tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sales Associate Ch. 10

The Sales Associate Ch. 10



Fortunately, Martin had his wallet with him, so they were able to pay for the cabbie to take them to the airport. There, they rented a car and headed back toward their homes in Los Angeles.

"Well, I wonder what Josky and the guys are doing now?" Martin chuckled as he drove. Holly sat in front next to him, with Staci in the back seat.

"I bet they hired a dozen call girls," Holly said.

"Well, I'm sorry I didn't get you girls out of there sooner," Martin said. "I had no idea it was going to be like that."

"I know you didn't," Holly said. "Josky was playing us against each other. He said he'd fire you and he told you he'd fire me. We hesitated and before you knew it, it was out of control. The important thing is, we're gone now. And we're all unemployed. Anyone have any ideas of what to do from here?"

"I don't know," Staci said. "Everything I own is in Josky's house. I can't go back there."

"It's OK," Martin said. "You can stay with us as long as you need to. I say us, but Holly, you don't work for me anymore, so if you want to move out, that's up to you."

"No," Holly said. "We're in this together. You're the only people I trust right now, so I think we need to stick together."

"I agree," Staci said. "Thanks for getting me out of there and letting me stay with you. I can re-pay you however you want. You know..."

"That's not necessary, Staci. Same goes for you, Holly. As much as I'd love to keep our arrangement, the fact is that you're not on the payroll anymore, so you don't have to do anything you want to do."

"In case you hadn't noticed," Holly smiled, "I enjoy it too. I like dressing sexy and fucking in public. I don't want to change a thing."

"Me either," Martin said. "I'm glad to hear you say that."

"So, do you guys have any idea where I can get a job?" Staci asked. "I can go back to stripping, I guess."

"Me too," Holly said.

"Well wait a minute," Martin said. "You both said you wanted to be models or actresses, right? Well, why don't we find something like that for you?"

"That would be great," Holly said, "but I took this job because I couldn't find anything like that."

"Same here," Staci said.

"Maybe instead of waiting for someone to hire us," Martin said, "we should create our own work. Would you two be open to doing some more R- and X-rated work if we were the bosses so you knew you could say no at any time?"

"That would be perfect," Holly said.

"I think we can make it work," Martin's mind was spinning now. "I think we can definitely market you two to a wide audience. I'm thinking a swimsuit calendar the high school boys can buy and a topless calendar their dads can. Maybe some workout videos -- and maybe a special workout video featuring our special equipment. Holly can show you how to do it, Staci."

"Yeah," Holly was seeing the point now. "And we could do some reality videos where we tease in public, like we did with those guys at the mall parking lot. It's a blast, Staci. I'll show you."

"And we don't have to fuck anyone we don't want to?" Staci asked, skeptical.

"Never," Martin said. "Now, I have a friend who used to do some video work for a TV station. He's retired now, but I bet he could help us with the videos. And he might know a photographer. We'll call him tomorrow. I think this could be great."

"Well, you know what would be great right now?" Holly asked. "Something to eat and a place to sleep. I'm exhausted."

They pulled over at the next exit, a small town in the middle of nowhere. But there was a flashing motel sign, so they stopped. They all went in to get their rooms -- Martin offered to get Staci a separate room of her own. But the manager told them that there was only one room left.

"Hell, we've only got 12 rooms here," she chuckled. "We ain't exactly the Marriott."

Martin looked at Staci, who nodded and he said, "All right, we'll take it. Where's a good place to eat around here?"

"Truck stop's pretty good. But you ladies better put some clothes on before you go there. If you want to stay in the room, Sir Pepperoni Pizza delivers."

The room had only one king size bed and Martin immediately told Staci that she and Holly could share it; he'd sleep on the floor.

"No, you and Holly are used to sleeping together," Staci said. "Don't worry about it. I'll be fine."

The girls had no clothes to change into and no underwear. There was a dollar store next door, so Martin offered to go get them some clothes while they ordered the pizza.

He bought them each a plain white t-shirt he thought would be suitable for sleeping in. He also bought them each a white thong and a pink one and a pair of white bobbi socks with the ruffles on top -- it was a little chilly tonight and he wasn't sure the heat would work in their crappy motel room.

There wasn't much selection on skirts, so he bought them each a pair of yellow cotton athletic-style shorts with the little notches cut out on the outer thigh.

He bought himself a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and some underwear, socks and a pair of tennis shoes. He got some cold water and soda out of a vending machine and headed back to his girls. When he opened the door, he found them both naked, laying on the bed. What a sight! He had fucked them both today -- who would have thought it possible for an average, middle-aged man like himself to have had sex with two of the hottest women on earth on the same day? And now here they were, both naked right before his eyes.

