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The Princess & Her Family



Once upon a time, in a Kingdom far away, lived a beautiful Princess. The Princess, Jennifer, lived a happy and carefree life until her tenth birthday, when she was told that she had been betrothed to Prince Igor, the heir to the throne of a neighboring kingdom. The arrangement was for them to be married on her eighteenth birthday. She had only met the Prince once and she thought him to be unruly, bratty, effeminate and fat.

As the days slipped by, she forgot about her betrothal and slowly resumed her happy and carefree life, playing games and dolls with her maids in waiting. One of the maids, later destined to become a lady in waiting, was her cousin, Celeste. Celeste was the illegitimate child of Jennifer's mother's spinster cousin and only two weeks older than Jennifer herself.

The years passed and Jennifer grew to be a beautiful young lady, tall and slender, with flashing blue eyes, long golden hair and a free spirit. One thing that many people in the Kingdom remarked upon was how much Jennifer, The King's only child and Celeste, her friend, looked alike. These remarks were always made in private and never where The King or any of his agents could hear. They were, as far as anyone knew, only distant cousins, but the resemblance was far stronger than one would expect from two girls with such a remote relationship. The girls shared everything and were much closer than Princess and servant; they were also best friends and confidants.

Suddenly, the day came for Jennifer's wedding. Although she had only met Igor the one time when they were children, she had seen a portrait of him recently and people she knew told her that he was still fat and sloppy. She begged and pleaded with her father not to force her to go through with this, but political reasons made it necessary that this wedding unite two neighboring Kingdoms, as had his wedding to Jennifer's mother almost nineteen years ago.

The day of the wedding dawned bright and sunny. Jennifer looked stunning in the most elaborate bridal gown one could imagine. Her friend and cousin, Celeste, who was also her maid of honor, was just as breathtaking in her own way. The arrangement was that the bride would not see Igor until he took her hand from her father at the altar in the church.

Imagine her dismay when she first laid eyes on Igor. In her three-inch high shoes, she was almost six inches taller than his five foot, four inches. What he lacked in height, he made up for it in girth. At three hundred pounds, he was far more than double her one hundred and twenty five. He was obviously intoxicated and was being physically supported by his best man; a six-foot tall, dark eyed, handsome devil she later learned was Vlad.

By the time the ceremony was over, the Princess was in tears and the Prince was asleep or passed out in the arms of his best man and a couple of the stronger ushers. She tried to retire to her quarters but her father insisted that she make at least a brief appearance at the elaborate reception. With Celeste as support, she steeled herself for this tortuous ordeal. Thankfully, Igor had not regained consciousness on the way to the party and was still out cold in his own quarters. She forced herself to smile and soon found she was having a good time, dancing and cavorting with the reception guests, most of which were her friends.

Finally, the party was over and it was time to go to the bridal chamber. Although Jennifer was technically a virgin, her father, had seen to it that she had a little education in the matters of sex. The books of the day were not very accurate, poorly written, and barely scratched the surface of matrimonial duties. The Princess and Celeste had done some very minor experimenting along those lines on their own. She really had no idea what to expect and had great tribulations about being in the matrimonial bed with Igor. She finally convinced Celeste to go as far as the bedchamber with her.

They paused outside the door when they heard the murmur of voices from within. Jennifer cautiously eased the door open. Through the crack, the two girls could see that Igor was sideways to them, nude, on his hands and knees on the bed. Standing behind him, also nude, was Vlad, his page. Vlad's penis was in the Prince's rectum and he was sliding it in and out to the accompaniment of Igor's groans. Each withdrawal brought an intake of breath and each thrust a grunt.

Despite her meager sex education, Jennifer had never seen anyone actually having sexual intercourse much less two men having anal sex. At first the girls were mortified but as they watched, became intrigued by the activity. Once when she was young, Jennifer had caught her father in a compromising situation with one of the chambermaids but she hadn't really seen anything. Celeste giggled, and afraid they would be caught Jennifer softly closed the door.

Back in the Princess's bedroom, the two girls talked about what they had seen in nervous whispers.

Jennifer was excited when she said, "I know that the books say the man puts his thing in you to make a baby but I didn't know he put it there. That looks like it would hurt."

