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The Slave


Drake Willcot, a man of great power and riches, looked outside his library window patiently awaiting the arrival of a gift he was told, from an old friend of his, trying to keep his mind occupied he looked back at his life. At the age of 37, he had accomplished so much in his life; he had all the wealth and power he ever wanted. Drake was a handsome devil, and many women tried to snare him into their webs, yet he could never be tied down. None knew his deepest secrets, his obsessions. He was in fact a Dom.. He had brought females into his world of yet not into the deepest part of it. That he had done with a few females in different parts of the world. Females whom like him craved such depraved passions.

The door bell rang and slowly he walked to the door, he had sent all his servants on a day off today, knowing that any gift from Gabriel shouldn't be seen by anyone.

"Mr. willcot?" the agitated messenger asked.


"I have a delivery from Mr. Gabriel."

"Yes. Where is it?" asked drake.

"One minute sir." the messenger said.

He quickly returned to the carriage swung open the back door and lifted a human covered in a black blanket, wrapped all around.

"Where would you like her Sir?"

Drake stretched his arms and took the concealed woman from the man.

"that will be all, tell Gabriel thank you." he said as he closed the door with his leg.

The woman in his arms, not moving..."she must be drugged." he thought.

Walking to his library, he set her on the couch as he opened a secret passageway that led him down to the darkest corners of his home. His dungeon.

He lifted the light woman off the couch and went down the dim lit stairs, the door creaking shut behind him...inside his dungeon a huge cage, equipped with metal hooks on the walls, iron clad, a small bed in the corner and a small chamber pot. He set the sleeping form on the bed, and quickly undid the binds that concealed her from him; throwing the material aside he was shocked.

Before him a dark beauty, lips red as roses, a little button nose and wild black long curly hair. He could feel his arousal stirring. Yet he concentrated on stripping her of the clothes she wore, after she was totally naked before him, he was too aroused to concentrate. A beauty, finer than the rarest Arabian stallions. An amazing masterpiece his friend had sent him. They must have prepared her for him, for she was smooth and silky, not one hair lay upon her beautiful soft skin.

Shaking his head, it's not yet time to think such thoughts drake thought. He quickly left the cage to one of the closets he had, opening it he grabbed a white long nightgown, see though and arousing..Returning to his gift, he dressed her in it; taking her hands he cuffed her to the bed, her hands behind her head, leaving her legs free.

Stepping out of the cage, he locked the door behind him, never can be too careful he thought. Turning to his closets, he started opening them one by one, gathering all the things he would need for his plans with his pretty morsel.

A short while later he was seated in one of his huge couches facing the cage, book in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other, awaiting her to wake...

Anya's dreams were horrifying, dreaming of men, fire, fighting and her captured. Taken to a home, a man's voice, people touching her, shaving, cleaning, and bathing her. Dreamt she was called a gift, a drink she was given, she fell asleep. Whimpering through her nightmares, she twisted and turned.

Suddenly her eyes shot open, yet she was still blind, she tried to touch her face, yet her hands wouldn't move, they were constricted above her head, her legs however were free, she moved them gently feeling the material beneath her. Then reality hit her..She wasn't dreaming!!

Drake was aware that she had awakened. Watching her fidget in the bed aroused him, yet he wanted to wait, till he spoke. He set his book and glass aside, watching the beauty in the cage, squirm and move silently.

Anya's listened carefully for any sound around her, yet the only thing she could hear was the beating of her own heart, and the sounds of the metals around her wrists.

Her eyes filled with tears as her lips parted, "hello." she whispered.

"Anyone? Please anyone, help me. Where am I? What do you want with me?"

She went quiet as he suddenly heard a rustle, then the sound of iron opening.

Drake had moved, he opened the iron cage door as soon as she started to speak, standing above her, looking down at her beautiful form laying there at his mercy..

"Hello." he said.

"Please, help me." she pleaded.

"No my dear, I shan't help you. You are here as a gift to me young lady, a gift to be mine, body and soul." he said.

"I am not yours!" she cried out, "let me go now! You bastard!"

"Ahh what a foul mouth, for such a young lady. And what is your name little lady." he asked.

"I will not tell you my name and I am not young! I am 22 years old." she spat out.

