tagBDSMThe Road to Ownership

The Road to Ownership


By mid-week it was exactly as she had planned it. He no longer knew what day it was. He no longer knew what time it was. The room had been totally darkened, not a single beam of light could enter through the blacked out window. Even the space around the door had been attended to. He spent his life in total soundless darkness. Straining to hear the footsteps in the hall that would herald her appearance.

Her entrance was the only light in his day. She would stand in the doorway, framed by a shimmering light that near blinded his unsettled eyes. Like a Goddess in a Tintoretto, something hazy, pre-Raphaelite and gorgeous. A vision in spike heels and corset. Long gloves, a whip in one hand, her cigarettes and lighter in the other. A demon from a sensual yet unremittingly cruel hell.

It was Wednesday and things were progressing as planned. He had eaten no solid food since his arrival. Heard no sound but that of her voice vilifying, demeaning and instructing him. 50% of his fluid intake consisted of her piss, which she had seen him slurp thirstily from the dog bowl, much to her satisfaction. She could feel that he was close to the level of submission she required, close to being ready for re-moulding him. She had always known he had potential. His wit, his strength, his success and ability all attracted her, and soon she would have remoulded him. A totally submissive man, whose sole purpose in life is her happiness and her sexual pleasure, even if he must bleed and cry to achieve it. Both men existing, and her constant choice as to which one would be visible. Mmmmmmmmmm

She knew he was weak from hunger. She knew he was mentally weakened by the darkness and solitude. She knew a few days more of physical pain and humiliation and the job would be done. Patience was important because she knew in her heart of hearts that only a perfect slave could make her fulfilled, and no matter how long it took, or what lengths and means were required, she would achieve absolute success. It would not be a case of a submissive man acting out his fantasies, it would be true and total submission to Her desires.

Time for today's work. She smiled as she slapped his face twice, very hard. Her traditional greeting.

Recoiling from the slap, he fell to his knees, and began grovelling at her heels, she smiled and stepped back, his crawling pursuit was brought to an abrupt halt by the chain around his neck. She dropped her lighter on the floor and placed a long white cigarette in her burgundy lips. She leant forward a touch, ensuring that the slave must stretch to his limits to light it.

She strode past him, snatching the lighter back, and lit the huge candle beside the bed to which he was chained. She snapped her fingers and indicated the bed. He crawled upon the bed, lying face down submissively. She closed the door with her spike heel and it slammed with a satisfying thud, which made him flinch, much to her amusement. She sat beside him and nonchalantly added another burn to the ongoing brand on his buttocks. Soon that would be finished too. He winced, but did not flinch. He had been punished so severely for flinching that he never did so anymore. Behaviour modification was such a joy.

Holding the cigarette between her lips she ordered him onto his back and swiftly attached the chains to the cuffs he wore on his ankles and feet, strapping him spread-eagled to the bed. The chains had been designed to make sure he was stretched to the maximum. She knew that about 30 minutes was about all his muscles could take before they started screaming. She put the cigarette out on his groin, close to his prick, and smiled. What she had planned for him would ensure he never even noticed those screaming muscles.

She began with the dildo, larger than the one she last used, and penetration quickly and cruelly achieved without lubrication. He was struggling to accept it. It was, of course, made more difficult by his position. She thought briefly about re-chaining him so his knees were up on his chest and his rectum more open and accessible, but she loved his stretched out vulnerability so much. She commanded him to relax, but he was too freaked out by the enormity of it. As she had known he would be. She moved to phase two.

She attached the pads of the tens machine to his genitals and gave him a quick spurt of power. He screamed and spasmed, and she managed another inch of penetration while he did so. She smiled.

"Michael, I want you to know, this will last a long, long time. There is no point holding back total surrender, you will just prolong your pain!"

She lit another cigarette and turned up the machine to maximum, suddenly and for just a second. His scream was awesome and erotic, but she decided the ball gag would be a good idea at this stage. The time for enjoying his screams and begging and pleading would come later.

She then settled down to a steady process of alternating increasing the level of electrical torture and increasing the penetration of the massive dildo. Occasionally pausing and smiling and stroking his cock to bring him back from the edge of pain filled insanity.

"Michael, you hate being left alone and locked up, but as long as you relax your arse and let me train you to surrender, I will be here with you….."

He nodded, she could tell he wanted to surrender, but his ego was fighting it, maybe not just his ego, physiologically the dildo was very demanding, maybe just more than he could take. But, take it he must. She smiled again and penetrated deeper, using a smoother and more loving technique. As she started to make love to his arse instead of raping it she sensed he relaxed more, so she too k maximum advantage, easing it in deeper. Half of its fourteen inches would soon be inside him. She paused for a cigarette and admired the way her inhalations made his cock grow and throb. At the intense height of her longest deepest drag he started to seep pre-cum and so she zapped him with maximum on the tens machine. His back arched. Well as much arch as he could manage with the awesome restriction of the chains, and in mid arch she rammed in another couple of inches.

"Relax, and let it all in, slave!" she said, and, taking a last drag, put out the cigarette in the middle of his chest. Dropping the crushed butt on the floor with the others she remarked:

"You have a lot of tidying up to do slave. You won't be able to do it until I unchain you, of course, and that won't be for hours yet."

