tagLesbian SexThe Rosebud Ch. 01

The Rosebud Ch. 01


This is a back story I wrote for the characters in my screenplay. I wanted to explore their relationships in more detail. Hopefully I can finish Part II soon. Enjoy!


Vikki kneeled in front of Sasha, her heart pounding in her chest. She slowly undid Sasha's pants and was greeted with a strapon already strapped tightly to her lithe frame. It was so much better when Sasha was equipped before their lovemaking. Some of the magic of the moment was lost when she had to awkwardly wait while Sasha strapped in. This time was going to be special so the extra preparation was well worth it. Vikki was almost giddy with anticipation. They were going to finally have a baby together. All the hardships they went through; Sasha's late night disappearances, money issues, living in a shitty apartment - it was all worth it for this moment.

Vikki produced a vial of semen from deep within her cleavage, placed there to warm it for the coming fuck. She had thought of every detail of this moment for the past week. She even bought the sexy expensive lingerie she had been eyeing, a rich purple thong with a lacey see-through nightie to match. It barely hung on to her, just a few loosely tied strands keeping her clothed. It was as though the garment itself wished her to be naked in front of Sasha. Returning to the present, her eyes were drawn to the stiff cock in front of her face. She hungrily placed the tip in her mouth and slowly pulled it out. Again her mouth found the dick but she went deeper and slower this time. She knew Sasha couldn't feel it, but she wanted to savor every inch and make it slick with spit. As she went for thirds, she removed the cap of her vial. Her hands shook slightly as the moment she had imagined for months was actually happening. Vikki smeared the slimy yet sticky fluid along the length of the shaft, corkscrewing her way towards the head.

She looked up, an innocent look on her face and her eyes found Sasha's. Sasha had a playful smile hinting at the corner of her lips and beckoned Vikki to stand. She obliged, and when she rose, Sasha's cock left a warm trail along her flat stomach, her lingerie clinging to it. Vikki shivered with delight and realized that soon her tummy would not be so flat. They kissed, softly at first, but soon both gave into passion and they shared each other greedily. Their breasts brushed together and Vikki had a powerful urge to emancipate Sasha's rack from the prison of her shirt. She was sad to part lips, even for a moment, but the prize that awaited her was well worth the inconvenience. As quickly as possible, she pulled off Sasha's shirt and thanked god for front-fastening bras as she undid the clasp in between Sasha's breasts. Placing both hands on the smooth flesh of Sasha's exquisite peaks, Vikki's palms found that the nipples were delighted for the attention. She squeezed tenderly and was rewarded with a rare moan from Sasha.

Soon they found the bed, Sasha leading Vikki while they kissed. As sexy as Vikki's lingerie was, it was time for it to decorate the floor. Sasha made quick work of disrobing Vikki and then it was just Sasha, Vikki, and the strapon, glistening with sticky fluid. Vikki's face became a complicated scene of emotion, and she whispered, "I have never loved you more".

Sasha literally took her breath away as she entered her slick pussy. "Yes... oh god yes," she squeaked as she found her voice again. Vikki's hands were frantic for something to hold on to as Sasha began thrusting. They found Sasha's swaying bosom and Sasha let slip another of her cute moans as Vikki's hands squeezed, more roughly this time. Sasha closed the gap between them and their entire bodies became one, their breasts squished together, nipples dragging against soft skin. Sasha's breath came quickly now, hot on Vikki's neck as the pace increased. Vikki felt her climax fast approaching. Her hands explored Sasha's back, coming to rest on the equally smooth flesh of her lower peaks. This caused Sasha to arch her back and their eyes met again. It was too much for Vikki. The familiar uphill ride her orgasm had been building to dropped off sharply and her entire body quaked with the release.

Sasha slowed her pumping and smirked down at Vikki. When she finally stopped, she pressed their bodies together and their lips met again. Their tongues danced, first in Sasha's mouth until Vikki's mouth demanded its turn. Sasha left the firm rubber dick nestled inside of Vikki's other mouth and they kissed for what felt like a blissful eternity.

When Sasha reluctantly removed the dick from between Vikki's legs, Vikki was aware of the sticky mess on her inner thighs. She ran a finger along the wetness, the various fluids mixed together. She teased her finger near Sasha's harnessed pussy and made a moist streak on her thigh. She flattened her tongue and gingerly licked up the fluid. She made a face and giggled while she confessed, "it tastes funny".

