tagBDSMThe Temple of Kali

The Temple of Kali


With a gesture from her old and arthritic hand she drew a devotee to open the gate, then bowing deeply beckoned Leo to follow her. She led Leopold into the building, through a corridor carved with upturned elephants trunks into a chamber lavishly decorated with gaudy hangings and plush low sedan chairs. Scattered around the room were tall hookahs and on gilded side tables fruit of all description. In the middle of the farthest wall, facing into the room and allowing a clear view of everything was a great gilded chair. It was here He was led too and with great observance requested to sit.

He sat stiffly at first, but soon the opulence of the surroundings and the amazing comfort of the chair inclined Him to relax, sit back and enjoy the spender. A door opened near the entrance they had passed through and two scantily dressed girls emerged carrying what appeared to be jugs of water and towels. They proceeded to cajole Him to stand and first removing His duster proceeded to brush His clothes and clean His dust and mud covered boots. A clap from anya and they immediately retired to be replaced by two further girls who quickly cleansed His hands and face with rose scented water and using warm towels dried His skin with great care. Another clap from anya, whom Leopold was beginning to realize was no ordinary housekeeper and the girls regretfully were gone.

'Great Sahib, Master, this place was built for You and Your predecessors pleasures. No human is allowed here, only those who bear the mark of true power. Kali overlooks this place and in her name those within these walls serve You, without question and without reward."

He sat quietly for a few moments considering her words. True Sahib meant Master in Sanskrit, but the way she had phrased her words suggested a different meaning. He began a question then reconsidered. If He had grasped anything in these His formative years it was to keep council with Oneself till Your opinion was well educated and final.

"I do not know that I could find this place again anya."

It was a nondescript statement but broke the silence.

"Great Sahib, Master, ask anyone for directions to Your house and they will guide You without question."

The resonance in her voice was overpoweringly convincing. He put that question aside.

"This room is resplendent anya and you say all this house is Mine. What other rooms are there for Me to enjoy?"

The housekeeper smiled. Something in the smile drew a reaction from Wolf and He rose quickly and slapped her face. The woman sank to her knees and putting her hands in front of her face bowed deeply.

"Great Sahib, Master, You honor me too greatly with this pain. If you will allow this worthless creature to guide You there are far greater pleasures for You to enjoy than this old and haggard body can serve."

"Lead Me anya, it is your duty to perform this service."

The words came effortlessly from His mouth and anya smiled as if she had received her bodyweight in gold.

Wolf followed anya through the door immediately to His left. The walls were covered in deep red hangings and the floor was tiled. To His left was a table covered in a large cloth, which also concealed the nature of the items outlined below its voluminous folds. In the center of the room was what could only be described as a wooden horse. The back comprised of a beam perhaps three inches wide and the four legs spayed at each corner. Strapped face down on the beam was a naked girl. Her legs and arms were bound to the legs of the apparatus and it was an exact length so her ass was neatly positioned at one end and her face at the other. She had long black hair which fell seductively onto her back and either side of the face which was stunningly beautiful. In her mouth was a leather gag of sorts and her head was fixed firmly forward by constraining leather straps.

Wolf looked at the sight captivated. The girls brown skin glistened in the light cast by the candles placed around the walls and the four tall candlesticks at each of the contraptions corners. On each side, north, south, east and west was a large mirror suspended at an angle from the ceiling that reflected every angle of her prone and helpless body. Her anus was fitted with a large leather covered plug and Leopold could see the edge of the horse between her splayed legs was wet from her sex leaking some of its precious honey.

"Take any pleasure you wish Master. This woman is your property and it is her duty and pleasure to serve Your every whim."

Quietly anya, head lowered respectfully backed out of the room. The door closed almost silently on its well oiled hinges and Leo and the girl where alone.

He studied the girl for some minutes. She was eighteen years of age, definitely of indian descent and her body was firm and well muscled. He could tell she was aware of His presence but her eyes never moved to seek Him out. The curve of her back was accentuated by her bound position and her buttocks lofted as if waiting for some attention. He approached the horse and stood directly behind her.

