The Train


Ugh, I hate getting on these crowded trains.

My girlfriend, Diane, who I'm actually on the train right now to go see, told me that a couple years ago some creep tried to feel her up on a crowded train just like this one. I hope that doesn't happen to me. She's a pretty attractive girl, and so am I, not that I'm bragging or anything, and I bet a pervert would love to get his grubby hands on me! I can only hope that doesn't happen.

Well, off we go. It's gonna be a while until this train reaches the next stop. I can't believe I couldn't find a seat! A hot, busty woman like myself, and nobody was willing to give up their seat!

Oof! Hey, watch out there, guy behind me! I'm fragile! I know this train is crowded, but that's no excuse to...

...did the guy behind me just touch my ass?

I think he did!

Did he just incidentally brush up against it, or was it intentional? He didn't grab anything, and I can't see what he's doing, so I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure he meant to do that!

H-hey! He touched it again! That time was definitely intentional! Who does this creep think he is?

Ugh, this train's too crowded. I can't turn around and slap this perv upside his stupid little head without causing a scene.

W-what the--? He...he's grabbing my ass! There's no mistaking it, this guy is groping me in a crowded train! Oh my god!

Now his other hand is down there too! He's groping and kneading my ass, like I'm just a plaything to him! Oh, god...I-I'm getting turned on! why is it turning me on?


D-did I just let out a moan?!? Oh my GOD! I-I don't think anybody else heard it...

His hands are moving up my waist now, tracing my figure! S-something's pressing into my ass! Is's gotta be his cock! He's hard already!

Oh shit! He's got both hands on my breasts! This creep is groping my huge tits on a public train! W-why does it feel so good???


Shit! I just moaned again! Nobody else on the train seems to notice, though...

What the--? This guy's starting to grind on me! I can feel his cock rubbing my asscheeks through my jeans! This is fucked up! Fuck...I don't hate it, though...m-maybe if I go along with the molestation, it'll be over before the next stop.

How do you like this, big boy? That's right, perv! I'm rubbing my ass into your cock! I'll have this creep cumming in his pants in no time, and then I can finally be rid of him!

His hands are moving down now. Maybe I don't have to make this guy cum to be rid of him after all. If his hands are going where I think they're going, I have a bit of a surprise in store for him! He'll be off me in an instant when he feels...

...that's it! His hands are entering my jeans!


I let out another moan as his hands touched my cock! All right, creep, now that you've found out the girl you're groping on a train has a dick, you're gonna...

...oh my GOD! He...he's still touching my cock!

He's stroking my cock!

Oh, fuck...this is bad...I'm getting hard inside my jeans, and this guy is still stroking my cock!

"Oh, god..."

I'm so fucking turned on! My cock is fully erect inside my jeans, and this guy's still stroking it!

Wait a of his hands is moving...oh yes, cup my balls...wait, it's still moving...oh god! It's in my pussy! I'm being jerked off and fingerbanged at the same time by a stranger on the train! And his cock is still rubbing against me...


At this rate, I'm gonna cum well before he does! Oh god...his fingers in my pussy feel amazing...I can feel my juices staining my jeans, but I don't care...precum is coming from the tip of my cock, staining my crotch, but I don't care...just make me cum, you sexy, lustful pervert! Oh god!


I'm moaning like crazy now from having my cock and pussy played with, but nobody else on the train seems to notice! I never thought being molested on a train could be so amazing! Feeling this guy's cock rubbing my ass makes me want to do something more...


He stopped. How considerate, but that's not what I want...

"...fuck me."

Okay, what's he gonna do...did I cross a line? Do perverts on trains only just grope? I don't know what the proper etiquette is, but fuck, I need his cock so badly...I want to cum from this train molester's cock...

He...he's tugging the rear of my jeans down! Oh yes! He's gonna fuck me!

The front of my jeans is still up, covering my cock. I hear pants being unzipped behind me. It's happening! He's pressing his cock against my pussy lips, it feels bigger than it did when it was in his pants!

"I want it..."

God, I can't believe how slutty I turned for this train molester! My pussy's oozing juices all over his cock, my cock's leaking precum like crazy, I need to cum!


He did it! I yelped out in surprise and pleasure at his cock entering my tight pussy, but fortunately nobody on the train seemed to notice! Oh god, his cock feels so good, filling up my pussy like this...

This guy is stirring up my insides way better than any dildo ever could... of his hands is moving from my hips...and...and it's wrapping itself around my cock! He's gonna jerk me off while fucking my pussy!

Oh fuck...this is too much to take...this train molester stroking my cock while pounding my pussy...I'm gonna cum soon!

His pounding is getting more urgent now...I think he's gonna cum soon as well...oh god...

"I want us to cum together."

He's picking up the pace! Oh god, my balls are starting to tighten up! I can feel his cock swelling inside my cunt...he's gonna blow his load! And so am I!

CUMMING!!! Oh fuck! My cock and pussy are cumming simultaneously, while this train molestor cums inside of me! I can feel hot jets of his semen pummeling the walls of my cunt while I cum all over his throbbing dick, tightening up over him as my own dick bucks and shoots load after load of cum into my jeans. My jeans are totally ruined now, but I don't fucking care! This feels so good!

Oh god...oh god...I'm finally coming cock is coughing up its last few weak spurts of cum, further staining my jeans as my semen runs down my left leg, leaving a sticky, gooey trail in its wake...the guy is pulling his cock out of me now, and cum is pouring from my pussy down my inner thighs. This was incredible...

"Thank you."

I can already hear the man zipping up his pants. He's pulling my pants back up, too, making sure I'm not naked on the train. How courteous! Now if only I could do something about the very obvious cumstains everywhere...

The train is coming to a stop! I'm already at my destination! Before I get off, I have to thank the...

...where'd he go? The guy was just here a second ago, but as soon as I turned around he's gone! Ugh, I'm never gonna find him in this crowd...I just wanted to thank him for fucking me silly on the train! But of course, in typical (I guess it's typical) train molester fashion, as soon as the train comes to a stop, he's gone, leaving me out of breath and with messy pants.

Oh well. I'd better stick with the crowd to reduce my chances of being seen in this state. I'll take a slight detour to clean up in a bathroom before seeing Diane. I'm sure she'll love to hear about what happened on the train...

And who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky again on the train ride home...

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by DBRN8409/08/18

That was so hot

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Cute :3

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