tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Transformation of Paul Ch. 02

The Transformation of Paul Ch. 02


When I woke up, the curtains had been pulled back and the sun was already streaming through the bedroom windows. The bed was empty and from the smell of fresh coffee that wafted through the open door, I guessed that Gerald was in the kitchen.

I rolled over and stretched. The sheets felt delicious on my smooth, hairless body and I shuddered slightly as the cotton grazed across my sensitive, well chewed nipples. I let my hand wander down to my cock and stroked it gently. It too was hypersensitive but immediately hardened under my touch. I wanked it slowly, feeling with my other hand the novelty of having no pubic hair. I ran my fingers over my chest and down over my stomach. Here and there I encountered patches of dried cum that flaked away as I fondled myself.

All too soon I became aware of the need to visit the bathroom and slipping out of bed, padded naked across the room. The bathroom smelled of soap and toothpaste and I could see that Gerald had unpacked my overnight bag and laid out my wash things. After using the toilet, I turned the shower on and stepped under the cascade of warm water. My body felt soft and feminine as I lathered myself and my erection quickly returned. This time I wrapped my soapy hand round it and with the thought of Gerald's hard cock pumping into my ass, I brought myself to a quick but satisfying climax.

He was waiting for me when I came out of the bathroom, standing by the side of the bed with a mug of steaming coffee in his hand.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"Mmm, very well."

I sat on the bed in front of him and took the coffee.

"Are you sore?"

I laughed. "Yes, bit"

"I'm not surprised. Talk about opening the floodgates. I thought you were going to tear my cock off ".

We both laughed and he reached into one of the drawers beside the bed.

"This should ease it," he said handing me a tube of ointment.

He was still wearing the Paisley robe and as he moved, it swung open revealing his cock to my gaze. He saw me looking.

"Would you like to see more?" he asked and standing right in front of me, he undid the belt and opened his robe.

I was still sitting on the edge of the bed and his cock was just inches from my face .I looked at it. In it's limp state it was still quite large and a pair of heavy testicles hung down behind it. I reached out and touched it realising that this was the first time that I had held him in my hands.

I ran my fingers through his thick bush of greying pubic hair and stroked them down over his cock. It stiffened slightly under my touch and encouraged, I started to draw the foreskin slowly back to reveal the mushroom head.

Gerald moved forwards, straddling my legs. "Suck it," he said.

I opened my mouth and sucked his still quite limp cock into my mouth. Almost immediately it started to harden and moments later his thick shaft and bulbous helmet completely filled my mouth. I licked it carefully, running my tongue down the length of the shaft, feeling every ridge of muscle and tracing every vein. I licked back up the other side pausing to run the tip of my tongue around the sensitive rim under his cockhead.

It was the very first time I had taken a cock into my mouth and I wanted to please Gerald as much as he had pleased me on the many occasions he had sucked me. I took my time to lick and suck every square millimetre of his manhood, massaging it with my tongue and my lips. Part of me felt sluttish as I slobbered over his cock but another part of me felt like his little girl again, paying homage to the instrument of my deflowering. I tried to remember all the things that Gerald had done to me with his mouth and I did the same things to him. I licked and sucked, scraped my teeth gently over his shaft, darted my tongue into the single eye of his bell end. Periodically, I would take his cock out of my mouth and squeeze it to produce a bead of pre-cum on the end. I would use his cock to smear the clear liquid onto my lips and then snake my tongue out to lick them clean again. Then I would plunge his cock back into my mouth, taking it as far back into my throat as I could before gagging.

Gerald was breathing deeply and his hands were holding either side of my head controlling the speed and depth of my sucking.

"Oh, God, that's good" he said, "you're a natural. Yes, that's right.... suck it deep... oh yes, just like that.... swirl you tongue round it...oh yes...that's good."

He kept up his instructions, teaching me how to pleasure another mans cock.

He was starting to fuck my mouth, his excitement mounting.

He spread his legs further apart.

"Feel by balls" he said.

I cupped them in my hands and began to roll them gently between my fingers. They were pulling tighter and tighter up into his ballsack and I knew he was not far off cumming.