Drake's eyes roamed down to her breasts, watching them heave as her body shook in vengeance, his smile devilish and unmistakable; he is going to enjoy this girl...

His hands reached for her blindfold and yanked it off her head, pulling it roughly, wanting to hurt her.

"Ouchhhh!!" she screamed out.

Then suddenly she was staring at the most handsome man she had ever seen. Her grey eyes widened at the sight of him, her body trembled, and he filled the room with his presence.

Drake was shocked, grey eyes, something that rarely was seen. Beautiful looking at him with such hatred and shock.

Reaching down to her he gripped her breast through her material, pinching her nipple hard.

"Once again, what is your name?" he asked with a harsh tone.

"Go to the devil!" she screamed out in pain.

He then reached down with his second hand, and gripped her second nipple pinching them both at once he twisted them between his fingers and said, "I am the devil, welcome."

Anya screamed out. Tears spilling out of her eyes, she tried to reach for him with her legs to kick him, tried to buck away from his hands yet she couldn't.

"Anya! Anya!" she cried out.

He then let go of her and Anya felt her nipples throbbing with unbearable pain, she hiccupped and choked back the tears that spilled from her eyes..

"You bastard!" she cried, "bastard!"

Drake let out a laugh, "you my dear Anya have not seen anything yet, you shall be mine and the more you resist me the more pain shall rip through that delicious body of yours. And from now on you will call me Master or Sir! Anything other shall cost you dearly my little slave Anya."

"Now your first punishment for calling me bastard, shall be executed in a few hours, I'm going to leave you for a while, you can think about your future as my slave, as mine!" he turned his back and walked out of the cage, locking the door behind him.

He disappeared

Anya let out a loud scream and shook forcefully in the bed, her anger boiling through her skin and soul. As tears still flowed from her eyes, she cried out from the pain in her wrists, her breasts and her soul.

Finally two hours later, she fell asleep from exhaustion.

Drake left his mansion and went out for lunch with a few friends, one of them Gabriel, whom he thanked for his lovely gift. Ordering some food aside for his dinner and for his new guest's lunch, he said his farewells and left the men. Four hours had passed since he last was with her and he was anxious to get back and start working on taming the girl.

Anya woke up dazed and in pain, hunger shooting through her body, and pain through her soul. The she heard it a loud rustling sound then footsteps.

"Good evening slave." he said.

Opening her eyes she saw him, standing outside her cage, a tray in his hand, and the devils smile on his face. He was wearing a black long robe, his chest bare and legs. He was indecent beneath it she thought.

"I brought you some food, I can't have a hungry slave now can I?"

Anya just kept looking at him, refusing to speak.

"Are you not hungry?"

He set the tray aside and entered the cage, reaching for her kicking legs; he shackled them to the base of the bed.

"Now little slave, I'm going to let one hand go so you can eat, if you persist in angering me, I will hurt you."

Anya was hungry, very hungry. She lay still as he let one hand go and set her up so she could be in a sitting position to eat. She watched him bring the tray and set it beside her, the aroma of the food flowing to her nostrils made her stomach roll.

Quietly she reached and began to feed herself, watching him from the corner of her eye as he sat down opposite her outside the cage on his huge couch.

Her meal finished, Anya pushed the tray aside. Waiting to see if he would come to her, not saying a word.

Drake watched her, he knew she wouldn't relent. Standing up quietly he walked into the cage and took the tray from her side placing it on the outside of the cage. Coming back to stand before her, he looked down to her, his eyes watching her waiting.

"Say thank you master." he said.

Anya remained quiet.

"Anya!! Say it!"

No sound was heard, then suddenly all she saw was his hand, then a harsh pain ripped through her face, he had slapped her hard across the cheek.

"Now say it!" as he lifted his hand to slap her once more.

"Thank you master!!!" she cried out, tears flowing down her beautiful face.

he turned and walked to the wall where the iron hook where hung, reaching down he picked up a long metal chain and hooked it through them, the coming to her he gripped her free hand and clipped it to the metal chain.

The suddenly all went blank for Anya...

She woke up to find herself chained to the wall, feet apart, suspended against the wall like an eagle. Lifting her head slowly, she saw him there waiting as he was earlier, same couch, same position.

