tagFetishThe Surprise Ch. 03

The Surprise Ch. 03


This is a follow-on to my second chapter where I had enjoyed the pleasures of being a real female. These experiences were really a very realistic hallucination.

This third chapter continues where the first left off, with me being a male transformed into a slutty looking female but still being a male underneath the trappings. It is what really happened as opposed to what I thought should have happened.

When I came round I found myself lying on the couch with my lacy blue bra under a blouse and wearing also a skirt, suspender belt, stockings, panties and heels. My my prick still tucked between my legs and kept in place by the special garment that made me look as though I was a female. Les was by my side and moved over to kiss me and caress my artificial tits. I continued the kiss and moved my hands to caress her tits also.

When we broke apart she took my blouse off by undoing the buttons one at a time, indicating that I should do the same for her. As the buttons on her blouse became undone I was enthralled to see her little titties appear. Although smallish in size they were tipped by sizable erect nipples. I completed the removal and after giving her a long French kiss, moved down her body to take her nipples into my mouth one at a time. She let out a nice long sigh of pleasure at my actions. I would have played with them longer but she appeared impatient and gently pushed me off.

She now asked me to remove her skirt and as I did so I noticed that her panties seemed to contain a slight bulge. The bulge was larger than I would have expected even from an enlarged cunt. I took the elastic top of her panties in my hands and dragged them off her ass, then down her legs, over her feet and threw them to one side on the couch. The cause of the bulge was now revealed. To my great shock an obviously sizable prick was hanging limply there between her legs. Now she was naked she took my hand in hers and lifted me up from the couch. As I stood she took my panties and unceremoniously removed them. At the same time indicating that I should move onto the floor on all fours with my ass uptilted and prominent.

When I reached this undignified position she then removed my special garment leaving my ass completely exposed to the elements. She stood in front of me stroking her prick and I watched fascinated as it gradually increased in length and girth.

When she was satisfied with its size she moved closer to me and poked it into my gaping mouth. She fucked my mouth for a while but before she reached a climax she removed it and moved behind me. Before I realized what her intentions were I felt a great pain in my ass. She had stuffed her fully erect large prick straight up my waiting asshole. I screamed! It had no effect as she slowly pulled it almost all the way out before ramming it fully up my ass again.

I was in agony but I resigned myself to my being fucked up the ass until she was satisfied. Looking back on it I realize I could have exerted myself and used my strength as a male to pull her prick out of my ass. Or refuse to let her continue, stand up and walk out. For some reason however, I seemed to be bemused (the drink again?) and my brain told me that what was happening was quite normal. And I should accept it as such without reaction except the natural reaction to pain.

The fucking continued until Les stiffened as she made a final insertion and shot her full load deep into my ass. As her prick slowly subsided it slipped out of me. I gingerly picked myself up, put only my panties back on and crawled back to lie on the couch.

Eventually Nancy helped me up from the couch and took me into another room. She said to me rather enigmatically as we moved into this new room. "All pleasures must be paid for!"

I was now very apprehensive about what was to occur next. When we reached the other room I was pushed over a sawhorse and tied down with ass up high.

Next I saw her approaching - she was nude except for a very large strap-on between her legs. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her beautiful breasts wobbling as she walked. At the same time she looked quite menacing with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

I wondered who would be the victim of the assault with the strap-on. Being quite naive I took quite a while to realize that it was going to be me.

Nancy pulled down my panties and kneeling behind me started stroking my ass with the tip of the strap-on. I didn't get any time to relax before she rammed it straight up my ass that had been lubricated by Les's ejaculation. Despite the fact that I had been fucked up the ass by Les only a short time before the much larger size of the strap-on caused the pain to be so bad that I passed out.

When I came round I was still tied to the sawhorse and the large strap-on was still filling my asshole. The pain was still excruciating. I felt as though a tree trunk was invading my asshole.

She now proceeded to fuck me with the strap-on, sliding it in and out of my ass at a great speed. Almost completely out, with just the tip remaining inside and then fully in to the hilt.

I was given another surprise when I heard her scream in ecstasy after several minutes of the fucking. It sounded as though she was experiencing a massive orgasm. I had not realized that the strap-on was sort of double ended and that her cunt was also filled with the other end. So when she drove it in and out of my ass she was also fucking her own cunt at the same time.

