tagFetishThe Shaving

The Shaving


He had all the items out ready as she walked into the bedroom: the towels, the razor, shaving foam, a small tub of warm water, a wash cloth, some scented baby oil and the two vibrators. He could hardly conceal his excitement. It had been too long since he had shaved his sexy wife, years in fact. It had been a weekly ritual BK – before kids. The style always changed but never the excitement. But three kids and the changes that had on her body turned her off sex for an eternity. Thank god for her jogging addiction. Her body was again sleek, although he had still enjoyed it when she was more ‘cuddly’. More importantly her self confidence was back, her enjoyment of sex was back, and now the shaving was back.

He kissed her as she walked to him, he felt his manhood stirring. He unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. He smiled as he saw the sexy black half cup bra. Gone were those daggy nursing bras and sportsbras, although he did like the way she used to fill the nursing bras up with her DD cups. Still smaller breasts were a small loss for her interest in sex again. He kissed her neck and unclipped the bra. Her chocolate brown nipples were hard. His fingers fumbled at the zip of her skirt, like a nervous schoolboy. She laughed and helped him to remove the mini. Underneath she was wearing a little white lace g string – another recent addition to the wardrobe. The dark curls showed from both sides of the pure white lace. A mass of dark hair covers her completely.

He lay her down and gave the hairy pussy a kiss. Lovingly he sponged the curls with the wet warm wash cloth. She squirmed as the water trickled over her pussy. He massaged the foam gently over the hairy pussy and over her inner thighs that were covered in pubes. The whole of her lower abdomen was a bed of white foam as he reached for the razor. Slowly, deliberately he trimmed at the edge of her foamy triangle. Stroke by stroke the dark curls came away on the blade. Carefully he trimmed around her puckered anus. Slowly over her labia, the flesh pink as the warm blade removed the thick growth. Softly he kissed the smooth skin. Taking his time he crafted the hair above her labia into a neat little heart shape and with the wet sponge wiped it clean.

He took the oil and smoothed it onto the smooth pink skin. He caressed it in and his fingers eased between the slick lips, parting her petals. Her hips raised to let him in. His fingers slipped easily into her,. He smiled as he realised how much she had been looking forward to this too. His fingers worked in and out of her wet folds as her hips started to move. He reached for the smaller vibrator and started it humming. She sighed as it touched her slippery labia. Her legs parted wide as her rolled it over her clit. Her fingers started to pinch her nipples as her moved it over her wet entrance and worked around her greasy smooth anus. She raised her butt up and he gently pressed it against the tight sphincter. She groaned as she felt the small hardness pushing into her. All the while her worked his fingers in her sopping vagina. Her breathing was quicker now. He fumbled for the bigger vibrator, 8 inches of firm latex. With the little vibrator humming in her anus, he started to slowly work the fat rubber toy into her pussy. She moaned and spread even wider as the fat cock was entering her, her hips writhing as he started a steady motion with two vibrators in her.

She let out a groan as the first waves of orgasm flowed over her. She went completely still as it flowed through her, starting deep in her pelvis and flowing right through her body. He slowly moved the vibrator in her puss, just as her knew she liked it while the small one buzzed in her butt.

She looked up and smiled. Without saying a word she rolled over onto all fours. Her firm buns pointing at him. He dipped a finger in her wet pussy and walked in front of her. Unbuckling his jeans she got a look at his surprise. He had shaved his cock completely smooth at he base. His 7 inches looked more like 10 with no hair. His sack was big in its smooth state. She gave it a lick and told him to put it in her. He moved behind her, his cock bobbed as he walked. The purple head looking flared and angry as he nuzzled it at her smooth lips. With a swift thrust He slide easily inside her. He reached for the small vibrator and rubbed it around her anus. The puckered muscle gripping at the small metallic cock shape.

Her hips started to grind back onto him, he felt the inner walls grip his cock as he pumped in and out of that lovely slick pussy. She rubbed those hard nipples on the sheet as his rhythm got quicker. The smooth lips clung to his freshly shaved shaft. She reached between her legs, searching for the hard little bud. Her fingers found the swelling and started to rub it furiously. Her moans became louder and louder. His hips pumped quicker and quicker as her pussy started to tighten on his slippery shaft. She rubbed her hard nipples down onto the sheet and frigged her clitty as his pumping became more frenzied. He was grunting with each thrust as his animal lust took over. She was meeting his thrusts and whimpering with each hard thrust.

It all got too much for him and he pulled out. His hand wrapped round his slick shaft as he pumped it. Jets of hot white cum sprayed over her back as she plunged two fingers deep inside. She squealed as her orgasm flooded over her and she collapsed onto the sheets. He grunted and fell beside her, massaging the cum all over her back. She moaned softly “ I love your shaved cock” as he grinned widely. The shaving was worth it!

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