Her sex had carefully been shaved and the lips were parted to accommodate the horses pointed upper surface. The plug in her anus spread the sphincter widely and the darker inner walls were visible around its shaft. The bindings were of silken rope, braided carefully to accommodate her wrists and ankles, fixed to the horses legs by large silver rings. Leopold drew a finger between her sex lips and was pleased to find it not only awash with slick natural lubricant, but also to hear the quietest of moans come from behind the gag.

His finger began to slide in and out very slowly and the girls back arched in what could only be described as lust. He turned his attention to the plug which He moved first half to the left, then half to the right. The girls buttocks seemed to part even wider as she pushed backwards as much as the bindings allowed. The center of the plug had a threaded thumbnut. Wolf casually turned it a half rotation to the right and the girl moaned loudly. He turned it another half turn right and saw her ass bud stretch noticeably. One more half turn to the right and her moans became more pleading than pleasure.

Leo eased off a quarter turn and walked over to the table He had spied on His entry. Grasping the sheet with a corner in each hand He pulled it aside like a magician revealing as pleasing a collection of sex toys He had ever seen assembled. He scanned the implements carefully noting dildos, double dildos, whips, floggers, crops, clips and clamps galore. He chose a crop and trying its balance in His hand found it perfect. Leopold slammed the leather thronged end against His boot and was pleased with the resounding slap.

Returning to the bound and prone body He proceeded to stand in front of the girls head, aligning Himself to make sure that He presented a clear view of the crop. The girls eyes widened a little but no trace of fear was recognizable. Leo thought He detected the momentary hint of a smile creep across her face before the previous stoic expression returned. Standing with His groin directly in front of her He began running the crop tip up and down her spine.

The girl stayed perfectly still except Leopold could almost see a ripple travel beneath the surface of her shining pelt in unison to His movements. The tip traveled further at each pass until finally it moved fully from nape of neck to the plugs thumb-nut end. Wolf stopped His exploration for a second, measuring the depth and speed of the girls breathing and pulse then quickly and with serious force placed a perfect stripe on each of her buttocks.

He watched, watched the red line deepen, watched the skin begin to pucker like a burn, then pink spread either side of the stripe. The sight excited Him, more than He had imagined it would. The exhilaration of violence was not new to Him but this feeling of total control made the blood pound in His temples like the rushing of a hundred crazed elephants. Reaching forward He touched the stripes as if they were braille, savoring the texture of the unblemished skin either side of the burning heat from the crops kiss.

He glanced downwards and watched enchanted as the girl sniffed at His crotch. Leaning forward a little He smiled as her nostrils flared to capture all of His scent. A little further forward and her lips attempted to pass the gag to make contact with the bulge now clearly showing its interest. He reached down and releasing the buckle at the back of her head allowing the gag to swing free.

Once released her mouth moved eagerly to kiss His erection, lapping wantonly and closing over His shafts outline. Leopold slid the crop back down her spine till the tip rested between her buttocks and moved the plug from side to side. She groaned through her teeth but continued to mouth and nibble at Him. Without any conscious thought the crop arced up and back landing perfectly parallel to the first stripe on her right buttock. Immediately the pattern repeated itself on her left. The girl, far from reacting negatively, redoubled her efforts to chew and lick her way through the cotton pants he was wearing in a frantic effort for more personal contact with the object of her attention. Leopold threw His tussled head back and howled.

He was mesmerized. The obvious lust in the girl was nothing new, but this heightening by sensory input delighted Him. Laying the crop on this beautiful body was satisfying; her reaction easily doubled the pleasure. His eyes shaded from blue to gray and He looked across to the table and its bounty of joy.

The double dildo was beautiful. The form had been carved from ivory and carefully covered in oiled leather stitched with such craftsmanship that the smoothness was astounding. The vaginal insert was ten inches long and fully two inches thick at the base. The anal portion was two inches shorter and more bulbous in the center than at either end. The join had been carefully shaped to allow the hand to grasp easily, thrusting and pulling with equal ease. The instrument felt good in His hand.