I let the fingers of one hand wander up into his crack and after a moment, I located his rear hole. I didn't try to penetrate it and instead, I pressed against the opening and vibrated my finger backwards and forwards.

"Oh fuck, that's good," said Gerald "it's going to make me cum".

I tightened my lips around his thrusting cock, trying to give him as much pleasure as possible.

I had fully intended to pull his cock out of my mouth when he started to cum but suddenly he held my head in a vicelike grip and pulled his cock back until just the bell end remained between my lips. The first blast of his cum shot into the back of my throat and in a second my mouth was being pumped full of hot, thick, salty male ejaculate. Without thinking, I started to swallow and I realised with a shock that I liked it. I liked the taste and the texture and there was something really decadent and nasty in the act that really excited me. I sucked harder, trying to get more of his precious cream onto my tongue and continued sucking until his cock was drained, had stopped throbbing and jerking and had softened completely.

Gerald stepped round me and flopped down onto the bed beside me.

"Hell," he said "if I'd have known you could give a blow job like that, I'd have let you do it sooner than this. And you swallowed" he added with a look of amazement on his face.

"I've had a good teacher" I said and leant back to kiss him. "And as for swallowing, I wish I'd done it before too, it's wonderful".

For a few moments he let me stroke my tongue over his lips.

"Mmm, you taste good", he said "or should I say I do", he laughed.

He sat back up serious again.

"Would you like to fuck me?" he asked gently.

"Err, I'm not sure, I've never done it before" I said. But really I did want to fuck him and my straining hard-on told a similar story.

Gerald gave me that understanding, avuncular smile of his.

"That's OK, in fact it's good. I'll be able to teach you how to do it properly"

He reached into the bedside table and pulled out a glass container that was about half full of clear gel.

"This is what I used on you last night," he said. " As well as being just about the best lubricant there is, it has a little bit of local anaesthetic in it as well ".

He slipped off his robe and knelt on the bed, pulling a pillow over to rest his head on and shuffling his knees back to the edge. His ass was level with my cock and he put his hands back and pulled his cheeks apart.

"First get me nice and open," he said. "Take plenty of lube and get me really greased up."

I dipped two fingers into the cool gel and began to massage the brown star of his sphincter. My fingers slid effortlessly over the pucker, massaging the lubricant into his flesh. I felt the tension in his anal ring start to relax and after a few moments, I could feel him opening for me.

"Put one of your fingers in," said Gerald.

I pushed at his hole and my middle finger slipped straight in up to the middle knuckle.

"Mmm, that's good, now another one".

I put another finger in and started to feel around inside him whilst I fucked them slowly in and out. Remembering what he had done to me, I added a third finger and began to try and force my fingers apart against the elasticity of his ring piece.

Gerald was obviously loving it.

"Shit, that's good," he said. "See if you can find my prostate. It's on the bottom a little way back and feels like a small lump".

I relubed my fingers and pushed them back in. I quickly found what I was looking for.

"Just rub it gently," he said.

I did as he asked and the effect on him was almost electric. His ass seemed to clench and unclench with a will of it's own and after a while when I looked down, Gerald had leaked so much precum that a small pool had formed on the sheet below his newly hardened cock.

"Whoa, stop," he said. "You'll have me cumming if you keep that up"

He shuffled backward a little bit more and buried his face in the pillow.

He turned his head slightly and mumbled "fuck me now".

I didn't need telling twice and having lubricated my cock, I moved forward and pushed it against him. To my surprise he opened easily and at least half of my seven inches slipped straight in. Gerald let out a long sigh and wiggled his buttocks. I started to fuck him with long, slow strokes, each one burying another half inch or so of my cock in him until moments later, my balls came to rest against him. His rear canal felt soft and hot and tight and his sphincter seemed to grip my shaft like a rubber ring. My cock felt like it was encased in a slippery fist and the feeling was so intense that it made me want to thrust my cock in hard and fast.

Gerald read my mind.

"Fuck me hard now, as hard as you like."

I picked up the pace, fucking him harder and faster. I raised myself onto my toes to get my cock in deeper and gripped his hips, pulling him back to meet my thrusts. My balls were slapping against him as I began to really shaft in and out.

I became aware that he had slipped one of his hands down to his cock and was wanking furiously.

