tagChain StoriesThe Sibling Diaries Ch. 05 Pt. 02

The Sibling Diaries Ch. 05 Pt. 02

byIntimate Confessions©

Sandy and I arrived back at the apartment long before dawn. The festivities at Eros had turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment.

We all had a tour and an orientation but it turned out that the guests couldn’t really participate until a background check and blood tests had been done. As the girl giving the tour had explained somewhat apologetically, "“When an organization is involved in providing services like ours liability is a major concern, we have to insist anyone coming to the gatherings isn’t positive for STDs or wanted by the police.”

We nodded our understanding but our disappointment was obvious.

Susan and Amy had way too much to drink so we had returned them home along with Rick who promised to put them to bed. After dismissing the limousine and driver, Sandy and I returned to the apartment for a nightcap. I guess morning cap would have a more accurate term because it was long past midnight when we got there. We had decided to do a sauna and a soak in the hot tub before retiring for the night.

Inside the apartment it was dark and quiet. Gretta’s door was closed and I went into the kitchen to put a snack tray and drinks together.

When I returned to the living room, Sandy was sitting on the couch looking very fetching indeed.

“Why did Gretta leave so suddenly” I wondered out loud.

“No mystery there, she had a hot date.”


“Yeah, with some guy she works with…Tommy or Billy or something. I doubt she’s even here…if it worked out.”

We both heard Gretta’s door open and then the bathroom door shut.

Sandy shot me a wry glance, “Well I guess it didn’t work out all that great.”

Sandy stood up. I looked up at her. “What’s up?”

“Shhhh, Gretta just went to the bathroom…”

“So what?”

“Let’s see what she’s been doing all night.”

“Sandy” I began.

“Come on…don’t be a homo!”

I let myself be dragged down the hall and into the open door of Gretta’s room.

Sandy stopped grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. “I just want to see something.” Gretta’s bed was unmade but the blanket had been pulled up. Sandy quickly walked to her bed and pulled the blanket down. “Just as I thought” she murmured.

Spread across the sheet were several of our stroke magazines and a small vibrator. As quickly as she had pulled the blanket down, she replaced it and ran back to the door. “Come on!” she hissed, let’s not wait for Gretta…”

There was no sign of Gretta in the hall and we returned to the living room. Looking at Sandy I whispered, “What the hell was all that about?”

The door to the bathroom opened and we heard Gretta returning to her room.


“Did you see the titles of all those magazines?” Sandy whispered.

“No, you only had the blanked pulled down for a second.”

“Let’s see” Sandy said, ticking the titles off on the fingers of her hand, “Family Love, Taboo Stories, Brother’s and Sister’s…are you seeing a pattern here?”

A slow flush colored my face as I muttered, “Gretta’s been…”

Sandy completed my sentence for me, “Imagining what we were doing at the club…and imagining what she wishes she had the courage to…do with us.”

“You think?” I said rather doubtfully.

“Does the Pope wear a pointed hat?”

“I don’t know…fantasy and real life are sometimes pretty far apart.”

Sandy snickered, “Boy are you an easy mark, not only has she spent the night imagining this stuff, but she’s obviously put some pretty serious mileage on that little vibrator of hers.”

“And how would you know that?”

“I guess you didn’t see the old batteries in her trash can along with the plastic wrappers for a new set?”

“I must confess you’re to quick for most normal people, I didn’t see any of that.”

“It’s a good thing you’re a writer, You’ll never make it as a detective.”

“So what’s the point?”

“Nothing except, I’m not buying off on that little miss modesty act of hers, she’s…ready for a new experience.”

“And you propose we give it to her?”

“Well, I wanted it to be a surprise, but do you remember last week when you were out of town and I slept over here for a couple of nights?”


“Well…I did a little home improvement I think you’ll appreciate.”

“Home improvement?”

“Never mind, it’s technical…and you’ll see what I’m talking about later.”

“Sandy” I said, mustering my most piercing glower, “What are you up to?”

She looked at me, the very picture of innocence and replied, “You could screw up a wet dream.”

“I just want to know what kind of sick perverted scheme you’ve been working on.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

Then wait and see.”

I kissed Sandy on the cheek saying, “You, my dear, are a serious pervert.”

“You still have no idea.”

“I don’t?”

“Nope, but you’re about to find out. Say, where do you keep the really big towels?”

I grabbed a couple from the closet and we both stripped off our evening clothes and wrapped up in enormous terrycloth towels.

