tagNovels and NovellasThe Touch Ch. 02

The Touch Ch. 02


WARNING TO READERS - This is a long, rambling, multi-part story and VERY British The individual chapters will make more sense if read in sequence. <.em>

Chapter 2: Alfresco with Sharon

Whatever had happened that night between me and Alice had a profound and lasting effect on my life from that day onwards. For the next few weeks I became mentally and bodily obsessed with sex. Getting laid dominated my thoughts night and day. It became a real struggle at first to concentrate on my work at the garden centre when Debbie and Joanna were around and even harder on the days that I was at college and surrounded by dozens of girls and young women. My sexual awareness was still very elevated and I had taken to masturbating in the shower nearly every night. The fantasies guiding my good right hand, ranged from girls and women that I knew well, to complete strangers who had simply passed me in the street but were attractive, or had a good figure or a tight bum, or perhaps a sexy walk.

The worst times were when I was alone at work with the girls, or an attractive female customer, or even Auntie Maggie. I would find myself discreetly watching their tits, legs, or arses, and fantasising about what they would be like in the sack. My prick seemed to have developed a life of its own, suddenly springing erect at the most inconvenient moments for the most trivial of reasons so that I was forever looking for ways to hide the bulge in my trousers, or dash off to the can to take a piss, which was the most effective way to kill an erection, it felt adolescent and embarrassing. I began to suspect that Maggie had noticed a couple of times and old Jack had passed a few comments about weak bladders.

As days rolled past I became less sure about my theory of possessing some special power to arouse women, but the idea was still there in the back of my mind and I knew that sooner or later I would have to put it to the test.

In the end I knew that I just had to have a shag to relieve the tension. I went looking for Sharon 'The Bike' Cooper; I found her hanging out in the King's Head pub as usual, sitting at the bar with a vodka and lime, and munching crisps. All the boys knew Sharon, and most of us had screwed her a few times; despite being older she had always been into 6th formers and had probably taken the virginity of half the school over the years. I had taken to looking her up every couple of months or so if I was feeling horny.

She must have been about 23 or 24 then, perhaps even older, and for as long as I could remember, had dressed in black leather mini skirts, vivid coloured blouses, black patent, high heeled knee boots , and what looked to be the same, short, fun fur jacket. She was short, only about 5'3" in her high heels. Her make-up was always too bright, and her hair was bleached blonde, waist length, and held up with one of those comb things at the back. She had a generous figure and one of my mates who reckoned that he knew these things told me once that she was a g-cup bra size. She was probably what my mother would have called blowsy, but I had always thought she was quite pretty.

Despite her reputation as a good time girl, Sharon was a clean screw; there had never been any talk of her giving boys the clap, as they said about some girls who were known to have round heels. She was a ladies hairdresser at a shop in town but lived over on the council estate with a father who regularly gave her and her mother a good beating and so Sharon spent most of her time hanging around the pubs in the centre of Salisbury.

I liked Sharon; she had been kind to me when I needed it, after Dad left, a willing and sympathetic listener. She never did anybody any harm and was always willing to provide a quick shag, 'slam...bang.... thank you ma-am', as the Yanks used to say and she never asked for anything in return. Except, that is, for a couple of drinks before sex, a bag of chips after sex, and that you provided the condom.

I think she was just a desperately hurt and lonely woman who found some sort of closeness and comfort in the boys who came to her to satisfy their lust. I cannot ever remember her having a regular boyfriend although she sometimes brought guys to the discos held in the city centre, but always a different one each date.

That evening she didn't have a bloke in tow so we sat in the bar and chatted until it was dark outside. Sharon seemed sad at first that night, a bit depressed, and I began to feel a little guilty about wanting to just use her, but she seemed to settle down to her normal cheerful self after a couple of drinks. We played our usual game of words, she said that she ought to be going, and I suggested I walk her back to the housing estate, past the heath, but we both knew what was going down once we reached the woods at the end of the golf course. It certainly was not the fastest way to where she lived; it was just a game we played to make the sex a little less clinical. I slipped into the Gents and bought a packet of Durex from the machine, and then we left.

