tagLoving WivesThe Silver Anklet Ch. 02

The Silver Anklet Ch. 02


Uncle Ron disappeared upstairs to my bedroom carrying his tool bag. He returned 15 minutes later, with sweat stains covering his old T-shirt.

'That's all fixed now. Why don't you get me a cold beer, slut, I'm gasping', he ordered, with a look of slight contempt on his face.

My mind was racing and I was churning inside as I meekly did as I was told and went to the fridge in the kitchen. I came back and passed him the cold bottle and he gulped down his beer in great slurps and let out a loud belch.

'OK Juicy', he said, staring at me up and down as he licked his lips, 'I think you need to thank me properly for fixing that shelf, don't you?'

'Yes sir.' I said nervously.

'Get on your knees in front of me!' I slowly dropped to me knees as ordered. 'Right, now take down my shorts.'

I reached up and I could see a huge bulge protruding from the material. I undid a button at the top and unzipped his fly. The shorts dropped to the floor around Uncle Ron's ankles and his cock sprang out like a spring. I was taken aback at what I saw and stared stupidly for a few moments. His cock was quite long -- I would say about 9 inches - but what really grabbed my attention was its ugliness. It was quite thick and along its length was a series of bulging veins. The head of his cock was an angry purple colour and it was slimy with pre-cum. It was the most disgusting and ugly sight and yet I was absolutely spellbound by it. I couldn't help making comparisons with Michael's cock which had velvety smooth skin and was much thinner and I guess at least 3 inches shorter.

Uncle Ron saw me staring at his ugly prick and smiled.

'You like what you see, don't you Juicy. I bet it's bigger than your wimp of a husband's cock.'

I couldn't help but nod in agreement.

'Say it slut.'

'Yes sir. Your cock is much bigger than Michael's.'

'I thought so. Now, get to work. Suck my dick with those pretty little slut wife lips!'

I reached out and held his cock in my right hand and gently placed the tip in my mouth. Uncle Ron immediately groaned and grabbed the back of my head roughly and pushed his cock into my willing mouth. I gagged, but Uncle Ron held my head firmly and started pumping his cock rhythmically while making strange guttural sounds. He increased the pace of his pumping and started to groan loudly.

'That's it. Fucking hell! Suck my old prick like the slut you are!' he shouted.

I could feel my pussy juices seeping into my knickers as I reached behind and took hold of his fat arse cheeks and slapped and pinched him. I was losing all my inhibitions as his slimy cock ravaged my mouth and I pushed a finger into his arse hole. I often did this to Michael in the throes of our lovemaking and it always drove him wild.

'My god, you little bitch. You're loving this!' cried Uncle Ron, and I could feel his body slowly tensing. He was panting harder and groaning louder and I knew he was about to come. Suddenly, he let out a huge groan that seemed to come from deep within his body and I could feel huge strings of sticky come pulsing into my mouth. Uncle Ron's cock seemed to twitch for ages as my mouth quickly filled up and I swallowed the salty liquid hungrily.

Uncle Ron's cock gradually withdrew from mouth and I licked the residue of his come mixed with my own juices from his still stiff cock as I held it in my hands.

'My God, you swallowed it. You dirty little slut. Who would have thought!' exclaimed Uncle Ron in amazement.

'Yes sir,' I replied, 'I love the taste of your come.'

I couldn't believe I was saying these things and acting this way but I felt so deliciously dirty and horny that I just couldn't help myself. Uncle Ron's erection seemed to take ages to subside, and he eventually slumped down onto my sofa with a look of satisfaction on his face. Even in its flaccid state, his dick was very impressive and his balls seemed to hang half-way down his thighs.

He caught me staring at him and he grinned.

'You like a bit of old cock, don't you Juicy. I'm glad about that because there's going to be a few more filling your dirty little holes in the next few days!'

The thought of this made me wince involuntarily. By using the term 'holes' I assumed he meant not only my mouth and pussy but also my anus, and this filled me with a mixture of dread and anticipation. If indeed I was fucked anally this would be a new experience for me. Michael, although very loving, was not very adventurous in bed and I had been too shy to suggest anal sex. I had, however, experimented when I was on my own by inserting a hairbrush handle in my butt hole while masturbating just to see how it felt.

I couldn't imagine, however, what it would feel like with a huge cock like Uncle Ron's pushed up my bum, but I guessed it must hurt. Even so, the thought of this made me still wetter between my legs and I l could feel my cotton knickers damp against my pussy lips. I was longing for release and I moved my hands up between my legs.

