tagLoving WivesThe Prude Wife Ch. 01

The Prude Wife Ch. 01


We have been married now for 26 years. My husband is the love of my life. I couldn't even imagine being with anyone else. Our three kids are all grown up and have lives of their own, so that leaves us a lot of free time to be together.

Over the years we have had some of the greatest sex that anyone could ever imagine. I must admit to being a bit of a prude but there have been certain times when my husband has brought out a sensual side of me. He has always told me how sexy he thinks I am but I really don't feel that way at all. He has also told me about his fantasies involving me, which I have come to find out are very common among other men and their wives.

I have let him take me through some of his fantasies but only within the limits of my comfort. But there have been times when my arousal took me way past what I thought my limits to be. This story is about one of those times while on vacation.

My husband loves taking pictures of me. Up my skirt, panties, no panties, nylons, nudes, and us having sex. He has shown these to me and I'm always amazed at how sexy and erotic I can look even though that's not how I am. I must admit I do get excited when we look at these together. I have consented to letting him post these pictures on a web site with the stipulation that my face can never be shown.

He has often told me about the comments that he gets from men, couples, and even some women. I know he's hoping that his fantasy will become mine but I've had to disappoint him each time, letting him know that having these strangers looking at my exposed or naked body was exciting only to him and not myself.

Over the years we have often played in the car while driving on long trips. He loves to have me next to him while he gently caresses different parts of my body until I am very aroused. Sometimes I have played with him, stroking him or even sucking on his hard cock. This playing always leads to some great sex when we get home.

There were times that while he was playing with me he would open my top to play with my exposed nipples, or pull up my dress so he could see between my legs. I would usually lay against him close my eyes and let him have his way.

When ever we would pass a truck, either he or I would cover me up so that it looked as if I were sleeping. It wasn't every trip that we played and when we did it was fun and sensual, but we both knew that I was at the edge of my limits.

Then came a long trip that we took to the state of Washington. It was summer and very hot so I had put on a button up dress that would be very comfortable in the car. It came to a few inches above my knees and had an airy feel to it.

Seeing the dress my husband said I should leave off my panties and bra. I knew where this was heading but it was vacation and I was feeling a bit excited at the thought of playing a little while we drove. It would defiantly keep my husband from falling asleep.

After driving for a few hours we stopped at a small diner that was full of truckers so we knew that the food had to be good. They had a bunch of picnic tables outside and that was where we decided to eat.

The tables and benches were a one piece unit so that you couldn't pull the bench away from the table to sit down. I had been sitting on the bench facing away from the table while waiting for my husband to bring our food. As he got to the table I swung first one leg and then the other over the bench so that I was now facing the table.

I didn't think anything of it until I saw the look on my husband's face. He wasn't looking at me, but at the table to my right. When I turned to look at what had his attention I must have turned bright red with embarrassment. There was a man facing me, straddling the bench he was sitting on while talking with his buddies.

I knew immediately that he had looked up my dress and saw that I was not wearing any panties. To make it worse I had just shaved myself bare because my husband loved the way it felt as he played with me. So this complete stranger had just watched me spread my legs and show him my clean shaven pussy.

I quickly looked away and not a word was said. As my husband sat down I saw him slyly adjust his crotch and I knew that he was excited. I had just fulfilled one of his fantasies of exposing myself to a complete stranger. I felt that my face was still red and the flush traveled down my whole body until I felt the heat between my legs. I couldn't believe that this turn of events had got me aroused.

We ate our lunch while talking about things to see and do on the trip. Every once in a while I would see my husband glance over to where that man was sitting and I wondered what was going through his mind.

My husband had finished his meal and said he had to use the bathroom so he would just meet me in the car. I said sure and finished up as he was walking away. I looked to my right to see if the man was still there and he was. He was still talking to his buddies but I saw him sneak a glance my way waiting for another chance to see up my dress.

I was about to turn the other way when I saw that my husband had stopped and was looking like he was reading something on the wall while sneaking looks my way. Again I felt the heat rush over my body and down between my legs as I realized that he was hoping to watch as this stranger had another look at my pussy.

As I said before I am somewhat of a prude but at that moment I gave into my husband's fantasy. I picked up our tray and swung my right leg up and over the bench. With my knees spread apart and straddling the bench I couldn't believe that I stopped and reached over to grab my husband's trash, put it on the tray and then brought my other leg over the bench.

That stranger had plenty of time to see up my dress to my bare pussy. I'm sure he was close enough to see how wet I was at this moment. I quickly threw out our trash and headed to the car. My husband got to the car just as I was getting in. He had his shirt pulled out of his pants which I'm sure was to hide the hardon that he was sporting.

Not a word was said as we got back on the highway. I guess my husband didn't realize that I had seen him peeking at me expose myself to a stranger. He put some music on and we just cruised along both deep in our thoughts.

I started to get sleepy so I leaned over and lay down on my side facing the seat back with my head resting on my husband's lap. It worked out well because of the bench seat and the fact that I am only 5' 1". My husband brought his hand to my arm while I was snuggling up to him. He began to slowly run his fingers up and down my arm. I had my knees curled up and I could feel the air conditioner on my naked bottom. I pulled at my dress but in this position it was just too short so I left it.