She went to work unfastening Sasha's harness and it fell heavily on the bed. She made little butterfly kisses on Sasha's leg, working her way up towards Sasha's flower. Each kiss became longer and wetter than the one before it until she reached her destination. She hesitated for a brief moment before attacking Sasha's pussy with the same ferocity as she attacked the rubber dick. This time however, she was thrusting her tongue, making the normally quiet Sasha call out her name, urging her on. She kept the back of her tongue firmly pressed onto Sasha's clit while the tip of her tongue was free to plumb the depths. Her hands stroked Sasha's legs softly in stark contrast to the treatment her slit was receiving. Vikki was an expert at eating pussy and it wasn't long before she had Sasha screaming in ecstasy. The addition of a curious finger was all it took for Sasha to reach her own climax.

Vikki licked her lips and scooted over to join Sasha so that they were side by side. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together as hard as she could, as if it would increase the chance of conception. Sasha glanced over and watched her. Wordlessly, she climbed on top of Vikki and mounted her crossed leg. She was still dizzy with heat and didn't want to lose the feeling. Slowly she began grinding Vikki's upper thigh; small circles that left moist streaks. She unfolded Vikki's other leg and Vikki willingly obliged. She ran a finger up the length of Vikki's bright pink opening and was delighted at its wetness. Sasha tucked her leg under Vikki's and then it was their pussies' turn to kiss.

Sasha resumed her circular motions and Vikki's hips replied by pulsing up and down. They fell into rhythm almost instantaneously. Vikki's eyes rolled back and before long she shut them entirely. Thoughts left her, replaced with primal desire. She grabbed Sasha and pulled her down while she rose to meet her, her desire demanding as much of their bodies touching as possible. As she approached her second orgasm, she opened her eyes and saw Sasha was almost there as well. Sasha started to wail, and Vikki adjusted to catch up, wanting to share the moment together. Soon they were both reduced to loud, shuddering sighs, and they collapsed on the bed. A flurry of kisses followed, and Vikki's eyes began to tear up she was so moved by the experience.

Eventually, they untangled and Vikki blurted out "I love you so much. I never want to be apart." Vikki noticed a moment of hesitation before Sasha replied, "I love you too Babe."

When Vikki settled into a satisfied sleep, Sasha crept out of bed and got dressed. She began to have nervous tendrils of doubt creep into her head as she realized what she had done. They were having a baby together... The enormity of that thought made her palms sweat and she threw on some clothes before she snuck out the door.

She made her way out onto the street and wandered aimlessly. She happened upon her favorite bar and saw that it was closed. Disappointed, she walked past and noticed something shiny on the sidewalk. It was a small metal token, with the silhouette of a naked woman on it. She turned it over and it said "The Rosebud. 27 Winter st." She pocketed the coin and before she realized what she was doing, her legs started taking her towards Winter street.

Before long she arrived at The Rosebud, excitement mixing with trepidation. She entered and immediately felt like she made a mistake. Yet her body disagreed with her mind and she walked towards the stage. She looked around and noticed she was the only one there. She shook her head and made to leave when suddenly a voice called out, "Hi sweetie! You're a little early. You want a dance?"

Sasha turned towards the source of the voice and was blown away. Coming towards her was a woman that oozed sex appeal. Her hair was scarlet crimson, just long enough to strategically cover her naked breasts. She wore a thong of nearly the same color as her hair, and a rose with its thorns removed was tucked neatly into the side of it. Her face was subtly made up to enhance her already stunning features, with just the right amount of color. She wore satin black boots that almost reached her knees, red laces criss crossing up the length of them.

Sasha stared, trying not to look at her breasts and failing. She managed to fumble out the words "uh huh", and smiled like an idiot. The woman laughed sweetly and said, "you like my hair? I've gotta leave something to the imagination, right?"

Sasha's hand covered her face and she tried to explain herself, "I'm not... I don't usually..."

The woman smiled and took Sasha's hand off her face. She held onto it and their fingers locked. She said, "My name's Candy. Follow me."