They had stripped off their cum-stained, torn dresses and kicked off their high heels and were laying there, side by side, watching TV. Yes, Martin said, they could definitely make some money together.

"Did you order the pizza?" Martin asked.

"Yeah, should be here any minute," Holly said.

Martin handed them their clothes. "Not that I mind the current scenery, but I thought these might be comfortable."

"Thanks!" Staci said. She quickly put on the white t-shirt, white thong and bobbi socks, skipping the shorts. Holly did likewise. Martin was pleased to see that the cheap dollar-store t-shirts were a little tight on both of them and reached only to their belly buttons. Their dark, hard nipples were still easy to make out through the cheap material.

"Better?" he asked, himself changing into his t-shirt and boxer shorts.

"Much," Holly said. "Hey, I bet Staci and I can get the pizza for free."

Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Go for it," Martin said. The girls scrambled to the door, standing side by side as they opened the door to the delivery guy who looked to be in his late teens or early 20s.

"Yeah! The pizza's here!" Holly squealed, jumping up and down, making her tits bounce obscenely, just inches from the kid's face. Staci played along and started jumping up and down herself. Her gigantic tits literally slapped against her skin as she bounced up and down.

"Uh, yeah, it's $22," the kid said.

"Oh no!" Holly said. "We don't have any money. But hey, I bet you'd be nice enough to let us have it for free, wouldn't you Sweetie?"

"I can't..."

"Oh, that air's cold," Staci said, interrupting him. She rubbed her chest, emphasizing the erect nipples under the thin t-shirt. "Look, it's making my nipples so hard." She raised her shirt, flashing her million dollar tits.

"Mine too!" Holly said, providing hers for comparison. "If we could just take our pizza and go warm up, I'd be so happy."

"OK," the kid said. "You can have it. That was payment enough right there."

"Thanks!" Staci said. "You're so sweet." She gave him a big kiss, right on the mouth, her tongue exploring his mouth. She put his hand on her tit and let him have a good feel.

"Yeah, we should give him a tip," Holly said. "How about a kiss?" she gave him a full tongue kiss and tit-grab, too. Then, she turned to Staci and they kissed each other on the lips, their hands exploring each others' tits. When they broke the kiss, Holly said, "Was that enough?"

"Hell yes," he said, walking away slowly as they closed the door.

"Free pizza!" Staci announced. All three of them lay on the bed, devouring the pizza and talking about their money-making plans.

When it came time for bed, Martin started to make himself comfortable on the floor, but Staci stopped him. "I told you, you should sleep with Holly."

"But what about you? I can't let you sleep on the floor."

"Well," Staci smiled, "we were thinking that if it was OK with you, I might join you two."


"Yep," Holly said. "We would like to repay our favorite man for all the good things he did for us tonight. Are you up for it?"

"Oh, he's up for it all right," Staci giggled, pointing to his erection tenting his shorts. "May I?" she asked Holly.

"Of course," Holly said. "What's mine is yours."

Staci tugged down Martin's shorts and filled her mouth with his cock. He was sitting upright in the bed, watching Staci kneel between his legs. "Of course," Holly said, "I expect you to share." She moved in next to Staci and waited for Staci to pull off his cock, quickly wrapping her own lips around his familiar shaft. They took turns, sucking his cock, then tag-teamed him by Holly sucking his head and Staci his shaft and balls. They pulled back and tongue-kissed each other, keeping his rigid cock between their lips and tongues.

"Mind if I go for a ride?" Staci asked. At Holly's approval, she straddled Martin's cock and slowly lowered her dripping snatch onto him. Holly watched her grind and writhe on that big cock for a few minutes, then decided Martin would probably like to watch some girl-on-girl action. She began sucking Staci's hard nipples and squeezing her breasts. She felt her own juices flowing, so she straddled Martin's face and fed him her sweet meat while she and Staci kissed and played with each other's tits.

Holly came almost instantly, creaming all over Martin's face while Staci was drenching his cock with copious amounts of her own sweet pussy sauce. Four huge tits, two steaming twats, two sucking mouths, it was more than Martin could stand. He was on the verge of cumming, so Holly told Staci to get off and they both knelt in front of him as Martin got up off the bed. He aimed his cock at them and fired a series of jets of hot cum at their beautiful faces, splattering his seed across their cheeks, tongues and noses. When he was done, they kissed again, licking his semen off each other's faces, then jointly cleaning his cock with their mouths.

"Yes," Martin said, laying back as they cleaned him from balls to head, "I think this is the start of something big, ladies."

They giggled and kept on sucking.

-- END --

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