“Let’s sauna!” Sandy said and walked out the door.

Five minutes later we were wrapped in towels sitting in stifling heat on the wooden benches of the sauna.

The intense heat made conversation difficult. We mostly sat in silence as sweat streamed down our respective faces until Sandy, obviously having had enough of the stifling heat got up off her bench. Looking over her shoulder, she asked, “You coming?”

In the case of our hot tub, lukewarm tub might be a more accurate description. While it may be relaxing to soak in a tub of nearly boiling water, I liked long soaks.

We soaked for a few minutes and then I asked Sandy, “What was that little box that Amy gave you just before we left?”

“Ah, that.” Sandy murmured.

“Yeah that, what was it?”

“It was an audio tape Amy wanted us to listen to…do you want to hear it?”

“I don’t know, what’s it about?”

“I’m not positive, but Amy said we should listen to it naked in bed.”

I got out of the water and reached for a towel, “What’re we waiting for?”

Sandy followed suit saying, “I think we’ll both enjoy this, just a couple of things…”

“And those are?” I said drying myself vigorously. “I want you to take those sexually enhancing pills before we go in to listen…”


“No jacking off or cumming while we’re listening…I’d like to try for a worlds record when you finally…get relief.”

“Fair enough…but what are you really up to?”

“I guess you’ll find out soon enough.”

Five minutes later we were both under the covers naked listening to the hiss of audio tape playing quietly from the speakers of the stereo in my room. Amy’s voice began speaking as we listened in the semi-darkened room.

“I was raised in a really conservative family. No one ever talked about sex and by the time we all were in high school, I think we were really all in crisis mode.”

“We all lived out of town on a farm, so in addition to being jammed in with my sisters and brothers we were all fairly isolated.”

“I slept in a bunk bed. My younger sister slept on top and my older sister Lisa slept on a couch bed across the room. Our two brothers slept across the hall.

“Even living in that close a quarters we were extremely modest. We dressed and undressed in the bathroom down the hall and we girls always wore pajamas to bed. The boys were the same way.”

“When we got into high school, it got pretty uncomfortable around there. I mean what do you do when you’re horny about twenty four hours a day and you don’t know what to do about it…or have anyone you can talk to about it?”

“Anyway…our parents decided to take a cruise for their twentieth wedding anniversary. They didn’t want to leave us alone…so they called up my aunt and uncle and had our cousins Rebecca and Stewart watch us for the two weeks they were planning on being gone.”

“I remember being really pissed because Rebecca was only a year older than I was, but because she’d graduated a year early she was going to start college in the fall. Her brother Stewart was a couple of years older than that, about Lisa’s age. If Lisa hadn’t been off working at a summer camp I’m sure our parents would have had her watch us and none of this might have happened”

“Anyway…Rebecca and Stewart came to stay for a couple of weeks and mom and dad went off on their cruise. It was the middle of summer so we were all bored to death. One hot afternoon my twin brother and I decided to go down to the pond for a swim. My sister saw us getting ready and asked to come along. I said, “sure” and we got into our swimming suits and off we went.”

“We had just come up over the rise where the pond was when we heard low voices from the woods ringing the pond. Wondering if the boys had decided to take a swim also, Heather and I stopped and listened. I could hear Rebecca and Stewart talking.”

“I put a finger to my lips and whispered to Heather and Jim, “Let’s sneak up on them”.”

“We crept through the underbrush taking care to move quietly until at last we came to the clearing in the woods where they were. We were both totally unprepared for the sight that greeted our eyes.”

“They were both standing in the clearing kissing each other passionately. Stewart’s pants were lowered to his ankles. Rebecca was touching his penis, which was very hard and apparently slippery because we could hear the sound her hand made as it moved back and forth.

Stewart’s hand was lost in the folds of her sundress, apparently doing the same thing to her. I noticed that the top of her dress had come unbuttoned exposing a great deal of her cleavage.”

“As we watched in stunned silence we heard her whisper, “Watch out here I come” and then stiffen and shudder in his arms. Stewart didn’t say anything but a moment later began to squirt great streams of white stuff from out of his penis onto the ground.”

“When I turned to look at Heather and my brother, their faces were a study of stunned amazement. I must have looked the same. Wordlessly we backtracked until we were in another area of the woods far enough to speak without fear of discovery.”