I was starting to drift off to sleep enjoying my husband's gentle caress when I heard the whine of the engine. I realized that we were passing a truck but it seemed to take a long time. I felt my husband's hand slid down to my hip then back again gently caressing me. He did it again but this time his hand went to my naked cheek then slowly back up my side. I felt more cool air and realized that he had slid my dress up further. I could still hear the truck next to us so I slowly opened one eye to get a peek at what was going on. It was exactly what I had thought. I had my arm kind of over my face so I knew that my husband would not know that my eye's were open.

There was a big white truck right next to us. I could see the driver with his tattooed arm hanging out of the open window. He couldn't see my eye's watching him but that's not where he was looking. I knew he was looking at my naked rear that my husband was now fondling and exposing even more.

I kept my face somewhat hidden with my arm as I continued to peek at the trucker ogling my ass. My husband's next move was to run his fingers over my cheek and down into the crevice between. As soon as he touched my pussy I realized how wet I was. His fingers glided through my slit and came back soaked as they pulled my dress higher.

The trucker took in his arm and began to fumble with something below my line of sight. I saw his arm moving and realized that he was masturbating while catching glances of me. I couldn't stop watching. Something came over me at that moment and I needed to cum. I let the hand that I was resting on move over my husband's hard cock. I kept the other one over my face so I could continue to watch the trucker.

Once I touched his cock my husband knew that I was awake and wanting more, but how far to go was unknown to both of us. I was slowly rubbing his cock through his pants as he began to play with my nipple through the fabric of my thin dress.

I saw the truck beside us slowly lose ground and then disappear, but soon we were passing a different truck. A part of me was disappointed that I could no longer watch the trucker masturbating over me but another part was relieved to be moving on.

As we pulled even with the next truck I felt our car slow so as to stay along side. I looked up and saw an old trucker with a smile so big you would have thought he had just won the Lottery.

I continued to stroke my husband's cock while he played with my wet pussy and then up to my nipple. I felt his finger's go to the buttons on my dress and he began to undo each one until he could get his hand on my now exposed nipple.

We pulled past the old trucker and then along side another truck. I now realized that my husband was trying to let as many men as he could see my naked body. This thought is what pushed me to another level of arousal.

I turned so that I was lying flat on my back with my knees pulled up and my arm still covering my face. I had to stop working my husband's cock but I don't think it bothered him a bit. He was living out one of his biggest fantasies and I was hooked in for the ride.

I could see that the driver was very young and very interested. He was a good looking boy and that fueled my desires even more. My husband undid more buttons on my dress then pulled the top open. My tits were now exposed to the young driver as my husband played with first one then the other nipple. It felt so good when he would gently pull or twist them in his fingers. I wanted desperately to take my clit into my own hands but I let him play out his game.

Next my husband unbuttoned my dress the rest of the way down. As the dress parted and fell away to my sides he pushed his hand down between my legs to get them apart and I consented. My legs opened wide so that now I was naked to anyone who could look down into our car.

I'm not a moaner but when he touched my clit it just escaped from somewhere inside of me that I had no control over. My hips arched up wanting more knowing that the boy was watching me. The image of my being ogled by all these men overtook any sensibility that I had. With my legs splayed wide and my nipples hard and aching I wanted them all to watch me, to jerk their hard cocks for me, to cum for me, as I wanted to cum for them.

My husband moved from my clit back to my nipples and I was in agony. I needed to cum. I could wait no longer as I grabbed my husband's hand and brought it back to my throbbing clit. No longer covered by my arm I looked up to see the young man looking directly into my eyes.

I knew from his look that he wanted me. If he could he would fuck me right there on the seat. This is what I was envisioning when my back arched and another moan escaped my lips as I started to orgasm. I came so hard that I thought I would pass out from pure pleasure. It washed over me wave after wave until finally it began to ebb and I could let my body relax back into the seat. I was in ecstasy as the pleasure slowly oozed from my body.

Once I had calmed down I quickly covered up as we left the young trucker behind us. Once my dress was back in order I sat up next to my husband. He turned to look at me and I could see the passion and love for me in his eyes. He told me how much he loved me and that I was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. At that moment I actually felt that way, desirable.

I told my husband that I had to pee really bad so he pulled off at the next rest area. Once he parked we both got out to use the bathroom. I also needed a bit of washing up so it was great that no one was in the bathroom with me.

Even though I had just had the orgasm of my life I became very excited again as I was running a wet paper towel over my ass up to my clit which was still tingling with arousal. I had never had this happen to me before and I was really enjoying the moment.

I left the bathroom feeling squeaky clean and headed back to our car. My husband wasn't there yet so I just waited on the grass, giving my legs a good stretch. When my husband hadn't yet returned I began to wonder were he had gone to.

I looked over to where the trucks were parked and there I saw him. He was talking with a couple of men next to a white big rig. I felt my whole body go hot with embarrassment as I realized that one of them was the first trucker that we had passed, the one who was jerking off to the sight of my husband playing with my pussy.

