tagErotic CouplingsThe Sororities New Man Ch. 01

The Sororities New Man Ch. 01


*All characters are of legal age during any described intercourse, everything is fiction and if you don't like it don't read it. This story is written by me and cannot be used by any other person or website or company without my express permission.

**This is only the second story I have written and I am no writer in the first place so please excuse the crappy writing and misspellings and all that, please don't be too harsh and constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. I plan to write more chapters in this story when I have time.

I just got the worse news I could probably get in my current situation; I was fresh out of high school, still 18 for another few months, fairly tall at 6 foot, athletically built but not all big muscle type that came from playing tennis and baseball, short brown hair, light hazel eyes that turn a bright bluish green when I am happy, a light green brown when I am sad, and dark brown when I am pissed. I was just another jock with a brain other than the eyes that acted like a fucking mood ring that is. I had just drove 1800 miles from Texas to get to my dream college on the west coast just to find out that the guy that did the paper work for my full scholarship didn't get the paper work over to the housing department for my room and they didn't have any rooms left so I was basically shit out of luck. You can guess what color my eyes were when I came crashing through the doors into the court yard yelling out a loud "FUCK!!!" and not caring who around me outside heard or that some of them were not staring at me like I was a freak now. In case you haven't figured it out, my eyes were dark dark brown.

Just then my phone rang, at first I was annoyed but after fishing it out of my front pocket I saw that it was my Mom calling, "Good, someone to vent to" I said to myself while pressing the send button. "Hey Mom," I said while I walked over to sit on a empty bench under a shade tree a few feet off.

"Drew! Did you get into your dorm room yet, have you met your roommate yet," my Mom rattled off quickly with the excitement evident in her voice.

"No Mom, something got screwed up with the paper work and they didn't have me down for a room and they are all out of rooms."

"Wait, What, where are you suppose to stay then," she said loudly enough that I had to move the phone away from my ear.

"I don't know yet Mom, they said that they can deposit the money for the room and board part of the scholarship into my account to pay for off campus housing but that can take anywhere from a week to a month or more for that to happen they said."

"Oh honey I am so sorry, how about I wire you the money for a hotel and you can stay in that until the money comes through," she said.

"What no Mom, you're not going to pay for a hotel room for me, we don't know how long it will take to get the money back. Plus I don't want you having to work double shifts just to pay for it, I know money has been tight and you have worked hard to keep a roof over our heads and pay for my tennis lessons these last few years since Dad died but I can handle this on my own."

"Well what about UT, can you still take their scholarship to play tennis or baseball, they were both full rides to you know and then you wouldn't need to pay for a dorm since you can just move back in."

"No Mom I don't think I can still get the UT athletic scholarships this late, plus we talked about this already, I wanted to come here for the better degree plan they have here, that's why I worked so hard on my grades so I could get the academic one to here."

"Ok I understand but where are you going to stay until the money comes through," she asked with a worried voice.

"Well I don't want to waste the money I have saved up on a hotel and that would only last a week tops anyway, so unless I find a job faster than planned I will probably just sleep in my car and take showers at the gym and laundry at a mat both on campus. Either that or I could find a camp ground and pitch a tent; I have my camping gear with me."

"Are you sure honey, I don't really like the thought of you sleeping in your car or a camp ground."

"Mom it's not like I haven't before, I spent whole summers living out of a tent at the lake before remember, so really it's no big deal."

"Ok honey, if you insist, call me later tonight once you have figured something out, love you." She said sounding defeated and a little scared at the same time.

"Bye Mom, love you to," I said while hanging up the phone and putting it back in my pocket. My mother had always supported me and we were close enough to be considered good friends and not just a mother to me but sometimes she let her motherly worrying war with her resolve to let me grow up and be on my own for awhile. She had done pretty well with me leaving for college so far away, of course she hoped I would of stayed local and with the UT but that isn't what I wanted. I wanted to come to the school with the best people teaching in the field I wanted to go into and it didn't hurt that the school was a short drive to the beach in warm Cali either. But my Mom supported my decision and only every now and then would let slip a comment about going to UT.

