tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stalker Pt. 05-06

The Stalker Pt. 05-06


THE STALKER Chapter Five

I awoke to the sounds and smells of breakfast, fresh brewed coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, very picture perfect and in my half asleep state, I felt myself smile. It was as if I had traveled back to a happier time in our relationship and I felt myself stretch.

My first thought was the urge to piss, which gave me a huge hard-on and my second thought was of bending Kelly over and fucking her on the kitchen table and then having a hearty meal while we talked about what we would do today.

And then it hit me as I turned over to discover Kelly not asleep in bed where I could watch her and keep her from running away. "Holy shit," I yelled, jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs two at a time in a panic! Breakfast, what was I thinking?

I ran into the kitchen with nothing more than my t-shirt on and my hard on waving like a flag pole only to find Kelly, standing over the stove cooking breakfast. She was in nothing more than an apron and a ribbon holding back her long beautiful hair. The rest of her gorgeous body was there for me to admire and desire!

She smiled at me and said as sweetly as she could, "Ready for a hearty breakfast baby?"

I nodded yes and sat down, on what I quickly discovered was a really cold kitchen, chair. I was shocked out of my stupor and surprise by the feel of the cold seat against my nuts as I sat down. I decided that it would be a good idea to get some boxers on and I knew I could run upstairs before Kelly could think about getting dressed and running out the door.

I ran up the stairs and grinned like an idiot when I heard, drifting up to my ears, and her humming to herself as she put breakfast on the table for both of us.

I came down after taking a much needed piss and dove into my plate like I hadn't eaten in days. Come to think of it, when was the last time I ate? Ah who cares, the food was delicious, the freshly brewed coffee was strong and hot and the company was pleasant and tasty looking! What more could a man want out of life?

Kelly was smiling and nibbling at her food long after I finished and announced in her most sultry voice, "Are you ready for some berries and cream for a light dessert?"

Smiling like a fool, I pushed aside my plate, answered, "oh yeah," and felt my cock slip out of my boxers as Kelly stood up and removed the apron to reveal her luscious, full bouncy tits. They were topped with nipples that stood out begging for my mouth to surround each one and suck them until she begged me to stop.

The whipped cream was in a bowl on the counter and the strawberries, which I could see were wild and I found out later, Kelly had gone out and picked them, totally naked while I was still asleep. Wow, how hard had I slept?

She dipped one strawberry in the cream and gently smeared the whipped cream from the strawberry onto her nipple and that was the only invitation I needed!

I got up, my cock poking through the front of my boxers, and took her nipple between my lips and licked it until it got even harder and darker. It became engorged and filled with blood from her excitement and my fingers trailed across her soft belly, down to her pussy which was just as wet as I could have wanted.

I played with her clit like I used to and as much as I wanted to keep sucking on her nipples, my mouth, my balls and my cock all guided me to that moist warm spot where her thighs and "mound of Venus" converge.

I knelt before Kelly and inhaled the scent of her pussy like it was the "breath of life," and I was going to die if I did not get all of it in my nose.

My tongue snaked its way between her swollen lips and as soon as I tasted her pussy cream, I knew I was going to eat her until she begged me to stop.

In the back of my mind, lost somewhere in the niggling sense something was just not right; I fought the urge to give it too much thought and followed my sexual cravings. I picked Kelly up, laid her on the table and proceeded to lick her cunt and swallow her juices as she moaned and moved her hips so she could fuck my face.

I don't know how long I stayed there lapping at her pussy, but my cock was throbbing and I could tell Kelly was ready for a good strong fucking!!

I stood up, grabbed my dick, spread her legs and lifted them onto my shoulders and without hesitating, I rammed my cock so deep into her pussy, she slid to the end of the table.

I pulled her back, held onto her hips and pumped my dick in and out as I watched her tits bounce with each thrust forward. My excitement grew so much so I found myself flipping her over, bending her atop the table. Without thinking, I shoved my dick into her tight little ass and shot my load, both of us moaning like we had not done in forever!!

Oh fuck she was good, tight, wet, willing and happy. Now I knew I could never let her go. Even if we had to stay here for the rest of our lives, I was going to propose and marry Kelly as soon as possible!!

We fucked again in the shower and laid on the bed together for a short nap. I did not drug her again, my sex induced euphoria took over and I lowered my guard. I would pay for that stupidity when I woke up later!!