"OK, then, let us see how you like this. The dildo stays where it is, the tens machine stays on – like this", she turned it up to where he spasmed and just left the controls there. "I am going out now. I don't know when I shall come back!" And with those words she clicked out on her luxuriously expensive heels.

He attempted to attract her attention, but he was stretched too tight to move. His agony was extreme. He wanted to surrender with all his heart. He wanted to gaze upon her again.

She left him for a further hour or so. She listened to the radio and read. For him every second was agony. He starved, he ached, he spasmed and his rectum stretched.

When she returned he was desperate for release, but knew from her lock that she was in no mood to release him. He was panicking, but brought himself under control he knew he needed to take it all. He must.

She was pleased with his response. Within a few moments all fourteen inches was buried in him. It was only then that he realised it was not just a dildo. It was attached to a leather harness and in seconds she had slipped it around his pelvis and padlocked it in position. Until she unlocked it, all fourteen inches would remain buried inside him. The harness had a hole for his cock, and the pressure of the dildo had given him and incredible erection. It was bigger, thicker than she had ever seen. She had not intended to allow him any penetration of her, but this was too good to miss. She removed the tens pads and hurriedly climbed on. As usual torturing him had made her dripping wet with excitement, but even so the thickness of his cock was remarkable and brought a half wince half gasp from her as she slid down it. Christ he was enormous. For all of these reasons it did not take long for her to reach climax, and he had not come, she resisted the temptation of another orgasm and climbed off, leaving him seeping and throbbing with desire. She removed the ball gag so she could enjoy his whimpering, sobbing and begging while she lay back and wanked ferociously. She never tired of the erotic effects of listening to his pain and discomfort verbalised, and it was a long while before she completed her self-pleasures. She was feeling soft and cuddly, but she knew the job was not done. She knew to make sure it was completed to perfection she must be yet patient.

She lit a cigarette and paused, she pondered the next stage.

Finishing her cigarette she put it out on his stomach, dropped the butt on the floor and re-attached the tens pads. He whimpered, and she slapped his face. "Enough! Keep silent or you will have a higher level than ever!"

As it was she turned it up a notch further than that of earlier, and his scream was uncontrollable. She replaced the ball gag, and leaned close to him, caressing him and purring in his ear. "Slave, I am going away now, and I will be away a long time, if you are good, when I come back, I'll release you." She stood up and left, her spike heels clicking erotically on the floor. The slamming of the door was the beginning of the end of him. Even though he did not know, and would never know how long she was gone, she was gone longer than she needed to be, and sometime before she returned he finally snapped. He was lost. There was no longer any Michael. Just a broken humble, ego free male, a blank sheet of paper for mistress to create whatever she wanted.

When she returned she could immediately see it in his eyes, and the excitement of having totally broken him nearly made her orgasm. She paused and lit a cigarette, gazing at the wondrous look of total submission, feeling her sexual juices awaken. She untied him, released him from the chains, the tens machine, the gag but not the dildo harness. She blew smoke into his face and held up her cigarette. Unbidden he opened his mouth wide and she tapped in her ash. He swallowed and she smiled. She got up and dropped his clothes at his feet.

"If you wish to leave me forever, I will release the dildo and you are free to go," she said, softly.

He fell to the floor and grovelled at her ankles, "No, please keep me Mistress".

"If you remain, I will have the full dildo inside you for as long as I choose."

"Yes Mistress"

"Good boy," she paused, "there is one other thing, if you stay." He looked up at her and she said softly, "A chastity belt. If you stay you will wear it whenever and for as long as I choose, beginning now".

He nodded, and she dropped her cigarette on the floor and left. He put out the cigarette and tidied it with the other discarded butts in the bin in the corner.

When she returned she was carrying the belt. It looked harsh, complex and permanent. He stood at her command and she fitted it, it fit over the top of the butt plug harness. His cock was held facing downwards at a slight angle. Clearly he could piss at an appropriate angle. Clearly it was designed for long-term wear. It was held tightly by a small sheath or band, which felt as if it had spikes, which would bite into him if he got erect. Over the pelvic area was a chain mail "V" which was held in place by three leather straps, one passing between his legs to meet the other two behind his back. The fixing joint required a key. In a couple of minutes she stood back and looked at him. A fourteen inch butt plug was trapped inside him by a harness, his cock was permanently restrained. Masturbation would be impossible, even touching it was not possible. He could piss, but would require unlocking and un plugging to shit. That should ensure a lot of begging and pleading. She decided to demonstrate the full utility of the equipment and attached his wrist cuffs to two "D" rings on the hips of the leather straps of the belt. He was helpless, plugged and chastity belted. She felt a trickle of juice on her leg. She needed orgasm, but could not be arsed to un-strap him. She went to the bedside draw and removed the strap-on she had been using on him. She fitted it to his pelvis quickly, pushed him back on the bed and mounted him.

"I don't need your cock, slave do I?"

"No Mistress." She rode the dildo slowly to a truly wondrous orgasm. Then lay back and felt good for a while.

She arose and ordered him to the floor. Then she stood over him and released her bladder, unbidden he raised his mouth to attempt to capture as much as he could.

She looked down on him, sodden in her piss, still aching, still showing a submissive twitchy fear in his eyes. "Clean the mess up, slave"

Again she strode from the room. But this time she did not close the door. She knew, however that he would not leave the room, not without permission.

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