I was so lost in thought about what I was going to do when I almost jumped a full foot off the bench when someone beside me spoke to me, "Sorry about your bad luck," a sweet voice said.

Looking over next to me I noticed a beautiful long haired brunette sitting right next to me but with her legs off the other side of the bench, how the hell did I not notice her sit down, "God you scared me, I didn't realize anyone was sitting down here," I said.

Laughing she said, "its ok I was kind of being sneaky about it, I was snooping on your call and then you just looked so sad that I had to come sit down"

"Oh yeah well it's just my luck, drive halfway across the country to get to a school that can't do their paper work right which leaves me without a dorm room and nowhere to sleep."

"Sometimes these things happen, you just have to hope that another door opens somewhere else," she said sweetly.

Here optimisum gave me a good boost and I resolved myself to not letting it get me down, I would just go with the flow and something good would happen if not oh well what can you do. Laughing I said looking back up at her, "You know you're right, I'll just pick my head up and just let life come at me fast and hope another door opens before I slam into another closed one."

She giggled at that and I saw a flash of amazement in her face for a second, "You're already seem to be happier, I can tell."

"Yea my eyes always give my moods away, it's a blessing and a curse at the same time."

"Oh well I like them, they are almost like a mood ring or something." She said.

"Yeah that's what every says,"

She smiled at me for a few moments before she said, "Normally I wouldn't offer this let alone to a freshman but my sorority has a spot open for a hired hand, we usually pick the new one after the first few weeks of school but you can fill in until we pick one if it's not you we pick anyway."

"I don't know is this some kind of maid type job," I asked with a worried look on my face.

Laughing she said, "Not totally, yes you might have clean up some stuff here and there after parties or other functions but we have a maid staff that comes through once a week to do the major cleaning. You would just be like our handy man and act as a security guard if needed if a guy breaks one of the rules of the house and wont leave, you have to do our laundry and I hope you know how to cook because you will be doing the dinner cooking and putting out breakfast stuff in the mornings and do all the grocery shopping but that's about it. You get paid and you get a small room in the back of the house on the first floor so it solves your problem you are having right now."

"My Momma always said if it's too good to be true it probably was, what's the catch," I asked.

"No catch really, at least not one you would probably mind," she said with a naughty looking grin, "Come on, how bad can it be, you get to live in a house with 20 or so gorgeous women."

Smiling at the thought of living with that many hot girls I nodded, "Ok I guess I can give it a shot, can't be any worse than living out of a tent for the next few weeks."

"Good, now come on, lets go get you approved by the rest of the girls and I will tell you more about the gig after," she said turning around on the bench with a smile on her face as she grabbed my hand pulling me up off the bench. "By the way my name is Sasha," she said turning her face to me as she grabbed a hold of my arm while we walked down the side walk.

"Drew," I replied back.

"Nice to meet you Drew, we are going to have so much fun," she said giggling while picking up the speed of our walk.

It was about a 10 minute walk to her sorority house, we chatted like we were old friends, she told me about a few things going on campus and a few gossip stories, she asked a few questions about me which I answered honestly, she explained more about her sorority and how she ended up joining it. Talking with her wasn't rushed or awkward at all, it was like we had always known each other, usually I might have trouble talking this freely with a beautiful women like her that I just met but we were so lost in conversation that I didn't even realize we had already arrived at our destination.

The sorority house was huge, it was a two story house that took up almost 3 of the normal sized lots the other houses on Greek row sat on. It was a older style house like it had been built in the early 20th century but was well kept, it looked to have 20 something windows on each floor going down the length of the front. The upper level had a rap around balcony that also served as the roof for the rap around front porch with the front double doors right in the middle of the house. There were three steps that led up to the porch that we climbed up walking the next 15 feet to the door. As Sasha opened the front door she led me into a big open space that had a raised roof all the way to the second story with a big chandelier hanging down. There were open doorways on either side that led to other areas on the first floor while 10 or 15 feet from the front door started the stair case to the second level that raised up the right wall to a hallway that looked to run the length of the house on the second level. The left side of the room had a hallway running down the other side of the stair case leading farther into the back of the house.