Sharon had a number of favourite spots in the wood where she went with boys, according to what the weather was like and how dark it was. Tonight it was fully dark, but the weather was mild and the day had been dry and we were behind a big old cedar tree. I could identify all the different trees now by their leaves, bark and shape. I don't think any of the lads had ever seen Sharon totally naked or shagged her lying down. She would open her blouse and let you push up her bra, but always kept that leather skirt and the boots on, and always did it standing up. Perhaps, because it was nearly always in the open air and she didn't want to get her gear wet or dirty, I don't know and I never asked.

As usual, we were standing so that she had her back to the tree trunk and I was leaning on the tree with my hands either side of her head. We had kissed a bit coming through the woods and had just started to snog seriously; she always liked to begin that way. It was not the deep, hot, passionate kissing that I had shared with Alice but I still felt my sap start to rise and the twig was starting to become a tree trunk. Without taking my mouth from hers, I moved my hands down and unbuttoned the front of her blouse. I could feel that she was wearing a lacy, low cut, bra. She reached between my hands and unfastened a hook at the front. The cups of the bra dropped to the side and her generous tits swung gently outwards so that they settled either side of my ribcage, and I pushed the bottom of my t-shirt up so that I could feel the warmth of them against my bare body. I broke away from the kiss so that I could look down and saw that the bra was bright red, matching her blouse.

Her breasts were larger than I remembered and the nipples were quite small but very dark. I squeezed both gently and then rolled them between the thumbs and fingers of both hands and felt them swell and become hard. My prick followed suit and I pushed my trapped erection against her stomach, then reached down with both hands and started to push her skirt up her thighs until it was rolled about her waist. I felt for her crotch and found that she was not wearing any panties. I guessed she had taken them off in the Ladies at the pub; that was our Sharon, just like a boy scout, always prepared.

She tilted her face upwards, the top of her head only reached my chin, she looked sad again, pensive, and I asked her if she was OK. She nodded, "None of the boys ever try to make it good for me any more," she whispered. There was a slight catch in her voice, "They just want to fuck and go." I thought I saw a tiny tear forming in the corner of her eye, but she looked down and I could not be sure. I guessed that something had happened before we met up to upset or hurt her.

The other times that I had been with Sharon, I had never really got into fore play with her, just a few minutes snog then straight into energetic shagging. The knee trembler is definitely not the most comfortable sexual position, and shagging outside means that you need to keep one ear open for dog walkers and the like who also use the woods. Normally by now I would have been pumping away like a steam engine so that I could shoot my load and get my trousers back on. That's what you did when you were with a girl like Sharon.

Tonight was different somehow, this time Sharon seemed vulnerable and fragile, a side of her that I had never seen or looked for before and I felt that she deserved better. At the very least I thought she deserved a decent shag in part payment for all the quickies she had handed out in the past. A picture flashed through my mind of Alice going off like a rocket and I knew that this was the time to try out my theory....perhaps it would work, perhaps not but either way neither Sharon or me had anything to loose.

Sharon did not shave her snatch and the tips of my fingers roamed though her soft bush, which I knew from previous experience was dark brown, she was not a natural blonde. I probed for the lips of her vagina and inserted two fingers. It seemed quite dry, but I had read about what to do; I removed my fingers and brought them up to my mouth and sucked them to make them moist. They were flavoured with the musky sex odours from her pussy which I found a real turn on. I brought them back to her crotch and gently started to lubricate the inside of the pussy lips and around her clit, repeating the finger sucking exercise until I was happy with the moistness of her pussy and could feel her clit starting to swell as I rubbed around it in little circles.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "just keep doing that, it's really nice." She had surprised me, I had never known Sharon to talk or even make much of a noise during sex. She started to rotate her hips in response to my finger movements, my fingers moving clockwise and her pussy being rolled gently in the opposite direction. I felt that I really did want to please this sad, tender woman and kept my fingers moving in her slit whilst kissing her face and lips, listening to her tiny soft sighs of pleasure and tasting the salty moisture of the little tears that kept forming in the corner of her eye.