"That's not where he puts it silly; it goes in the front where you pee."

"How do you know that? The books just say he puts it in you"

Now, Celeste was excited. "I once caught Tom, the stable boy doing it to Betty, one of the kitchen maids. She was laying on her back on a bale of hay. Her dress was up and he was moving his thing in and out of her. They saw me but didn't stop. Betty looked like she was enjoying it a lot. She kept telling him it felt good."

"Ooh, I think I might like that too. I know it feels good when I put my finger in there and rub."

"Yes, I know. I like that too. Just thinking about it now makes mine tingle like it did when I saw Tom and Betty."

Jennifer was shy when she asked, "Can I see yours? Mine feels very strange, like I wet myself a little."

"I will show you mine if I can see yours."

"Okay. Ooh, yours is so very pink. There is something oozing out of it. Do you like it when I touch it like that? Oh, it is all wet. Why did you jump? I want you to do that to me."

Celeste was squirming. "Ooh, that feels so good, it makes me warm all over. I wish we had something to put inside like we were making a baby. Keep doing that to me and I will do it to you in a minute."

Jennifer was alarmed at her friend's reaction. "Did I hurt you? Why are you jerking up and down like that with your eyes closed? There is a lot of something wet and slippery coming out of you there."

Celeste was almost panting when she said, "My goodness, I don't know what happened. The strangest feeling came over me. It felt so good. It was a feeling of peace and tranquility. It was so soothing, almost like I was asleep in a warm bath. I almost swooned."

Jennifer recalled one passage from her book. "I think you had an orgasm. I read about it. I want to get one too."

"It happened when you were rubbing me, I think it would be even better if we had something like a mans thing to put inside of you like Tom did and it says they do in the books. Mary called Tom's thing a cock. You keep rubbing yourself and I will run down to the kitchen and get a cucumber."

Celeste was back in just a couple of minutes. In the meantime Jennifer had continued to rub furiously. "I couldn't find a cucumber but look at this sausage! It looks a little like the cock Vlad was sticking in Igor except smaller. Do you want me to put it in you?"

Jennifer laid back and let her friend tend to her. "Oh yes. MM that feels good. Slide it back and forth. Oh yes, like that! Oh my goodness, I feel so strange Oh, don't stop! Oh, now I feel like what you said. Oh, it's so nice. OH MY GOODNESS, DON'T STOP!"

So Princess Jennifer had her first climax on her wedding night, but not with her husband. (Although he may have had one too.) Celeste seldom stayed overnight with The Princess, but that night they slept in each other's arms and at some time during the night, Jennifer woke Celeste and had her use the sausage again. When Jennifer used it on Celeste she was so enthralled by what she was doing, she had her nose within inches of the sausage, watching it slip in and out.


Both girls slept very late the next day and were finally awakened by Cook at mid morning for breakfast. Nothing was said about the Princess being in her own bedchamber rather than in the bridal suite with her husband. Alone, the two girls had a good, private giggle when no one was looking and Celeste put one of the breakfast sausages in her mouth and slipped it in and out in the same manner they had done it to each other the night before.

After breakfast, they had Cook fix a picnic basket (making sure there was some sausages) and had her son, Tom, the stable groom, prepare a team of horses and an open carriage for a ride in the countryside. The girls didn't object when The King insisted they take Tom as the driver. Again her father said nothing about the obvious absence of The Prince.

Tom was, as were many people in the Kingdom, handsome, tall and blond, with blue eyes. He was Cook's eldest son and less than a year older than The Princess and her friend. Cook had been with The Kings family for a long time. Since she had never been married, there was much speculation as to who was Tom's father.

With the two girls in the back and Tom in the drivers seat, they set off on their afternoon adventure. They followed a little used road down a beautiful wooded glen beside a small brook. They soon came upon a small glade where the brook widened out and made a pond. The Princess bade Tom to stop and said to him, "Spread our blanket there in that little clearing and prepare the lunch. When you finish, please leave us alone. We want some privacy. I want to swim and I didn't bring a bathing costume."

Tom, being the dutiful servant, did as he was told, but, also being a virile young man, came back and hid in the bushes to watch these two nymphs undress and frolic in the water.

