tagErotic CouplingsThe Special Night

The Special Night


You come home from a long day at work, slide the key in the lock and open the door. You have no idea what is waiting for you on the other side. You place your keys on the table, check your messages, fumble through the mail and toss it on the table as well. You walk to your bedroom, curious that the door is closed. But shove the thought out of your mind.

You open the door and find candles lit all over the room. There are honeysuckles scattered about as well. You look at the bed, it is dressed in deep dark purple sheets, with huge fluffy pillows. Upon further examination you see a bottle of red wine and two goblets on the bedside table. and chains and restraints on each corner of the bed.

You know I am behind this and look around the room frantically trying to find me. You turn around and I am standing behind you. Dressed in a deep purple robe, hung open but not revealing anything. I turn you around completely and lift your shirt from your body, running my hands over your chest and nipples. I kneel at your feet and untie your right shoe and remove it and your sock, I do the same with your left foot. I then undo your belt and your pants and pull them to the floor. Helping you to step out of them. As expected you do not have on any underwear. I fold your clothes and lay them to the side.

Standing I take your hand and lead you to the bed. Guiding you to sit down. I instruct you to scoot up on the bed and lay down on your back. You raise your eyebrows at me, but comply. I ask if you would like a blindfold or like to watch. I already know what your answer will be and you do not disappoint me. You tell me no that you want to watch all that I am going to do to you. A small smile crosses my face and I say good.

I lean over you and kiss you deeply and passionately on the lips. You taste a very familiar taste, mmmmmmmmm yes the taste of my pussy. I pull my mouth from yours and yours follows me. I touch your cheek with my hand and gently move your head back to the pillow. I run my hand down your face to your shoulder and down your arm, past your elbow, to your wrist. I take your wrist in my hand and place the restraint around it. Taking my fingers and running them up the underside of your arm, over your armpit, down your side and to your ankle. Taking it in my hand and placing a restraint on it.

Running my fingers up your inner thigh to your balls, stopping to squeeze them gently. Down your other leg to your ankle, taking it in my hand and placing a restraint around it. Slide my fingers up your outer leg, up your side, over your armpit, down your arm to your wrist. Placing a restraint on it. You are now completely under my control. You have a devil look about you and I know that you are going to love this.

On the table next to the bed is also a wooden box, you are aware of the box and know that it holds my special toys. I ask you once again if you want a blindfold and you decline. My pussy becomes wet knowing that you want to watch me. I move to the box, my robe opening slightly as I lean down to remove an item from it and my right breast is exposed. Your hand moves to touch it, you have forgotten you are chained and the chain jerks it back. I smile.

From the box I pull out a long black feather, I lean over and kiss you. I take the feather and run it down your body. Starting with your forehead and gently running it over your face. Under your chin, gently back and forth across your shoulders, down your arms, your chest. Down your stomach, sliding around your cock but not touching it. Down your right leg, over your knee, down the front of your calf and over your foot.

I run the feather across the bed and to your left foot, up the front of your calf over your knee and over your thigh. Again barely brushing by your cock but not touching it. Watching it reach, strain to be touched by me. I go back over your stomach, chest, shoulders and arms. Lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips and then place the feather on the table.

I move to the box again and remove a rolling pin. You give me a quizzical look and I lean down and whisper in your ear to trust me and kiss you passionately on the lips. I take the rolling pin and lightly, ever so lightly roll it over your face. Applying a little more pressure as I roll it over your chest, down your arms, your stomach, grazing your cock as I make my way to your legs. Moving the full length of your legs to your feet, rolling it over the top and then bottom of both. And then gradually working my way back up. Leaning over, kissing you passionately on the lips and laying the rolling pin on the table next to the bed.

Your cock is very hard now and I can see the desire and yearning in your eyes. I lean over and whisper, do you want me? You say yes and moan for me. I kiss you on the nose and move back to the box. This time I pull out a bowl of fresh fruit realizing that you are probably very hungry. You watch me intently. I take a strawberry from the bowl and slide it into my wet pussy. Covering it with my sweet juices. I remove it and offer it to you. You lift your head in anticipation of having it in your mouth. I place it just barely on your lips and your tongue darts out to taste it. You open your mouth wide and sink your teeth into it as if you were sinking your teeth deep into my clit.

As you lick your lips of my sweet juices you continue to watch me. I kiss you passionately and then move back to the box, this time bringing out a small bowl of ice. I see the delight in your eyes, knowing how much you like ice being used on you. I take a cube from the bowl and place it in my mouth and then place it on your forehead, running it slowly over your face paying close attention to your lips, letting it slide into your mouth. I take another piece from the bowl and start with the fingers on your right hand, moving it slowly over each one of them and then up your arm, across your shoulders and down your other arm and fingers. Again I feed the end of the cube to you, sliding into your mouth. I take another cube and this time run it over your chest, going very slowly over both your nipples, watching them turn red and harden to the coldness. Run it down over your belly and to your belly button, letting it sit there and continue melting.