I felt my erection start to weaken but then her hand was there, pulling at my belt and popping open the fly buttons on my jeans. She pushed my jeans down a bit and reached into my boxers drawing my prick out through the fly opening and running her hand expertly up and down the length until the full, rigid erection had been restored. I knew what was coming next; this was my favourite part of sex with Sharon. Using my free hand I fumbled to find my jeans pocket and managed to free one of the condoms which I pressed into her hand. I placed my hands on her shoulders and just stood with my chin lodged on the top of her head and my eyes closed, whilst she expertly opened the foil and teased out the rubber, then slowly and gently ease the condom over the swollen head of my penis and down the shaft. Her fingers felt like the touch of butterfly wings as she smoothed the latex in soft caressing sweeps. I have never known anybody else who could produce such an erotic experience out of pulling on a rubber.

Sharon still had hold of my cock and guided it towards her pussy. My chin slipped from the top of her head as she stood on tip toes to try to tuck me into her, I bent my knees slightly and felt my shaft slip smoothly into her love pocket. I straightened up and slid all the way in, the pubic hairs at the base of my cock pressing against her clit and causing her to make a small gasp, then started to slowly hump, every upward thrust pushing her up onto her toes.

My arms were on either side of Sharon's head with my hands braced against the tree trunk so I shifted my feet slightly to re-balance and slid my left hand under her blouse to rest on the joint of her shoulder and throat, and started to massage the back of her neck with my finger tips at the hairline beneath all that flowing blonde hair.

Nothing appeared to happen, there was no electric shock or tingling sensation and we were still just slowly humping. I was disappointed. I bent my head and started to nuzzle Sharon's neck on the other side and without really realising it increased the pressure and speed of my finger massage.

Then I started to notice a change in her, she was making tiny, whispery, panting noises, her lips were slightly open and she was lightly chewing at her bottom lip. Her arms which were round my neck started to tighten and her hips began to push back against my thrusts. I increased the finger pressure and started to blow warm breaths along her neck and gently over her ear. She began murmuring in my ear, "Please, Jamie....Please...Please....." Just that, nothing else "Please....Please....Please!" Then suddenly her arms locked tightly around my neck and she threw her whole weight onto them hauling her small body up mine until our lips met. Her feet were off the ground and I felt her bring her knees up and hook them over my hips, those long patent boots were squeezed around my waist. I was a strong active lad and she was only small but she nearly over balanced me so I clung onto her tightly and shuffled round so that my shoulders were now supported against the tree trunk.

Our lips met and she kissed me hard and long, her mouth and lips were firm and her tongue flickered really fast around my mouth and over my teeth. I never remember Sharon really kissing during intercourse, or actually taking much of an active part at all, she was what some would describe as a passive lay, a girl who usually just stood there and took it. Our lips parted and she hauled herself even higher so that I was frantically trying to keep my tool in contact with her pussy. Only the very tip of my prick was still inside her and was in danger of slipping out any second but it was a really erotic sensation. Then suddenly she slammed downward, impaling herself hard onto my erection. My mouth fell open and I gasped for air.

Her face was a just few inches away from mine, she was smiling and I could just see the tip of her tongue flicking back and forth across her top tip. Her long hair had come loose and was cascading down her back and over her shoulders hanging between us, and her eyes were wide and sparkling. It was the first time that I had noticed that they were not blue but a bright green. She probably looked a mess, her lipstick was smudged and so was her eye make-up and her normally, carefully brushed and combed hair hung in a pale cloud, but at that moment I thought she looked prettier than I had ever seen her.