Suddenly, Uncle Ron rose off the sofa and pulled his shorts up.

'There's no time for that now. Come on slut, it's time we had some more fun. We're going on a visit,'

I reluctantly moved my hands away from my pussy.

'Where are we going sir?' I asked in anticipation.

'Well,' replied Uncle Ron, 'it's my old Dad's 85th birthday today and I've got just the right present for the old sod. He's in an old folk's home across town and today he's going to get a visit from his son and his lovely young relative which I think will make his day!'

I could only imagine what the present would be! Making out with a man in his sixties was one thing, but an 85 year old man was going a bit far. 'I'm not sure if I can do that sir, that sounds a bit way out,' I objected, although a little half-heartedly as I was in such a heightened state of sexuality that the thought of this latest 'adventure' felt so kinky that it started turning me on and I could feel the tell-tale dampness seeping again from between my legs and sticking to my little cotton panties.

'You'll do as I say slut. Old Reg has been a good father to me and it's only what he deserves. Mind you, he's a randy old sod so you'd better brace yourself!'

I nodded meekly.

'Right,' he said, 'let's go.' He quickly took my hand as if I was a naughty schoolgirl who needed restraining, and led me out of the house. I was immediately conscious of what I was wearing and I was dreading a neighbour seeing me. I bowed my head and walked quickly to Uncle Ron's car. Luckily, the street was quiet and no-one spotted me.

I must admit I really looked the part of a schoolgirl. I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall and the belly dancing lessons have certainly had a beneficial effect as I am still the same weight as I was when I left school. Also, everyone tells me I have a 'baby' face so I could easily pass off as an 18 year old, or even younger.

We arrived at the old folk's home after about 20 minutes. It was an old country house set in lovely grounds just on the outskirts of my home town. Uncle Ron led me from the car and we were met at the reception desk by a rather severe looking woman in her forties, with black hair tied in a bun at the back.

'Hello Ron. Have you come to see your dad? I think he's in the lounge,' she said breezily.

'Yes, thanks Mrs Mason. It's his birthday today, so I've brought him a present.'

The woman stared at me and said:

'And who is this young lass, Ron?'

'Oh, er, this is Lucy, my niece. She is really looking forward to seeing old Reg, aren't you Lucy?'

'Yes, Uncle Ron. I hope he likes his present.' I said, and I felt myself turning scarlet.

Mrs Mason looked at me strangely, probably noticing my embarrassment and the fact that we didn't have any packages with us, and a slight smirk passed across her lips.

'Well, I guess it's a small present. They say the best things come in small packages.'

Indeed they do,' replied Uncle Ron looking at me knowingly. I guess I was the small package!

Uncle Ron led me away by the hand, and we walked down a long corridor and entered the lounge area, where there were several old people sitting in armchairs or in wheelchairs. Some were bunched around a TV that was blaring loudly, while others were just sitting staring into space or asleep. Ron pointed out his father to me. He was sitting in a corner in a wheelchair. He looked just like a thinner, wrinklier version of Uncle Ron. He was virtually bald, apart from a few wispy strands of red hair and the pale skin on his wrinkled face was mottled with liver spots. He wore a shabby check shirt, baggy sweatpants and carpet slippers. Uncle Ron called out to him and the older man's eyes lit up when he saw me standing next to Uncle Ron, who was still holding my hand.

'Happy birthday Dad. This is a friend of mine, Lucy. She's come to give you a present!'

'Ooh, lovely. But shouldn't you be at school today girl?' he replied, obviously noticing my clothes.

'No, no,' said Uncle Ron grinning, 'Lucy is 24. She just likes dressing up - especially for birthday boys. Isn't that right Lucy?'

'Yes sir,' I replied quietly, looking down at the floor.

Reg gave me a funny look when he heard this then gave a toothless grin.

'Well, you've certainly brightened up my day, I can tell you. How do you know my Ron?'

'He's a neighbour of my mum, Reg,' I replied.

'My Dad is also 'sir' to you Juicy,' said Uncle Ron looking at me and frowning. 'Please show some respect to your elders.'

'I'm sorry sir.'

'Don't tease her, Ron,' said Reg.

'It's not teasing. It's making sure she knows her place. Lucy needs a bit of discipline, isn't that right, Juicy?'

'Yes sir. I'm sorry sir,' I replied.

'Good. Now, Dad, why don't you show Juicy Lucy your room.'

