue to grow in her mouth as she sucked on him.

Everything that she did felt wonderful to him. However, his body had already been exhausted and he had other plans for today. He lightly grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to kiss him. It was a brief one, but it was intended to tell her that she had done well and he was not upset or disappointed.

"Now that you have cleaned me, you must finish cleaning the rest of this place," the Prince said with a low rumbling voice that appeared to have lost some of its usual edge.

She sat staring at him, completely mesmerized by his existence, and for an instant the words did not register. He stared back at her and it appeared that he had a tenderness in his eyes; a tenderness that was directed at her. He leaned in and kissed her again a long kiss that was not nearly as violent as it normally seemed to be between them, but no less powerful.

When he released her, he rose from his bed and told her to follow him. He left the room clothed with nothing but his own skin. She was reluctant to leave in a similar manner, so she grabbed a sheet, wrapped it around her body, and chased after him.

She found him standing in the foyer. Their clothes were strewn about the room. He stood waiting his body unabashedly laid bare before her. The sheet she wore was wrapped around her tightly, draping over her as though it were a long violet dress. The fabric hinted at the form beneath it as she hurried down the stairs to meet him.

He could not help but to smirk at her modesty. He then inquired, "Whom do you wish to hide from, my slave?"

Her face turned a darker shade of red as she turned away. She could think of no answer that would appease him. She was left with only one option, to reply, "No one."

"Then stop hiding."

She was looking down as he said this, not wanting him to see the shame she felt, but she managed to gather her will and meet his eyes as she released the sheet. She knew that she had stood naked in front of him once before already and that she should feel no more shame now than then. There was a difference from earlier that made her feel far more exposed than she had before, far more exposed and far more vulnerable. She couldn't quite put it into words, but she knew that the difference that left her vulnerable was also leaving her trembling now.

She looked at him steadily, awaiting his instruction; even though, she knew that she was on the edge of fainting. She did not know how long she would be asked to wait, but she would not give in to the weakness she was feeling spreading throughout her without a fight.

"From now on, you will be permanently assigned to working beneath me."

She found strength in the certainty of his voice. It became easier to stand.

"The special privilege given to you with this assignment will also have special rules," he said with smile creeping onto his face, "Please grab your uniform."

It was difficult to move at first. Her muscles felt jerky and uncontrolled as she began walking over to her discarded clothes, but they slowly regained fluidity as she approached the waiting pile. The sense of impending doom ebbed away slightly as she grabbed each article of clothing. After she had picked up the last piece of clothing, she stood awaiting his next command.

He walked over to her, deliberately moving with a slow confidence that ended each step with a declaration. The declaration was one of total mastery of everything before him. She knew that she was included in that mastery of his. She felt the weakness in her limbs become more pronounced with every step he took.

She belonged to him. There was no escaping that thought as she stood before his blinding presence. She belonged to him. Her body belonged to him. Her life belonged to him. Her soul belonged to him. Those were the only thoughts flowing through her head as she stood lost in a daze.

When he was within a few feet of her, he saw a tear run down her face. She made no move to hide it. It appeared as though she was completely paralyzed. She could not hold herself up any longer. The strain was too great. The last things she saw as darkness wrapped around her she was him running towards her.


She felt his hands and arms holding her gently off the floor as she slowly came to. Her eyes opened to see him leaning over her with a concerned look on his face. The concerned briefly turned to one of elation and then to annoyance as he peered down upon her face.

"This is the second time today that I have caught you sleeping on the job," his face was serious as he said this, but his voice had a tone of mirth.

"I, I'm sorry, this has never happened before."

"Truthfully? Then may I ask, what exactly you were doing yesterday?"

"Waiting for you," she slapped her hands over her mouth as she said this. She did not know what had made her say it or all that those words entailed. Her pale face was flushed red with shame.

His head jerked up in surprise, "Really? I didn't think that you had planned on meeting with me. Or, had you really desired to be fucked as badly as I claimed?"

"I had wanted to see if you were all that the others had claimed you to be," she spoke a truth that she herself had not even realized until after it was pronounced. She clamped her hands back over her mouth after she spoke. His eyebrows crept a bit higher after she said this.

"Am I?"

She slowly moved her hands away and very softly said, "No, no you are not."

"Then what am I?" he queried feeling a look of anger move over his face. He expected her to call him a demon or a fiend. For her to say that he was all of the things that he had heard for his entire life. He expected her to confirm what had been said by his staff, his parents, and all of the women he had been with. He did not know why the prospect of hearing it from her should bother him so much, he only felt the anger building throughout his body. An anger that would have an intensity capable of reducing all creation to ash.

She pronounced a single word as he thought this, "More."

He looked at her with the unborn fire still blazing in his eyes. He could not believe what she had said. So, he asked in a voice that was both full of fury and confusion, "What did you say?"

She looked into his eyes and the fire did not burn her. She looked into his eyes and said, "You are more than what they said. You are more than I understand. You are more."

Looking at his eyes it appeared that he was trembling. It appeared that he was overwhelmed by something great and unfathomable. He was not trembling though, he was completely still. She could not understand why she had thought him to be trembling when every portion of his body was still. He was still in the absolute sense, he was frozen as though he were a statue. A statue that was somehow more alive than any man she had met. She saw him like this for only an instant.

He leaned down and locked his lips with hers. The passion and the force of the kiss held all of the power of the fire that existed within him. She was lost within it and he was consumed by it. The fire in that kiss was the very spark that had ignited existence. That kiss held all of the secrets to life and happiness. That kiss was exaltation embodied.

When that kiss ended, he felt exhausted. Some small piece of his very soul had been imbedded in that kiss and he had given it to her unknowingly. She lay there, her head spinning, feeling his ragged breathing on top of her. Her arms had wrapped around him during the kiss.

She could not describe the kiss in words. There was nothing to compare it to, no amount of description would be adequate in comparison to the experience. She knew without a doubt that she would never forget that kiss though or how it had felt. She knew that kiss had been special and that it always would be.

The sense of weakness had left her. She no longer felt as though some doom was coming. She felt at peace and far better rested than she had in weeks. The uneasiness she had felt before was replaced by a sense of tranquility. She did not know it, but she was experiencing a rare sort of happiness that never lingers in the same form for long and is nearly impossible to capture. It is a type of happiness that comes from within and many people spend their entire life seeking it.

He looked up at her and looked into those eyes that were the same color as her name. The expression on his face was hard to read and even harder to understand. He did not look happy, angry, or upset. He did not look tired or awake. He looked alive in a way that few ever are and even fewer can exist. The look on his face seemed to be his natural state of existence; she would never again imagine his appearance any different from the way that it looked in that moment.

He leaned over her forehead and kissed it with a tenderness she could not have before imagine him capable of. He picked her up off the floor and moved the two of them onto a nearby couch. He held her against him firmly.

She could feel his heart beat against her. His heart was strong and full of life, just as he was. He held her like that for some time without saying anything. He was peering out a window without looking at her. After some time he kissed her once more

It was a soft slow kiss that ended far too soon.

"You have done well today, my pet," he said in a distant voice.

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