“I spread my towel out on the ground and sat on it. Heather did the same. For some reason Jim was sitting with his towel over his lap. After a while Heather said, “Is that what people do when they’re married?”

“Maybe” I replied, “But they’re not married, they’re brothers and sisters – like us.”

Stretching out on my stomach on the towel I asked Jim, “What do you think they were doing…I mean I can tell they were kissing and touching each other…but…” I trailed off

“I’m not sure…about what you’d call it…but she was playing with him…when he was…excited.”

“What do you mean?” Heather who had also flopped down on her stomach “and why do you have that towel wrapped around you like that?”

“Jim blushed furiously. “Excited, like uh aroused…sometimes guys get like that especially in the morning or after a real sexy dream…or I guess after they see something really sexy”.”

“Is that why you’ve got the towel…around you like that?”

Jim didn’t say anything but continued blushing bright red.

Both Heather and I had been sort of unconsciously moving our bodies against the ground and I realized that watching this had made me feel like I sometimes did in the shower when I lathered my body all over. Now I was the one who was blushing as I stopped and sat up. My entire body was tingling and I could feel my lips of my vagina move against one another in a slippery and totally distracting fashion. I looked over at Heather who was still rubbing against the ground and realized that she had part of the towel bunched up against her pelvis, which she was moving in slow circles. Her eyes were closed and her face was slightly flushed.

Jim was watching her as well. To take his mind off of what Heather was unconsciously doing right in front of both of us I asked him, “What do you do when you wake up…like that?”

“Uh…mostly wait for it to go away.”

Heather must have realized what she had been doing because she scrambled to her feet and stood regarding us both inconclusively for a moment and then sat back down Indian fashion on her towel blushing tempestuously as she did so.

We sat in silence for a moment and then Heather asked, “Do you ever…do anything else?”

Before Jim could answer I interjected, “What should we do about Rebecca and Stewart?”

Jim and Heather both looked at me in puzzlement. Finally Jim asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well” I said with more than a little bit of self-righteousness, “Do we tell someone about what they’re doing out here…or just ignore it?”

“Neither” Jim said. “We really don’t know how far they’re going and we’d better be sure that this wasn’t a one time kind of thing.”

“So what do we do?” I asked again.

“I think we ought to keep an eye on them…and make sure we know that they’re really doing something wrong before we…tell on them.”

I considered what Jim was saying for a moment and then said, “OK, suppose we watch them and they aren’t doing anything. This is the only incident we see between them, what do we do then?”

“I guess we don’t do anything.” Heather said, “After all, we aren’t perfect either.”

“Should we tell anyone else?” I asked.

“No” Jim said, we’re the oldest kids here right now, I guess it’s up to us to come to a decision.”

“OK” I said, you Heather and I will watch them and if one of us sees them sneaking off together…”

“We’ll get the other two and follow them”. Heather said.

“OK then, it’s decided I said.

I got to my feet gathering my towel up. Heather and Jim followed suit. I noticed that Jim still had his towel wrapped around his waist but I didn’t comment on this. If he wanted a towel wrapped around him, I guess this was up to him. About half way back home he took it off and slung it over his shoulder.

“Anyway that’s how it started….”

Looking over at Sandy I said, “This is pretty cool.”

Sandy regarded the bulge beginning to grow under the blanket, smiled and said, “Yeah, just remember…no jacking off until…”

“You can count on me.” We returned our attention to Amy’s voice on the tape.

“We got back to the house and all went our separate ways…but we didn’t have long to wait until Rebecca and Stewart tried to slip away again. As a matter of fact…later the same night…Heather and I had just been in bed for about an hour…but I’m getting ahead of myself”

After we got back to the house I went to take a long shower. The events I had witnessed had left me feeling unsettled and with an unaccustomed sense of stirring which I couldn’t really describe except to say I wanted some time alone to think.

As I showered I lathered myself all over and rinsed repeatedly. The more I thought about the incident, the more I tingled with feelings that I didn’t really know how to deal with. I don’t know what the outcome of this would have been but the warm water ran out. Later I discovered that we all three were taking showers. Me in the girls bathroom, Jim in the boys and Heather using our parents shower, normally forbidden to us but now accessible because they were out of town.

Together we drained a 150-gallon hot water tank in about 20 minutes. We ate dinner, watched a little TYV and then turned in to bed.

Now most of our pajamas were very conservative cotton numbers, but Heather and I both had a couple of sets our parents had purchased specifically to wear on very hot summer nights. They certainly weren’t anything approaching skimpy but they were light cotton tops and panties. We were both wearing these as we lie in bed talking.

