tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sorority Sisters: Jenn No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Jenn No. 01

bySassy Susan©


Jenn came to me initially for help and advice on a sexual "problem." She wanted to give her anal cherry to her boyfriend, John. I am not usually in the advice giving business, being more interested in dominating submissive women and controlling their sex lives. But Jenn was sweet and naïve and easy. She agreed to my standard set of rules and I adopted her. You should be able to easily infer what my advise was, and it was fun to push her to couple it with some beginner exhibitionist tasks. Jenn is very much a beginner in this field, so I had to start her off with very basic dares. If you are looking for wild and off-the-wall kinks you will be disappointed. If you enjoy watching a newbie struggling with her desire to please, and testing her sexuality, I think you will have fun. I know I am.

This account of Jenn's progress is in three parts. Her beginnings at preparing her ass for use by John, her initial foray into public sex, and her second step in that same arena – sexual contact. For experienced exhibitionists these events would be duck soup (whatever that means). For Jenn, these were major steps, and I think you can see the emotions they elicited from her mind and body.

Please tell Jenn through your feedback how you feel about her, and her willingness to share herself with you in this public forum.

Susan James

* * * * *

Part One: Preparing for an ass fuck

Sexy Susan,

How are things with my naughty girlfriend? I thought I would update you on my "anal" progress. That sounds so kinky. I am so excited about my weekend coming up with John. He has no idea that I am going to give him my ass. The anticipation has me masturbating a lot lately. And your instructions about how to prepare my ass for him have me hot all the time.

I found an adult toy store that has a women salesperson. Went in and talked to her about what I was doing. She was so sweet. She helped me pick out small, medium, and large size butt plugs. The large looks awfully big but she assured me that by the time I worked up to it, I would thoroughly enjoy it. She also helped me with a good lube. She picked out one to use with the butt plugs and then she recommended another one for when he enters me. I am not sure what the difference is still. She gave me the second one as her treat. I think she was a little excited with the idea herself.

I am starting to get used to the small one now. The first few times felt really strange. It felt a little like I needed to go to the bathroom. I could not keep it in very long at first. I started inserting it in the evenings and wore it as I did things around the house, reading, and checking email. I found myself really squirming in the chair feeling it move in me. The first time I wore it out was to the grocery store. Even though I knew that no one could see or tell, I was a little self conscious that I might be walking funny.

After getting a little more used to walking around with it in, I decided to take your suggestion. I put it in before John and I met some friends for dinner Saturday night. Oh my god, Susan, I felt so naughty knowing that I was sitting there talking, laughing, and eating dinner among a group of people, in public, no panties, with a butt plug in my ass. By the end of dinner, I was so horny I could hardly stand it. I was so hot that on the way home I started rubbing John's cock in his pants while he drove. He wasn't sure what had gotten into me (If he only knew, wink!). When we got parked in the driveway, I pulled his cock out and started giving him a blowjob right there in the car. I didn't even care if the neighbors could see us. When we made it into the house, I went to the bathroom and removed the butt plug so John would not see it. I was so hot and horny. John could not believe how wet my pussy was when he spread my legs to lick me. I just smiled at him, thinking about my little secret. We had absolutely incredible sex. Wow, what a night!

I am going to start working with the medium sized one now. The first time I eased it in this evening, it really stretched me. It stung a little at first but then I just felt really full. I do feel very sexy and naughty when I am bare-assed and wearing the plug in public.

As for your dare....I am still working on my courage. At first I was thinking, no way. But you have me thinking and doing things that I never thought I would do. I get really turned on thinking about your suggestion. I will keep you posted.

Time for a nice hot bath.

Naughty dreams,


* * * * *

Part Two: Confronting a stranger.

Hello Susan,

As for your dare, you naughty, naughty girl, I did not think that I could ever do anything like that in public, especially with a complete stranger. However, I found myself thinking about it more and more, and getting a little (more like a lot) turned on by it. It took a while but my love for erotic adventure finally won over.

I woke up Wednesday morning and decided that this was the day. I called in sick to work, and then took a long hot bath. My body was tingling with the thoughts running through my head. I dolled myself up, and put on my sexiest little sun dress. I took a few minutes to insert the butt plug and get used to the full feeling while I finished getting ready. I stood in front of the mirror, checking to see that everything was just right. I gave myself a little wicked grin and then headed off to the mall for some 'shopping.'

