tagErotic PoetryThe River Cane

The River Cane


You had asked me to wear
Shorts, Shirt, Hiking boots
Nothing else
I have done as you asked

You tell me to get my pocketknife
From my backpack
And to hold it in my hand
I do as you ask

You tell me to walk
In front of you
Towards the creek
You tell me that I must
Not turn around
As I walk
I must not speak
I must do exactly as told
Every motion
Every movement
Must be done exactly as told
I nod my head
Indicating I understand

I begin walking
The late afternoon sun
Shining in my eyes
I walk
Wanting to turn to you
Wanting to ask your forgiveness
But I don't
I walk
Knowing your eyes
Are watching me

I hear my feet
Crunching the dry grass
Every step
Crunch crunch
I hear you behind me
Slowly walking
I walk
And come to the rise
In the path
Where I see the creek

Turn left, you instruct me
I pause
And start walking left
Parallel to the creek bank
The grass is higher here
Hitting my calves and knees
I walk
In silence

Stop, you command
I stop
Holding my knife in my hand
Waiting for instructions

You walk in front of me
Turn and face me, you command
I keep my head down
Not looking at you

You thought you could get away with it,
Didn't you
You thought that I would agree
That begging was a form of punishment,
Didn't you
You thought that I would forget
That you didn't do as I asked,
Didn't you
Well, I didn't forget
And you have displeased me
I never forget
That you must receive punishment
When you displease me

I keep my head down
Not answering
Your voice angry
Your voice commanding
Tears form in my eyes
You have never spoken to me this way
I have displeased you greatly
I want to fall to my knees
And beg forgiveness
Before you
But I stand
Head hanging down
Listening to your words
Stinging my soul

Raise your head
Look at me
When I speak to you,
You demand

I raise my head
I look at you
Through tear filled eyes
Pleading with you
Then in a flash
You slap my face
With your open hand
Stinging across my cheek
I am stunned
I gasp
Instinctively I bend my head
Protecting myself

Don't move your head
When I am punishing you,
You command

I raise my head again
Tears in my eyes
Looking at you
We stare at each other
You walk around me
Gazing at me
Standing behind me
You lean close to me
Your head behind mine
Your mouth at my ear
And whisper
Take your pocketknife
Go into the river cane
Select three cane
Long ones
At least one inch in diameter
Cut them
Bring them to me
Your voice commands

I listen to your instructions
Instinctively knowing what you will do with
The river cane

I pause
I don't move quickly enough
With full force
You slap my ass
With your hand
Stinging across my ass
I jump
Pain shoots across my ass

I step into the river cane
For just the right one
Long, at least one inch in diameter
I find one
And cut it at the base
I search again
But all around me
Are smaller canes
I search
Hoping that I am not taking too long
To find the cane
Searching, I find another
Cut it down at the base
I look around
And quickly find another
Cut it
I step out of the river cane
You are standing
Watching me
Arms crossed
Across your chest
I walk toward you
Hold the river cane
Out in front of me
Looking down
Afraid I have taken too long

Excellent choices,
You say
I breathe
A glimmer of hope
Maybe you will be kind
Maybe the punishment
Will not be harsh
I think

Strip the leaves
From the cane,
You instruct
I close my eyes
Knowing what will happen
I open my pocket knife
And strip the leaves
From the cane
Leaf by leaf
You watch
A slight smile
Across your face

Having completed my task
I hand you the canes
You run your hands
Down the length of them
Inspecting them
You slap them across
The palm of your hand

Excellent choices,
You say again
I watch
In silence

Walk back toward the creek,
You instruct
Stepping aside
So I can pass
I begin the walk
Back to the creek
You walk behind me
As I get to the creek
You tell me to stop

Take your shirt and shorts off,
You say
I do as requested
Tossing my clothes on the ground
You hand me the canes

Go to the creek
And soak these in the water
I want you to bend from the hips
I want to see your pussy
I want to see your asshole
As you soak these in water,
You command

I take the canes
And slowly enter the creek
Cold water quickly covers my boots
I bend at the hips
Exposing myself to you
You watch
You smile

I hold the canes under water
Soaking them
That's enough
Come out of the water,
You tell me

I slowly rise
And walk out of the water
And up the steep banks
I hold the dripping wet canes
In my hands
You stand close behind me
I feel your breath on my neck

Do you see that tree,
You ask
I nod
Walk to it and stand as close to it as you can,
You command

I walk to large tree
And notice the ropes
And blindfold
On the ground
I stand in front of the tree
Almost touching the bark

Gripping the wet cane in my fist
You walk around the tree
And grab my wrists from around the tree
You pull my wrists around the trunk
Slipping the ropes around my wrists
Tying my arms tight against the tree
Tree bark rubbing into my arms
My fists still holding the wet cane
You take the rope
And tie it around my waist
Tight around the tree
Pressing my breasts and stomach
Against the tree bark
You walk around to me
Force my legs apart with your knee
You bend down and grab my ankles
Pulling them further apart
Tying them tight against the tree
My body pressing against the tree bark
Scratching me
You tie the blindfold against my eyes
Blocking out the light
You walk up to me
Press your body against mine
Pressing hard
My body forced into the tree trunk
Scratching against the bark
My mouth opens
Ready to scream
To tell you it hurts
You shove the ball into my mouth
And quickly tape it down
You release yourself from my body
Releasing the pressure
I yell into the ball
You can't hear me
I hear you walking around the tree
You take the wet cane from my grip
I hear you walking around the tree
Pressing your mouth against my ear

Six inches in your ass,
That's all I asked,
And you did not do as I asked,
Now, you must be punished
Six lashes
One for each inch,
You command

I shake my head
No, please no
Not the wet canes,
I think

You walk away
I tense my muscles
Knowing it will hurt

The cane hits my ass
I jerk my body against the tree bark
I scream with the pain
My cry is muffled
You walk up to me
Touch my ass
Run your finger
On the welt that has formed
You whisper in my ear

As I brace myself for another
You quickly strike my ass
I scream continuously
Into the ball
Moving my head
From side to side
Forcing my body into the tree
Begging you to stop
Five goes across my ass
In such force
I feel as if I'm going to pass out
Tears are flowing from my eyes
Dripping down my cheeks
From under the blindfold
I tense my ass
Knowing that
Number six
Was going to follow
Begging you to finish
Please hurry
I want this to end

Across my ass
The cane breaks in half
I hear you walk up to me
Pick up the broken piece of cane

Looks like I have to do
Number six again,
You state
Almost with a chuckle

I'm crying
Loudly into the ball
Pleading with you
But you don't understand
You select another cane
I hear you slapping it against your palm
Testing it
Making sure this one will not break
With force
Against my ass

My ass on fire

My ass swollen with welts
I cry uncontrollably
You walk to me
Press your body against mine
Rub your hands on my ass
Squeezing my ass
Squeezing the welts
Pull my ass cheeks apart
Shove your finger
Into my asshole
This is one inch,
You state
Shove your finger deeper into my asshole
This is two inches,
You state
Shove your finger the full length into my asshole
This is three inches,
You state
You yank your finger out of my asshole
And shove the dildo
Into my asshole
Pressing it deep into my ass
This is six inches,
You state
Remember what it feels like

My cock is longer than six inches,
You state
I gasp
Nodding my head
I'll remember

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