tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 17

The Slave Ch. 17


Linda’s birthday was fast approaching and Both Brenda and Sara had been talking about it, trying to figure out what to get her, or more likely, what to do for her. A few days prior to Linda’s birthday, Brenda and Linda were sitting at the breakfast table when Brenda told Linda to be sure to be home by 6:00pm on Friday, the day of her birthday.

Linda immediately knew what that meant, a ‘surprise’ dinner, complete with her favorite foods, drinks, relaxing, the customary cake, and presents. Each of the girl’s birthdays had become traditional celebrations, arranged by the other two. With this in mind, Linda knew that it was suppose to be a 6:00pm ‘surprise’.

What Linda didn’t know was that Brenda and Sara were cooking up a real surprise for her. Surprisingly, it was Sara that had thought up the “real” surprise. Even Brenda was shocked at the things that little Sara came up with.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that Sara had a somewhat devious twisted imagination, when it came to sexual things or tormenting Ross. In the brief time that Ross had been held captive at their house, they had come to think of him more as a houseguest than a slave. A houseguest that was almost always nude for them and always tethered or restrained in some form or fashion. In a house with three women, he was THEIR slave, to do their bidding, or be done to, according to their own individual moods and desires.

In his time there, they had not tired of him and were continuously coming up with new things to do to him or with him. On this occasion, Sara was very imaginative and told Brenda of her idea. Brenda was excited and agreed, if not somewhat aroused by the prospect of Sara’s plan. The plan required a few things to be arranged in advance, and they both went to work to accomplish it.

Over the years of the three living together, they had on a few occasions, talked about their own fantasies and ideas of role playing. One common thread that continued to come up was the idea of “being forcibly taken” by a man.

No, not rape, but forcible, hot, erotic taken against their will type of scenario. Obviously, “against their will” was a debatable phrase, since “against their will” would in essence, mean rape. Sexual assault in any form or fashion was illegal and horrible to even think about, but to some degree, it could be done if the concept of “against their will” was lessened to where both were willing. It wouldn’t be exactly against Linda’s will, but for the sake of role playing, it would be highly erotic.

What Brenda and Sara had in mind would require that Ross be involved, willingly, with safeguards, and certain clearly defined limits. Making a special dinner, serving drinks, buying presents, doing birthday decorations would be a snap, but it would be up to Ross’ ability to act out the scenario that was crucial.

The more they talked, the more excited they became, if not highly aroused as each thought of the possibilities of what they would desire in their own fantasy. It was almost 7:00am when they both grabbed their coffee cups and literally ran downstairs to the dungeon. Quietly opening the door, they were surprised to see Ross awake, sitting on a nearby couch, watching the morning news.

Even though the room was designed with a dungeon effect, a television was discreetly added on a wall mount. Both were somewhat surprised to see Ross, totally flaccid. His cock was its usual thickness, hanging down like a large bell rope, between his legs, but soft.

The girls had gotten so use to him being nude and erect, that they were surprised when they saw him in a flaccid state. Upon seeing them, Ross immediately got up from the couch and moved to the center of the room, sitting on the floor, cross legged. Brenda and Sara walked into the room telling him that they had a proposition for him. Sitting on the couch facing him, Brenda began by asking him, “You do like Linda, don’t you”?

After a long silence, Brenda finally understood and told Ross that he was to speak freely. Ross immediately smiled and answered that he did. By this time, both Brenda and Sara were watching Ross’ cock flop back and forth, between his legs, as he shifted his weight around. His balls were as they usually were, huge and more than likely full, as they lay heavily on the carpet below him.

After several moments of cock gazing, Brenda got up and went to a cabinet and picked out a chamois loin cloth, telling Ross to cover up. He was becoming a definite distraction to her and Sara. Every time Brenda glanced at Sara, she could tell that Sara’s eyes were focused between his legs. As Ross stood up to put the loin cloth on, Sara let out a quiet sigh. Sitting back down on the carpet, Brenda saw that the loin cloth didn’t do much to hide his parts, depending on the way he sat. She also suspected that he liked ‘showing them’ what he had, noticing that he would start to swell, then go soft, a small bead of pre-cum appearing at the tip of his foreskin covered cock. Being soft, only a small amount of foreskin and just the tip of his cock were visible.

