tagGay MaleThe Rape Journal: Part 01

The Rape Journal: Part 01


Journal Entry: 09/29/2012 (The Club)

I had been watching him for about an hour. Brown hair, hazel eyes, nice full lips, and a great ass sinfully covered in jeans. I was pretty sure he was straight, but it didn't matter, he was the perfect man for my depraved needs. All I needed, all I craved was to shove my cock up his ass whether he wanted it or not. And I know he wanted it, never mind how I know, I just do.

He came to the club alone and he didn't meet up with any friends. Good! It would be much easier for me. The club served the best drinks, the music was always loud, and I knew of a supply closet, near the bathrooms, large enough for me to take from him what I wanted.

The first strains of Flight Facilities' Crave You, the Adventure Club Dubstep Remix, started and he moved off towards the bathroom. Good boy! I'd opened the supply closet door earlier so it would be ready for us. I came up behind him and as soon as he was near the supply closet, I grabbed his wrist, twisted it behind him, and shoved him inside. He tried to fight but I had a good hold on his wrist and I slammed him against the far wall a few times to knock the wind out of him. I locked the door while he was dazed.

"What the hell are you doing?" he screamed. The music was loud enough that no one would hear him but me.

I pushed up to his backside and whispered in his ear, "First, I'm going to tie you up, strip your lower half, then I'll rip your underwear off, and fuck that ass of yours. You're going to be my personal little fuck toy!"

Now he really started to struggle, which only fueled my dark desires even more. I'm a bigger guy so I had no problem overpowering him. Plus the head rush from the power I felt gave me extra strength. In no time flat, I had his hands tied to some eye rings on each sidewall. And the level they were at had him bent over just enough that his ass pushed out. I reached around and under, undid his belt, button, and zipper while he begged for me not to do this.

"Beg all you want bitch boy. It won't change the fact that your ass is mine and I'm going to pound the hell of it!"

His pants fell to his ankles and I grabbed his boxers and ripped them in half. He was downright pleading now that his naked ass was bared. "Please," he said, "I have a girlfriend."

My response, "Good for you fucker, now you'll find out what it feels like when you invade her hole. I'm going to breed your ass, like you breed your girlfriend."

He implored me to stop. The more he begged, the harder I got. I took my pants off (no underwear, it gets in the way), gathered some of the pre-cum off my dick onto my finger, which I promptly shoved in his hole. His hole was nice and tight; this was going to feel real good on my dick. I finger fucked him with pre-cum for a minute but I couldn't take it any longer.

I got real close to his ear and told him, "Now I'm going to spit and shove up that ass of yours. Isn't that what you want?"

As he screamed, "No!" I roughly shoved his legs apart, spit on my cock, and pushed it all the way in.

"Please no, don't do this," he cried just as I pulled all the way out only to cram my cock back in. I dicked him like that for 10 minutes; his grunts and pleas fueling me. Then I slammed my dick all the way in and said, "You like this don't you, you little fucker?"

He tried to say no but I flexed my dick in his ass and all he could do was moan. Oh yeah, he liked it... a lot. I slam fucked him for a good 30 minutes or more; I lost track of time filling his ass with cock over and over. As I was fucking him, I felt his ass muscles contract. This hot fucker was cumming without having touched himself. I knew he loved cock in his ass. His contractions did me in so I smashed all the way through his ass one last time and filled it full of cum. His ass continued to contract and milk all the cum out of my dick. I came so much that when I pulled out, my cum dripped out of his abused hole. Not wanting this to end, I rammed three fingers in his hole.

"Please, no more," he said as he started crying. You would think he would have learned by now the more he pleaded, the more I was going to do what I wanted and damn what he wanted. I continued pummeling his ass with my fingers until I got rock hard again and took him one more time just so he knew who was in control.

Finally sated, I blindfolded him and said, "I'm going to let you go now and you're not going to retaliate because I have a knife and I sure would hate to ruin that pretty body of yours. You understand me?"

He nodded. I put my knife away then released the rope and walked out while my cum still dripped from his ass.

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