I felt so naughty and kinky walking around the mall bare-assed, especially knowing what I was up to. My ass was becoming very sensitive to every movement of the butt plug. Oh my, I was feeling naughty! My mind was racing with anxious anticipation the whole time I was trying to shop. As I was walking out of one of the stores, I saw him. He was casually walking by himself. He was maybe in his early thirties, and very good looking. I took a deep breath, and walked over to him. I touched him on the arm, and looked into his pretty blue eyes. And just like I had rehearsed over and over in my mind I said, "Excuse me, sir, I know you don't know me, but I needed to tell someone that I am not wearing any panties, and I have a butt plug in my ass, and I feel so sexy."

I turned and started walking away. Then I stopped, looked over my shoulder, winked at him, "Hope you have a great rest of the day." The look on his face was priceless. I turned back around and continued to walk away with my sexiest strut.

Oh my god, Susan, what a feeling. I cannot believe that I actually did that. But you will not believe what happened after I had walked away from him. I was breathing so hard, and I was so flushed that I headed for the car. When I got to the car, I hopped in and sat there, still breathing so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate. The more I thought about what I had just done, the more turned on I became. I was so sexually charged and horny that I sat back in the seat, pulled my dress up around my waist, spread my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I closed my eyes and could see his face and his pretty blue eyes. My body was on fire as I continued to rub my clit, imagining that it was his hand and fingers bringing me to my climax. And then as I threw my head back, my body began to shake with an incredible orgasm.

Coming down from my orgasm, I slowly opened my eyes. As I was coming back to reality, I looked out the front of the car and there a couple of spots over was a man sitting in his truck, with a huge grin on his face. I must have not noticed him when I got into the car. I really don't know. He smiled and started clapping. I smiled back at him. I was so embarrassed! I sat up, started the car, and quickly left.

Susan, that was so incredible. I felt so naughty and sexy the rest of the day.

I love feeling that sexy.

I hope you are doing fine my naughty girlfriend.

Hope your dreams are as hot as mine.


* * * * *

Part Three: Physical contact; her gift to a stranger

Hello Mistress,

Wow Susan, today was the day. It was so incredible. I slept until about 7:30. I woke up thinking about the day ahead of me. I get so hot thinking about your dare. I was playing it through my mind as I seem to have been doing a lot the last several days. I had unconsciously opened my legs and was lightly rubbing my pussy. I grinned to myself when I realized what I was doing, but continued to rub myself until I had a nice warm orgasm. Ummmm, a nice early morning orgasm sure does feel good. It is certainly a nice way to start the day.

I went to the bathroom and took a nice hot bath. I spent a little extra time and care shaving my pussy knowing that some lucky man was probably going to be touching it today. I wanted it to feel ultra soft and smooth for his exploring fingers. I rubbed some moisturizing cream into my freshly shaven mound for the final touch. It felt perfect.

I finished my makeup, added a touch of perfume and went to the closet to pick out my outfit. My sexy little sundress worked so well on my first dare that I wanted to wear it again. This time, though, I decided not to wear a bra. Even without the bra, my breasts filled out the dress nicely. Although, with the low cut neckline, it would be obvious to anyone looking that they were hanging free inside the bodice. I finished the last touches on my hair, strapped on my heels, and went to the mirror to check myself out. Wow, I felt so sexy and naughty knowing that there was nothing under my dress, except my naked body, of course. I loved that feeling, Susan. Thank you.

As I drove to the mall, my nerves began to pick up. I remembered the incredible rush that I had felt during and after your first dare. But this time, a strange man that I chose would be touching me in my most intimate places. How would he react? Could I really do this?

As I walked into the mall, I took a deep breath and said to myself, "Girl, lets go make some lucky guy's day."

As I walked through the mall, in and out of stores, I noticed that I had caught the attention of several guys. A few even winked and nodded their approval. They were a real boost to my confidence. But I had not found the right guy yet. Then, I few minutes later, I saw him. He was sitting on one of the benches toward the end of the mall. He looked as if he was sitting back, relaxing, reading a magazine. I pretended to be looking at some items in a store front to make sure he was by himself. He was very nice looking. He had a strong, outdoors look, with tanned features and a day old beard growth on his face.