Still holding onto my arm Sasha pulled me through the doorway to the right walking us through a big open room that looked to be the living room with a bunch of couches and chairs in it. We walked to a door on the other side of the room that looked to be in the right front corner of the house, opening it and leading me inside I was confronted with 4 other equally hot girls sitting around a table on one side of the room while the other side had a few desks with computes on them. All 4 of the girls looked up at us when we came through the door and Sasha said immediately, "Girls this is Drew, he wants to be our new house boy."

My eyes went wide as she said house boy and I looked over at her with a panic expression on my face, what was I getting myself into I thought. She just looked at me and grinned before continuing on, "If nothing else he needs a place to crash at least until we have decided on a new house boy in a few weeks."

All 4 girls then started looking me up and down, they were appraising me and I started to feel like a piece of meat with the way their eyes were looking at me. Finally a tall blonde looked me in the eye while she spoke, "Looks good to me, get him an application. We will run a background check and if that checks out and if the rest of the girls approve of you when they get here in a few days we will talk again about the job, for now you can crash here. Then she turned to look at Sasha and with a slight knowing grin on her face she asked her, "I am assuming you want to do the interview later."

Sasha blushed a little then nodded her head, "Oh yes, I have no problem doing the interview."

All 4 girls let out a giggle for some reason and then the tall blonde spoke to us, "I am sure you don't, I am Amanda president of the sorority and this is Becca the treasurer, Sam the rush chair, and Jessica the social chair. And if Sasha hasn't told you yet she is the vice president, we can talk more tomorrow or the next day, right now we are busy making plans for the new semester."

"Nice to meet you and thank you for the opportunity," I said to them.

"I am sure you will thanking me even more after you get the job," she said with a big grin, "Sasha can show you to the room you will be staying in and give you more info on what to expect for the next few days."

I said my thanks again and walked out of the room with Sasha still holding onto my arm the whole time. She led be back to the main hallway by the stairs and led me further into the back of the house. There was another hallway that ran the length of the house on the back wall, she pointed to the left and said, "Down there you will find the kitchen." I nodded and then she led me the other way and at the first door on the right she stop and opened it, "This is your room, you can get the valuables out of your car and bring them in for now, you can move all your stuff in here when you get approved or you can just bring it all in now but that would just be more stuff to move out if it doesn't turn out well. Its up to you, you already have my vote so far, you have your own bathroom and TV so make yourself at home. Upstairs and the basement is off limits until you get the job unless one of us takes you there, let me see your phone."

I handed it to her while she started pressing the keys for a minute then handed it back to me, "I put my cell number in there, just call me if you need anything, I will be going out for a bit tonight but if you need anything call and I can make sure one of the other girls gets you taken care of. Move in some of your stuff and you have cable so just hang out for tonight, if you get hungry there is food in the kitchen you can fix something to eat with, the front door locks automatically at 10pm so be back in by then, I will get you a key once you are approved, any questions so far."

"Just about the interview process, what should I expect and when is it," I asked.

"Well there is 2 parts, well really 3 if you count getting the approval of the girls of the house. The first part is you cooking a dinner for us 5 tomorrow afternoon," she said.

"And what is the second part," I asked.

"I will tell you later, if you can't pass the cooking part there is no sense in bothering with the second," she said, by the look on her face she would be pretty disappointed if I didn't pass the cooking part.

"Oh don't worry, I am sure I can handle it, I have cooked dinner for my Mom for 4 years since she always worked late, I've picked up a trick here and there in the kitchen," I said.