While they were swimming, Celeste whispered to Jennifer, "Tom is watching us from behind that bush. I am going to get out of the water and give him an eyeful."

Jennifer watched as her beautiful cousin climbed out of the swimming hole and began to parade around as if to air dry herself. Sensing that Tom couldn't see anything but the stunning girl in front of him, Jennifer, still nude, slowly made her way down the pond until she was out of his field of vision behind some bushes. She inched her way through the undergrowth until she was at a point a little to one side and behind him.

She was surprised to see that his trousers were down around his ankles. His manhood was stiff and straight and he had his hand clamped around it. She watched mesmerized while he jerked it up and down, his eyes glued on Celeste. The Princess had the same strange feelings between her legs that she had the night before when the two girls used the sausage. She was fascinated when his strokes slowed and with a grunt, stringy squirts of white milky stuff came out of the end of his tool. She had read about this in the books but didn't understand how he could do it if it wasn't inside a woman.

"Tom, are you alright?' She called as she hurried to him. Then louder, "Come quick Celeste, Tom has hurt himself and his baby making juice has all leaked out!"

Celeste, sensing the urgency in her friend's voice, came running, still completely nude. When she got there, she found her cousin on her knees, cradling Tom's sensitive organ in her hands. "Look, it spilled all over the ground. See it there? There is a little left, coming out of the end of his sausage. Poor Tom. With all of his baby juice gone he won't be able to have children."

Tom spoke for the first time. "It will be alright Your Highness, I can make more." He just stood there grinning, enjoying the attention from the two nude maidens and the feel of their exploring hands on him.

Neither girl had ever seen a mans unit up close so Celeste joined Jennifer on her knees and said, "Let me feel it. Oh, it's much bigger than our sausage and smoother too." To Tom, "Since you don't have any juice now and you cant make a baby, will you do us like I saw you doing Betty, the kitchen maid?"

"The King wouldn't like it if I did that to The Princess."

"Nonsense, let me worry about that, besides we won't tell anyone. Lets go over to the blanket so we can lie down. I want you to do Celeste first so I can watch."

So, Tom stepped out of his trousers and, with Jennifer leading him by the hand, obediently followed this beautiful pair of damsels to the blanket they had spread earlier for their lunch.

Celeste looked perplexed, "You will have to tell us what to do; we have never done this before."

Following Tom's instructions, She lay on her back with her legs spread in a 'surrender' position. Although Tom was not as sharp as many of the subjects in the kingdom, he was the most virile of The King's lackeys and had much experience in deflowering the young castle wenches. He took a place between her legs and slowly and carefully entered her, stopping when she indicated some discomfort.

Jennifer watched, mouth agape as she saw Tom's huge utensil disappear into her friends slit. She couldn't believe Celeste could accommodate the massive thing Tom was sticking in her. Celeste was moaning, not in pain, but in pleasure. Bit by bit, Tom began to slide himself in and out of the servant. Jennifer couldn't help it, she had to rub herself. She found that a copious amount of moisture had accumulated in her sensitive spot, so much that it was oozing down her leg. Tom was now moving rapidly in and out of Celeste to the accompaniment of her sighs of satisfaction. Faster and faster he drove.

Celeste's cries were almost a continuous purr of contentment when The Princess, who's finger was trying to match Toms cadence, felt the same exotic sensation that she had with the sausage the night before coming over her. Both girls were almost screaming in ecstasy and Tom was grunting like a pig. Within seconds of each other, all three reached the plateau of pleasure they were seeking, Celeste first, then The Princess and finally, with a mighty thrust, Tom.

Tom, too spent to do anything else, rolled on his back, almost unconscious after the culmination of his efforts. Celeste was lost in a stupor like trance, the result of almost too much satisfaction. Jennifer, gathering herself together after the conclusion of her own self-gratification, glanced over at him. "Oh my goodness Tom, what is happening to you? Your poor thing is melting away. It is only half the size it was just a few minutes ago."

"It will come back but it will take some time. In the meantime I must rest for a few minutes."

"Oh, poo. I wanted you to do it to me so I could feel good like Celeste does. How long before it grows back?"