I walked over to him. "Excuse me, Hi, I'm Jenn, do you mind if I sit here with you?"

He looked at me with a gorgeous pair of blue eyes, and a slightly puzzled expression. Then he said, "Absolutely, Please have a seat. My name is Ben."

"Hello Ben. I need your help. I am acting out a dare and have to do this under penalty of punishment. I want you to touch me briefly, but intimately. You can touch me anywhere on my body that you wish, but just once, and only for a moment or two. Will you do that for me?"

I had run that request through my mind so many times, but I still stuttered a bit as the words came out. I felt so embarrassed. What if he turned me down?! He looked at me, with that same puzzled expression on his face, like not really believing what he had heard.

"Ben, I assure you, I want you to touch me," I said, and I then reached down and slowly pulled the hem of my short dress up, showing him most of my bare thighs.

I said, "Ben, I have nothing on under this dress. Will you touch me please?"

Then I slowly pulled my dress further up my legs until I had bared my smooth, shaved mound. I don't know who was breathing harder, me or him.

He looked at me, his gaze shifting between my face and my exposed pussy, and said, "Really?"

Susan, I still can't believe I actually did that. My face must have been bright red with embarrassment, and my whole body seemed to be quivering. And for what seemed an eternity he just sat there and stared at me. I was so afraid he would just laugh and leave. I would have been mortified.

I couldn't stand the tension so I gently took his hand and laid it on my upper thigh. It felt burning hot on my skin, already touching me more intimately than a stranger should.

Susan, I was trembling and tingling all over. I sat back as I felt him move his hand up to cup my pussy with his hand and fingers. I took in a sharp, deep breath. He hesitated, but when I opened my legs a little more, he continued to rub up and down my slit. I was on fire. I could feel the heat rising in my body. I had become so wet, his middle finger slipped easily between my lips into my slit. But he did not penetrate fully into my vagina. I moaned softly.

I let him rub me a few more strokes, then I pulled his hand up, kissed his fingers, and said, "Thank you, I think we need to stop now."

Then I felt forced to say, "Ben, you were so nice helping me with my dare, can I do something for you before I go?"

He looked at me and said, "Your breasts are so beautiful, can I touch them?"

I told him that would be OK, but he must hurry before someone catches us. He reached into the top of my dress and held my right breast in his strong hand. He was gently squeezing it and then rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. That sent a shiver through my body and I let out a whimper and another soft moan. I pulled his hand from my breast, smiled at him, and thanked him again for helping me with my dare. I straightened my dress, kissed him on the cheek, and got up and started walking away. I turned back, looked at him smiling, and said, "I hope to see you again, have a wonderful day."

My legs were weak and trembling as I made my way back through the mall. My body was flushed with heat. My nipples were still erect and hard from my stranger's touch and feeling so turned on. I was so glad to get to the car. I didn't think my trembling legs could have gone any farther. I sat there still shaking and breathing heavily. I was giggling to myself from my excitement as I finally started the car and drove home.

All the way home I thought about what I had just done. Susan, I could not believe I had exposed my pussy to a strange man, in the middle of a mall, and then let him touch me intimately. I was so excited my whole body was tingling with a rush of hormones. Since I had left home this morning I had experienced a wide range of emotions. I had been nervous, anxious, scared to death, hot, horny, blissful, relieved, and extremely sexy. The whole thing was the most intoxicating feeling I have ever experienced.

I spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing around the house in a purely blissful mood. I wanted this feeling to last all day. Twice throughout the afternoon I found myself with my eyes closed, reliving the events earlier with my stranger, masturbating to orgasm, remembering the feeling of his most intimate touch.

Oh my, what a truly wonderful day it has been.

Mistress, sorry this dare took so long to accomplish. It will not happen again. I hope I am doing good. I really want to try more. I look forward to your next dare.

Sweet Dreams!!

Your sexy exhibitionist,


* * * * *

Post Note:

Isn't she adorable? She is so easily aroused and thrilled, that I am not sure what to make her do next. Any ideas? All are welcome.

Please leave Jenn a note to encourage her to continue being daring. It is so much fun to take a nubile and naïve girl down this path to sexual adventure. And sometime this month she will give her anal virginity to her friend John. I will get her to give us a full account of that milestone.

Till then, thanks,

Susan James

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