tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Theresa No. 01

The Sorority Sisters: Theresa No. 01

bySassy Susan©

THE SORORITY SISTERS – Adventures in domination/submission, Theresa No. 1


This is a collection of several short stories of actual events in the life of my friend and submissive partner, Theresa. Theresa is a member -- a Sister, if you will -- of a Sorority of submissive women who have given me control over a part of their lives – specifically, their sexual lives. I work/play with my girls strictly via cyber connections: email and instant messenger.

Theresa came to me, as have most of my subs, as a result of my stories posted on Literotica. It took a few message exchanges before we worked out our D/s relationship. She then introduced me to Ed, whom she described as her "fuck buddy." Ed has been a distinct asset in my efforts to dominate her, and as an on-site witness to her deeds. I have found that a girl who has a live partner has an easier time of developing rapidly, whether that partner is a spouse, ex-spouse, lover, relative, or plain old friend.

Early on, I had Theresa fill out a sex interest survey that I had developed to facilitate getting to know a new girl. The survey simply collects information about what a girl has already done sexually, what she has not done but is interested in exploring, and what she would prefer to avoid. It covers a wide variety of sexual activities/deviations in nineteen categories, ranging alphabetically from Anal sex to Voyeurism.

Once I have her survey results I review them with her, probing for more information where needed and covering ground not included in the interest survey, such as her priorities for sexual exploration, her pain threshold/tolerance if she wishes to explore physical restraint and abuse, and details about her living and working conditions (her home and work environments, her neighborhood – parks, stores, and the like), and her current and recent sex partners.

Lastly, I lay out a psychological contract that I want her to agree to. It is simple: that everything she does, she will do voluntarily; that she always has the right to say No to anything I suggest, without a need to explain and with no repercussions; that she may – in fact is strongly encouraged to - offer suggestions for her assignments and treatment; that I have the right to say No to anything she suggests; that I may use anything she gives me in anyway I wish, , including showing it to others and publishing it; that she will write for me an account of what happens when she carries out an assignment/dare/task – what she does, how she feels, and what happens; and that she will keep me apprised of her feelings about what we are doing. If she is afraid or bored or sick, I need to know that. And if she is aroused or horny or in need of relief, or hopes for something new, I need to know that, too.

This process has worked well with a dozen and a half girls, ranging in age from 18 to well over 50, for more than a year now. With Theresa it quickly became apparent that she wanted to be dominated and made to do "dirty" things, and to do them in public when possible. I began with simple assignments to exhibit herself – skipping underwear and flaunting her body. Then I introduced her to pee play. She had never done this, but she blossomed and recruited Ed to join in. He introduced cum play, a natural extension of fluid play.

What follows is Theresa's evolution into a sub slut. She calls herself a cum and pee slut, and I won't argue that. Here she is, in her own words telling me what she has done, how it felt, how she is doing, and how Ed is helping her along.


Hi Susan

I don't have a lot of time to write but I wanted to talk to you and answer some of your questions.

Yes, I'd love to have you write about me. I don't know what the stories would be but you know I would like a lot of cum play, a lot of guys, and maybe some Susan. I've asked a few other people to write about me but they were all guys and mainly just wanted me to send them dirty pictures. A few did write a couple stories though.

Yes, I want you to share my emails with your friends and I'd like reading theirs. Maybe I could get some ideas.

Yes, Ed and I do work together.

I think I told you about me eating his stuff on a sandwich in McDonalds. It was hot sitting there eating cum with people all around. Ed also made me go in one time with his cum on me. That is the story I want to tell you, and I will.

Love and kisses Theresa

Hi Sexy, It was so good to hear from you. I've had some problems with my computer and haven't been able to go online but I think I'm OK now. Thanks for not forgetting about me.

I love all the pics you've sent, especially the blonde girls (me??) covered with cum. I still can't get the videos to play but I love the pics.

I hope you and your friends enjoy reading about what we've been up to. We went dancing Saturday night at the same place where I got my beer bottle. We got home at 3 AM and Ed fucked me like crazy. I got out of bed and told him I could feel his load sliding out of my pussy - sorry, I mean cunt - and he said he wanted to see it. I spread my cunt open and he stuck two fingers inside me and worked the cum out. He held his hand up and said, "You aren't going to let this go to waste are you?"

I held his hand and started licking all his cream from it. I know he enjoyed watching me because he started to jack off while I was doing it.