Tom's candle wasn't always lit, but today he could sense an opportunity to ingratiate himself with, at least this member of, the royal family. "It may take a while but in the meantime, I will show you another way that is very pleasing to many of the ladies in the castle."

The princess looked at her Maid of Honor, still nude, curled into a fetal position, and snoring ever so lightly. "Is it has good as what you did to Celeste?"

"Lay back, let me do my thing and you be the judge. Many say it is better."

So The Princess lay back, resting her head on her sleeping friends thigh. Tom took a place above her, kissing her breasts, her stomach and worked his way down to her "sweet spot." When his tongue touched her in just the right place she heaved a sigh that left her almost breathless. Within moments the movement of his gifted mouth had her on the verge of ecstasy. His tongue was sliding in and out of her with almost the same rhythm he had used driving himself into Celeste. At the outward end of each stroke he flicked over the swollen piece of her flesh that was so aware of his presence between her legs. She tried to hold back the tide of delight that threatened to engulf her, but Tom's insistent tongue continued to probe, thrust and twist into her depths. Soon the rapture of carnal bliss was not to be denied and with a low animal growl she rewarded Tom with her first climax with a man. Each lash of his tongue was a new experience for one who could count her total sexual awareness in a matter of hours.

"Oh my goodness Tom. That felt really good. Thank you so much."

"You are very welcome Your Majesty. You taste very good," but, he thought to himself, "A little like sausage."

The Princess, like her maid in waiting and her seducer was soon asleep with the warm afternoon sun bathing their nubile bodies.


The King was not feeling well and would retire to his quarters; at least that was what he told his court. They understood, he was 'not well' quite often in the late afternoon, especially when his wife, The Queen went riding or to visit her mother. The only question was which member of his staff would attend to his need today. What many in the castle didn't understand was, with all the young maidens in his entourage, why he often chose his cook to attend him.

Cook was less than a year younger than The King and had been with him since long before he married and became King. Her mother had been the royal cook and Cook went with him as part of his staff when he established his own household. She was a pleasant enough woman, almost handsome, definitely striking, but no one would ever have called her pretty. Like the King, she was tall, slim, blond and blue eyed.

This afternoon, Cook brought his tea with scones, double cream and strawberry jam. When she arrived, he was standing in front of the basin, nude from the waist up, washing his face. "Would sire like me to bath him?" This was a chore she often did (and enjoyed.)

"Yes Anne, I think I would like that. Please join me for tea and then you can take care of me." They passed the time with small talk while they consumed the afternoon repast. When finished, the King disrobed, as he had many times, and lay down on his stomach while Anne prepared an ewer of warm water from the pot simmering on the hearth. When she was ready, she slipped off her apron, housedress, petticoats and everything but her knickers.

With the proficiency of one who had done this many times before, she skillfully laved his back with the warm soapy water. Slowly and luxuriously she worked her way down his royal body until the lukewarm liquid ran in rivulets between his legs. She was pleased when he showed his acceptance of her ministrations by sighing softly and opening his legs slightly. Her hand deftly went there and caressed his anus and testicles. Now, he opened his legs wider and raised his pelvis a little to give her hand access to his penis.

"Oh my, Anne, you know just what to do. Let me turn over so you can do it right."

He turned over and her soft hands continued their magic on his privates until, at his urging, she dipped her head to put her mouth around the bell end of his royal lance. As she worked, his hands were busy untying the laces that held her bodice and bloomers. Soon, she was as bare as he was. With the understanding of mergers that dated back to the time they were teenagers, she climbed up on the bed and slowly settled her opening onto his waiting, rigid phallus.

She began to rock back and forth in a slow, fluid movement that she knew would soon lure him into the land of rapture. As much as she wanted to please her lord and master, she was also aware that it heightened it for him when she had a climax too. Soon, she was conscious of the sense of urgency building deep within herself and could feel the same from him. Each movement of his manhood against her button brought her closer to the culmination of their union. Finally, there was no denying the feeling of exhilaration that was about to overtake her. She redoubled her efforts to cause her lover to feel as she did and knew she had succeeded when, with a whoop, he shoved his pelvis hard against her and she could feel royal seed being pumped deep into her vagina. Her release matched his in both timing and intensity.

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