She led her to a back room and the most comfortable chair Sasha had ever felt. Candy playfully pushed her down into it and began by letting her hair brush softly along Sasha's body. Then she whipped her hair back and unveiled the most tantalizing breasts Sasha had ever seen. Perfectly formed, they beckoned to be caressed, with delicate pink nipples in their centers. Candy brought Sasha's hand to one of them and Sasha's hand gathered as much flesh as possible. Candy spun around, her hair brushing Sasha's face and sat down firmly in Sasha's willing lap. Candy found Sasha's other hand, and soon two sets of hands cupped her tits, barely containing them.

Candy began a slow grind with her ass and Sasha cooed with pleasure. She became aware of how wet she felt between her thighs and realized her panties must be soaked. As if sensing her thoughts, Candy removed a hand from her chest and snaked it behind her, unbuttoning Sasha's jeans. Sasha was only dimly aware of the fact that she had told Vikki that she loved her mere hours ago. Candy's hand slithered underneath her panties, and her finger found Sasha's slippery pussy. Sasha took a sharp breath and squeezed Candy's tits tightly. Her finger teased Sasha as it ran along the length of her valley, but didn't enter. She traced along the lips of Sasha's pussy and then stood up abruptly.

"How badly do you want this?" Candy asked seductively. Vikki's voice filtered up into her mind, "I love you so much. I never want to be apart," but the voice was barely a whisper. "More than anything" was what Sasha replied.

Candy smiled and tore Sasha's pants off. Before she knew what was happening, Candy's breast was thrust into her face and she started suckling the perky nipple. Candy plunged two fingers deep into her cunt and found her spot immediately. Sasha was so surprised that she stopped sucking and let out a squeak. Sasha was so used to being in control, of being the one to set the pace. This was a scary yet exhilarating sensation. Candy worked her pussy like she was born to do it and Sasha tried and failed to contain her cries of pleasure. She loved the sounds Vikki made for her and she would have laughed to hear similar sounds coming from her own mouth. But she couldn't laugh. She could only moan to the rhythm of Candy's fingers.

Soon Candy offered her other tit and it was accepted without hesitation. Sasha's tongue played with the rosy peak but she could barely concentrate on the task. Candy played her pussy so expertly, as though her body was a musical instrument, playing a rhythm that Sasha scarcely knew existed. Eventually Sasha gave up on her menial task of nursing Candy's breast and leaned back and allowed herself to be played. Several times she tensed up, closing in on a blissful cliff of an orgasm, but Candy sensed it and changed her song, keeping Sasha teetering on the edge. When it finally felt like she couldn't take anymore, Candy let her song reach a monumental crescendo and Sasha actually started screaming, adding her vocals to the song. She felt her body shake uncontrollably as her orgasm carried her off the cliff and her screams turned into softer sighs.

She regained her senses and realized where she was, slightly embarrassed to be so loud in a public place. But then she realized it was only her and Candy and she just basked in the presence of a sexual goddess standing over her. She leaned forward to try and kiss her but Candy pulled away.

"Sorry baby, I don't kiss. It's nothing personal, just a policy I keep. Clients come here for one thing, and I don't want to confuse other things with that."

Sasha immediately understood. She was waiting for shame to wash over her but Candy's statement actually felt liberating. She had always connected sex with being completely intimate with another woman, and the concept of no strings attached fucking was intoxicating. She wanted Candy to take her again right then but Candy's mood had switched to strictly business in a heartbeat.

"I can tell you needed that badly and since you're new I'll give you that one on the house. You were a great customer and I know you'll come again."

She gave a small wink when she said "come" and Sasha grinned despite herself. Candy slid the rose out of her thong and playfully tossed it at Sasha. It landed in her still naked lap, and Candy disappeared around a corner. Sasha quickly pulled her clothes back on and picked up the rose. She smiled and shook her head. Best to leave it she told herself but instead she slid it into the waistline of her pants, a memento of the pure bliss she felt.

She walked in a daze back to her apartment, hardly believing what had happened and cycling potential excuses through her head to tell Vikki when she made it home. With any luck Vikki would be asleep still but she knew that was unlikely. Before long she was at her front steps and ready to face Vikki. She breathed out a long sigh and started to open the door. She stopped herself quickly as she realized the rose was still tucked into her waist. She stuck it into a plant pot next to the steps and entered as quietly as she could. The front door betrayed her with a loud groan and she cursed the door gods for her bad luck.

Vikki was already up though and wearing her lingerie, cooking the meagre food that could be scrounged up from the refrigerator. When she noticed Sasha was home, her face lit up with genuine joy and she raced to Sasha. She kissed her passionately and Sasha's stomach finally gave its first twist of guilt.

