tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Step Daughter Ch. 02

The Step Daughter Ch. 02


The Step Daughter Part 2

I'm just sitting here at my desk with a hard on thinking about the hot sex I had yesterday with sweet little Jan, my new sex toy. I don't have time for her today but I have started things in motion for tomorrow night. Pulled a few strings and got her husband out of town on business, so she will be mine ALL night long! Think I'll have a little remote control fun with her right now, a quick call on her cell should do it.

J: Hello Master

C: Where are you slut?

J: At the mall shopping sir

C: Perfect, what are you wearing? Tell me everything and describe your clothes.

J: I'm wearing a white sun dress with a red floral pattern, it's low cut with two thin straps and comes just above my knees, also a white lace strapless bra and matching panties. I have on white sandals without nylons. Also my hair is up, sir.

C: Very good slut, the dress sounds very sexy but we must do something above the bra, panties and shoes. First go to the nearest restroom and take off your bra and panties, sluts like you don't need such trash. Then we can have some fun. Find a shoe store with a male clerk and buy some high heels the kind with straps around your ankles. But while you're there you're going to entertain the clerk, ask him to measure you feet, try on lots of shoes but make him help you. I'm sure he won't mind cause you're going let him see your hot body by letting him look up your dress and by leaning over to give him a good look at you big braless tits, If he gets fresh, encourage him, if he cops a feel just smile and when you think he's really turned on pay your bill and leave. Go straight to your car and call me before you do anything else, understand?

J: Yes sir I'm very nervous but I'll do as you say. How far should I let him go?

C: Let him touch you ANYWHERE he wants but that's all now get going slut.

J: Yes Master, good bye

God that made me horny, my cocks about bust. "Lori, come in here!" I called into my intercom. Lori is my sexretary, she's a tall sexy red head with huge tits and tight round ass. She takes care of many things for me, including a rock hard cock, like I have now.

Lori came rushing in dressed like any regular secretary, white blouse and black skirt with modest heels. "Yes sir what can I do for you?" she asked. She can do a lot believe me but right now she's just going to take care of this raging hard on a have for Jan,

"Get over here, open your blouse and bra, I need your special attention!" I demanded as I pushed back from my desk and unzipped my pants. Lori moved toward me unbuttoning her blouse and opening she bra for she knew what I needed. I cupped both her huge tits and pulled her nipples to my mouth while she reach down and stroked my hard cock. "Stroke it baby get me nice and hard so I can give you a good fucking," I ordered her as she increased her effort to get me nice and hard.

I squeezed and mauled her big jugs, while biting and sucking first one rock hard nipple then the other. Her tits felt almost as good as Jan's had yesterday and her hand job had me more than ready to fuck. I turned her around, pushed her face down across my desk and shove her skirt up over her tight round bare ass. "Glad you followed my orders baby, I hate for panties to get in my way when I'm ready to fuck!" I told my hot sexy secretary as I lined up my raging hard cock with her hot bare cunt.

"Damn you're as horny as I've ever seen you YES! that's it Master fuck me, fuck me hard!" Lori gasped as she reached back to rub her own clit, while I rammed home my cock. I fucked her wet cunt as hard and fast as I ever had, while thinking about my sweet sexy little Jan showing off to and being mauled by some shoe clerk. The vision of Jan's petite sexy body clad only in a thin sun dress kept flashing in my mind as I pounded away at Lori's sexy body, until I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Damn it baby I can't hold back much longer, get ready here it comes!" I howled, "I'm CUMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!" while burying my cock all the way to the balls into her steaming hot snatch.

"YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pump me full I'm cumming TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lori moaned as I exploded inside her dripping wet pussy. My cum overflowed her sex hole and ran down her thighs as I collapsed back into my chair. She lay face down on my desk unable to move exhausted from the savage fucking I had given her. "Is there any thing else you need sir?" she panted.

After catching my breath for a few minutes I told her, "Order a low cut very short black cocktail dress with thin straps, black thigh high stockings with lace around the top and a pair of five inch fuck me heels. Also get a pure silk red night gown, with lace. Make it VERY sexy and VERY short. It's for a 5 foot tall woman that measures 32D-20-30. Have it sent by messenger tomorrow morning to Larry Smith's wife Jan and keep your mouth shut about it understand."

"Yes sir, is she why you were so horny? Sorry sir it's none of my business. Is that all for now sir?' Lori questioned as she fixed her clothes and continued, "May I say sir if you fuck her any harder than you just fucked me she'll pass out!"

"Get the fuck outta here bitch!" I ordered my hot sexretary with big evil grin on my face as my private line began to ring. The caller id said Jan Smith, it was time to play more sex games with my little toy. I buzzed Lori and told her, "Hold my calls until I tell you different."

C: Hello slut are you in your car?

J: Yes sir

C: Tell me about your shopping slut, I want all the details.

J: Yes sir, After I removed my bra and panties I walked around the mall looking for the right store. All the men I passed stared it me like I was nude. I looked so slutty without my bra, my breasts showed right though my dress, you could clearly see my nipples and when I moved my breasts swayed all over. I finally found a store with a male clerk, he was in his 40's and looked like a real nerd, but as soon as I walked in his eyes bugged out. He couldn't look me in the eyes he just stared at my chest until I moved to sit down. I leaned over as took my seat giving him a full view of my unencumbered breasts, As he was measuring my feet I flashed him my naked pussy like you ordered and he almost died. His hands kept moving higher and higher on my legs as I tried pair after pair of shoes. He finally couldn't resist any longer, he spread my legs apart with his hands on my thighs and stared open mouthed at my pussy. Then as he stared at my sex mound he asked if he could taste me! I didn't know if that's what you wanted but I was afraid to stop because I didn't want to anger you Master so I let him. He licked my pussy all over until he found my hard clit then began to nibble on it. Sir I got so hot that I thought I was going cum but just as I got nearly there a customer came in and it was over. I was so embarrassed that grabbed my new shoes and ran out. Did I do alright sir, I really tried to please you.

C: Yes my little slut you fine, are you very horny?

J: Yes sir

C: Pull one of your tits out and start messaging it. Roll the nipple around between your fingers, Dose that fell good?

J: Yes sir

C: Now pull up your dress and finger you cunt for me, Are you very wet?

J: Soaking wet sir

C: Now rub your clit, Work it very hard I want you to cum for me.


C: Cum bitch CUM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


C: Very good little slut now take a deep breath listen to my instructions, are ready to listen?

J: Yesss Sirrrr I'mmm ok now

C: Your husband is going out of town tomorrow and you will be spending ALL night with me. Understand?

J: Yes Master I understand.

C: You will receive a package tomorrow, you will wear only what is in the box except for the night gown. just bring that with you when you meet me at the Terrace Steak House at exactly 8 PM. You will get your hair and make-up done, I want your hair up. You shall also shave your pussy very smooth. Is all that clear.

J: Yes Master everything is understood.

C: Goodbye until tomorrow my sweet little slut!

God that made me so horny that I'm tempted to get Lori back in here, but no I'll wait. Must save something for Jan, I may go crazy fantasizing about the night to come. By then I'll be more than ready for my sweet sexy little whore.

Much more to CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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