Recovering, Brenda started again, asking Ross if he liked Linda. Ross said that he did and asked why they were asking. Between Brenda and Sara, they started explaining that Friday was Linda’s birthday and that they had an idea for a surprise that Linda would really enjoy. But, they added, the idea would only work if Ross was involved and that he would have to become a very good actor.

Sara laughingly said that Ross already had the necessary tools but that he would have to use his imagination and creativity. Having no idea of what they meant, Ross was intrigued and asked them to explain. Brenda explained that a lot of women have a fantasy of ‘being taken’ by a forceful male. She was quick to condemn rape and tried to explain the difference to Ross, but Ross only smiled and said that he actually did understand the difference. “Similar to what a person would read in a Harlequin Romance novel” he said. Like being made love to, by a man who looked like Fabio, on the covers of such novels, he laughed. Brenda laughed and said yes, while Sara looked confused.

Brenda continued, saying that Linda was of this fantasy type, and that in Ross’ current ‘situation’, he would easily have the means to act out such a scenario. Both Brenda and Sara made it clear over and over, that there was to be NO fear in Linda, and that if he hurt her in any way, emotionally or physically, that they would punish him in such a way that he’d never be enjoying sex.

Ross was already agreeing with them, adding in his own ideas, suggesting ways that the surprise could be done. They continued talking about the concept of ‘being taken’ versus rape, until Ross became visibly upset and adamantly said that he understood. They again explained, very roughly, that he would be punished if anything happened to Linda. He understood that part very well, looking at Sara’s smile.

Ross actually feared what could happen to him, if Sara was ever allowed to have her way with him. Sara had become increasingly rough and cruel when it came to Ross. Ross even suggested that since Linda was already prepared for Friday, 6:00pm, then things should change. When asked how, he suggested that the ‘party’ for her begin at 6:00pm, just as planned. But, he added that since Linda was going to be off on her birthday, that maybe he should start, first thing in the morning, when she first woke up. Both Brenda and Sara were very excited by that idea.

The entire event was agreed on, but Ross wouldn’t give any details, telling them that he had several ideas of what he could do, adding quickly that Linda would not be hurt and would enjoy herself. Besides, you can always hear the graphic details that night, over dinner. The two women agreed. Brenda also told Ross that he would remain restrained, but that a little accommodation might be made, just for his sake and Linda’s. They finally agreed to give Ross full reign to use his imagination. Ross just smiled, promising that Linda would be very well taken care of. Both of the girls were a little worried about the situation, but knew that one of them would be home at all times, throughout the day, if needed.

The conversation had gotten so exciting and arousing to Brenda and Sara that they hadn’t paid any attention to Ross’ genitals. Ending the conversation, they stood up to leave, and only then noticed that he was rock hard, his cock held down by his crossed legs on the floor.

Not only was he dripping, he was literally running like a faucet. Obviously, he did have some ideas of his own. Brenda couldn’t help but notice that she too was about as wet as she could get, creating her own fantasies about being taken by Ross. The sight of his hardness popping out as he stood up didn’t help her any. This early in the morning, it did look yummy to her, and she hadn’t had any breakfast yet.

Sara was almost to the door when Brenda told her that she’d be upstairs in just a minute. Oblivious to both of them, Sara said ok and bounded up the stairs. Brenda immediately walked over to Ross and undid the loin cloth, telling him that a chamois loin cloth could be easily ruined by moisture if not properly taken care of. Tossing the soft cloth aside, Brenda stepped in close to Ross, almost chest to chest. He was hard enough and wet enough, that just her movement toward him caused his cock to slide up her stomach. She slowly put her arms around his neck as he bent his head down, softly kissing her on the neck and earlobes. Her breathing became erratic as she pressed harder into him. Ross reached between them and undid the sash of her kimono, pulling the sides back and away from her. Adjusting his position, he easily pressed his cock into her stomach, and then pushed a little harder, forcing it to slide downward against her pubic mound. Slowly moving up and down, his cock was digging into her soft skin.