Smiling she said, "Good, I look forward to it, let me know if you need anything else or if you get lost on your way back from your car, you can actually move it to behind the house by the garage."

"I think I will do that, thanks."

"See you later," she said smiling while she ran her hand down my arm as it slipped out from mine while she walked off.

I had no idea what was really going on with all the grins and predatory checking me out stuff but I didn't really give it much thought as I walked into my room to check it out. It had a comfy looking queen size bed in one corner with a desk on the other side of it. it had a small couch that looked to have built in recliners in it at the end of the bed with a large flat screen TV along the opposite wall. I walked to the door on the other end of the room and opened it. To my left was the closet and right in front of the door was a sink with a toilet to the right of it, to the right of that was a large walk in shower. It really wasn't a bad setup and it was probably nicer than any of the dorm rooms and best of all I wouldn't have a roommate.

I spent the next hour going and getting my car and hauling in some of my stuff to my new room through the back door. When I was done I sat back in the couch to watch some TV and relax and found out that the couch indeed have built in recliners. After a few hours I got hungry and made my way to find the kitchen. It was empty when I got there so I set out looking through the fridge and pantry for something to cook, it was completely stocked so someone must of already went grocery shopping. I found some rice, chicken broth, and a few chicken breasts and started preparing me a chicken and rice type meal. I was just putting it all together onto a plate when Sam came walking in dressed up like she was going out. She looked absolutely hot the way she was dressed and I knew whoever she was meeting up with would not be disappointed.

"Hey Drew, just grabbing some water before I head out," she said then came over to me and saw the meal I just prepared, "Oh that looks good, can I try some."


She took a bite of the chicken with some rice on the fork to then turned to me with a smile, "That's really good, hope you can cook a bunch of other things that well."

"Oh I can just wait and see," I replied with a grin.

"Can't wait," she said then started walking for the door, "I will be back late so see you tomorrow," and then she was gone.

I cleaned up my mess in the kitchen then took my plate back to my room to eat while I watch some cable TV. I finished eating and took my plate back to the kitchen and cleaned it and a few hours more of watching TV I decided to get some shut eye since it was already 2 am.

I awoke just before 11 and got up and dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt, I felt like a run this morning and it would give me a excuse to explore some of the campus. I decided on a 30 minute run but I ended up jogging down to the beach and took a dip in the ocean. I spent about an hour soaking up the rays on the beach before I decided to run the 30 minutes back to the sorority house. I still had my ear buds in when I walked back into the house so I didn't hear someone walking on the wood floors coming around the corner so I bumped into Amanda in the hall as she rounded the corner. She jumped back in surprise but smiled once she realized it was me, "Have a nice work out, you're all sweaty."

"Sorry I was just heading for a shower, I like to go running to keep my cardio in shape, I am a tennis player," I said to her.

"Really, are you going to try out for the team, I am on it you know," she said grinning at me.

"Yea I was thinking about it, I could have gone to UT on a tennis scholarship or a baseball one to but I decided to come here on a academic one instead."

"Well let me know if you do I can put in a good word for you to the coach," she said.

"Thanks, I might take you up on that," I said then started walking past her for my room. But I turned back around and asked, "Oh yeah, Sasha told me about the cooking try out thing, when do yall want to eat and do you have any special requests for dinner."

Laughing she said, "I just love the accent and some of the words you Texans use, dinner is at 6pm and just surprise us with whatever you can cook the best out of the food that's in the kitchen."

"Will do ma'am," I said with a overly Texas accent. She laughed and smiled while she continued on down the hall.

I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up then watched some TV for a few hours after I called my Mom. An hour before 6 I went to the kitchen to start cooking dinner for my try out. I figured I would go all out and make them a small lasagna, breaded parmesan chicken with a pasta bed, and garlic biscuits. Right when I was finished and just before 6 Sasha popped her head through one of the doors and said, "Bring it out when you're ready, we are all in the dining room already."

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