tagNonHumanThe Traveler Ch. 02

The Traveler Ch. 02


Edited by Bridgeburner99

Author's note: It is recommended that you read Part 1 before reading this one. Hope you like it.


Place: Earth -- Second Nest

Time: Day one

Vanessa's husband disappeared four months ago but she didn't care. All she wanted was to spend as much time as possible with her babies. Her three huge alien babies that could satisfy her desires so delightfully. Provide her with that sweet creamy nectar that she couldn't live without.

She had her face pressed against the bedroom wall. Her hands were firmly held above her head by the tall gray alien that stood behind her and her pelvis smashed against the wall every time the large cock of the alien penetrated deep inside her stretched anus. She gasped in rhythm with the savage humping as his big phallus stirred and pulsated inside her body, but this felt like heaven for the woman. She could almost feel the head of his cock up to her belly. The constant rubbing of her erect clitoris and her stiffened nipples from the cold surface of the wall just added to the fire that was burning within her.

She lost count of how many orgasms she had reached in the past few weeks. When that gray monster approached her four months ago she'd thought it was impossible, a terrible joke of some kind. But now she counted that incident as the beginning of a new life; one of never ending ecstasy that promised to go on forever. And at this moment she was getting closer to yet another climax. Her next mind-blowing orgasm was closing in, fast and unstoppable. The familiar tingling started building in her loins and extended in every direction, threatening to render her unconscious as it had many times before. Her moaning changed to screams...

"Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhrrgggghh..."

All her muscles tensed for a second, her toes curled up and then she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Her body convulsed violently as the spasms of release rippled up and down her body. Her anus pulsated and clenched around the alien's rod as her muscles contracted uncontrollably... moments later, it was over.

Vanessa was barely conscious when the alien placed her on the bed, facing up and then pulled her to the edge of the mattress in a way that her head was hanging from the side. He positioned the tip of his cock in front of her mouth and pushed. The fat member entered the warm slack cavity until it reached the back of her throat and almost immediately he blasted a large gush of sperm directly in her esophagus. Then another blast and another one, until no more of the white thick fluid could be pumped inside of the woman's stomach. Soon, it started to leak from the corners of her lips and dribble down her face. At last, the woman's offspring removed his cock from her mouth and walked from the bedroom to join his brothers. Vanessa lay on the bed, spent and satisfied, the remnants of the gooey sperm still oozing from her lips.

The living room was dark since all the windows were covered with thick curtains. The aliens watched TV all the time, trying to understand why they were so different from everybody else. They had never met their father so they could only assume that a creature similar to them had impregnated their mother and left them behind.

Vanessa's house was one of the oldest in the neighborhood. There were just a few houses left in this part of downtown, surrounded by several tall residential buildings. She wanted to make sure that nobody discovered her 'babies' who might take them away, so she covered all the windows with heavy curtains to block the view from outsiders. She never knew why the first alien never came back. The father of the newborn aliens got her pregnant, fed her with the addictive sperm for a few days and then disappeared shortly after the third maggot was born. The maggots developed really fast, turning into pupae and then into identical copies of their father.

One of the aliens had just broken the cocoon two days before. His skin was whiter and softer than his brothers', however he was exactly the same size already. Vanessa had learned from her two other sons that his skin would turn gray in a couple of days and it would also become harder and slightly rugged.

From the moment the alien was born, he instinctively knew how to use his cock and was eager to do it. Vanessa couldn't be more thankful for that. She didn't comprehend why she had become such a sex addict but she just couldn't get enough. She left the house sporadically only to buy food for the 'family'. She found out that her sons could eat practically anything and especially got a taste for raw meat.

Place: Space station

Time: Pulsar M217+100024

Kurt's spaceship had been anchored in a multi-colony space station for approximately two earth days. Rubi and Shelly had just been delivered to a companion agency. The purpose of this company was to provide female companionship to the space travelers, especially for long trips. The young women were both scared and excited looking at the life-size figures displayed by a tri-dimensional projector in front of them. They had been given the opportunity to select a life-form to which they would be offered for companionship for the following weeks. Behind the girls, an agency assistant was scanning their naked bodies for matching purposes; Size, body consistency, atmospheric resistance and most importantly, sex capabilities. Once the girls made a decision, the agency would pass this information to the selected life-form in order to take the necessary mating precautions.

