The Talent Scout Ch. 02


"Go ahead and get your underwear off. I'll be just a few minutes."

The dressing room was not especially attractive, comprised of a double row of cubby-style lockers, back to back, fronted by a couple of long benches, with a double row of clothes hooks on the walls facing the lockers. Although the room was painted a pale orchid color, it did nothing to alleviate the tension Jodi was beginning to feel. Mikki noticed the tension in her friend's face.

"Are you okay with this, Jodi?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah; just nerves. It's been a few years since I've done anything like this, sex with an absolute stranger, and the last time wasn't what you'd call a real good time." As she spoke, Jodi removed her bra without taking off her sweater, then took off her panties from under her skirt. Mikki had unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra one arm at a time. She sat down to remove her slacks and panties. She was about to ask Jodi what she had meant by her last statement when Smitty knocked at the door.

"Smitty? C'mon in. Nothin' here you haven't seen, or won't see in a few minutes."

He came into the locker room, his face covered by a leather hood, with eye holes, which covered the top half of his face. Another was visible in his hand. "You two ready?" he asked, grinning at Mikki's semi nudeness. He looked at Jodi. "Turn around so I can adjust this in the back."

When Jodi was turned, he handed a long velcro strap to Mikki and signaled she should be ready to secure Jodi's wrists. "Okay, sweetheart, I'm going to slip the hood over your head now. You should close your eyes. Sometimes the leather can be a little coarse and scratchy."

Jodi nodded her understanding and closed her eyes. When she felt Smitty adjusting the straps at the back of her head, she tried to open her eyes, only to discover she had been blindfolded. "What..." she started and felt a ball gag pushed into her mouth and fastened. She tried to reach up to undo the fastenings, but Smitty and Mikki were too fast for her and had her wrists secured behind her back before she could move.

She felt hands at her waist, and then felt/heard her skirt zipper being opened. She was lifted clear of her skirt and led out of the locker room to another room. From the echoes, she deduced she was in a shower or bathroom. Although she was puzzled by what was happening, Jodi still felt safe. She had nothing to fear from Mikki, her friend.

She felt Smitty's hands carefully positioning her, then pushing her to lean forward, slowly. Her head softly bumped a wall. Mikki's hand came up to hold her head against the wall as Smitty pulled her hips back until her torso was parallel to the floor.

For a second, noone was touching her, then Jodi sensed a pair of smallish hands (Mikki's?) spreading her butt cheeks, and someone else trying to push a small diameter piece of plastic into her anus. "Gah?" she managed to gobble around the gag.

"What is this?" Smitty asked, clarifying her question. She nodded, rapidly. "It's an enema solution."


"Sometime this afternoon, you'll have a couple of cocks buried to their root up your butt, and you'll be expected to clean them off with your tongue. If you'd rather skip this..." Her eyes tried to open wide with shock under the mask as she shook her head. He pushed the bottle tip into her pucker and squeezed the plastic bottle. Jodi's facial muscles grimaced as she felt the chilly liquid bathe the walls of her rectum.

Smitty held her in position for a few moments, then turned her and pushed her to sit on a toilet. Results were fairly immediate, and the process repeated twice more, with no further conversation. After the third procedure, Smitty cleaned her up, first with paper, then with wet towelettes, and, finally, with soap and water.

After drying her, he led her to the studio and up on to the bed. Working quickly, he and Mikki soon had her fastened to the bed, ready for doggie style sex. Jodi realized this and began to struggle, pulling against her restraints, grunting through the ball gag. In her struggles, she didn't hear Charlie come in. It wasn't until the three of them got on the bed with her that Jodi realized someone else had joined them.

That realization stimulated a memory flashback--back to her sophomore year in college.

She was taking the second semester of inorganic chemistry, and had had a third year student, a member of the Satyrs, a local fraternity, assigned as her lab partner.

The Satyrs had a reputation for scholastic excellence, and for hard partying. For women who attended their Saturday Satyrnalias, it was a given they would get laid; there was no question about it. Skirts were required attire and panties were removed and collected at the door. Women had their choice of Satyr members, but by their third drink, the word 'no' was seldom heard.