I take yet another cube and start at the top of your right thigh, slowly moving down to your knee, down your calf to your foot, your toes and to the bottom of your foot. I move to the bottom of your left foot, up over your toes and up your calf, over your knee to your thigh. This time I slide the remains into my mouth. I then take the last piece of ice and place it on your balls, massaging them with my hands, feeling them shrink from the cold. I slowly make my way up the shaft of your hard cock watching it react to the cold of the ice, watching it try to pull away from it. I move up to the tip, over the opening and down the other side. Allowing your entire cock to get cold and then I take the remainder of that piece into my mouth.

I kiss you passionately and then move back to the box, you have no idea what I could be pulling out of it now, or even imagine that there could be anything left in it. But there is, I pull out a warm bottle of body oil, honeysuckle scented of course. I pour some into my hands and very gently work my fingers over your face, massaging you and allowing you to finally relax under my touch. I continue to massage you, moving down to your neck and over your shoulders. I pour more oil into my hands and then slowly knead my fingers into your right shoulder, feeling the tension release. I work my way down your arm to your fingers, massaging each one individually. I pour more oil into my hands and move to your left shoulder. Massaging and kneading the tension from it, feeling you relax even more. Working my way down your arm, to your fingers again massaging each one.

I now place oil on to your chest and begin to rub it in, pinching your nipples as I move my hands over your chest and down your stomach. Your cock straining for my touch, still slightly limp from the cold but beginning to come back to life the closer I get to it. I place oil on to both of your legs and rub it in, ensuring that I do not over look your knees, calves and feet. Now for the moment you have waited for, I place some warm oil into my hand and take your balls into them. I hear the moan release from your throat as I massage you gently, moving my hands up the shaft of your cock to the head. I can not stop myself, my mouth is drawn to be around you. I take my tongue and start at the bottom of your balls and very, very slowly lick my way up to the opening of your cock. My reward is your sweet taste that drips into my mouth. I then slide my mouth completely over you and take you in, sucking even your balls in to my mouth. A talent that you did not know I possess.

I move my mouth up and down faster and faster not able to contain myself. I stop and ask if you want me to continue with my mouth or if you would like my pussy. You pant out I want your pussy. I tell you to say it again and it comes out even more strained. Puuuuussssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I smile, letting my robe now fall to the floor, climbing on top of you and hovering above your cock. Your hands pull at the chains wanting to place them on my hips and slide me down on to you. I see the need in your eyes.

I slowly start to lower my pussy down onto your cock and feel the tip just barely enter me. Your hands still pulling to get loose, to touch me, to move me and guide me up and down on you. I lower a little bit more, and a little bit more, very slowly until you are completely inside my hot, wet pussy. We both moan from the delight of being joined together. I slowly start to move my clit on your pelvic bone, lifting slightly as I move back and forth. Your hands still straining to get loose, I can see the need to take me welling up inside you. I lean down and kiss you deeply as I do so I undo your right arm, it immediately moves to my hip. I lean down and whisper, do you want me to undo the other arm, you shake your head furiously yes. Instead I lean back and undo your right leg and then your left. You bend your knees and start to move your hips thrusting your cock inside me.

You tug at your left arm and look pleadingly at me. I surrender, knowing exactly what your reaction will be as soon as I release it and longing for your response. I reach up and undo your left wrist. Just as I expect you wrap your arms around me, pull me down to you and then roll me over in one quick move. Your cock never leaving my pussy. You grab my hands and pin them to the bed, taking the restraints and quickly strapping my arms in. I give no resistance for this is how I wanted the evening to end. You in conrol of me. I watch as you lean back and restrain my ankles. You lay down on me and slam your cock in and out of me with more force than you ever have before.

You have enjoyed the evening. I can tell by how you are fucking me. Your cock rubbing my clit with every stroke. As I feel you build I begin to build as well, my body stiffens as I proceed to cum harder than I have in a very long time. Your cock can not hold back any longer and you explode inside me. Feeling your cock and my pussy throbbing together is amazing. As our breathing slows and we start to gain control again you bring your mouth to mine and kiss me passionately. You whisper in my ear that you have a surprise for me.

You move off of the bed and kneel beside it. I look at you strangely and you watch my reaction as you pull out your own wooden box. You look deep into my eyes, smile and softly say, trust me.

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