Meanwhile, Kurt and the rest of the women were waiting for Lisa in a wide lounge room. They were all naked like every other creature in the station and nobody seemed to care about it. Only Kurt was wearing his combat uniform and Faith was wearing a semi-transparent cloth covering her slightly pregnant belly.

"Where is Lisa? What are they doing to her?" Faith asked.

"Lisa has been assigned to transport angel-eggs and she is in the nursing room getting ready," Kurt answered.

"Angel-eggs? What is that?" Karen asked.

"Well, an angel-egg is just that, an egg, about the size of a tennis ball, semitransparent with a bluish glow. It is very delicate and very valuable and can only be transported in a live, warm, cozy environment," Kurt responded.

"And I imagine that the warm, cozy environment is Lisa," Claudia said with a grin.

"That's correct," Kurt said.

* * *

In the nursing room, Lisa was laying on a narrow bed, tilted in a 30-degree angle so that her head was a little higher than her feet. Her legs were widely spread and her feet hung to either side of the bed. There was an octopus-like creature at the far end of the bed and one of its thin tentacles was moving inside Lisa's vagina getting her lubricated and ready. The young woman gasped every time the slippery limb squirmed inside her tight cavity and her first orgasm was close.

Just before her climax arrived, the creature pulled out and Lisa pleaded, "No... please, don't stop..."

The octopus-creature reached out and pressed a black button. A large window on the sidewall opened showing a massive living thing similar to a slug. Its skin was completely translucent and hundreds of bluish eggs were floating inside; angel-eggs. One of the alien's tentacles penetrated the giant slug's skin and pulled out a single, slimy egg. Then, the creature gently placed it alongside Lisa's pussy. The moment it touched her sensitive vaginal lips, a spark of intense pleasure spread from her crotch. Lisa's muscles stiffened and her eyes opened wide as the expectancy of something wonderful circled in her brain. She didn't have to wait long.

The creature started to push the egg inside of her body and Lisa's mouth opened mimicking her sexual crevice that yielded to the elongated sphere. Just as it was engulfed completely by her stretched cavity, her first orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her legs trembled uncontrollably and her fists clenched on the bed fabric. The woman's body bucked up and down as she stared up into infinity. The octopus-creature kept pushing and the egg sank deeper inside until it reached her cervix. Lisa's internal walls contracted over and over, in rhythm with the outbursts that sparked in her brain. Another strong push and the sphere entered her womb. Lisa gasped as her orgasm refused to subside. The slim woman jerked and contorted for almost a minute until her climax finally faded down.

Lisa could feel the semi-hard sphere inside of her, still sending mild heat waves up her spine. It was a sensation she had never experienced before and she loved it. Suddenly, another egg was pressing against her pussy lips and another strong discharge of bliss was sent across the excited woman. Soon after, another sphere was resting in her womb and another powerful orgasm was overwhelming her mind and body. More eggs followed, and after a while, her belly was bloated as if she was six months pregnant and small bumps could be distinguished in her enlarged abdomen.

Lisa was exhausted. Not one more egg could fit inside of her overloaded body or so she thought, but her job was not finished yet. The alien changed the bed position to be parallel from the floor and lifted Lisa's body, turning her around, placing her knees under her body and her head on the mattress, in a way that her ass was up in the air, exposed to the creature. Lisa suspected what was going to happen next but she didn't complain, as long as the incredible orgasms kept coming, she welcomed whatever they had to give. It wasn't until she felt the fat egg pressing against her sphincter that she started to have second thoughts.