Just when I thought I could stand no more and was on the point of passing out again, a strange feeling overtook me. The pain was transformed such that it was now split into pain and pleasure. Impossible as it may seem, I felt that I was approaching a climax.

I was unaware that David was in the room until out of the corner of my eye I saw him approach. He crawled under the sawhorse and took my prick into his mouth just before my orgasm struck. I screamed out in pleasure and pain and let fly a great load of cum into David's mouth. Several spurts in fact and then I passed out again.

When I came round I found I was tied down on the ground with my arms above my head and my legs well apart. Dwayne placed himself astride my face and forced his erect prick into my mouth. He proceeded to fuck my mouth until he came, filling my mouth with his load of cum. I was only able to swallow a small amount; the rest was spread over my face.

When he had pulled out of my mouth David who repeated what Dwayne had just done to me took his place. Again I was only able to swallow a small amount and yet more went over my face. If I thought this was the ultimate humiliation I was mistaken. There was more to come.

A new female now appeared in the room and she immediately knelt over me, removed my panties by cutting them from me. She took my prick in her mouth, bringing me to a hard solid erection. I was just anticipating that it was at least going to be a pleasure when she removed her mouth. This left me in limbo with a nice large erection. I was soon to find to what use it was going to be put.

David moved over me and holding his buttocks well apart straddled my legs and inserted my erection into his ass. He proceeded to bounce up and down on my prick, sort of a reverse fuck.

As I felt my climax approaching I was aware of what Molly, the lady that had given me the erection in the first place, was doing. She was slowly stripping. First her sweater and then her bra.

Having now exposed her large tits with lovely erect nipples she proceeded to remove her skirt, followed by her panties. Now for another surprise on this day of surprises. She had under her panties a menstrual towel that she now removed and placed on one side. Having removed the towel she placed herself over my face. She then demanded that I remove the tampon from her cunt with my teeth.

It must have been the drink (that's my retrospective excuse to myself) that caused me to obey her command and take the tampon from her cunt into my mouth. When I had completed this act of humiliating depravity she picked up the discarded towel and fastened it over my mouth. This trapped the heavily blooded tampon inside.

Having had his ass just filled with my sperm, David removed himself from my prick. He moved over to cover my face with his ass and proceed to eject all the sperm over my face together with little pieces of his own shit.

I was still suffering from all this unexpected torment when Dwayne stuffed a large cushion under my back to raise my ass off the ground.

Having achieved his objective with the cushion he moved between my legs and rammed his monster prick into my suffering ass. He proceeded to give my ass a long brutal fucking before he finally shot his sperm deep into my bowels. When he finally moved away three unknown males approached me.

They stationed themselves around me and Jill, Nancy and Les, all three nudes, took one each. They opened their respective male's zips and took out the pricks from within.

Together they slowly masturbated each of them and one by one the men started to groan before one at a time they shot their loads over my body. One on my face another on my bra and the third over my prick and balls. This must be the final straw I thought to myself. But again the answer was no.

The three females now produced used condoms, all well used and filled with cold cum. They removed the tampon from my mouth and stuck it up my left nostril. The right nostril was now plugged with another that they had been saving especially for this purpose.

This meant that I could now only breathe through my mouth. They now held the condoms over my mouth such that the cum inside dripped slowly into my mouth. As my nose had been blocked I was forced to swallow this cold cum in order to prevent myself from suffocating. Three condoms each were emptied in this fashion.

When they had drained the final one they looked on in pleasure at the expressions on my face as I was forced to take all this cum into my stomach. As soon as they had finished and made sure I had swallowed all of the cum, Molly again moved over to me.

This time she straddled my face and made sure her bleeding cunt was placed over my mouth. This caused me yet more disgust as I willingly started sucking her cunt. I played with her clit until she came for me, filling my mouth with a mixture of her cum and her menstrual blood.

She then removed her cunt from my mouth and stood up but before she departed she bent down and gave me a lovely long French kiss. She seemed as kinky as I appear to have become, enjoying all this depravity as I was doing.