'OK son. Will you push my chair young Lucy?' Reg pointed the way, and I started to push him out of the lounge, with Uncle Ron following behind. Just then, I noticed an old man sitting in a big armchair who seemed familiar. I looked again and realised with horror that it was Mr Evans, who was my science teacher when I was at senior school.

'Oh my God, I don't believe it,' I gasped and stopped suddenly in the middle of the lounge.

'What's the problem, Juicy?' asked Uncle Ron.

'Over there in that armchair,' I gestured, 'it's Mr Evans my old science teacher.'

'Shall we go and say hello?'

'No thanks! He was a right dirty old bastard. He was always leering at the girls and making inappropriate comments to us. When we misbehaved he used to say that he wished corporal punishment was still allowed in schools so he could cane them or spank them.'

'Was he, indeed,' laughed Uncle Ron. Well, by the look of him, I don't suppose he's up to that now.'

Mr Evans was a wizened figure, with long, lank grey hair that needed cutting badly. He was wearing an old cardigan with stains down the front. He suddenly caught my eye and his face contorted into a wide grin, showing a sparse array of yellowing teeth. He was about to say something but I quickly wheeled Reg out of the lounge before I could hear what he was saying.

Reg's room was quite small, with just a table and four chairs, a single bed and an old worn armchair. There was a small kitchen area at the rear of the room. Uncle Ron helped Uncle Ron into his armchair, while I stood in the centre of the room. He then turned and spoke to me firmly, while Reg sat staring at me and licking his lips.

'Lift that little skirt for Old Reg and let him see you properly.'

Facing Reg, I took off my school jacket, and slowly lifted the hem of my pleated skirt until my white cotton knickers were in full view of the leering old men.

'Look at that Ron, what a little slut.' Said Reg, shaking with excitement at my willingness.

I looked down and noticed that a damp patch was clearly visible in the front of my knickers. Both old men stared lasciviously at my increasingly obvious horniness as demonstrated by the love juices that were staining my little panties.

'Take them off and give them to Reg. He can keep them as a memento,' commanded Uncle Ron.

I slowly peeled my knickers down and passed them, with shaking hands, to Reg, who grabbed them eagerly and brought them up to his nose. I felt a trickle of juices immediately start to run down the inside of my thigh.

'Turn round and let Reg see your little pert bottom,' said Uncle Ron.

I obeyed and bent over so that my bum was facing old Reg. I felt totally submissive and in the control of these two randy old men. It felt so disgusting but at the same time so deliciously dirty. I also realised that I not only enjoyed being a submissive but also being an exhibitionist and parading my body in front of people and watching their reactions.

I found myself wriggling my bottom gently from side to side in a lewd fashion, virtually confirming that I was giving myself to these two old men.

'That's good, Juicy, wriggle that little bum and tell Uncle Reg what you want.' Said Uncle Ron.

'Put your fingers in me, sir.' I responded, as I pushed my bottom nearer to Reg.

I suddenly jolted as I felt a long, bony finger slide into my sopping vagina, quickly followed by another, then another.' I cried out as the old man's fingers started to wiggle in me then push in and out aggressively. A loud squelching sound filled the room and I heard Reg grunting with the effort. I involuntarily moved my bum against his fingers.

'Yes, you dirty old sod, yes, yes! Finger my cunt!' I cried out.

I looked up and saw Uncle Ron's erect cock fully exposed right in front of my face and I quickly took him in my mouth.

I could feel old Reg's fingers curling and uncurling inside me, then gently rubbing the insides of my pussy. Then they would move outside and, fully lubricated, would rub against my clit making it stand out from its little hood. I suddenly felt the onset of an orgasm which slowly built to a crescendo.

'Oh my God, Oh my God!' I yelled as my climax suddenly exploded and waves of pure pleasure coursed through my body, which convulsed in spasms, while my bottom bucked up and down furiously on Reg's fingers. This was obviously too much for Uncle Ron, as I suddenly heard him groan and I felt warm spurts of semen flooding into my mouth, which I swallowed down greedily. My knees suddenly gave way and I knelt unsteadily on the floor with my head held back still gasping from the last waves of my own orgasm. As the sensations receded, I collapsed in a heap on the floor and lay there looking up in a daze at the two old men, licking the spunk from around my mouth.

'By Christ, Ron, you've got a live one there!' exclaimed Reg, chuckling to himself.

I sat up slowly and noticed that Reg had pulled his sweatpants down past his knees and his cock was standing proud as he sat in the armchair. It was not as thick as Uncle Ron's, but was nearly as long and was equally as ugly, with knotted veins along its length. His hairy ball sack was wrinkled and hung loosely between his legs.