The pressure increased but Lisa was sure that the egg would never fit in. More force and her tight hole began to cave. She relaxed her muscles and surprisingly, the lubricated sphere started to penetrate with no pain at all. Heat waves flowed from her anus and spread to the rest of her body, encouraging her to allow for more. Inch by inch, the egg squirmed within the tight access until Lisa felt her sphincter close down, swallowing the sphere inside her rectum. The following climax helped the egg move up and leave space for the next one. The besieged female's spasms just moved the eggs around inside of her and increased the already unbearable delight. By the end of the session, Lisa was unconscious, her eyes still half opened and a thin line of saliva was dripping from her lips.

* * *

A few hours later, Rebecca was complaining to Kurt, "I wonder what is taking Lisa so long..."

"Be patient," Kurt responded, "I think they should be finishing by now."

At that moment, a glowing figure walked across the hall towards them. It had the size and shape of a young woman but its skin was translucent and it glowed in a pinkish radiance. She appeared to have a silk scarf floating in the air behind her, adding a surreal look to her presence.

"Look girls," Kurt said pointing at the figure, "You wanted to know about the angel-eggs, well, here is the beautiful creature that produces them. In many regions of the universe this life form is a symbol of peace."

"Wow!" Claudia said, "They certainly are beautiful!"

The angelic figure approached the group with a combination of walking and flying. As she passed by, Kurt stopped her and told her something in a strange language. She turned to face the girls so they had a chance to admire her fascinating form. Her clear skin allowed a blurry view of her internal organs, which also were translucent. There were four diamond-shaped objects floating inside of her chest that were a slightly brighter than the rest and pulsated like small hearts. The only non-transparent object inside of her was a growing bluish egg inside her womb.

She approached Rebecca's naked body until her soft flat belly was pressed against the nurse's skin. It felt like touching a mildly electrified surface similar to the static created by a TV screen. Rebecca immediately felt a little dizzy and she was unable to react in any way when the glowing female wrapped her arms around the nurse and kissed her lovingly on the lips. Rebecca's nipples swelled instantly and her clitoris stiffened in a second. The heat in her cunt increased to a ravishing fire and expanded to her anus, her breasts and the rest of her trembling body. Rebecca felt the angel's tongue slip into her mouth and reach her throat. At that instant, a powerful orgasm exploded within the surprised girl and her pussy contracted several times, as a drop of love juice dribbled down her inner thighs. Her legs threatened to fail her and let her fall to the floor but she managed to stay up and held tight to the amazing creature in front of her. Rebecca let out a loud gasp trying to catch her breath as her eyes regained focus on her surroundings.

"What just happened?" asked Faith.

"If I'm not mistaken...I think that was the fastest orgasm in history!" Claudia said with an astonished voice.

"Now you know why this species are so cherished around the universe," Kurt commented.

The glowing figure released her hold on the dazzled nurse and started to walk away winking at Kurt and waving good-bye to the women.

Place: Earth -- Vanessa's house

Time: Day one

It was his first time out of the house. The sun was low on the horizon and soon it would be dark. The eldest of the alien brothers was climbing the external wall of the backside of Vanessa's home. The tall building behind prevented anyone seeing him. He was excited and curious. It felt good being outside, looking, searching. He didn't know why but his blood was running faster inside his veins. He had almost reached the roof when something on the ground caught his attention, down on the narrow alley beside the house, near a large dumpster. It was a man, lying on some cardboard boxes and covered with newspapers. The alien looked carefully. His mind was instinctively analyzing the situation to engage in combat. The man was barely moving and the alien rationalized that maybe he was sleeping, like Vanessa did sometimes. He decided to take a closer look.

The beast moved slowly and silently, climbing down, head first, never taking his eyes off the objective. He was now only three feet above the ground and six feet from the sleeping man, a vagrant. The alien made a noise with his mouth, like a hiss.

The homeless man heard something and lifted his head to check around, the alcohol from the previous hours still clouding his brain. First he saw a blurry gray figure attached to the brick wall in front of him, just above the ground. This can't be, he thought and refocused his eyes, looking again.

"Ehh? Ahhh! Get away!!" the scared man screamed as he grabbed an empty bottle and made an attempt to throw it at the alien... but it was too late.