Nancy came over to me and said, "You look a right mess now. Do you want to be cleaned up?" I replied "That would be extremely good of you. Please clean me up." Nancy now removed my bra and artificial breasts and placed them on a nearby table then she straddled my face. Les straddled my chest and Jill my prick and balls. The three men plus David and Dwayne clustered around and pointed their pricks at me. Nancy then gave the order to start. Start what I wondered.

Start peeing was the answer. On Nancy's signal all eight began to piss on me. Nancy and two of the men concentrated on my face and mouth whilst the rest concentrated on the rest of my body. My mouth was filled and I swallowed a large volume before I overflowed.

This new humiliation did at least succeed in removing all the accumulated cum from my body. I could have thought of a better, cleaner way.

Having suffered this cleansing Nancy then unfastened me and held my hands to facilitate my standing up. Once on my feet she told me to bend over. When I had obeyed she took the tampons from my nose and stuffed them up my very sore ass.

I suddenly realized I was enjoying myself. Was it really the drink, or was it just myself coming to the fore. Am I really a kinky fuck slut? I had enjoyed having had all these wonderful events happen to me.

Nancy now took me into the next room that was a bedroom. She gave me a final drink and suggested that I have a good sleep.

When I awoke Nancy appeared as if from nowhere. She directed me to the adjoining room,a shower room. She assisted me to clean myself up properly by first stripping both of us before we entered the shower. She then let me soak before applying a lovely smelling shampoo to my hair to remove all the remains of the slimy sperm and the smelly urine.

Having applied the shampoo she then set about soaping me thoroughly with scented shower gel. She made sure that all of my body was taken care of. She took special care of my ass and lovingly cleaned my prick before taking it into her mouth to give me an erection for our final act.

Having cleansed the whole of my body she rinsed the suds to leave me squeaky-clean. She completed the hair treatment by applying conditioner before asking me to do the honors and clean her in a similar manner.

I took great delight in rubbing the gel into her gorgeous breasts and played with her large erect nipples. At the same time moving down to wash out her cunt and ass to prepare them for whatever action may come next.

Having rinsed her off we left the shower and returned to the bedroom. We dried and pampered our bodies with lovely warm fluffy towels waiting for us on the bed.

When we were nicely dry we lay together on the bed and embraced each other very tenderly. We started to arouse ourselves by her playing with my prick and me initially playing with her nipples. When she had brought me to an erection we moved into the 69 position so I could prepare her cunt for being fucked.

We continued in this position until her cunt started to lubricate with her natural secretions at which point we parted. She lay on her back with legs wide apart and I positioned myself between them. I put my prick to the entrance of her cunt before letting it slide slowly inside her. When I was fully inside her she wrapped her legs around my waist and I began to fuck her. Slowly at first but gradually building up speed. Soon my prick was going in and out like a steam engine and it didn't take long for her to have her first climax.

After her second climax I slowed down and eventually stopped with my prick fully inside her very slippery cunt. We kissed. Lots of long lingering kisses and then I slid slowly out of her.

We now reversed roles with me lying down and letting her envelop her cunt on my sticking up prick. She had another couple of orgasms with her sat astride me and then she flopped down and we exchanged more kisses.

Our final action occurred when I asked her to place herself on the bed on all fours. First I reamed out her ass with my fingers. I took the lubrication from her over dripping cunt. When I felt she was ready I buried my prick inside her waiting asshole. I fucked her like this for several seconds before pulling out and sticking it in her cunt.

These actions were repeated several times giving her yet more orgasms. I finally rammed it into her cunt as far as I could go and whilst pulling on her dangling titties I fired my sperm deep into her cunt. We collapsed together onto the bed.

When we had both recovered she gave me a long long french kiss before telling me it was time for me to dress. My clothes having appeared by the side of the bed whilst we were showering.

Having dressed we then went to the door to say goodbye. All the lovely ladies queued up to give me kisses and good wishes. The door was opened and I walked down the alleyway, found my bike and rode home.

When I had fully recovered from my exciting experiences I decided I would like to try them all again. I got on my bike and rode off to the street where it had all happened.

I found the street without any trouble but the sign was missing, as was the alleyway. Had I really dreamt it all? NO! The proof was the two tampons and the sore ass. Back to the Internet to find more pleasures.

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