My mind was still in a spin as I stood up and slowly took off my skirt, my blouse and my tie. I sat back down on the floor, lifted my legs in the air, flicked off my ballet pumps and slowly peeled off my white socks. I got up, wearing just my white bra and went to the pocket of my jacket, giving my bottom a little wiggle as I did so. I pulled out the little silver anklet that Uncle Ron had given me and fastened it around my right ankle. I then did a little dance for Reg and the little bells on my anklet tinkled as my hips swayed in front of him. I felt totally abandoned as I peeled off my bra sensuously revealing my pert little tits. My nipples were rock hard and protruding lewdly from my puffy nipples and Reg stared, with a trickle of spit drooling from the corners of his mouth.

I felt totally abandoned and out of control. I walked slowly over to old Reg, turned round and gently lowered myself on him, straddling his thin hairy legs with my thighs. I guided his cock with my hand and it slid easily inside me. The size of him was certainly a new experience for me as it suddenly dawned on me that Reg was only the second man who had ever fucked me -- only Michael had ever fucked me before.

I gasped with pleasure as his cock filled my soaking cunt and I gently bobbed up and down on the old man's tool, while his old hands pawed at my tits and tweaked my nipples.

The room was silent apart from the squelching noise of Reg's cock pounding in and out of my wet pussy, and the jingling sound of the little bells on my anklet, as I squirmed and bucked on top of him.

'My God, Ron, what did I do to deserve this?' cried old Reg, panting with the effort as he held me tightly by the hips.

Reg's panting quickly became groans and I could feel his cock suddenly starting to convulse inside me. He let out a huge, throaty roar as his old sperm squirted up inside me. This brought me over the edge, and I had another gut-wrenching orgasm that seemed to last forever with my cunt contracting against Reg's shaft and keeping it in place as he gradually softened.

I slowly lifted myself off old Reg, fell to the floor exhausted and curled up naked in the foetal position. I quickly fell into a totally relaxed sleep.

I was awoken probably only a few minutes later, by Uncle Ron shaking me gently by the shoulder.

'Come on little slut, time to go.' He said firmly.

I got up slowly and could feel Reg's sperm seeping out of me and sliding slowly down the inside of my left leg.

'You really are a dirty little bitch, you know,' said Uncle Ron, shaking his head and staring at my dishevelled state.

I gradually pulled myself together and dressed quickly in just my skirt, blouse and flat ballet pumps. Reg was sitting in his armchair, with his sweatpants still around his ankles, fast asleep and snoring contentedly.

I grabbed my socks and bra and stuffed them in my bag and left my knickers with old Reg as a souvenir as requested by Uncle Ron. I put on my school blazer and we left the room, closing the door quietly behind us. As we passed through the communal lounge again, Mr Evans was still sitting in the same armchair, staring into space vacantly. As we passed him, he looked up and his eyes fixed on me.

'What do you think you are doing girl? Come over here at once!' he said, beckoning me over to him.

I stopped in my tracks and looked over at Mr Evans, who was looking at me up and down with a look of disapproval on his face.

'What an earth do we have here?' he said, creasing his brow in a look of disgust. 'Where is your tie girl? And where are your school socks? This is not on at all. You should be wearing the full uniform of the school. What's more, you are wearing jewellery and that, as you know, is forbidden,' he said, staring down at my pretty little anklet.

I was just about to move away but Uncle Ron held me back firmly by the shoulders. He grinned and said to Mr Evans:

'It's disgusting, the way girls carry on nowadays isn't it. I think she deserves some sort of punishment, don't you?'

I quickly realised what he meant and thoughts raced through my brain about dirty old Mr Evans spanking me for disobeying the school rules. I am ashamed to say that this really turned me on and I could feel additional moisture between my legs mixing with old Reg's spunk. I decided to give the dirty old bugger a thrill and act the part of a naughty schoolgirl.

'I'm very sorry sir,' I said, looking down at the floor.

'I think the old boy thinks he's still at school,' whispered Uncle Ron, 'you'd better not disappoint him'.

Mr Evans suddenly got up from his armchair and steadied himself with a wooden walking stick.

'Come to my office at once girl, and we'll see if we can teach you to behave. What's your name?'

'Lucy Ryan sir.'

'Well, Ryan, follow me. Are you her form teacher?' he said, addressing Uncle Ron.

'Yes, Mr Evans. Ryan is a very naughty girl and needs to be taught a lesson,' said Uncle Ron, grinning at me.

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