I quickly got into the car and slouched in the seat waiting for my husband to return. I felt angry that he was talking with a complete stranger who had seen a side of me that now made me feel dirty and ashamed.

When he got back to the car he was smiling like he had just had the best time of his life. I was fuming mad. On reflection I think I was more angry at myself for getting so aroused that I would let what we did happen at all. My prudish side was coming back. I was also mad that my pussy was still tingling sending signals of sex to my brain.

I looked at my husband and asked him why he was talking to those two men in the parking lot. He could see that I was upset and angry. He told me that the one who owned the white rig was in the bathroom washing his hands and started talking to him. Then as they came out a friend of his walked up and the conversation just continued all the way to his truck.

I asked him what they were talking about not knowing if he would tell me the truth or not. He looked over at me trying to decide what to say. I knew he chose the truth when he said they were talking about me. Instantly my anger turned to arousal and I needed to know what was said.

My husband must have noticed the change in attitude and he told me exactly what they had talked about. He said both men had seen what we were doing in the car. The guy with the tattoos told him that he was jacking off while we were along side of him but we left too soon for him to finish. He told me with what seemed like a sense of pride that these guy's thought I was the sexiest woman they had ever seen. They had even hinted at the fact that they would love to show me what the inside of their sleepers looked like.

Again for the third time that day I could feel my arousal wetting the lips of my pussy. I have no idea what had gotten into me but it was feeling so good. Except for my husband I had never in my life been the object of anyone's desire. He went on describing every detail of the conversation which was getting nastier with talk of my shaved pussy and hard nipples.

When asked, he even told them how good I was at sucking his cock and swallowing cum. At this point my brain was telling me how mad I should be at my husband for speaking of our sex life to complete strangers. But all the things that they said just fueled the fire between my legs.

This was a first for me. Being the prude that I am I have never thought about other men. I admit that over the years there have been some that I found attractive but that's as far as my mind would let my thoughts go. I was so confused right now because I was getting all these mixed signals from my mind and body.

My thoughts were of how embarrassed and angry I was to be put in this situation, and how only certain kinds of women would do the sort of things that we had just done. I was not that kind of woman, but my body was sending a whole different message.

I could feel the heat and silky moisture between my legs. That heat went all the way up my body. Even my nipples were hard and extra sensitive as they would rub against my dress every time I moved.

The whole time that my husband had been talking to me I was staring him down with my anger, which then turned to embarrassment, which now turned to lust. My body had won over the mind and I began to tingle as he told me about the men wanting to show me the inside of their trucks.

I told my husband that we needed to get going so he started the car and headed out of the rest area. The truckers were still standing next to their trucks watching as we left. The one with the tattoos even waved as we drove past. I can't believe that as I smiled and waved back I was thinking about the fact that those two strangers would be talking about me sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum.

Once on the highway my husband could tell that I wasn't really angry anymore so we began to talk about his fantasies and my limits and all the in betweens. He told me about the guy at the diner looking up my dress and how excited it had made him. Then I told my husband about seeing him being a voyeur, and that I chose to give him a show. By telling him that I was admitting to myself that I had gone past my own prudish limits.

It felt so good to know that as a couple we could talk to each other freely and that I was ok with his fantasies and he would always go along with my limits. He then told me that during the conversation with the truckers he had mentioned that we would be stopping for the night in Portland. I shot him such a look of shock at what he might be thinking that he quickly explained that the truckers just gave him some info on good places to eat and things to see. Both truckers had to be up in Washington that night.

I relaxed as I realized that it would be good to know some information about the area we were staying in. I was looking forward to a nice dinner and maybe a movie to end the long day. We continued to talk, listen to music, and watch the country side fly by.

At one point I was leaning my back against the door and had my legs stretched across the seat. My husband was running his hand over my bare feet and up to above my knees then back again. It felt so good and sensual I just lay my head against the seat and closed my eyes to enjoy being kept in a state of arousal.

After a while I pulled up my legs bending at the knees needing to change positions. I looked over at my husband and saw him looking straight up my dress so I opened my knees to give him a better look. He just smiled and told me how sexy I was. It was strange to me but I was actually feeling sexy.

We had crossed into Oregon and pulled off the highway to fill up on gas. If you've ever been to Oregon you know that by law they have to have attendants to pump the gas. As my husband is pulling up to the station he looks at me again then says I should stay in that position like I'm sleeping. At first I didn't get what he was talking about. He said I'll go inside while the guy pumps the gas. It will be a great show for him.

I now realized that he wanted me to let the gas attendant look up my dress while he was pumping the gas. The arousal that washed over me felt incredible and I knew that I wanted to do this. I smiled at my husband, lay my head back against the seat and closed my eyes just as we pulled up to the pump.

My husband got out of the car and then I heard him telling the attendant to fill it up. I wanted so badly to open my eyes and watch what was going on. I was getting so excited that I was actually shaking a bit not knowing if the attendant was looking or not.

I heard the noise of the nozzle being stuck into the car and the sound of gas flowing. It was a kind of a sexual torture not knowing who or if someone was looking at my naked pussy.

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