tagRomanceThe Singing Man

The Singing Man


Choral groups; the stage; local productions of any and all sizes; those were his passions away from work. Freedom from market restraints was the apple. Interaction with an entirely new group of people every couple months or so didn’t hurt. Every once in a while a new person piqued his interest. This time it was a strawberry blonde in the alto section. Joe knew he had found a rose amongst the thorns.

She was young and modestly attractive. She was told it was her perky attitude that brought her so much attention. Personally the figured it was that or the hair coloring she’d used just before joining this choral group. This latest color from Clairol was as hot as she’d ever picked. It brightened an already effusive demeanor and showed off her dimples just right. Deb liked being noticed.

She knew he was studying her from the third practice on. She slowly began to let him know that she was interested. Sometimes it was a coy glance between numbers, or across the room after practice. Once she brushed against him as she slid into her row after break. His lean, muscled buttocks didn’t disappoint her mind, and enticed a further glance when he wasn’t looking.

Joe finally decided to break the thawing ice a week before the performance. He strolled to where she was talking with Alice, the lead Alto, and picked up a few details. “Cats, dogs & other pets” seemed to be the topic of conversation. When Alice walked out to visit the water fountain, he said (nearly to himself), “I’ve got an old, broken-down cat. Loveable though.” He was almost surprised, yet pleased when Deb turned toward him.

“An old cat, huh? What kind of pet is that for a tenor?” The mischievous smile tugged at the corners of her eyes. “Surely you have a dog, or a woverine or something more manly?”

Joe’s lips curled into a smile, “Nope, never saw the need. My cat and I keep the apartment nice and quiet enough without the racket a dog makes. How about you, Deb? What pets do you prefer?”

Deb smiled wider, glad to finally have a legitimate conversation with this man. “I prefer a dog. Or would if I could. Our Building Super is hell on pets! I saw him press charges against my down-stairs neighbor over a goldfish.”

Joe shook his head. The thought of a lawsuit over a goldfish was ludicrous. He briefly wondered if she was making it up. “You’re in an apartment, eh? How long you been there?”

The conversation might have gone like that for another hour, but Joe noticed that break was nearly over and finally asked her out for coffee after practice. “Sure,” she said. Right away Joe knew they had similar interests.

That evening at Starbucks they let their hair down. Joe admired her figure as they walked to the coffee bar. He decided she must be at least a “C” cup, and her hips were well-proportioned. The hair was just the icing on the cake.

Deb admired Joe’s manners. At least he didn’t drool while he was trying to decide if everything was ‘natural’. His pecs twitched beguilingly as she hung on to his arm, letting him walk her to their table. That arm, strong and stable, spoke of workouts galore.

When their latte’s arrived, she asked him about it, too. He said, “Thanks,” and sure, he worked out twice a week at the gym. But the real toning was done at his home. He jumped on his weights there any time he had 10 minutes to kill, and that kept him in good shape. She cocked an eyebrow, and hoped he had a balanced workout.

Just as they were rising there was a commotion at the register. Some bastard in a mask had a gun out, and was threatening the teller. Deb gasped, backpedaling to their table. Joe saw the bandit and something overcame him. He became – dangerous.

The crook had his back to the rest of the restaurant, and even though there was a mirror above the register, he didn’t see Joe coming. Joe’s tackle threw the gun out of the man’s hand and into the glassware across from the entry, knocking over cups and glasses. They both hit the ground, and the mask flounced up, obscuring the bandit’s vision. Joe rolled up and around behind the man, holding onto an arm, and quickly had him pinned face-down in a wrestler’s hold. By then another patron and the gal at the register had finally reacted to the chain of events and jumped to Joe’s assistance. Everyone cheered, and once the felon was securely tied onto a chair, Deb ran gushing to Joe’s side.

“Oh, Joe, you were marvelous!” Deb’s sincerity came through, as though the crook had been holding her up. “I can’t believe you just ran up and tackled the guy!”

Joe, sweaty and hyperventilating, began to blush at the praise. “Oh, it wasn’t that much. I just felt I had to do something. Besides, it wasn’t a real gun anyway!”

Several people heard that comment, and a resounding, “Huh?” was muttered.