The alien jumped incredibly fast and slashed the man's face with his claws cutting deep. Blood immediately poured out covering the vagrant's panicked expression. The creature cut the man's chest with his other hand, ripping his clothes and taking away a big chunk of skin and muscle. Then, he jumped back to the wall and observed. The man was not moving. The alien's arms were shaking, not from fear but from excitement. An incredible rush unknown to him saturated his brain. It felt as good as having sex with his mother but completely different at the same time. It was his first kill.

The killer alien climbed the wall and entered Vanessa's bedroom through the window. A sensation of victory stimulated him and he wanted to share it with his mother and brothers. As he looked around, he found Vanessa straddling her youngest offspring over the bed. The large phallus of the alien was straight up and she had the head of his cock just past the entrance of her wet pussy.

Until this day, the alien brothers had fucked their mother one at a time. It never occurred to them that they could do it as a group at the same time. The oldest brother was very disappointed that his mother was busy and he got really angry.

Vanessa sat down slowly on the fat phallus, moaning, sliding the rod deep until her pussy lips were resting on the alien's groin. Ten inches of gray meat were buried inside her love tunnel one more time and she never got tired of it. She always needed more.

Vanessa began to rock her body up and down slowly, enjoying every inch of her newest sperm provider. She moved her hips in circular motions, stirring the alien's cock inside of her vaginal cavity as she gasped from the delightful sensation. She let her torso fall forward onto the beast's chest and rubbed her engorged nipples on the light-gray skin, increasing her exhilaration even more.

The oldest alien was looking impatiently from the foot of the bed. He wanted his mother and he wanted her now! At that moment, he saw that Vanessa's anus was just in front of him, empty and ready to be taken. He wasn't waiting any longer. The killer alien jumped over the bed and knelt behind her. His huge cock was already hard and drops of lubricating fluid were leaking from the tip. His alien brother and his mother were so immersed in sexual rapture that they didn't realize another had joined them until Vanessa felt a hard rounded object pressing against her anus. She froze for a second and turned her head to see what was going on, finding her oldest son behind her. Pictures of double penetrations she had only seen in the movies flashed in her head. A jolt of fear and excitement ran from her chest to her cunt and back. She was about to be fucked in both holes for the first time and just the thought of it made her clit and nipples swell even larger.

She reached back and spread her ass checks apart, indicating her consent to her son's intentions. The older alien didn't think twice. He plunged his dick forward, penetrating several inches inside Vanessa's rectum. The horny woman grunted and opened her eyes wide as she felt a combination of pleasure and pain she never imagined possible. Her body felt bloated and her insides shifted outwardly, making room for the pair of big cocks that impaled her overpoweringly. The alien buried in her asshole started to pump in and out slowly, pushing deeper every time, until his cock was completely embedded inside Vanessa's stretched hole. The other alien resumed his rocking motion below the ravished woman, extracting rivers of love juice from her silky vagina.

"Ahhrrg... Ahhhh..godd....AaaaahhhhhhhH!!!" she screamed.

Vanessa clenched the bed covers as overwhelming bliss took over her entire body. A powerful orgasm exploded behind her eyes and traveled down her body, sending spasms all over. Her cunt and ass contracted franticly around the fat phalluses that crammed them but it only increased the aliens' will to keep pounding her harder and faster.

The third alien heard all the commotion in the bedroom and jumped up the stairs in a hurry. He entered the bedroom and discovered the wild orgy that was taking place over the bed. Her mother was being impaled by both of his brothers at the same time! He walked closer and looked at the cocks buried in each of the woman's holes as deep as they could go. The 'middle child' felt he was being left out and he was not about to allow that. He looked for a way to join in and he found one.

He walked to the side of the bed, grabbed his younger brother by the arm and pulled. He dragged the three closely embedded bodies to lie sideways across the large bed. While he moved them, the alien on top rolled over and ended up in the bottom, lying face up with Vanessa resting her back over his chest. His cock never pulled an inch out of his mother's ass. The youngest alien was now on top, and he took the opportunity the pump the woman's pussy deeper and faster. Vanessa greeted this by spreading her legs wider apart and throwing her head back, grunting urgently. This was what the third alien was looking for.

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