When his hand was clean he asked me if I wanted some more and pointed his cock at me. I moaned out a yes and he sat on the bed while I sucked him. When he was ready he told me to lie down and he sat over my chest and jacked off on my face. I was playing with my cunt and had a small orgasm as he covered me with his stuff. I FUCKING LOVED IT!!

I fell asleep and woke up about 8:00 with my face and pillow covered with dried cum. Ed was leaving and asked it I wanted a little more before he left. As always I said YES and he knelt on the bed and jerked one more load on me. He covered me again and then left. I went back to sleep and didn't get up until noon.

My face and pillow were almost stuck together but it was a great feeling.

I must leave for work now. I'll try to write tonight. Please write me.

Cum filled kisses Theresa

PS I'm going to try the nipple clips. My nipples are small but get very hard when I'm excited.

I will write and tell you about my beer bottle when I can, but I want to tell you something now.

On Friday night we went out to a little Italian place to eat and when we got back Ed said he wanted to fix dessert. He put two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a dish for me and set it on the table. Then he dropped his pants and jerked off on the ice cream. It was really fun watching him and when he finished he slid the dish in front of me, stuck a spoon in it and said to enjoy my hot cum sundae! I ate it real slow and sexy while he watched. When I was done he was hard all over again and we did it in the kitchen.

I thought about it all day Saturday and thinking of him jerking off on the ice cream really got me hot. By the way, it was delicious.







Hi. Well, last Sat night we went out drinking and dancing and I got pretty drunk. When we got home it was about 1:00AM. We were fooling around in my house when Ed asked me if I wanted to do something really kinky and of course I said YES.

He made me get completely naked. I even had to take my jewelry off; he said completely naked.

Then he put on his coat and gloves and said we were going outside. It was 15 degrees out and snowy and he made me go out naked. He made me get on my knees and he cock slapped me. I was very cold and shaking, but his cock was so warm it really felt good. He had on a coat, gloves, and a hat and I was naked on my knees in the snow.

He held my head in his hands and face fucked me till he was ready to cum. When he shot off on my face it was so hot and I was so cold it felt wonderful.

He made me lie in the snow and rub handfuls of snow all over my body, especially my tits and pussy – oops, I mean cunt. He told me to spread my legs and he buried my cunt with snow, then he rubbed snow all over me. I thought I was going to freeze. I was shaking all over and I think I was turning blue.

He said he would warm me up. He made me get back on my knees in front of him and he peed on me. Susan, it felt soooo fucking good. I was so cold and his hot pee warmed me all over.

He finished and told me to eat the "yellow snow" that was around me. I scooped up several handfuls and ate it and rubbed it over my body. We went inside and he fixed a hot shower for me and made me leave the shower door open so he could watch. He told me to play with myself while he watched. I fondled my tits and pulled and twisted my nipples and he enjoyed that, and so did I. I fingered myself for several minutes till he said that was enough. He took me to the bedroom soaking wet and went down on me. I think he only licked me for about 30 seconds and I exploded on his face. I fell asleep and when I woke up he was gone.

Susan, the whole thing was so sexy and kinky I have been thinking about it ever since. I was freezing outside but it was such a turn on to do it, and I loved Ed's hot cum and pee on me.

Hi sexy I'm sorry we've had so much trouble talking; I always want to talk with you. I wrote to you about collecting my special sauce from Ed.

He came to my place early that Sat. and I was ready for him. He said he didn't cum all week because he wanted me to have a big load. All I was wearing was a black bra and panty he had given me and I must tell you I looked pretty fucking hot!

I met him at the door on my knees with my mouth open and ready for him. He dropped his pants and started cock slapping me. I love it when he does that. He was calling me dirty names and really hitting me with his hard on. My pussy, or cunt as you would say, started to drip.

He took me to the bedroom, laid me on my back and took off my panties. He then went down on me. He is the very best pussy -- or I mean cunt -- eater I've ever known. He likes to suck my clit into his mouth and then beat the fuck out of it with his tongue. He gave me two back-to-back orgasms and usually it's hard for me to cum like that so quickly. I know his face was soaked with my juices.

He stood up, pushed my legs back and shoved his cock all the way in me in one stroke. I've told you he is pretty big and usually it takes several strokes for him to get all the way inside me. But, I was so wet and my cunt was so gaping open that he had no trouble. He was taking deep strokes into me and I reached down and began pulling and twisting my clit. I knew I wouldn't cum again but it felt sooooo fucking good.