By now, Brenda was just hanging onto Ross as she felt his hand move down between her legs, parting them slightly. His cock head was beginning to brush against her clit as his fingers moved in between the slick lips. Brenda was breathing hard now; her mouth pressed against Ross’ and her body pushed back into his. Ross reached around behind her and grabbed both of her ass cheeks with his hands. With a slight hop, Ross picked Brenda up and tilted her back, at the same time pushing his pelvis outward. Immediately, his cock pushed deeply into her.

Brenda’s entire body shook as she felt his thick hard cock go deeper, an explosive orgasm starting to build in her. Within seconds, she could only hang onto Ross’ neck as her pussy convulsed, clutching at his cock Ross slowly moved in and out of her, feeling her contractions, continuing to pump till he felt them lessen. By then, Brenda was almost limp, being held by Ross, her head resting on his shoulder. He continued to slowly pump into her, till she felt him gently pull out of her.

She looked up at him, “let me down and I’ll finish you”. He just smiled, pressing his rock hard cock against her pubic mound. “I would love to, but don’t you think I should save some of this for Linda”? Brenda could only respond dreamily, “only if you want to, I’m more than willing to take care of that swelling”. Ross only smiled. It had only been a few minutes, but Brenda was having a hard time walking, back to the dungeon door. She stopped, leaning against the door frame, “think of some good stuff for her. We want Linda to have her fantasy come true”. Ross just grinned.

Ross had plenty of ideas for what could be done to Linda. He really did like her and felt that she was probably the only one that could ever help him if the chance of escape arrived. The sex was fabulous with her, except for a few painful times, but none the less, he was still a slave. He wanted his own life back.

With Sara, he knew that she’d never let him go, and could do more harm to him if she ever got the chance. Brenda, he wasn’t sure about. She was enjoying herself too much with him. He honestly didn’t know if she would let him go free. But for now, if he played his card right, he’d put himself in a position with Linda, that would gain more of her support.

Then, still feeling the tingling sensation of Brenda’s vice like grip around the base of his cock, he reached down, slowly rubbing the still slick cock. Rubbing her juices into his hard flesh, he quickly reached the edge of orgasm, but stopped short. He knew this would help increase the amount of his next orgasm. He brought his hand to his face and smelled Brenda’s scent, still fresh and musky. He was ready.

On Friday morning, Ross awoke early as he always did. None of the girls were aware of this regular occurrence. Sitting up, the first thing he noticed was that the tether that was normally attached to his ankle restraint was longer than normal. It was usually a short tether, to keep him from being able to reach the cabinets. But this morning, it was the long one, affording him the ability to reach all areas of the room. Either Brenda or Sara had changed it during the night. They had been busy. Standing up, he glanced around the room, noting that there was a large assortment of toys laid out on the countertops. Surprised, he walked over to the counters and saw gags, hoods, partial hoods, vibrators, a TENS unit, and several things that he didn’t recognize. He assumed that these were toys that the girls knew that Linda liked.

Listening closely, he heard no sound. Being her birthday, Linda was obviously sleeping late. He walked quietly to her closed door and tried the handle. It was unlocked. His tether was only long enough that he could stand at the doorway but could go no further. He quietly looked in. As he figured, Linda was sound asleep, lying on her stomach, her arms hugging the pillow under her head.

Being so warm in the dungeon area, Linda only slept with a sheet over her, a blanket folded neatly at the foot of the bed. The sheet was more off of her than it was on her. It only covered one bare leg and was bunched up on the side of her sleeping form. She was totally nude and her ass looked beautiful from Ross’ point of view. The tan lines from her string bikini were extremely obvious, even in the dark room.

One leg was pointed straight out from her, the other bent at the knee, pushed out away from her. From Ross’ position, he could see between her legs and enjoyed the sight of her shaven pussy. One thing that he had never seen before was a clit ring, barely visible under her and pushed slightly up into her semi-parted lips. She was sleeping soundly. He watched her for several minutes, very aware of his throbbing cock. He gently rubbed it for several minutes till he felt close to cuming, deciding that it was a warm up period for him. After several minutes of enjoying the private view, he retreated back into his room and waited.