"I want to cum with you," he said "tell me when".

I started to move my hips at different angles, trying to reach every last part of his rectum. First rotating one way, then another I corkscrewed into his ass and then I changed yet again, angling my cock upwards and then downwards. Gerald was moaning and grunting with each thrust. He started to whisper to himself in the rhythm of my strokes.

"Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..." and then slightly louder, "Come now...come now...come now".

I wasn't sure if he meant that he was about to come or if he was giving me an instruction but either way, these quiet words were enough to trigger my own climax.

"Yes, now," I gasped, "now!"

"Oh, yes... me too... here I go!"

As his orgasm started, his ass seemed to grip me tighter and as his cock pulsed, his sphincter started to pulse in time. My own cum raced up my shaft and jet after jet creamed into his rectum. I rammed him as hard as I could until my oversensitive cock could take no more and my breath was coming in short ragged gasps. I slowed my movements but kept thrusting gently, teasing the last spasms from us both. Gerald collapsed on to his stomach and my softening cock plopped out of his ass, bringing with it a slimy trail of cum that dripped onto the bed and the floor.

Gerald rolled over on his back. His face was flushed and his eyes sparkling.

"You like?"

"Yes, I like" I said, sitting down beside him "What about you, did I do it well?"

He reached over and patted me on my sticky cock. "Like a pro," he said, "like a pro. If I didn't know better, I would think you've been at it for years. It's a long time since I've had a fucking like that".

We lay together for a while gently stroking each other while we recovered.

"Come on," he said, suddenly full of life again," lots to do today. Let's get bathed again and then we're going out. Don't ask where, it's a surprise".

He rolled off the bed and grimaced at the stains and the soaking wet patches on the sheet.

"Oh well," he laughed, "you can't make an omelette with breaking eggs and I guess you can't break in an ass without messing the sheets. My housekeeper comes in at noon, I'll leave her a note to change them."

He took my hand. "Right then, Paul my darling, to the bath and err, come to think of it, I could use some of that cream myself," he grinned.

We bathed together and while Gerald soaped and rinsed himself, I lay back in the bubbles and gazed at his body. His cock was still slightly engorged from our lovemaking and looked like it could get harder still with a little encouragement. My own erection was yet again painfully upright. It was like I'd taken a horny pill and despite the two orgasms I'd already enjoyed that morning, I was ready again.

I sloshed forwards in the water and engulfed Gerald's cock with my mouth.

He pulled it back out again and laughed." You horny little devil. You're really turning into a slut, aren't you?"


Words from the dozens of stories I had read came easily to my lips. "I want to be your slut, your little girly slut. I want to worship that beautiful cock of yours, drain it dry at every opportunity, spread my ass cheeks open to receive it deep inside me."

My hand had stolen back up to his cock and I noticed with pleasure that he was fully hard again. His powers of recovery were impressive, even by my standards.

Gerald raised his eyes theatrically, as if to heaven and smiled.

"What have I done?" he asked, shaking his head in mock disapproval. "I guessed you were a little time bomb waiting to go off but I never dreamt that you'd go bang in such a big way".

"Frankly, neither did I" I said. "I was really nervous about going the whole way and now I have, I just want more and more - just like you promised. It just feels so good, so right. I know I'm a man, but somehow, it's like there's a little girl inside me. I want to be loved and looked after and protected. I want to be made love to, to be taken and fucked. It's like the best of both worlds; I still have my cock but I can also take a cock. I can imagine that my ass is a kind of cunt and in a way, so is my mouth. I feel like I could go on forever."

Gerald helped me stand up and began to wash me. He reached for the razor again and began to smooth away the slight stubble that had grown during the night.

"Does that mean you only want to be on the receiving end?" he asked.

"No, absolutely not. I want to do some fucking of my own. It felt fantastic. Like I said, the best of both worlds."

"What about the lingerie?" he asked.

"Oh, that's just the icing on the cake. It makes me look feminine and sexy and it makes feel like that too. I just love the feeling of the material and that slight constricted feeling I get from the elastic. It turned me on like nothing before."

"Good" said Gerald. "In that case, you're really going to really like what I've planned for you today".