“That’s right,” Joe said, starting to grin, “that guy only had a plastic gun for this job. He probably would have used tonight’s drawer to buy himself a real one. Didn’t you see it? The end of the barrel had a big chip in the plastic!”

The crowd, and Deb, didn’t seem to care. Deb rewarded him with a sincere, full-body kiss, pressing her chest and hips into him. Joe, pleasantly surprised, accepted it, and wondered how he could arrange this on their next date.

By then the police had arrived and had to take everyone’s statement. By the time they were allowed to leave, it was after 10:00. Reluctantly Deb and Joe said goodbye and got into their respective cabs. But not before they agreed to meet and celebrate the night of the performance.

The musical performance wasn’t appreciated nearly as much as Joe’s performance at Starbucks. Yet the pitches rang true in most spots and the audience didn’t seem to mind the ones that were slightly off. After all, they were only out a fiver even if they deplored it. Deb and Joe traded glances throughout, and Joe was pleased to see the deep collar on Deb’s dress. Every time she took a deep breath for a sustained passage, the collar expanded to capacity. At the end of every passage, the effort used to expel the air left a wonderful little shadow between her breasts. Joe actually lost his place on pages 7 and 15 while he was otherwise distracted.

Deb liked what she saw. Joe was dressed up in black slacks and a white dress shirt, topped off with a bow tie and a black dress jacket. His pecs were hidden, but his abs worked to push air into and out of his lungs on a regular basis. His high, sweet voice seemed to pulsate in her mind, and she lost her place once, missing an entrance because of a casual glance in his direction.

After the performance the choir all met behind the stage for the obligatory “party”. Really nothing more than a cookie or two and a drink for parched throats, the group toasted each section leader, the pianist, and the director for all the glorious contributions. All the while, the glances between Deb and Joe began to build, reaching a dull, smoldering red heat as the last congratulations were uttered.

Deb felt a blush in her cheeks as they neared each other. When Joe offered her his arm for the walk out, Deb was afraid he would feel the shudder of delight as they touched. The blush began to spread.

Joe could see Deb’s expression intensify towards the end of the celebration. When he offered her is arm, he was pleased to feel the tremble of her hand on his arm as they walked out. He asked confidently, bluntly, “Your place, or mine Deb?”

Deb leaned into him at the curb, and whispered into his ear, “Yours, Joe.”

The cabbie pulled up and asked the address. He heard it clearly, but when he looked into the mirror anyway, as if to have the couple repeat it, decided against it. He adjusted the mirror so they wouldn’t feel infringed upon, should they happen to look up.

As their bodies hit the seats in the cab, their eyes locked onto each other, smoldering, heating the space between and within them. Deb’s passion was beginning to spread to the points of her hips. Like the blush on her cheeks, it heated a spot there. Then it began to spread inwards as well.

Joe’s reaction was more obvious. The bulge in the crotch of his slacks began to grow, the tingling there more difficult to resist each second. He reached for her and she came to him, the embrace causing the flickering embers inside them to come to full bloom. He held her in his arms briefly, savoring the moment, then reached into her hair, closed his hand, and roughly pulled her head backwards.

Her body swiftly heating up, her neck exposed, she was ready for his lips upon it. He didn’t disappoint her, and they nibbled, licked and bit its length. The taxi pulled to a stop. Her dizzy mind faintly heard the driver get out of the car and step to their door, and start to open it. She slowly pushed Joe away.

He didn’t want to stop, but the house beckoned. Joe let himself be pushed back and took Deb’s hand, pulling her out of the taxi behind him. The fare was settled neatly with a $20 bill, easily double the actual fee, and the two walked swiftly up the walk and up to the house. Joe’s key, already in his hand, fit easily into the lock. Deb’s hands, wrapped around Joe’s waist and dangling pleasantly low, nearly caused Joe to lose his grip on the knob. But he managed to get the door open even as she started to giggle. They whirled into the hallway, Joe turning inside her arms and pulling her tightly to him.

Deb loved the breathlessness of it, and when he turned to her they kissed hungrily again. Lips parted, tongues twining, bringing their passion even nearer the edge. Deb felt her body responding strongly now, knew she would have this man, all of him, before long.