What was not widely known outside the fraternity was the method of grade enforcement. Members were required to maintain a minimum 2.8 (on a 4-point scale) grade point average. If they did not, officers of the club, Pres., V-P, Secretary and Treasurer, could order them to invite their steady girl friend for an afternoon of debauchery, better described as a gangbang, while the deficient student was tied to a chair to watch as each of the officers availed themselves of a maximum of two of the unsuspecting girl's apertures.

Since the majority of dates for the Satyrs resulted from their parties, most of the women took the experience in stride. However, the relationship was either broken off or suspended, and the Satyr barred from the open parties until the offending GPA was up to minimum.

When Josh Fielding opened his grade report for the first semester, his stomach dropped into his socks. His GPA was only 2.3. He was a junior, and well aware of the grade enforcement procedure. Normally his grades ran 3.0 or better, but last semester he had gotten engaged to one of the Tri-Mu girls.

By fraternity rules, he knew, he should call her to go through the ordeal while he watched. He also knew he couldn't. Rosa knew about the Satyrs and their reputations. She had urged him many times to resign from the fraternity, and refused to attend any of the frat's parties, although she had no hesitation about spending the night with him at the local Red Roof.

He turned to throw his grades on his desk and knocked the bottle of soda standing there onto its side, spilling it all over his results sheet for Chem Lab that day. That began the worst day of Jodi Spearman's life, although it didn't happen until ten days later.

Saturday of the next week, at the President's direction, he called his 'steady' and asked her to meet him at the frat house. He gave Jodi the truth as a reason for her to come to the house--he had spilled something on his lab results; could she bring him a copy?

They got along well in class, and she had congratulated him on getting engaged, although she thought Rosa looked a little uptight. Although Jodi was aware of the frat's party reputation, she wasn't especially worried as she walked up the steps to the frat house that Saturday afternoon. She was doing one of the members a favor, not going to a Satyric orgy.

She asked the first person she saw for Josh, and was directed to a study room at the back of the second floor. She knocked on the closed door and was invited in. When she opened the door, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room. She saw Josh, naked, tied to a chair, and it registered through the surprise and shock that the other four men in the room were also naked.

While someone held her around the chest with a hand over her mouth, two of the naked men took off her slacks and panties. Someone else worked her sweatshirt over her head and removed her bra. She was forced down onto a mattress which had been placed on the floor in the middle of the large room.

The hand was removed from her mouth and she was placed on her back. "What the fuck is going on?" she demanded.

"Your boyfriend's grades are below our acceptable level. To motivate him to do better, he has to watch while we fuck you."

"My boyfriend! I don't have a boyfriend, you bastard, and if I did, it wouldn't be one of you fucking sons of bitches." she declared loudly, struggling to get out from underneath the man sitting on her chest. He brought his slightly thinner than average dick to her face.

"Yeah, that's what he said you'd say. C'mon now, open up, and don't bite, or you'll get bitch slapped so hard your ears will still be ringing in class Monday."

Jodi glared at her tormentor. "You try to put that motherfucker in my mouth, I'll chew the goddam thing off," she answered, her voice steely. Mick Griffin, the treasurer, who was sitting on her chest, saw the hate and determination in her eyes and decided to believe her.

"Looks like this bitch is a cunt first type. Whose turn to start the party?"

"Mine," said Pete Kerr, the club president. "Get her into doggie position." The other three got Jodi turned over and on her hands and knees. Pete moved into position behind her and placed his cock at her pussy opening.

For the next few minutes, every time his cock touched her, she moved her hips so he was unable to penetrate her. "Hold her still, for crissakes! Can't you three guys hold down a friggin' cunt? Get her down on her stomach, then, so she can't shake her ass."

The change in position was made, and two pillows pushed under her hips, raising her ass slightly. Jodi heard someone spitting, then felt a wet palm rubbing her quim. More spitting, then a cock was at her tunnel's gate. Unable to move to escape the penetration, she bit down on her lips to hold back the cry of pain as she felt it enter her, determined not to let the bastards know how bad she hurt.

She felt the blast of cum deep inside, then whoever it was pulled out, to be immediately replaced by a longer, but thinner cock. This one didn't hurt as much, but there were no feelings of pleasure generated. Again, after a few moments, she felt the hot splash deep in her abdomen.