"I'm so happy to see you!" Vikki squeed like a teenager. "Are you hungry?" She led Sasha to the kitchen and Sasha realized she was starving. She tried to chalk up the guilty feeling in her stomach to being hungry but she knew better. Vikki pulled her close into an embrace and rested her head on Sasha's shoulder. She spoke softly into Sasha's ear and said, "I know you like to be alone sometimes but please don't leave me by myself for so long. I love you Sash. You know how scared I get when you're not around."

Sasha's eyes began to water and she fought the emotions that rose inside of her. She mumbled out "You know I love you" and the two held each other. Vikki straightened suddenly and giggled "Shit! The food's burning!" She daintily ran to the stove and rescued most of the vegetables she had been cooking. Sasha let out a playful laugh and went over to help Vikki. She chided, "you know, you shouldn't be cooking in that sexy outfit. You wouldn't want to ruin it."

Her eyes took in Vikki in her purple underwear, and she remembered why she fell for her in the first place. The wispy nightie flowed across her body and allowed Sasha drink in every tight curve. Purple was Vikki's favorite color and it matched her skin perfectly. Sasha could just barely make out the circles of Vikki's nipples through the lace and Vikki noticed where she was staring.

"I wore it because I love it when you look at me like that. Besides, I already have to wash it." Vikki traced a finger along the faint dried stain that Sasha's strapon left along her belly. "Now help me with this pan or you won't get any dessert!"

They ate quickly and left half finished plates of food on the table. They scrambled for the bed as they kissed along the way. Sasha tore off her own clothes indiscriminately, all pretense of foreplay forgotten. She threw Vikki to the bed roughly and strapped her cock on haphazardly, one of the straps neglected. It hung awkwardly but Sasha didn't care. She didn't even bother to remove Vikki's underwear, she simply wrenched it to the side and eagerly thrust the cock into Vikki's slit.

"Easy baby. Slow down, okay?" Vikki cautioned, but Sasha didn't listen. The cock fumbled around uncomfortably and Sasha couldn't find a rhythm. She looked down at Vikki, whos face was screwed up in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and shut her eyes. She was dimly aware of the noises that Vikki was uttering but they sounded unfamiliar and sharp. She kept the image of Vikki in her mind but it started to change and distort. The rich purple of Vikki's underwear bloomed into a deep red in her mind's eye and Vikki's chestnut hair exploded into a fiery crimson. Her face came back into focus as Candy's and she gave a knowing wink. It was though Candy had planted a seed in Sasha's brain and was communicating with her.

She snapped her eyes open again and came back to reality. Vikki was still wearing the lingerie and Sasha wanted to feel the silky skin of Vikki's voluptuous chest. Suddenly Sasha's hand jerked the fragile material down off of one of Vikki's breasts and there was an audible ripping sound. "SASHA!" Vikki screamed. "What the FUCK?"

She threw Sasha off of her and tried pulling the cup of her nightie back on her exposed breast. The ripped fabric looked like a gaping wound in the garment. "What's gotten into you?" She spat accusingly. "Do you know how much these cost?" She stood up off the bed and crossed her arms across her chest. Sasha could only sputter hasty apologies as she splayed on the bed, her cock flopping comically around on the poorly strapped harness.

Vikki threw up her hands in disgust and walked out of the room. She went to the bathroom and slammed the door. Sasha heard the shower crackle to life and she was alone on the bed. Frustrated, she put her face in her hands and screwed her palms into her eyes. Candy peeped back into her mind's eye, clearer this time and she heard her say, "How badly do you want this?"

Sasha laid on the bed, listening to the sounds of the shower, not even bothering to move. Before long, Vikki emerged, wrapped in a towel, her temperament a stony silence. The silence continued as Vikki dressed herself, not even glancing in Sasha's direction. Eventually, Sasha couldn't take it anymore and said, "Look, I'm so sorry. My head's all screwed up. I guess I'm just nervous about having a baby, okay?" Vikki finally looked at her and let the silence soak for a moment before replying, "You made me feel like garbage. In bed just now and when you left me alone again. That was the worst sex we've ever had. The worst. You know, I thought that settling down and having this baby would bring us closer together. What am I gonna do when you leave me alone for hours with the baby? I feel like I can't trust you."

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