Joe felt the need welling up higher in his body, and caught the scent of her aroma beginning to fill the room. He pressed her against the wall. Then he reached down between her thighs and put his hand suddenly, roughly, directly on her pelvis. The speed and precision of the pressure caused Deb to gasp, and spread her legs. Joe continued to kiss across her face, eyebrows, and cheek, but also began to move his hand up and down her body, incidentally pulling silken fabric across Deb’s pussy.

When his hand started to move, she moaned with pleasure. His need was driving her mad with desire, Joe’s impressive cock throbbing against the outside of her thigh. She willed him to go further, moaning again, and pressing lightly against the top of his head with one hand, the other at the base of his neck squeezing.

Joe bent forward, his tongue trailing down across her neck. The flush he found there encouraged him, and he managed to get his other hand behind her, working her zipper down ahead of his lips. As head and zipper fell, so did the dress, exposing a thin, nearly non-existent black bra and lily white breasts beneath.

As Joe kissed lower, Deb arched her back, stretching up to bring his hot lips down onto her breasts quicker. The hand between her legs had not been idle, and she felt it change direction, sliding further down her legs. As his tongue began to caress the edge of her bra, she realized he was beginning to kneel and her breathing began to come ragged.

Joe moved the hand behind her again, and the dress began to fall off her shoulders. Yet another movement and the clasp holding her bra against her body came lose. And his lower hand had managed to find the hem of her dress, and slipped inside its folds, stroking an ankle inside a slick film of hose. Deb’s arching back informed him she wanted more, and he kissed past the edge of the lose bra and onto the pink areola outlining her nipple.

Deb gasped as his mouth met her breast, then again as it crossed onto the surface of her areola. Her hands on his head, she tried to hold him right there as a bubble of passion percolated through her. She was glad when he didn’t move right away, and the bubble, coming up through her pussy and into her tummy, “poofed” into a small orgasm.

Joe knew he had pleased her when she suddenly relaxed, but knew she would have more fun if he continued. As his teeth brushed her areola, her nipple lengthened and firmed. His hand, sliding up her leg, stroked the back of her knee, eliciting a thin, throaty giggle. He licked her nipple at last, and that brought another moan. When his hand moved up again, her legs began to shudder in anticipation. Unwilling to stop, but recognizing the signs, he paused, saying, “Deb… Deb! We have to go to the bedroom. Let’s go!”

Deb heard the words, and though her body screamed “No!” she realized it would be wise to lie down with this man before she did something silly… like pass out! When he bent down to pick her up she nearly swooned, glad to be in his strong arms. They made it down the hall and around a corner before he opened another door. He stepped in and turned to the right. Just as he began to step to the bed, a dark grey shape jumped off it and ran out the door. Joe said, “Go find some food, Sheeba.” He laid her in a large bed. Before he could step away, Deb reached out impishly and grabbed the taught point above his crotch.

It was his turn and Joe was glad to moan. The sensation of her firm grasp against his cock made him roll forward on the balls of his feet and arch his back. Deb kneaded him, moving fabric past his manhood, and he began to lose control. But that’s not how he wanted her. Not yet, at any rate. He stepped back suddenly, his cock pulled from her greedy grasp, and began to undress.

When he pulled back, Deb was disappointed. Then, as his clothes began to come off, she became impressed. The sight of his muscles gleaming excited her mind, and she began to move out of her dress as quickly as she could. His jacket was off. Her bodice was over her thighs. His shirt unbuttoned, her dress finally off. His pants unzipped, sliding down over golden thighs, her bra and nylons were down. But before she could get them completely off, he pressed her flat onto the bed and demanded, “Suck me, woman!” The shock of it coming as a command set her back. She began to resist. But when she looked into his eyes, she saw the same determination she had seen once before, in a coffee shop. She took him in her mouth, wholly, licking and sucking him like no one before.

Joe saw her resistance start to build, but when he looked into her eyes he knew she would assuage his need. He felt her lips down his shaft, her hand gently squeezing it, massaging its length. He felt the rough edges of her teeth against his delicate foreskin and her tongue around his head. Then she moved her other hand behind his balls, tracing the hidden portion of his cock backwards and upwards. She began to stroke that portion as well. He felt as though he would cum any second.