Heather shifted her weight in the top bunk and then whispered down to me, “When do you think they’ll try it again?”

“I don’t know.” I whispered back, “but I felt really weird all day.”

“Really? So did I.”

“How so?”

“It’s really hard to describe…like gooey inside…ready to jump out of my skin.”

“That’s incredible!” I said speaking out loud for the first time, “I felt exactly the same way, I thought a shower would help…but it didn’t.”

“Amy?” Heather whispered, when you took your shower did you…?”


“Uh…touch yourself?”

“No” I hissed back, “Well not really…I just…kind of…stood under the water and…thought about things. Why are you asking…did you…do that…touching?”

“No, not really, but I thought about it and when I washed…you know…down there… I thought about Rebecca and Stewart.”

“So did I…as a matter of fact…I’m thinking about them right now.”

She didn’t say anything for a moment and then she whispered "I am too."

We didn’t say anything for a little while. I was tingling all over and felt all loose and slippery inside. Without saying anything to Heather I slipped one hand down inside of my panties and slipped one finger against myself. I was very slippery and when my finger brushed against my clitoris I felt a sensation that almost made me cry out. I hurriedly removed my hand and whispered up to Heather, “Between your legs…is your…pussy…wet?”

There was a minute silence and then she whispered back, “Yes…it is.” Then somewhat more urgently, “Is yours…wet too?”

“Yeah, it really is.”

Here is what amazed me. When I whispered back that I was really wet, I felt myself get wetter as I was speaking.

“Is talking about this making you wetter?” I asked.

“I think I’ve been like this since this afternoon.” She hissed back, “But in reply to your question, talking about it is definitely making me wetter.”

A minute or two passed and then working up my courage I asked, “Heather?”


“When you checked to see if you were getting wetter, did you touch…your clitoris…at all?”

“I’ve been touching it…on and off…since we started talking.”

“I…just touched it once…a little while ago.”

I heard her intake of breath and then she whispered, “I…I’m touching it right now…I can’t seem to stop.”

My own hand returned to my pussy and began to gingerly touch myself.

Heather’s voice came out of the darkness, Amy…?”

“I’m doing it too…the more I do…”

“I know…the better it feels…but shouldn’t we not be…?”

“Uh…doing this?” I said as my finger began to describe small circles around the rigid little nub.

“Yeah” she said, “I don’t think we should…be playing…like this.”

My fingers moved faster despite my best intentions, “Have you stopped?” I gasped.

“No, I can’t seem to stop…doing this, but we’d…”

Pulling my hand away from my swollen and aching puss, I whispered up, “OK, OK, I’m not doing it…”

Above me I could hear that she was still rubbing and I could smell the aroma of her increasing arousal as she whispered desperately, “I’m going to stop in just a second…don’t start again…I’m…stopping…really”

Our conversation was cut short by a gentle rapping at our door. I jumped out of bed and opened the door. Jim stood in the darkened hall wearing a T-shirt and jockey shorts.

“They just left, tell Heather to hurry up so we don’t loose them.”

Behind me I heard Heather climb out of her bunk and we followed Jim down the hall and out into the night.

A full moon washed the front yard making the scene sort of unreal as off in the distance dry lighting flashed soundlessly. We walked down the driveway for a couple hundred feet and then stopped. I felt strange to be walking around in so little and feeling so…well, I guess buzzed is a good word to describe how I was feeling. I still felt all tingly and flighty and as I walked I could feel my vaginal lips slide against one another. Looking over at Heather I could guess that she was feeling about the same way. She was flushed and breathing a little harder than our brief walk should have caused her to.

As soon as we stopped Jim whispered, “I think they headed off to the pond”. We headed down that path. Sure enough as soon as we topped the rise we saw a faint light off in the woods.

Once again we crept silently up on them until we were close enough to see and hear them.

They sat in the same clearing. They had carried a couple of folding chairs out and sat them up. Rebecca sitting on the ground however. She was wearing the same sundress except it was buttoned up and covered her legs which she had curled under her as she sat and watched Stewart smoke a cigarette. Steward was wearing the same jeans and T-shirt he had been wearing, well not exactly wearing earlier. I guess he had the same clothes on that he had with him earlier. A small propane lantern lit the clearing. Stewart took a deep drag and tossed his butt away and said,

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