THE STALKER Chapter Six the Tables Have Turned

"How?" "What the hell?" "Where the fuck?" was running through my brain as I struggled to wake up and felt myself unable to move or speak. For a minute I thought I was dreaming but soon found out this was like a nightmare!!

Kelly stood at the foot of the bed, still completely naked which caused my cock to jump to attention. I realized she held the bottle of sleeping pills in her hand and shook them as if to tease me. "Look familiar George?" "How are you feeling?" "Groggy?" "Sleepy?" "Afraid," she asked.

"Now you know how I felt this morning," she screamed at me and threw the bottle at my face. "What the fuck were you thinking?" "What did you hope to accomplish by all this?" "Did you think I would just accept your ring and marry you," she asked as she held up the velvet box to my face. She threw that too and it hit square on my nose, and the fucking thing hurt like a bitch!

She could see my cock was hard and ran her fingernail ever so slowly and softy across my balls and over the head of my dick and laughed as it responded with a drop of pre-cum at the tip. She leaned down and licked it off with her tongue and smiled as she looked at me and whispered, "Mmmmm, still so sweet and a cock any woman would want and any man would envy!"

"I crushed some of these pills and mixed them in your scrambled eggs this morning." "I was hoping I did not kill you but I tried to judge the amount to use on you." "Damn bottle didn't say how many to use to knock out a frigging bull so I am glad you are awake and ok."

Her tone was one of sarcasm and I saw a side of her I did not like at all.

"How do you like being vulnerable drugged and not sure of what will happen?" "Does that seem like fun?" "How do you like being aroused against your will, unable to move or fight back?"

"Well now, I have the upper hand and I intend to take full advantage!" She winked at me and left the room but spoke over her shoulder, "I'll be right back with a bucket for you to pee in." "Wouldn't want you to wet the bed, would we?"

She came back in the bedroom, grabbed my cock roughly, twisted it so it would be aimed into the bucket and told me I better take a piss, she wasn't going to wait all day, or all night! Talk about feeling humiliated! I was pissed and the red color of my face was evidence of that! She would pay for this!

Pissing lying down is not easy and really humiliating having her hold my dick as I emptied my bladder. She even laughed as she gave it a few shakes. Kelly carried the bucket into the bathroom and emptied it in the toilet and I could hear her rinse it in the shower.

She must have found the rope I had picked up and put into the trunk for a fun little game I was going to play with her in the woods. "When did Kelly learn to hogtie a person up like this?" "How am I going to get out of this?" I thought.

She came back into the room, asked if I wanted a glass of water and not thinking straight I said yes. I didn't know she was going to drug me like I had done to her.

I winced as she pulled the duct tape from my mouth but I was so thirsty I drank it all down and she laughed. I realized at that moment what she had done but by then it was too late. The bitter taste of the pills was in the back of my throat.

She put more tape across my mouth and I knew screaming was a waste of time. I had made sure we were secluded and that no one would hear her, well now me, screaming for help! So I laid there with my eyes closed waiting to fall asleep when I felt something touch my cock.

Kelly had lowered her warm lips onto my cock and he responded by growing stiff and aroused and ready to be sucked off. "What the fuck," I thought. "What the hell is she doing?"

I found it difficult to think about anything else but her sweet lips sucking the head and her tongue sliding down and over my balls making my dick jump at her touch.

She stood up and I could see her hand go between her legs and come out shiny and wet from sticking her fingers into her pussy. "What was she doing?" "Making sure her cunt was wet?" "What the hell for?"

Kelly climbed on the bed and stood with her legs spread over my cock and she lowered her body onto mine. She put my dick into her swollen pussy and rocked on my hard on like she was riding a kid's electric pony. Like the ones you used to see outside the store. You know the ones you would put a quarter in and ride. The kind of slow ride that older girls would get on just to "get off?"

As much as I tried not to enjoy the movements of her hips, I just couldn't help but respond to the rhythm of her body. As she slid up I lowered my hips and as she ground down I humped back thrusting upwards burying my cock into her cunt.

"Oh sweet baby," I thought. "I am so close." "Don't stop."

My cock was swelling as I felt myself get closer to coming and right before I wanted to let go, Kelly jumped up, laughed and waving her finger, she said through her smile, "oh no George, you are not in control now, I am and I do not want you to come just yet!"

Getting up off the bed, and kissing the head of my cock, she licked the tiny drop of come as I closed my eyes and felt myself drifting off to sleep. For how long I don't even know.

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