Deb tasted the sudden saltiness of a drop of precum on the head of his cock. She knew he was close; his breathing was getting rough and he was about to lose control of the rhythm of his hips. She reached back further, tracing his cock back behind his balls, and pressed in; rubbing back and forth, she seemed to have twelve inches of manhood in her hands. Just as he started to buck, she reached back further, and inserted her thumb between the petals of his anus. His hands immediately reached to her head, his hips rocked, and she felt the cock between her lips begin to surge. A dollop of cum flew out of his cock. She swallowed as quick as she could, just in time to have another bit come out. His hips were bucking uncontrollably, the cum filling her as fast as she could take it in.

Joe had lost control of the situation as soon as Deb’s hand had passed his balls. But when she inserted her thumb into his ass, he couldn’t hold back any more and reached down, pressing her mouth deeply onto his cock. He lost track of time at that moment; the only things in existence were the pressure on his cock and in his ass… and the hot cum leaving his body. His gasps and moans and groans all combined, and he compressed his abs repeatedly as his orgasm grew, subsided, and finally ceased. Dizzy, with stars in his eyes, he bent forward and kissed Deb. His hand slid down her body, rested in the folds of underwear still there. He hooked it with a thumb and helped her remove it.

Deb slid out of the rest of her clothes, glad to have helped her hero. But she wanted more herself. First, though, she had a hand to wash. She slid out of bed, looking behind her, but his temporary fit of exhaustion was overwhelming. She smiled to herself. He’ll recover soon enough!

She went to the bathroom and found the soft soap there. She washed up quickly, though waiting for the hot water took longer than she wanted. All the while she was mentally reviewing the sights she had had of his body. The man was outrageous. Toned muscles moved effortlessly everywhere, and that other muscle, the one she’d had in her mouth? It wasn’t bad either! The hot water finally arrived, and she finished. She wiped her hands on a purple towel, and decided she needed to get back into bed. Her excitement, while not gone, had died down slightly, and her skin was feeling cool.

Joe heard her go, and knew what she was doing and why. But it was easily two minutes before his breathing returned to normal. He opened his eyes as she was returning, and he smiled greedily. Her body was even nicer than the vision he remembered. As she slid back into bed, she worked herself under the covers. He rose up and joined her, the embers left in his body momentarily banked.

They rolled towards each other and caressed, lips dancing lightly around and on and past each other. He licked her nose, she nipped his chin. Suddenly their lips were parted and they began to kiss each other deeply, tongues dancing each with the other. Their bodies, united along their length, began to heat up again.

Joe began to slide his hand down her side, making lazy 8’s against her rib cage. Deb wrapped her leg over and around his. When finally their tongues tired of each other, Joe began to move his lips down Deb’s face and neck. She, enjoying the thrill, rolled onto her back. As she moved, Joe’s hand slid across to her stomach before it began to move slowly lower. Hand, lips, and tongue moved lower together, in concert. As Joe’s fingertips dallied lower and lower, Deb unconsciously spread her thighs. As his lips and tongue move across her bodice, Deb reached down, cupping her left breast with her hand. She lifted it to his questing mouth, begging for it to be caressed. As his lips met her breast, his fingers found her pussy. His lips parted, and he exhaled. His middle finger found the fold in her labia, and gently parted her pussy lips. His teeth framed her nipple between them. Two other fingers surrounded her pussy lips, one down the left side, the other down the right. As his teeth began to move slowly up the length of her nipple, his three fingers slid slowly down her pussy lips. The outer fingers pressed her labia up against the inner finger.

A moan began to build in Deb’s throat. Caressed in so many places at once, she began to move with the ancient rhythm. Hips slid forward, then back. Her breathing became shallow, and quicker. The heat flooding into the center of her body from her hips seemed to concentrate in her nipples and her clit, and those spots were being stimulated by a very generous man. The strength of him, her memory of him, and the scent of him filled her as she began to voice the building excitement in her body.

She became heated again and Joe’s mouth began to move. His head and lips and tongue slid even lower, which allowed his hand a different angle. On their next trip down, his finger slipped inside Deb’s pussy. When her hips dropped, he curled his finger inside her, and pressed firmly against her g-spot. Her sudden intake of air told him that she was pleased, and his tongue moved quicker. It slid down to the junction between her torso and thigh, and paused; but only for a moment. Then it slid down to the top of her clitoris.

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