Drake watched her wake up and stood, his hands reaching down to the sash , untying it, baring his body to her he spread it wide, making sure she could see every inch of him. Slowly like a jungle cat he moved towards her, his eyes not leaving hers.

As he came to stand before her he asked, "Anya, are you ready to admit you are my slave?"

Lifting her head proudly, with a stubborn tone she answered, "No."

"Let the games begin then my Anya."

He turned and walked out of the cage, the suddenly he reappeared, a knife in one hand and a little whip in the second.

Her eyes widened with fear at the site of the knife and she began to squirm in the chains, rattling sounds filling the door. "You are a monster, the devil" she yelled out

He stood before her placing the whip on the bed and held the knife to her throat, she stood still, and then he traced the sharp blade down her throat to the hem of her dress and nipped her skin. She cried out of pain as the blade cut her sensitive skin.

Then placing the knife in his mouth he held the material in his hands and with one tug he ripped it open down her chest, then using the knife he continued till she was standing there naked to him, the material as open as the robe he wore.

He stood back and watched the blood trickle down her chest, and tears down her cheeks.

"Anya, slave are you ready yet?"

She did not answer, closing her eyes, her body shaking. She would not relent.

He laughed out....

Then suddenly she felt it, a sharp whip across her breasts, her whole body screamed pain. Her eyes flew open her, she saw him standing there the whip in his hand and ready to strike once more...

"No!" she screamed out, it was too late. The second lash hit her once more, and she began to shake in pain.

"Admit it slave." he said.

Another strike, this one cutting her smooth flesh...more blood seeped.

"Admit it slave!" he yelled out.

She could see his erection, standing proud between his legs. Her eyes filled with tears. He enjoyed hurting her, it aroused him.

"Yes master, yes." she cried out, "I beg you stop."

Another strike hit her, then he stood back, with his hand he lifted her face to him, looking her in the eyes he said, "that last blow was for you to remember your place slave, now you are mine Anya, and I own you body and soul."

with that he leaned in and brushed his lips over her trembling lips.

The sudden feel of his lips against hers sent a shock wave of new feelings through Anya, "gentleness." she thought "he was gentle."

He stood back and threw the whip outside the cage door, his hands now free to touch her chest, stroking down the bruised and bloodied breasts.

"Slave." his whispered as he leaned down to take one bloody nipple between his lips, sucking on it gently.

Anya's body responded in ways she never thought possible, her hurting nipples were now aching, aching for more of those gentle lips. His hands at her sides, the feeling of them warm against her skin holding her, sent waves of pleasure through her.

He stepped back and left the cage, only to return with a wet cloth, he wiped her bloodied skin gently, kissing each inch of her chest. Once she was clean, he unhooked her binds, her limp body falling into his arms. She ached all over, her wrists, her arms, her ankles and a new ache between her legs.

Gently he laid her on the bed, soothing her as she welcomed the feeling of the material beneath her. He hooked one ankle to the bed only with a long chain, long enough for her to move about the entire cage.

Kissing her forehead, he whispered, "rest now slave, tomorrow we will continue this."

Leaving her, drake locked the cage and went up to his room, laying on the bed his arousal still painfully hard, he wrapped his fingers around it, closing his eyes, imagining her, her eyes, her body, her pain, he stroked faster, his whole body bucking with pleasure as he shot his seed onto his chest.

His breathing hard, "tomorrow, he must have her." he thought.

Cleansing himself, he laid back and fell into deep sleep.

Anya laid back, in the silence of the dungeon, her thoughts in a mess, trying to not turn about on the bed, for she still was in pain, she traced her finger down to her thighs, that new ache peaked her curiosity, she ran a thumb along her womanhood and felt something amazing, she wanted more. With a little more force she stroked herself, she felt wetness on her fingers and was shocked! In all her years she had never felt this, never attempted this. It was shameful! She stopped quickly and closed her eyes, she must rest....


Drake's eyes opened, he sees the faint light through the curtains, and he could hear the maids and servants rushing about the house.

Out of bed he emerged, dressed and went down to the dining room where his breakfast awaited him.

"Good morning." was all he heard all morning.

"Mr. Baker, please would you serve my breakfast in the library and make sure I am not to be disturbed, no matter what!" he ordered to his butler.