There was the feel of someone pulling out, and a short, thick cock was pushing into her. She suppressed a moan of pain as she was stretched open. This time there was at least a flicker of pleasure, similar to when she was just beginning to get aroused when she masturbated.

Before anything could develop, the Satyr grunted and pushed his belly against her ass. Then she felt the now familiar heat exploding in her. Worn out from holding back the pain and her reactions, she slumped to the mattress, unconscious.

Pete noticed and moved to her head. He lifted her face and pushed his cock into her mouth. She didn't react at all. After a few pumps into her mouth with no return stimulation, he pulled out, quickly followed by the other two who had fucked her. Both soon tired of pumping her head up and down on their cocks without receiving any sensation except the damp heat from her mouth.

Noone mentioned her lack of response. Mick was still pissed at Jodi for not submitting to his attempt at oral sex earlier. He looked down at her messy cunt and decided to try her mouth again.

He knelt by her and lifted her head so he could push his prick into her mouth. Jodi, just waking up, saw who it was. "I told you what'd happen if you stick that thing in my mouth," she warned him.

"You sucked those others," he said, pushing his hips forward, and pulling her head down toward his rod.

She turned her face away. "Not unless I was unconscious." She glared at the other three men. Not unfamiliar with the taste of cum, she ran her tongue over her teeth, testing to see if what she suspected was true.

Not tasting anything, she inhaled sharply through her nose, then cleared her throat. Everyone heard the rattle of mucus as she coughed it up, into her mouth. Without thinking, Jodi spat it out. The mucus glob landed in Mick's pubic hair.

Enraged, he pulled her face to his groin. Just as forcefully, she pulled back, saying, "Get that prick out of my face before I bite it off, motherfucker."

Her threat pushed Mick's anger beyond his control. He grabbed both of Jodi's ears, entangling his hands in her hair, saying, "Eat it, cunt!" and drove his cock past her lips, forcing her teeth open. She gave him a baleful look and attempted to pull back.

Mick pushed her head down further, successfully getting his crown past her teeth. With a low growl, Jodi twisted her head slightly, positioning her canines in the center of his shaft, directly under his penile frenulum, and clamped her teeth closed. A trickle of blood made its way out of the corner of her mouth, and down her chin.

Mick opened his mouth to scream, but passed out from the pain before any sound was emitted. He fell back, away from the torment, pulling his rapidly swelling cock from between her jaws. Unfortunately, her jaws were still clenched. The sharply pointed canine teeth created a furrow in his glans which would remain with him for the rest of his life, to remind him of his actions that day.

"Holy shit! She really bit him," exclaimed Tomas, the club Secretary, over a nervous chuckle.

With a rueful laugh, Pete replied, "She warned him. Guess we're lucky she passed out."

Jodi had quickly rolled over, pulling her knees to her chest and sat there, watching and waiting. Pete looked at his fellow officer and inspected his injury, the bleeding already slowly abating. The injured Treasurer stirred, waking up. Pete laughed, looking at Jodi. "Well, it looks like he'll survive. Anything you want to say to your boyfriend?"

"For the last fucking time, idiot," she shouted, "he's not my boyfriend; he's my lab partner. For Crissakes, he's engaged to some prissy TriMu. Don't you guys ever fukkin' talk to each other?" Her voice nearly broke, full of rage, venom and disgust.

Pete looked at Josh, and saw the truth in his expression. "Oh shit,Josh! What the fuck have you made us do?" He looked at Jodi, his face aghast as the realization of what they had done sank in. "Omigod! I'm really sorry, miss. All the guys know about this, and sign an agreement to comply. Josh will be severely penalized, and we will find someway to make it up to you."

Jodi, strangely calm, struggled to her feet, refusing Pete's hand when he offered help. "Just stand that pusillanimous bastard up," she said, nodding toward Josh. His hands were untied, but his feet remained bound to the front legs of the chair. Jodi put her clothes on while the five men silently watched, wondering what their future held.

She moved to within a pace of Josh. "You cowardly, motherfucking son of a bitch," she hissed, and without warning, her left hand came around in a roundhouse slap, turning his head to the side. She was in position for an instantaneous backhand slap, and started to move as if that were her intention. Josh raised his hands to block the blow, so he didn't see her change the attack.