He pulled out and got on the bed on his hands and knees and put his cock over my face. He told me to clean my cunt juice off of him and I licked him clean. He said he was close and put a condom about half way on. He told me to get behind him and tongue-fuck his asshole while he jerked off. I spread his cheeks as far as I could and buried my tongue as far up his ass as possible. He started to moan and then said he was cumming.

When he finished I got under him to get my prize and I could hardly believe my eyes. (I'm getting wet just writing this.) He usually cums a lot but there was about an inch of cum in the condom. I carefully removed it, cut the top half of the condom off, folded it over and used a paper clip to seal it. I put it in my bra to keep it warm and we got dressed to go.

You know what happened in the restaurant. Ed stayed most of the night and fucked my brains out.

I'm going to have to get my toys and get off right now. Please write back. I'll talk to you later.

Your favorite cum slut (I hope) Theresa

Hi sexy

I'm sorry I'm so long in writing but it has been a very busy week. I loved hearing about Kim and I hope to hear more about her and tell her I said Hi.

I had a fun Saturday night too. I want to write you all the details but I must go to work now. But I want you to know that Ed liked your idea of pouring his cum on me in public but he said we might get arrested. Instead we went to a nice restaurant and I took a condom full of his stuff. I told you about collecting it; that was fun too. I had it tucked in my bra to keep it warm till I was ready to use it. I was going to use it on my salad but Ed said to save it for the main course. I had the prime rib special and when it came I slipped the condom from my bra and poured the contents over my meat. Ed said to put some "sour cream" on my baked potato too and I did. I used my fork and completely covered my dinner with his cum.

I can't tell you how exciting it was doing such a kinky thing in a crowded restaurant! I ate every bit of my meal and left a completely clean plate, if you know what I mean. When our waitress asked if we enjoyed our meal I told her it was the best prime rib I ever had. She offered us dessert but Ed said we would be eating later.

We had more fun when he took me home. I'll write and give you more details tonight.

Love and wet pussy kisses Theresa

Hi Susan

As I'm sitting here writing to you, I'm naked with a very wet pussy and a mouth full of cum that I'm going to swallow right now.

I wanted to do that while I was talking with you.

I must run; Ed is waiting for me in the bathroom. I'm going to get on my knees in the shower and he is going to pee on me.

Please write back kisses


Ed read your email and thought the wiener thing sounded like a lot of fun.

He came to my place on Saturday night. I wanted to show him my shower pee fun so I drank almost a bottle of wine before he got there. He had done the shopping for what we needed. He bought foot-long wieners and buns!

We were laughing so hard I almost peed myself right then. I took him to the bathroom for my show. I really had to go and I soaked myself pretty well for him. He cheered me on and when I was done he told me to lay back, and then he peed all over me too. And he really had to go. He said he drank about a gallon of water and hadn't gone all day. He told me to get showered and he would prepare our meal.

I went to the kitchen in just a robe and he took it and had me lay on the table. He went down on me for about 20 minutes. God, can he eat pussy. He got me close about three times but wouldn't let me cum. He wanted me very wet for my wiener fucking. He had me suck him a little, and he took two of the wieners and slapped my face with them while I did it. He said when I get gang banged that's what it would be like: sucking one cock and two others rubbing on my face. I know I will love that.

I laid back and he slid one of the wieners in me. He fucked me with it for several minutes and then slid in another. It felt really kinky but sexy.

He had warmed them with hot water but even with two inside me they weren't nearly as big as he is. He pulled them out and said it was time to eat. He put the two foot-longs in water to boil and told me to suck him while we waited.

I thought for sure he would cum but he didn't. After several minutes he walked away from me to get our dinner. He put the wieners on buns then sat mine in front of me. He started to jerk off and I knew what he was going to do. He aimed his cock right at the bun and shot a huge load all over it. My foot-long was covered with hot cum. He shot out so much that some was on the dish and some on the table. I told him not to worry. I wasn't going to let any go to waste!

So there I was sitting naked in my kitchen eating a cum-covered foot-long hot dog and it was delicious! I even licked up what was on my plate and what had gotten on the table. Ed said it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

That is the second time I've eaten his cum on food. I've also had cum on pizza but not Ed's -- yet.

Wet kisses, Theresa

Well, that's a sample of Theresa and her playmate. She is so easy; all you need do is give her a general idea, point her in the direction you want her to go, ask Ed to swat her butt, and stand back and enjoy. We've moving in a new direction now: public sex, with Ed and then with strangers. Stand by....

Susan James

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