"Yes sir."

Drake settled in his library as his breakfast was brought to him, looking once more at the butler he ordered, "No one is to enter in here until I open the door."

"Yes sir, I shall make sure that everyone is notified." said the head butler as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Carrying the tray, he opened his secret passage and descended to the dungeon, where he found a wide awake Anya, sitting up in her bed...

"Good morning slave."

Looking up at him, as if hesitated she whispered, "good morning, master."

Nodding his approval he set the tray on a table and went to one of his closets, bringing another cup, and pouring her some tea.

He opened the cage door, Anya remained seated in her bed, and he looked magnificent in his suit, so handsome a different man than the night before.

He brought her the tray and sat down on a chair opposite her in the cage.

"eat now, you will need your strength my slave."

Anya and drake ate in silence; every now and then she would sneak a glance at him.

"Would he hurt her again?" she kept thinking.

After they were finished he cleared away everything and left her for a while, then he returned, a smile on his face, his hand wrapping about her wrist he soothed her as he laid her back, binding her arms above her head on the bed as she was yesterday.

His hands reached down to stroke her slim thighs, "slave." he whispered "so beautiful."

She still wore the torn nightgown; he reached up and opened it, baring her body to his gaze, her eyes locked on him, watching him. Her body tensed with fear and arousal. He leaned down and nibbled her nipples, his teeth biting her firmly, she arched beneath him.

"Do you like that slave?" he asked.

"Yes, sir."

He kissed her bruises and cuts, how lovely they looked against her skin, how fitting they were...they were his marks, no she was his..Only his.

Anya was lost in a new feeling ...something consuming her, something aching to be unleashed she wiggled and squirmed beneath him as his fingers found her womanhood. He touched her gently, she arched, pleasure shooting through her, his lips biting her nipple more harder now he stroked her, the mix of pleasure and pain engulfing her, she began whimpering...

"Yes, slave, whimper for me." he said as his finger found her clit, he pinched on it hard, she bucked up high he held her down with his second hand as his lips traced down her body to her mound.

His erection straining against his pants, he sat back for a brief second to unbutton his pants, setting his erection free...then he resumed his task, he wanted her begging for him..

Each time he pinched her there, a small yet delightful pain would shoot through her body, Anya was shocked at all these new feelings, she wanted him to stop yet she wanted more, she watched, felt as his head descended towards her mound and felt it as his lips licked her, she moaned.

She tasted good, his lips licked, sucked and worked hard on her pussy lips, tasting her wanting her to cum for him, he wanted to taste her juices, before anything else..His finger sliding into her, he knew she was a virgin and he wanted to leave it so, for now. He probed gently sucking hard on her clit as his second hand lay on her tummy holding her down in place.

Anya felt something shoot through her, a pleasure more intense than she had ever imagined, she screamed out as her body bucked and tensed, the pleasure in her releasing its self...

Drake lapped up her juices as they came, his lips, and tongue locked on her pussy, drinking up each drop she released, then she collapsed heavily on the bed, panting..

"Wonderful, my slave." he whispered as he gave her pussy one more kiss.

"Now I want my slave to give me the pleasure I just gave her." he said.

Reaching up he uncuffed her hands and left her foot still cuffed.

He sat down on the bed beside her, and from his jacket he removed a studded collar and leash.. Placing the collar around her neck, and hooking the leash to it, he looked at her and ordered, "Slave, kneel between my thighs now."

She hesitated for a minute but the sharp tug of the leash brought her back to reality, she must or he would hurt her...

Quickly kneeling between his thighs she came facing his large member.

"sir?" she asked puzzled.

"Touch it slave, I shall tell you what to do."

Wrapping her small fingers around it, it was so warm, she was curious. He let out a groan and she quickly let go, scared she must have hurt him.

"No! Don't let go, you did not hurt me slave, give me your hand."

He took her hand and wrapped it around his cock, stroking himself gently showing her how. The he shocked her by saying, "kiss it slave, wrap your lips around it, suck it."

Pulling her leash, her head came down, parting her lips she kissed the tip as his hand and hers continued their stroking.

"Suck It."

He removed his hand from hers and it came to her head, as she parted her lips and began sucking the tip, slowly he pushed her down further.

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