With the skill that made her the leading scorer in her high school soccer league, Jodi's right foot nailed his nuts to his asshole, breaking his hard-on in the process.

He fell to his knees, and forward, unconscious, onto his face, landing on the mattress. The officers just watched, four pairs of hands folded over genitals, afraid to move, as she picked up the folder she had brought for Josh, and left the room without looking at them.

She left the frat house and walked to the student medical center where she related her story to the security guard and physician's assistant who treated her. Monday, the story was on top of the Dean's important business pile. By Tuesday, the five Satyrs had withdrawn from the University. Friday, the house was closed and the seventeen residents dispersed among the six dorms. Jodi finished the term, but did not return until the next Spring semester, all her expenses paid by the defunct fraternity.

Mikki, Smitty and Charlie began to run their hands over Jodi's body. Mikki concentrated her activity on Jodi's breasts, pulling and rolling her nipples; gently at first, but more roughly, more aggressively as she continued. The men spent the first few minutes gliding their hands over her back, ass and thighs.

To an observer, it would have seemed like their movements were well choreographed. While one caressed her back, the other was busy on her thighs. Their hands met at and explored her quim, caressing and probing the area. After a few seconds, they moved on, then repeated the process in reverse.

During all of this, Jodi was neither passive or accepting. Even with her hands and feet secured, she had the ability to move her torso and hips to try to avoid what, to her, were unwanted caresses. Around her gag, she attempted to convey her opinion, shouting "Nh! Shta! Dggoh!" at her tormentors. She didn't have any idea what was going on, but it wasn't what she had agreed to, nor what had been described to her.

In spite of her apparent reluctance to cooperate, Jodi felt herself begin to become aroused. Part of that was the fact that Mikki was among those feeling her up; part of it was the skill of the two men involved in working over her pussy. They knew and understood the female genitalia, and how to coax it to participate, even when the head that ruled it was unwilling.

After several minutes of playing with her boobs and puss, she felt the woman ("It had to be Mikki," she thought) suck one of her tits into her mouth. Suddenly, there was a tug on her elbows, dropping her shoulders so her weight was now on her elbows and knees, with her quim now totally exposed to the view of anyone behind her.

There was movement on the bed, and she felt one of the men move between her legs. She knew what was coming, and tried to shake her hips to avoid it. Someone pulled on one knee, moving it outward, while Mikki pushed from under her, moving the other.

She felt the cock at her pussy, then with very little resistance, it was inside her. Long and thick, the cock filled her quim, stretching her in both directions. As the owner of the rod filling her love tunnel began to move in her, Jodi moaned, disappointed in her body's inability to resist the small sparks of pleasure she felt, and, to no small degree, because of that pleasure.

Before her rape, fifteen years ago, she had had sex only three or four times, none of them memorable, except for the first, and that only because it was the first. The cock now (technically) raping her was giving her more pleasure than she had ever experienced from her pussy.

She felt the owner of the miracle rod begin to increase his speed. She guessed what was about to happen, and was not surprised to feel the splash of manseed on her inner walls. She moaned in disappointment when she felt him pull out.

There was more movement, then another cock was pushing into her; not quite as long, but the girth made her try to open her eyes wide. She wasn't sure he was going to be able to get it in. Even before the crown was in, she was moaning and mewling in pain; shaking both her head and her hips, trying to escape the monster and the pain.

She felt it when the ridge of his coronet finally made its way inside her. The Monster, as she thought of it, began a short stroke pumping action, working its way inside her. Barely a dozen strokes after the crown was in, she felt the beginning of her first coital orgasm with a man. There had been a few with women using strap ons, but this was her first heterosexual encounter since she was raped in college.

When the climax hit her, she shook all over, losing what balance she had. The trio assaulting her were surprised to hear her scream around the ball gag, "Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uh fuggee! Fuggee! Eeze fuggee!"

Mikki laughed at her friend's apparent capitulation. She reached for and pulled up the bottom of the sweater Jodi still wore and tugged it over her head, then released her wrists one at a time to remove it. The two men then lifted her back into the doggie position to start another round. As Charlie checked her right wrist restraint, he noticed a tattoo on her right shoulder.

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