I moved my hands to grasp her buttocks below the rolled up, leather skirt. I was supporting Sharon's entire weight, partly by her legs wrapped around my waist, but mostly she was being held suspended by my prick rammed hard in her tube like a muscular anchor bolt. That downward pressure combined with the way she had impaled herself with force onto me, had produced the hardest, hard-on I had ever had, my prick felt as if it was made of oak, and was a foot long and six inches round and was so engorged with blood that it was throbbing. She looked into my eyes and said softly, "I want you, Jamie..... I want it to be special and personal and just for me!" I didn't really understand what she was on about at that time, I thought that I was already filling her to the extent of my ability, so to speak, so I just smiled and nodded.

She pushed down on my hips with her thighs and raised herself up then released her grip around my neck so that I was now supporting her just by my hands beneath her buttocks. Her upper body swung back slightly and my prick slipped out of her, but her hand snaked down and grabbed it, then gently peeled away the moist condom and dropped it to the ground. She reinserted the tip back into her hot, tight, pussy. I didn't care what she was doing, nothing could have stopped me now, I lowered her back down over the full length of my erection. Sharon put her arms back around my neck, crossed her ankles behind my waist, and started to move herself up and down on my shaft in little jerks, probably no more than an inch at a time. She was making those little panting sounds again, her head was tilted backwards and her eyes were tightly closed. We stayed like that for several minutes just fucking slowly and gently. A couple of times she seemed to pause and catch her breath, and I was not sure if she was silently cumming. Her pussy was incredibly hot and tight and moist around my swollen prick. I knew that I needed to release and knew that it would be soon, I just couldn't hold on any longer, so I took a firm hold of her waist and started to slide her up and down on my shaft, only thrusting at the last inch. Suddenly without warning she spasmed, her pussy seemed to clench and ripple around my prick and I thrust hard upwards as she let out a long throaty moan and pushed herself down. I couldn't hold back any longer and my load gushed into her. I felt Sharon going limp at the same time that my knees started to go rubbery and give out, but managed to stay upright and wedged my shoulders back against the tree trunk for support. We stayed there, leaning against the tree for almost ten, long minutes, my softening dick was still inside her and her legs were wrapped around my waist, gently nuzzling at each others necks and faces. Eventually my legs started to quiver with the effort of holding her up for so long and I lowered her to the ground.

We straightened our clothes, and I fished into my pocket and found a clean handkerchief which I gave her to dab my jiz from her pussy and thighs, I had made quite a mess. The front of my boxers felt damp and sticky as well but I didn't care.

"Sorry...." I started, but she pressed her finger tips against my lips to stop me then raised herself up on her toes to kiss me soft and long on the mouth.

"Thank you," she whispered. I wasn't sure for what, but I noticed a small tear starting in the corner of her eye and wiped it away with my thumb. I stepped in and put my arms around her and we stood like that for a few more minutes.

The suddenly the closeness that comes after sex was gone, and she was the same old Sharon again, "I'd better be going then," she chirruped. She turned my wrist and looked at my watch, "It's nearly ten.....if we start back to town now, I can get another drink before last orders are called." She moved off down the uneven trail through the trees, wobbling slightly on her high heels, "Come on then!" she called lightly over her shoulder and I ran to catch up with her. We hardly said a word on the walk back to the town centre, but she put her arm through mine and hugged it tightly nearly all the way.

We got to the King's Head and stopped beneath the archway to the car park and Sharon turned to me, "Don't come in," she said, "what happened tonight was good, you were kind, and caring and gentle and I love you for that. I had forgotten that sex could be something more than just fucking out of loneliness." I started to interrupt but she wouldn't let me, "Something happened between us that was really special, I haven't let a boy make me cum since I don't know when and I wanted it so much tonight; I am so glad it was you, Jamie, but I don't think you should come looking for me for a while.....I need to get my head straight about what happened and I don't think I could do that if you are about." She saw the expression on my face and added, "We will see each other again, love...I promise...but not just yet, eh!"

She pulled my head down and gave me a light kiss on the lips then pushed away without another word and ran to the door of the pub. I stood staring at the closed door thinking about the last couple of hours until my thoughts were interrupted by a noisy drunk staggering out of the pub and off down the road.

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