Wolf returned to the girl and easing of the thumb-nut withdrew the anal plug with a twisting motion. The girls anal sphincter remained open enough for Him to admire the dark walls showing on the interior and He was pleased to note the trace of clear lubricating fluid dribbling out. Positioning the double dildo between her vaginal lips He pressed home till the anal probe nestled against the still open bud. Slowly but firmly He slid the instrument deeper until fully eight inches were buried in the girls sex and six in her ass.

The girls back arched and her now gag free mouth let out a low intense sigh followed by several deep breathes as if to seek control of her emotions. Leo waited. Waited till her anal sphincter gripped onto the shaft tightly and a nice flow of lubricant glistened on her sex lips. Slowly He began moving the double dildo in and out. The travel was only an inch to begin with but slowly He increased the movement till fully five glistening inches withdrew then buried them selves again. The girls breathing followed His rhythm. Deep breathes in on the outward stroke, deep exhalations on the return. Leopold slowly built up the pace, a crescendo of double penetration moving ever faster. The girls body opened more and more, deeper and deeper the leather covered shafts plunged into her till the handle was brushing her thighs at their most impaling.

The girls legs ran with her juices and as Leo began to think He could go no faster her orifices pulsed and golden squirts began to stain the horse and run to the floor at His feet. The girls body was convulsing within the confines of her bindings, her breathe gasping through the cries escaping her lips. Slowly Leo eased His efforts, the dildos hard to move through the gripping muscles that captivated them. Finally He was still and watched fascinated as the orifices twitched onwards as if He was still thrusting. He removed the double dildo slowly. The girls body gripped tightly as He did and finally as the tips appeared a gush of juice spurted from each opening.

The girls buttocks were dancing from the pleasure still racking her insides and Leopold reached down to touch the now sopping orifices. They gripped His fingers like limpets, as if trying to suck them into their hot darkness. Wolf refused the offer and walked back to the table.

A birch lay resplendent at the left edge of the table. Twelve fresh cut broom twigs wrapped by leather formed a perfect handle and the business end stretched forwards eighteen inches in length and flared at the tip. Leopold picked it up and giving a cursory wave of the implement in front of the girls eyes delicately rubbed the twigs across her back. He began lightly tapping up and down her spine and was pleased to see an immediate reaction from her skin. The birch was cut from the top of the broom and had numerous buds all through its length. Each tap produced a beautiful pattern of stripes interlaced with small round kisses from the yet hard nodules.

Leo slowly increased the arc of His movement and at the same time allowed the pressure of each blow to increase. The girl began to moan at each caress and her mouth again attempted to reach towards the Leopold's groin. He ceased His flogging for a moment and reaching down exposed His very erect member to the girls face. She gasped and immediately her tongue snaked out to reach desperately for Him. Leo recommenced His considerate attentions to the girls skin and leaning a little forward honored her with the smallest taste of His pleasantly large mushroom head. The girls tongue danced happily across the soft velvet, the tip taking care to probe the hole in its end.

Leopolds blows became more persistent with her attention to His member and the welts began to show redder and redder, the pin pricks of the nodules showing more defined at each increase of pressure and tempo. He leaned in a little more and the girls lips closed around His shaft, her tongue rotating around the head as she sucked lustily. His arm was now raised to shoulder high and the redness gave way to white puckered lines from now very stinging blows. Leo began to thrust His penis into the girls mouth, the tip feeling the tightness of her throat at each penetration. He felt her relax her muscles and take him deeper, till His sac was almost touching her chin at His deepest.

Leopold turned His attention to the girls buttocks. There was no gentle foreplay but immediate cutting strokes to each in turn. The buttocks already striped from the crop soon began to glow and pucker and the girls back arched to meet each blow wantonly. Not wishing to sew His seed yet Leo withdrew from her mouth, much to the girls obvious disappointment and returned to the table for more inspiration. From behind Him He heard her pleading whisper.

"Please Master, please let me cum."

He ignored her request.

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