It wasn’t long until Ross could hear Linda get up. As soon as he heard sounds from her bedroom, he lay back down, covering himself to his waist, pretending to be asleep. Using the long tether, he knew that he needed something to restrain the obvious bulge under the sheet. Wrapping the tether around his cock head, he pulled it down, between his legs, and wrapped it around his thigh. This way, his cock would not be so obvious.

Ross lay there listening as he heard Linda come to the door and enter his room. As was her usual ritual, she checked to see that everything was ok and that he was still securely restrained. Seeing that he was, she went back into her room and turned on the shower. Ross listened as he heard the sounds of the shower running, then soon after, sounds of Linda at her counter, probably putting on make-up. It appeared that Linda had plans for early in the day, but he would soon change that. He only hoped that it wasn’t something important.

Ross didn’t have to wait long, lying quietly under the sheet and listening to Linda in her room. When he heard her door open, he again pretended to be asleep. He wasn’t sure what she was doing, but after a long silence, he could hear her walking barefoot across the room, toward the counter where the toys had been laid out. He figured that she had finally seen them and wondered why they were out.

Normally, all toys were cleaned and put away, a house rule. Once Ross heard Linda at the counter, he slowly opened his eyes and turned his head in her direction. Damn she looked good, he thought to himself.

She was just out of the shower, wearing her kimono that, from his floor position, showed him everything that was under the short kimono. Her legs were beautiful, darkly tanned and shapely. Her ass was barely covered by the satin fabric. Barefooted, she stood at the counter, trying to figure out why the toys were out. Ross quietly rose up off the floor and moved up behind her. With the long tether, he was able to reach her in only a few long steps. He just stood behind her, quietly, taking in her scent.

The first indication that anything was wrong was a slight tilt of her head, upward as if listening. Ross immediately reached around her with his right hand and clamped it over her mouth. His left hand shot between her left bicep and across her back, grabbing her right bicep up high, effectively pinning her arms behind her. Her body jerked forward, trying to get away from the attacker. Moving quickly, Ross pushed his body weight against hers, forcibly pushing her body up against the counter. He could tell by the quick hard breaths through her nose, that she was scared. She struggled, but with her arms behind her and against the counter, she couldn’t move.

Ross leaned in close to her ear and growled, “Happy Birthday, baby”. He could feel her relax a little, relieved to know that it was Ross. But his grip didn’t loosen. In fact, he pulled back on her arms, forcing her breasts farther out in front of her. Breathing lightly through her hair, he moved his face up and down the side of her head, stopping only slightly to run his lips over her bare neck. He moved his face up to her ear and started lightly kissing her ear lobe, breathing into her ear.

After a few moments, she had completely relaxed, no longer struggling. She was pinned helplessly. Ross breathed heavily, “You’ve been using my body as a playground for some time, now it’s my turn”. With that, he pulled back on her upper arms, thrusting her breasts out farther.

He hissed at her, “If I pull my hand away, do you promise to be quiet”? She nodded her head yes. He slowly relaxed his hand over her mouth, but she immediately said “Damn, you scared……” He cut her off, clamping his hand hard over her mouth again. “I told you to be quiet. You can’t follow orders, can you”? “If you’re not silent, I’ll gag you, and you won’t like that”. He again asked her if she understood, and again she nodded her head yes.

Relaxing his hand on her mouth, he pulled his hand away. She remained quiet this time. “Maybe I should gag you anyway” he quickly added. But she said nothing. Looking down over her shoulder, he looked at all the gags and hoods laid out on the counter. He reached out, picking up a small mouth covering, barely even a gag.

Linda immediately snickered, “Nice choice, I ……” when he cut her off, harder than the time before. “Obviously you don’t listen, and cannot understand simple commands”. With that, he picked up a ball gag, and placed it at her lips. She closed her mouth, making sounds that indicated no.

Placing his hand around her jaw, he used his thumb and middle finger, pressing into the center of her jaw, forcing her mouth to open. The ball gag slipped easily into her mouth. He immediately pulled the leather binding around behind her head. Letting go of her arms, he pushed solidly into her body, literally crushing her into the counter. Using both hands he tied the gag in place, then put his left hand back in the original arm locks, pinning her arms back again.

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