He finished shaving me and we stood face to face in the bath. The steam rose from the bubbles and through the slight mist, we gazed at each other for a few moments. He was a truly attractive and charismatic man. The kindness of his face was offset by the sexy wickedness in his twinkling eyes. Even naked he looked a picture of elegance and his soft, cultured voice had a seductive tone like none I had heard before. As if on cue, we moved together and I tilted my head up to receive his kiss. Our tongues glided slickly into each other's mouths, twisting and probing, licking and sucking. We were both rock hard and each of us reached down for the others cock.

And like that we began to make love to each other. Our free hands stroked over soft flesh, wet from the bath and the steam. We explored each other with our fingers, pressing and probing, squeezing and pulling. Our eyes were closed and our lips were locked together. Down below, despite the difference in our heights, Gerald had somehow manoeuvred himself so that our cocks were together and we made a tunnel of our soapy hands into which we pushed gently, one forwards, and one backwards and then in reverse.

There was no need to move any faster. The feeling of our hard shafts and sensitive cockheads sliding against each other was erotic in the extreme and as our passion mounted, we instinctively tightened our grips, narrowing the sheath formed by our hands and pressing our rigid flesh closer and closer. We were breathing hard, snorting the air through our nostrils, and thrusting our tongues deeper and deeper into each other.

I wanted to cum so badly it hurt but I was determined to wait for him. Somehow I held off until at last he tensed against me. He grunted into my mouth and tightened his grip still further on our cocks. We came together, our hands filling with thick streams of cum that coated our respective cocks with our hot male jism. We continued to thrust together in a slippery froth of soap and cum until finally, our erections began to subside.

Gerald rose up to his full height again and for a few minutes we rested together, getting our breath back. We stood in the cooling water, his arms encircling me and my head resting against the damp grey hairs on his chest. At that very moment I loved him in a way that I had loved no one before. I was his, totally and without reservation.

He gave me a brief squeeze. "Come on," he said, "it's getting cold"

We washed the gooey cum from each other and grabbing a couple of large towels went back into bedroom. The sun had climbed higher and the room was nicely warm. He led me into the sunlight that streamed through the tall windows, and fastening one of the towels around his waist, he began to dry me with the other one.

The towel was soft and it's caress on my smooth skin brought new sensations of pleasure. I could see my refection in the mirror and although my hairless body still looked deliciously feminine, this time it was no little virgin looking back at me. In just a few hours, my innocence had been taken for good. I had known the feeling of a hard penis thrusting into my rectum, had taken my first cock deep in my mouth and had greedily sucked the cum from it into my belly and I had known the pleasure my hard shaft could give and could get from its deep penetration into another mans bowels. I knew too that my life was never going to be the same again.

Gerald finished drying me, went to a wardrobe and removed a large, classy looking carrier bag.

"Try these on," he said.

I delved into the bag and pulled out a small pile of lingerie wrapped in tissue paper. This time, the underwear was in light grey satin. Panties, suspender belt and bra were each embroidered with a handful of discreet pink roses. To complete the set, there was a pair of sheer stockings, also in grey.

I pulled these on first and under Gerald's watchful eye, smoothed out the wrinkles and adjusted the stocking tops until they were at the same height on each thigh. I turned towards the mirror again and started to fit the suspender belt. I could see the reflection of my stiffening cock and as I fastened and adjusted each of the suspenders, it throbbed into full erection. My horny pill was working overtime. Finally, I pulled on the panties and pushed my cock into them, forcing it sideways so that it lay trapped in its satin prison.

The undies felt just as exquisite as before.

"How do I look?" I asked.

Gerald walked over to me and I could see his erection tenting out the front of the towel.

I pointed to it. "I guess that answers my question".

He walked round me and then proceeded to stroke those long slim fingers of his over the lingerie.

"Just gorgeous," he said.

He grasped my left nipple through the material and pulled on it.

"I'd love it if your tits really fitted in this," he said.

"Me too" I laughed "but I think everyone might notice if I suddenly grew a pair of 36D's".

"Would that really bother you?"

I thought about it.

"Yes, it would right now, I mean people noticing, not the tits themselves. I'd love to have real breasts and really big nipples".

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